Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [KSI Behind The Scenes Video]
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Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [KSI Behind The Scenes]
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Commenti: 4 531
  • Bxrry

    The camera quality is better than my eyesight

    • Beasty

      Then how do u know that this video's quality is better?

    • Hafida Chtaibi
      Hafida Chtaibi


    • Maugtzy

      😂 how can u see the quality

    • Myles L
      Myles L

      are u asian

    • Dinx commented for about..
      Dinx commented for about..

      Are you Barry who fought with Larry with subscriers only?

  • Vyze

    JJ: *Actually looks to be in shape* Reddit: Impossible

    • Deathmare

      Reddit: *perhaps the archives are complete*

    • Amin Yahous
      Amin Yahous

      I like how those fat redditors are saying that.

    • addy cades
      addy cades

      @moonlitshadow don't be rude

    • mcfc lads fan
      mcfc lads fan


    • FAUHAN S1
      FAUHAN S1

      @Ethiopian Supergebar actually the truth

  • Charlie Mikolajczak
    Charlie Mikolajczak

    it’s so weird not hearing “OlajideBT” after the KSI

    • Sarfaraz

      @Mia - Sᴇx Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ 18+🅥 ayo what’s with the name and pfp

    • J The W
      J The W

      @Thicc Nikki bro this is something known as a joke.

    • Thicc Nikki
      Thicc Nikki

      @Nitrez no

    • Thicc Nikki
      Thicc Nikki

      @J The W no there not there the same person

    • Z _
      Z _

      @Nitrez no

  • Accurate Gamer
    Accurate Gamer

    This man can get Anne to do music with him but can't activate his windows.

    • — H4M1DB055 —
      — H4M1DB055 —

      @TheZProject115 😂

    • cake

      _he can literally activate it for free too_

    • Yusuf daniswara
      Yusuf daniswara

      Dead fuckin joke

    • TheZProject115

      @ProximaPvP where is Sir Theodore The IIIs' channel ?

    • Evelyn Rose Chan
      Evelyn Rose Chan

      And wheres Folabi’s channel?


    Salute! This joint is a smash!! 🤟🏽

    • MelonyMelon

      @Gravity lair

    • Miguel Leal
      Miguel Leal

      my man king blitz


      Greetings to the American🇺🇸🇺🇲 people from Morocco🇲🇦🇲🇦

    • Mansib Mostafa
      Mansib Mostafa

      @Gravity Biking is harder if its raining 😐

    • RCX Models UK
      RCX Models UK

      @Thawhid ive studied my last comment and im struggling to find the part where i "corrected" BLITZ, i clearly highlighted a difference between british and american slang but never did i say his slang was wrong, only advised him what we would say in britan. From this i can conclude you are the clown for not fully reading a comment and/or reading between the lines, don't take it to heart tho

  • I am everywhere
    I am everywhere

    You'd literally make the best couple ever like god damn that combo

    • The Train Geek
      The Train Geek

      @I am everywhere his girlfriends Instagram is matilda22b. There’s pictures with some members of the sidemen. She also doesn’t mention JJ or take pics with him to also keep it private.

    • Reformed Troublemaker
      Reformed Troublemaker

      @I am everywhere Or 2017 I think

    • I am everywhere
      I am everywhere

      @Reformed Troublemaker FR ????

    • Reformed Troublemaker
      Reformed Troublemaker

      @I am everywhere He said he met her on tinder in 2018 and still dates her

    • Inaaya Nabeel
      Inaaya Nabeel

      @I am everywhere yeah it’s pretty old so a lot of ppl don’t know abt her but it’s fine ;) I also ship them 🤫🤭

  • Jasone Broamann
    Jasone Broamann

    It’s crazy how you got so good with what you are doing. Comparing “I’m on a horse” with this just shows how much passion and hard work you put in your music, congrats on achieving all this, you deserve it. Keep going man

  • toastedmatriX

    Nice to see JJ having fun while recording a music video, which usually tends to be very stressful, also having a great chemistry with both of his collaborators.

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    Popular opinion: everyone wishes KSI's verse was longer.

    • no exceptions
      no exceptions

      Your trolling right

    • Blab Boi
      Blab Boi

      Copied comment

    • Francisonyekwereuzo 123
      Francisonyekwereuzo 123

      @no exceptions hmmm subjective but I get what ur saying

    • no exceptions
      no exceptions

      @Francisonyekwereuzo 123 the Auto could have been nailed down a bit

    • Francisonyekwereuzo 123
      Francisonyekwereuzo 123

      @no exceptions bro his verse was good. Leave him alone fam. Go do better verse.


    I like Anne Marie’s energy, dunno she’s just proper bubbly

    • rbnrhbruedk


    • StarBoy

      @soobders your mom does aswelll🤣🤣😭😭😭

    • soobders

      @FMK She's got a good personality too bruh

    • Ella


    • Propgn

      @Vyan I'm hating? I'm just saying not to lie Obviously you're just a little misunderstood so I won't go hard on you but watch closely at that comment.. Is it really hating?

  • NeyNeySkillz

    JJ: using his famous ur moving mad line Reddit: we all liked that

    • Kian Unravel
      Kian Unravel

      @YoungBoy JC nah

    • YoungBoy JC
      YoungBoy JC

      @Kian Unravel isnt that Folabi?

    • Kian Unravel
      Kian Unravel

      That's KSI bruhh

    • no exceptions
      no exceptions


    • E

      @J The W jj is better lul

  • * Max
    * Max

    "Hey Alexa Play Dont Play" Alexa : •_•

    • Cocaine Makes Me Sick!!!
      Cocaine Makes Me Sick!!!

      Alexa Be Like Tf. !?! LAG*

    • Dhruba Jyoti Teron
      Dhruba Jyoti Teron

      I'm sorry but I'm laughing

    • detailed_ prey
      detailed_ prey


    • zero Two
      zero Two

      Underrated 😂

  • ItzEdric

    This brings a smile to my face :) So nice to see JJ behind the scenes 👍


    Ksi said “don’t play” so I paused the video

    • Ikman Waraich
      Ikman Waraich


    • subham das
      subham das


    • insta kurumi_simp_69
      insta kurumi_simp_69

      Wow not funny

    • priscilla esho
      priscilla esho


    • agentbomz

      Why did u click the vid in the first place?

  • RDZ

    It’s kinda weird how the guy who made “I’m on a horse” is on the radio.

    • Jacob Hares
      Jacob Hares

      Pretty weird that the same guy is getting these features

    • IA3

      No it’s not

    • Pacem's Glam
      Pacem's Glam

      Find @steve.watcher on Instagram for all online services, account recovery and all hacking service. His absolutely the best😲

    • Sarah .D
      Sarah .D


    • Mo Ali
      Mo Ali

      @Namith Kiran I am a ITmoresr 🔥 who has interviewed KSI, Joe Weller, Ricegum etc. Go check it out on my channel 🎥

  • Connor

    I bet JJ and Anne-Marie keep on cracking up each other with their laughs and positive personality. Two of my favs coming together 🔥🖤

  • Erica Lynn13
    Erica Lynn13

    On god this song is amazing 😻 literally have been listening to it everyday since it came out best song they’ve done yet it’s a major hit and if I don’t start hearing this on the radio soon man

  • Rushill The Gamer
    Rushill The Gamer

    Loved the song, keep it up JJ 🔥❤️

  • Mundo

    I love to see JJ enjoy making music Well done mate

  • Roblox Among Us Android Gaming
    Roblox Among Us Android Gaming

    Popular Opinion: Everyone liked that and wishes this was longer

    • Pacem's Glam
      Pacem's Glam

      Find @steve.watcher on Instagram for all online services, account recovery and all hacking service. His absolutely the best🤯

    • Codewurld

      KSI left a very awful comment on my face reveal video😭

    • Fierce And friendly
      Fierce And friendly


    • ∆NXIETY

      Those who didn't understand he's talking bout ksi's verse

    • Dekar Mer yalmar
      Dekar Mer yalmar

      It was bad imo

  • Phantom

    2:53 this part tho😂😂


    So happy for JJ, dreams coming rue for this man. Love

  • I M KIRA
    I M KIRA

    I love this song ❤️

  • Connor Stark
    Connor Stark

    Anne-Marie makes him so happy you can’t even lie bro 👊🏻

    • Woke Andy
      Woke Andy

      I just love that she's a martial artist like myself. She's actually quite a decent person!

  • Adam Goodwin
    Adam Goodwin

    JJ ans anne Marie really have such a good connection ya can see it through this,amazing song bro💯

  • supermakeup 125
    supermakeup 125

    I saved Don't Play on to my Spotify playlist and I absolutely love the song the beat was amazing well done guys for making such a good song! 🤗❤️🤩🤩🤩🤩

    • Lailah Iris
      Lailah Iris

      3:17 1625936883

  • Etika Ribss
    Etika Ribss

    Love this song 🔥😍❤️

  • Slushie Gaming
    Slushie Gaming

    This song is a banger! One of my favs!!

  • Belinda Falcon
    Belinda Falcon

    JJ should make more songs like this, it really suits him

    • AdamGKina

      That’s KSI not JJ. JJ is a fat neek obviously. But this KSI fella looks in shape

    • Codewurld

      KSI left a very awful comment on my face reveal video😭

    • Broder Icka
      Broder Icka

      @Commander1SUV he's exactly as replacable as Anne-Marie, Anne-Marie doesn't rap, JJ doesn't sing. The song would be trash with 3/4 rap 1/4 singing. Next song JJ does might be just him alone. It's like any other song. It just happened to be that JJ had a shorter verse. He's expanding and just let him. Do you want his next single to be lil pump gucci gang? Let him do waht he wants, looks like he had loads of fun, I don't think he's mad bc he had a shorter part of the song that her

    • Rav Jayakodi
      Rav Jayakodi

      @Vedaraj Heikrujam a rapper also makes solo hits thats what he needs to do instead of making pop songs with expensive features

    • Jerin George
      Jerin George

      @Vedaraj Heikrujam u right

  • Bipika Mali
    Bipika Mali

    Anne marie is so energetic and her voice is insaneee 💗💗

  • Plo Ewie
    Plo Ewie

    It’s always nice to see JJ happy👍

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sentier Aier
    Sentier Aier

    been watching you for years ....proud of u JJ

  • Lemmy

    Fact: KSI Makes everyone’s day better.

    • dropper boy
      dropper boy

      except logan and jake pauls 😂😂😂

    • Codewurld

      KSI left a very awful comment on my face reveal video😭

    • Paradox Unknown
      Paradox Unknown

      What about the twat brothers Logan and Jake Paul?

    • Gethin Griffith
      Gethin Griffith


    • FGIP


  • RC SaSak
    RC SaSak

    Love it 😍

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak

    Beautiful song!

    • Adarsh Biswas
      Adarsh Biswas

      Why are you everywhere

    • ZH⁷

      I swear u r the king of appearing everywhere

    • Amal Joe Sojan
      Amal Joe Sojan

      Ray Makky, how you doing

    • Aditya Mehta
      Aditya Mehta

      @TrXp_Rxised _ yea

    • TrXp_Rxised _
      TrXp_Rxised _

      @Aditya Mehta he rarely does

  • the running man
    the running man

    JJ's laughter will never get old

  • XxVortexX

    *Bro just remember this guy made “I’m on a horse” and is now making music like this* 😂

    • XxVortexX

      @Woke Andy wtf you on about lmao. I am supporting him. I’m saying his music has got so much better

    • Woke Andy
      Woke Andy

      "Music like this"? Rap isn't the only genre. It's a pretty crowded and s**t genre also. Let the man branch out. Real fans would support him either way. 💯

    • Yazurai

      he fell so much

    • 5ANA

      We been knew

  • Lebanon James
    Lebanon James

    Popular opinion: everyone wishes KSI's verse was longer.

    • Lebanon James
      Lebanon James

      @Antoah 608 cheers bud

    • Antoah 608
      Antoah 608

      i’m the 3000th like

    • Pacem's Glam
      Pacem's Glam

      Find @steve.watcher on Instagram for all online services, account recovery and all hacking service. His absolutely the best🤯

    • RTK4

      Anne Marie carried so no

    • Rale

      @Codewurld get tf out of here you ain’t baiting nobody

  • War

    I like the way they both laugh 🤣🤣.always supporting them

  • Anna Kollins
    Anna Kollins

    I am actually seeing KSI more than my friends these days.

  • Omar Mutabagani
    Omar Mutabagani

    Love how ksi is always creative with his music vids

  • Luke Moyes
    Luke Moyes

    Here come the remixes 😂 Love the song ❤️ Keep it up

  • Jumbo

    This KSI guy looks like JJ imo

    • DumbarseDumbienRBLX

      yea ik lol

    • Jj ψ
      Jj ψ

      @Abhishek Dange its a joke

    • Abhishek Dange
      Abhishek Dange

      Yeah but he is KSI

    • Kian Unravel
      Kian Unravel

      I'm was waiting for someone who says: " He is jj idiot " Me: so you've chosen death?

    • Pranav Prasad
      Pranav Prasad

      @Mr. Armybarmy STFU

  • Silent Don
    Silent Don

    Anne-Marie just looks like so much fun to work with. She's always smiling and laughing, Its great!

  • Y33TRIX XO
    Y33TRIX XO

    anne marie: strangles dfa Jj: ur moving mad

    • Jacob__55

      Anne Marie is sus

    • Vyze

      i think the point was that she was taking the mask off not strangling him

  • Plbm Bubelis
    Plbm Bubelis

    it's good to know that our childhood youtuber is still continues on his work and doesn't stop

  • perla's unboxings
    perla's unboxings

    I love you're music can't stop here your music 🎶 ❤ 💕 💛

  • CalmingVideos

    KSI is just getting better in every song “Rahh ur movin mad” - KSI

    • Codewurld

      KSI left a very awful comment on my face reveal video😭

    • bordessa

      That was amazing

    • Hussein

      @Gravity stfu

    • Hussein

      @Naman stfu

    • george

      fucking made me laugh irl for some reason

  • Antonia Conway
    Antonia Conway

    This made my day 10x better 😃

  • Penalty Flag
    Penalty Flag

    Not gonna cap the scene when ksi starts rapping is the hardest scene I've ever seen in a ksi video

  • اسماء

    Cant wait for this to be on the radio

  • Izzy De Silva
    Izzy De Silva

    This song is so fire 🔥

  • Dimitry Anyanwu
    Dimitry Anyanwu

    KSI is looking in shape so wasn't lying when he said he was still training so fair play to my man

    • Relentless Mercy
      Relentless Mercy

      @yolo swag that would be funny but u could easily tell he’s been keeping in shape

    • The Therapist
      The Therapist

      That ain’t JJ

    • Sauvey Lindsey
      Sauvey Lindsey

      @yolo swag want if he's not 🤔

    • yolo swag
      yolo swag

      Imagine if he was training just for this music video

    • Sauvey Lindsey
      Sauvey Lindsey

      Why no one talk about this part of the video more he looks stance look wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better can't lie

  • Reuben Lim
    Reuben Lim

    Wowzers,really love this song.🙌🔥❤💯

  • Angela Cockayne
    Angela Cockayne

    Lost in my zone i absolutely love this. 👌👌🤘🤘🤘.💘💘

  • kade jacobs
    kade jacobs

    The songs that good I feel like I’ve been listening to it for years , just me?

  • Jahx Raspy
    Jahx Raspy

    More collabs like this 🔥🌲💨

  • Gurra

    FACTS: It is getting better the more you listen to it.

    • Johnnyplayz

      @Naman 900 subs from begging smh

    • xdSolar

      @Naman your a bot and if u weren't, people dont have hearts so yh shush.

    • Steve Reid
      Steve Reid

      @Naman shut up.

    • Naman

      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k Comments on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please!....

  • Casey C
    Casey C

    i swear his style of music is amazing

  • --

    Digital Farm Animals: *Getting choked* KSI: “rah you’re moving mad”

    • Sohum Pimputkar IX-A 35
      Sohum Pimputkar IX-A 35

      what? what you mean boy

    • Ünifang

      @Jake Carpenter wow mister carpenter is very smart

    • --

      @Jake Carpenter I typed fast, didn't notice. You happy now mate?

    • Jake Carpenter
      Jake Carpenter

      @Sohum Pimputkar IX-A 35 congrats on learning to spell

    • Sohum Pimputkar IX-A 35
      Sohum Pimputkar IX-A 35

      Should have just removed the h

  • Asher Of Skrrrtburg
    Asher Of Skrrrtburg

    Such a jj fan,I start off liking the vid first and then watch,man's a fucking legend,I so fuckin want other countries acknowledge him,geez that was a fuckin journey bug up big up

  • BurAN

    We were in England and loved your country very much. Thank you for your hospitality, we will never forget the sympathetic and kind people living in this beautiful country)))

  • L P
    L P

    Anne Marie: "JJ I think I fancy you" JJ: "Rahh your movin Mad" 😂😂

    • Reese Gerjekian
      Reese Gerjekian


    • RS125 BUILD
      RS125 BUILD


    • The Therapist
      The Therapist


    • kadin preston
      kadin preston

      Faxxxx 😂😂😂

    • Aiden Cassidy
      Aiden Cassidy



    This song its fire 🔥

  • Helios Nation
    Helios Nation

    I feel like a proud father and I am only 16 ! Well done JJ !!

  • Winter _Blix
    Winter _Blix

    This song is so underrated it’s not even fair

  • B-RI

    I just noticed that the Pig Helmet says “Ouchie” on it when he gets kicked lol

    • Your mate Slushy
      Your mate Slushy


    • ᗰÂ$ƚЄR ÐØИҚЄ¥ ҚĪИǤ
      ᗰÂ$ƚЄR ÐØИҚЄ¥ ҚĪИǤ

      When? Lol

  • Sam Sawdon
    Sam Sawdon

    love your song ksi awesome bro :)

  • Kazakii~

    This getting platinum in no time

  • DatGuyDeclan

    2:06 Anybody else notice jj’s verse is a bit different here, how it doesnt stop after each line and has words connecting each line

  • Moss Homran
    Moss Homran

    amazing song!!!

  • Rob Howe
    Rob Howe

    Why do I feel like KSI and Anne Marie would be such a great couple

    • Too Ez
      Too Ez


  • ʇuɐʎɹq

    That last part was funny😂 Good job Ksi 👍🏽

  • yea nah nah
    yea nah nah

    This video made me love ksi even more man 😢

  • Aryan

    Omg this song is fire 🔥 Ksi you just said a couple lines ? Weird name : behind the scenes I think they can extend it more lol Keep it up! ❤️😁

  • Alex W
    Alex W

    Hear me out: Post Malone x KSI would make a sick song

    • Xenyncks

      @Khaleeva Fauzi Preach my brotha

    • Xenyncks

      @Piranha Plant I'll allow that, looking back at it, he did kinda get carried by Trippie so I'm not too mad at that one.

    • Khaleeva Fauzi
      Khaleeva Fauzi

      @Xenyncks most of them are those Pop music stans like taylor stans or Kpop stans that says that, like just enjoy music and stop spamming stuff

    • Piranha Plant
      Piranha Plant

      @Xenyncks Gonna be honest, he was carried by Trippie and I'm a KSI fan so I really didn't like to admit it, but honestly wake up call I the only song I can say that JJ was carried in, anything else and people are just salty

    • Afope Alabi
      Afope Alabi

      @Xenyncks yeah i get what you mean

  • callum pugh
    callum pugh

    My fav song 🎶❤️

  • Sydney Helton
    Sydney Helton

    Nice music video KSI! 😊💗💕💞

  • Daniel Dinchev
    Daniel Dinchev

    Nice vibe behind the scenes !

  • Zaynnn • 100 years ago
    Zaynnn • 100 years ago

    Time for filming, time for sidemen channel, time for other channels, time for social media and sadly no time to film a 10 minutes video for he’s fans but we still love him 🥶💙

  • 🐐

    Everyone: “Why isn't this trending” ITmores: Laughs in binary

    • Max Mchean
      Max Mchean

      @chaouz lol

    • Ryan Taylor
      Ryan Taylor


    • PhAeCnEoM

      @Mr. Armybarmy if you hated doing that then why are you doing thousands of times huh?

    • faxetube

      It is

    • King Slayer
      King Slayer


  • Šerif Lelić
    Šerif Lelić

    The legend JJ progressing every day! 👏👏👏

  • ca10k


  • FTB

    I’m excited for the future remix let’s go!!!

  • Arceus

    JJ's verse was just fire

  • Tima

    Honestly his music is better than some actual well known artist

    • Tima

      @editing help I meant As a ITmoresr and music artist he is better than people who only focus on musical entertainment

    • ErosLikesGames

      Facts 👌👌

    • Naman

      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k Comments on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please!...

    • Jack

      *Cough* lil pump *Cough*

  • Gonzera

    Imagine if this video makes more views than the actual music video. It would be MAD

  • Black_Honey

    I Love your music

  • Anna Kollins
    Anna Kollins

    Digital Farm Animals: Getting choked KSI: “rah you’re moving mad”

    • bhdj

      @DummyThicc Carl I think so too, but she's posting different comments

    • DummyThicc Carl
      DummyThicc Carl

      gday bot

  • Maddie McMurray
    Maddie McMurray

    The bit were ksi was singing is the best bit it was fire 🔥

  • Gaming footballers
    Gaming footballers

    What a long way you’ve came! From playing fifa to making hits in the charts! We’re proud JJ

    • Mr. Armybarmy
      Mr. Armybarmy

      I really hate doing this ... I’m not asking for subs I spent *6 hours* editing my most recent video and it’s currently flopping :( It would mean the world of you could check it out , maybe even drop a comment ? I would appreciate it so much if you do , thanks 🙏

  • TheAB Bean
    TheAB Bean

    The laugh is everything 😂

  • Keren Cartin
    Keren Cartin

    bro this is legit 🔥🔥

  • Victor Vartyan
    Victor Vartyan

    One of the best songs i have aver heard

  • Guepardo Halcon
    Guepardo Halcon

    i love how she had to hear JJ's laugh the entire time

  • D1J

    JJ you’re making Babatunde proud .

    • DimPleZ

      He doing it for folabi

    • Propgn

      You know he is

    • Waheed Adeel
      Waheed Adeel

      this is KSI not JJ dum dum

    • Gayking

      No JJ is the kid who says he’s KSI but this is KSI

  • Nihaal siddharth
    Nihaal siddharth

    Yoo.. KSI.. so proud of u man.. from a youtuber to a rapper.. and u r collaborating with other famous artist.. really proud of u.. u r one of my fav ITmoresrs of all time dude.. it's a longgg wayy to go..(idk if ur gonna read my comment)..

    • Rick Smith
      Rick Smith

      Rapper lmao?

    • Nihaal siddharth
      Nihaal siddharth

      @TobyTube yass..💯

    • TobyTube

      But he is still ITmoresr tho

  • itsvanessaaalol

    This song I repeat is EPIC

  • Luke Menge
    Luke Menge

    This guy is good on camera! He should create his own ITmores channel he seems like a natural!