Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [Official Music Video]
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Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play [Official Music Video]

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Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play

Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play

All that time on your own with me
We had fun on the 360
I helped you get that UAV
Still could never get you that AC
Sneaking in school just to get by you
I’m obsessed with the scent on you
Coco Chanel on your neck with your body in check
Loving all the time with you
But now you’ve just gone missing
And you’re airing all my wishes
You’re online but you still won’t listen
All my time is you dismissing
This is in no way a 2 way street
I’m playing sad and it’s on repeat
Got me here hoping you see my snap
Cos I’m not ready for us to wrap

Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play

Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play

All the things you doing
yeah I think I’ve seen it all before, seen it, seen it all before
everything you’re saying
yeah I think I’ve heard it all before yeah heard it all before
if you don’t give me your time
then I ain’t giving you mine
if you’re gonna lie
then ima say goodbye
every game you’re playing
yeah boy I’ve played them all before
and I win them all

But now you’ve just gone missing
And you’re airing all my wishes
You’re online but you still won’t listen
All my time is you dismissing
This is in no way a 2 way street
I’m playing sad And it’s on repeat
Got me here hoping you see my snap
Cos I’m not ready for us to wrap

Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play

Don’t play games, don’t play games with my heart
Ohh eeeee
Now the feels hit me differently
When they’re hittin this deep don’t play, don’t play


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  • Anne-Marie

    thank you so much everyone for all your love on this song! hope you love the music video too ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Baadaarunissa Chaudhary
      Baadaarunissa Chaudhary

      Love it you did great in the song btw

    • Jacinta Power
      Jacinta Power

      It's banging girl

    • Saika Masaud
      Saika Masaud

      You are so welcome

    • Sid

      Love you ❤️🤍

    • Patriot


  • Doua Rustam
    Doua Rustam

    He has a soothing and great voice which makes his songs even better

    • C h i 1 1 y
      C h i 1 1 y


    • sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿
      sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿

      And the public media seem to absolutely LOVE it. As seen by the success of "Holiday"

    • XNorthEast

      @tehe eh hmmmm

    • tehe

      @Egodef if you're talking ab old ksi's voice then sure but now his voice is pretty chill

    • Its Volts
      Its Volts

      @Egodef 😐

  • ‌

    this is KSI's best song imo.

    • jishnu mitra
      jishnu mitra

      “Holiday enters the chat”

    • JC EDGE
      JC EDGE

      ksi's best song is down like that

    • Psvy Altimer
      Psvy Altimer

      100th reply

    • Pijin

      houdini just edges this song for me but 2nd place is still good

    • vrishank aryan
      vrishank aryan

      Bruh, holiday is way better

  • dhaneesh purushothaman
    dhaneesh purushothaman

    This song is so underated. Deserves so much more.

    • account

      when you dont know what underrated means

    • FadeD

      Bro this song plays on the radio so much, what you mean underrated?

    • Leo Wu
      Leo Wu

      underrated? I don't know about that.

    • jelly sirr
      jelly sirr


    • just a random guy in Comments
      just a random guy in Comments


  • Young Orange
    Young Orange

    KSI inspired me to go all in with my music because he showed me that anything is possible and he went big with his dreams. I believe it will happen for me one day, Im not stopping when it does!!!!! 🧡🧡🧡🧡

    • Emmanuel Morales Cruz
      Emmanuel Morales Cruz


    • Art

      Shut up

    • ᅠReload30

      No. He used his clout. Open your eyes. He became a reaper through his ITmores presence and that alone. Don't be so naive.

    • EC Zero
      EC Zero

      go for it mate

    • Glider Wolf
      Glider Wolf

      i listened to the first 25 seconds of your song "the doors" all i got to say is its a vibe and you will be big hopefully sooner rather then later dude seriously you got some skill

  • Thumin

    I love seeing KSI evolving and improving with every song he releases. I'm a proud fan!! Love u man, keep winning king!!👑

    • J T
      J T

      @__sayf__ this songs leagues above any other song hes did.. maybe its cuz Anne Marie but still..

    • J T
      J T

      @Arsalan who the fook is that guy?

    • Liam Vaillancourt
      Liam Vaillancourt

      @Cameron Elturk no subs 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Liam Vaillancourt
      Liam Vaillancourt

      @Cameron Elturk u have a marshmallow pfp I think we know who’s gay bud

    • Nikstar112

      @mljamal ?

  • lol

    It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday.This song is legendary♪

    • Arske NxB
      Arske NxB


    • fàtima

      ong 😭😭

    • Radarvfx

      Every song is legendary to you

    • azeez arowolo
      azeez arowolo

      copied blue

  • JZ GR
    JZ GR

    Why is this song so good, addictive and catchy?😊

  • H

    I heard this song playing at the supermarket today. I had a proud fan moment thinking about how far he's come. He's actually going clear with music

    • Ahmad Raul
      Ahmad Raul

      Wow that's amazing

  • Blue

    How is this already nearly a year old??

    • SlayrPratyushPP87

      Yeah now it seems like pandemic was yesterday but it’s gonna be 2 years soon

    • soulbender

      bruh i thought you were mr beast for a second imposter

    • FearTheFlipper

      Because that's how time works

  • Scrimzox

    This is really good, it's one of my favourite songs. I remember when everyone was laughing when KSI started making music saying he should just stick to videos, but he it's better than a lot of stuff from "actual artists".

    • Saas

      Scrimzox why are you the top comment in every ksi video stick to rovive mayne >:C

    • Elias Angel
      Elias Angel

      fucking agreed, this is my favourite song and he has evolved so much and has become much better than "actual artists" as you said.

    • Big Smoke
      Big Smoke

      @Idk ok Yeah THIS song specifically is good, but Little boy is an awful piece of shit that should have never been written

    • Idk ok
      Idk ok

      @Big Smoke mate u ok this was like the best song

    • Chris2.0


  • Goku Black Rose
    Goku Black Rose

    after hearing the kidz bop version i had to come back here to stop the bleeding from my ears! what a great song

    • Trey Griffith 2003
      Trey Griffith 2003

      The sidemen that are definitely better than kidz bop are Simon and vik

    • Trey Griffith 2003
      Trey Griffith 2003

      All of sidemen are better than kidz bop in my opinion especially Harry Simon JJ tobi and vik

    • Piyush Attri
      Piyush Attri

      They are kids ffs. What did u expect. Also the kids did fine

    • Ag_Bruh

      bruh same

    • Immersion

      @John Germain uhhhh I mean... check again?

  • Art. tour
    Art. tour

    crazy collaboration. I love this song ❤️

  • Mike Ford
    Mike Ford

    KSI Love the passion love the respect of this guy he has worked for everything and he deserves the best in life keep up the good work

  • Jung&Yu

    Almost 2022 and this song is still a masterpiece

  • RitzyCobalt

    This song is actually a bop, jj and anne marie's verse were pretty good

    • amin

      @Ephraim Varkey i am 13 though

    • prodcpg

      @Larry fosho

    • prodcpg

      @yurr I’m already a Christian

    • Marty 137
      Marty 137

      He’s going for Jake

    • Steven

      1000th like

  • ishu Sharma
    ishu Sharma

    I listened this song without knowing who is singer and I was like that the man is absolute legend ...I hoped he would be like top tier professional singer ..but when I got to know it's KSI.....I am too impressed man...and now holiday without any feature ....ksi is legend man

  • Neolpha

    This song has finally reached 30 million🎉🎉

    • Neolpha

      @goofy goofball yeah but it did it under a year

    • - ND -
      - ND -

      @goofy goofball nah, the views are going up 😂

    • goofy goofball
      goofy goofball

      Stuck on 30m 😂

    • thrawf

      @- ND - ratio

    • - ND -
      - ND -

      No shit

  • Lovely Fangirl
    Lovely Fangirl


  • Mya moo
    Mya moo

    I love this song so much can’t stop listening the music video is brilliant to ❤️🎶😆

  • ge dgfs
    ge dgfs

    JJ’s voice in this sounded so sick , he should start doing more songs like this (Instead of rap)

    • H. Bell
      H. Bell

      He is rapping it’s just melody rap

    • Casey Lloyd
      Casey Lloyd

      his voice is so smooth and perfect in this i can’t stop listeninggg

    • VX

      @Alzoryne mac miller? Lol the dude has insane variety in his discography

    • Remco Vissers
      Remco Vissers

      @Alzoryne Mac Miller def has not been sounding the same during his carreer

    • Halla

      Auto tune will do that

  • Aiden Joel
    Aiden Joel

    this was a hit, it was fucking on the radio, well done ksi

  • Clickbait

    This reminds me of that old school UK garage sound...taking me back to those days but with lyrics and a vibe of the time...wonderful collab💕

  • Nikstar112

    He’s come a long way, recently all we are hearing is absolute bangers 🔥

  • Alishan Mahmood
    Alishan Mahmood

    Great song, love it!

  • Dino

    looks like JJ's new album will be completely EDM-like


      This is UK GARAGE though

    • prod.cozybeats

      @Aashman edm is a broad term - garage would be more accurate

    • prod.cozybeats

      @DMR Beats its garage

    • Nick Paul
      Nick Paul

      @Infinityquartz true true

    • Infinityquartz

      @Nick Paul And Nathan Dawne with Lighter

  • Dugital3

    love this song, defo one of the best to date

  • Macy Elachi
    Macy Elachi

    Anne Marie !!! You are inspiring the video is inspirational and your voice touches the heart you and KSI so real thank you 🙏🏻

  • Ryan Joshua D. Cabanilla
    Ryan Joshua D. Cabanilla

    I used to be a fan but after this masterpiece I am a whole air conditioner

    • Emmanuel Ezenyeaka
      Emmanuel Ezenyeaka

      @Thomas Hannah noice 👌

    • Thomas Hannah
      Thomas Hannah

      It's copied, but allowit man.

    • EliteSniper


  • Star Light
    Star Light

    This is great tandem. KSI winning as professional boxer and Anne-Marie as karate world champion. Also, great best music

  • HollywoodLife

    This will be mad come festival season

    • Kent Vigilante
      Kent Vigilante

      @Modder GTA V Get your ears checked.

    • Modder GTA V
      Modder GTA V

      Trash song

    • TBH I'm just here cus I'm bored
      TBH I'm just here cus I'm bored

      @aditya fam that's how we talk dont stress bati boy

    • TopLadJack

      W2S will also be mad come festival season, if you know what I mean....

    • TaiAnej

      @aditya nah its not even wrong grammar

  • T

    Can't stop listening 🎧

  • Hacker404


  • sandro

    i don't know man, but this song is so nostalgic for me. and not in the way you think. this song is new, but it is so similar to the older great quality songs from like 2000s. I LOVE IT!

  • lauren beaton
    lauren beaton

    Amazing great vibes and proper dancing track 🔥💯😎

  • Lukas Eriksen
    Lukas Eriksen

    Hey at least he got his mask the right way round this time

    • ShotWordy

      Lol True

    • MAP Square
      MAP Square


    • Marius Adenso
      Marius Adenso


    • Maro Basic
      Maro Basic

      Soo good song im lisening to it in car and just amazing.

    • Jeyo Ethic
      Jeyo Ethic

      He copied my comment and got 43k, and mine have 3 and a half, tells you a lot about society 😔

  • Hash.

    i am actually really surprised how good you are my exception were low cuz you are a youtuber not trying to be rude it is just a youtuber is something and a musician is something but really great job

    • SSP

      Ksi ain't just a youtuber bro. He is many things. Boxer , singer, rapper and many more.


    Love it.

  • Ty’s edits
    Ty’s edits

    KSI + music = listening to good music for a couple of minutes

  • Alissa Swan
    Alissa Swan

    I love this, it just flows so fucking good

  • Jaden Lustre
    Jaden Lustre

    Ngl but this kind of vocal style fits JJ’s voice and genuinely makes him sound good

    • Maisie Burns
      Maisie Burns

      @Ndalo "tren" Madide can you tell me when I was getting ‘touched’

    • Ndalo
      Ndalo "tren" Madide

      @Maisie Burns you're getting touched so I would say it's trolling but sure it's not

    • Maisie Burns
      Maisie Burns

      @Ndalo "tren" Madide it’s hardly trolling but thanks I’ll have a great day

    • Ndalo
      Ndalo "tren" Madide

      @Maisie Burns I'm trolling have a good day maisie or evening 😂

    • Maisie Burns
      Maisie Burns

      @Ndalo "tren" Madide sorry where did it say that I can not comment my opinion on this video

  • Kevin Victorlas
    Kevin Victorlas

    i love it and i cant stop watching it !

  • King Stormy
    King Stormy

    everyone it shows if you put the work in anyone can do it and have a massive impact on the world... WORK HARD PEEPS

  • MaZuKaシ


  • Amani Kullab
    Amani Kullab

    Love this song so much...❤🎶

  • IRL Moments
    IRL Moments

    I can't even hate, you're getting better with every release. It's difficult for most people to take you serious when it comes to music because of your past, and how musicians dedicate their life to solely music while you're doing everything you want. But all that put to a side, this is really good and good for you.

    • Saqif

      @Ishy_The_Squishy_Fishy did you sniff some coke before this m8 ?

    • Duo Lipa
      Duo Lipa

      @aNOOBis Gaming *rip off dua lipa*

    • FELIX Music
      FELIX Music

      KSI’s new music since 2019 is actually hard. he knows how to make a hit for sure

    • aNOOBis Gaming
      aNOOBis Gaming

      @Duo Lipa for a second i thought i saw dua lipa 🤣🤣 but its duo lipa

    • A Guy on YouTube
      A Guy on YouTube

      @Ishy_The_Squishy_Fishy na u on the pot 😂

  • Precious' Moments
    Precious' Moments

    This was such a great song! 🎵

  • Nicola Hill
    Nicola Hill

    I love Anne Marie 's songs

  • Babatunde

    9 months later and im still loving this ‼️

  • LightViperYt

    i watched this when it came out but just seeing it now its come so far and is so FIREE!!

  • KevGonzales

    Just heard “Don’t Play” in the radio all the way from the Philippines. Congrats on your success, JJ!!! 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽

    • Ali Ali
      Ali Ali

      @crispy rock he's feat how is it his I do not understand

    • Nikola Zuzelov
      Nikola Zuzelov

      @SM Live-streams I heard it to in Macedonia

    • crispy rock
      crispy rock

      @Ali Ali it’s literally jj’s song.... nothing you say can make a difference it is LITERALLY jj’s song

    • DarkAssassinPlays

      what radio channel?

    • Ali Ali
      Ali Ali

      @光 aha that two lines that he said makes it his song I see

  • Kookie 1D
    Kookie 1D

    this song is so underrated like why this song is a masterpiece

  • Rony H
    Rony H

    This song is amazing!

  • Natural Bby x
    Natural Bby x

    KSI’s verse was the best imo! So catchy and and the flow is insane! This guy is so talented💪🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • TheAvrgeNaijaboy

    This song is beautiful 😭❤️

  • Golden Hoops
    Golden Hoops

    I admire JJ's ambition to always create amazing content ! His hustle is insane !

    • AstralHoops

      Yo I love your videos fam

    • Jennifer Begay
      Jennifer Begay


    • Kawhi Leonard’s Burner
      Kawhi Leonard’s Burner


    • Gavin Nino
      Gavin Nino

      Hey I watch ur videos nice vids

    • Adam Sharaf
      Adam Sharaf

      Bruh i watch your videos lol

  • Tarita Tita
    Tarita Tita

    Me : love anne marie Also me : love ksi This song : perfect for you Again me : yup

  • Green Cun25
    Green Cun25

    Damnnnnn!!!This is lit. Keep up the good work👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • crokak

    I'v listening this song since 2020 and now I still keep listening to this song! I'm inlove

    • Tod Quinn
      Tod Quinn

      Wait what the fuck

  • Abby ?
    Abby ?

    Love this song

  • 🐐

    His music career: growing His ITmores career: growing His forehead: growing His beard: ...

    • TFB


    • Rafael SP
      Rafael SP

      Absolute violation

    • Dylan Majadillas
      Dylan Majadillas

      Sad :(

    • Itz DanielleG
      Itz DanielleG

      barely showing

    • Dre Jon
      Dre Jon

      His beard is very questionable

  • Gagor Kay
    Gagor Kay

    the words and the music line together that is its beautiful

  • Dee Dee
    Dee Dee

    Can’t stop listening !!! I usually don’t listen to new artists but God damn this is ❤️‍🔥

  • LaurenGrace Priest
    LaurenGrace Priest

    Loving the video!! LOVE ANNE-MARIE❤️❤️

  • Jordan Richter
    Jordan Richter

    She always makes pump up music!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!!!!

  • Pandalou

    JJ’s voice while he’s rapping sounds a lot more natural now

    • pablo maniacma
      pablo maniacma

      @Shihab shams sorry but I'm joining the argument two months late listen to Jon bellion he is the most talented rapper cause he can actually sing and rap without auto tune. He uses auto tune for some effects but overall singing he didn't touch auto tune. So yeah

    • King Darwin
      King Darwin

      @Boxing Mega all we gotta look at is lil baby ....

    • dedley01

      @Shihab shams Well, that’s subjective. I think it sounds like utter shit and it’s the reason why most top 40 stuff is ruined for me. And no, I’m not telling you what I like just for you to shit on it.

    • Shihab shams
      Shihab shams

      @dedley01 OK it has autotune but sounds good One question for u tell me one artist u listen to??

    • Shihab shams
      Shihab shams

      @dedley01 name a rapper that uses and it isn't heard u old ass

  • jamesthomasparker

    Love him or hate him KSI has come so far! One of the most successful ITmoresrs ever! And……he’s getting better his voice sounds soothing but charismatic

  • Kristen Medina Travel & Lifestyle
    Kristen Medina Travel & Lifestyle

    Just discovered this song!! It’s fire!!

  • Yibe Fenahash
    Yibe Fenahash

    This jam is really one of my favorites, one love from Kampala Uganda 🇺🇬

  • Myblack Myblack
    Myblack Myblack

    All your songs are sweet keep posting. You are talented and successful. I wish you all success. From iraq❤️❤️❤️❤️ i love you so much Anne-marie

  • المعرفة بوك : ثقافة و قصص
    المعرفة بوك : ثقافة و قصص

    nice job Bro

    • Mont Miliner
      Mont Miliner

      @U C H I H A on god bro it ok KSi going fight jake Paul and KSi going win we all know KSi king

    • Kaas Comp.
      Kaas Comp.


    • King GP
      King GP

      Your name being saying different

    • Azubain Ahammed Arnob
      Azubain Ahammed Arnob

      @nejmi you are disrespectful to other religion.

    • darren fagan
      darren fagan

      @Sidemen Tapes nah fam , get out

  • Vineta Fai
    Vineta Fai

    BRUH IVE HEARD THIS ON THE RADIO!!! KSI THIS IS YOUUUU????!!!! Dude congrats! Keep the grind going!

  • Emir Setiawan
    Emir Setiawan

    I was surprised when I heard this song on one of Indonesia's radio station. Shout out to Anne-Marie and JJ man 🇮🇩.

  • Club video
    Club video

    The edits on this is amazing one of my favourites

  • Sugi0 Puls
    Sugi0 Puls

    to sing with one of your idols , ane-marie must feel blessed

  • 🐐

    Incredible. His career, his success, his talent. Everything about him. Besides his beard of course...


      @Beast Mode o ok

    • Beast Mode
      Beast Mode

      @GLIZZY GLADIATOR He means the comment made by Goat is probably stolen from somewhere like another video of JJ’s perhaps? I’m not saying that’s the case, but that’s what Bored Man means

    • Yusef Imad
      Yusef Imad

      @Very Bored Man bruh like will you benefit if you say "StOlEn cOmmEnt"

    • DieChi

      And sub reddit


      @Very Bored Man ?

  • Tammy Anne Johnston 🎀
    Tammy Anne Johnston 🎀

    Love the video the vibe the track... go chick..💯💎💖🎶🎶🎶🔥🔥🔥

  • Bun Gaming tv bun
    Bun Gaming tv bun

    The lyrics is dam too good 🥰❤️ love from India Megahalaya

  • Uwais Uwais
    Uwais Uwais

    they sounded perfect together

  • Vihar Shah
    Vihar Shah

    Anne Marie Took This Song To The Skies. Lovely Voice ❤️

  • Nicolai

    the windmill strat!

    • Pr1nce N1raj
      Pr1nce N1raj

      @Jonyappleseed Nergy ??

    • Skrillz


    • Wab


    • Aaditya Mehta
      Aaditya Mehta


    • Nicholas Slepnikoff
      Nicholas Slepnikoff

      @Bornali Gogoi thanks 🙏🏼

  • User not available
    User not available

    Hands down the KSI's best song and my favourite song in the whole world

  • ruby rainbows uk
    ruby rainbows uk

    Love this song

  • Nicolae Raducanu
    Nicolae Raducanu

    this is amazing

  • Martina Taylor
    Martina Taylor

    Anne-Marie beautiful voice

  • Aaron Dewing
    Aaron Dewing

    This is the best KSI has sounded lyrically by far, using harmonies and not trying to scream rate it!

    • Aryzn

      @Frozen Eucalyptus ok, I'll ignore him, ty

    • Aryzn

      @Ryaan George Im talking about KSI's verse I liked his verse

    • Ryaan George
      Ryaan George

      @Aryzn im not talking about the song in entirety im just talking about ksi's verse. The song was sick especially anne marie's part .get your facts straight

    • Aryzn

      @Ryaan George No I'm not scared to admit it because I said with Wake Up Call that I don't like it and Trippie carried, I like this song and you don't, don't claim I'm scared to admit something because you know nothing about me, I will admit what I think is true and so will you.

    • Ryaan George
      Ryaan George

      @Frozen Eucalyptus bruh what you saying he released so many songs after that. He showed us his true potential in lighter and houdini and down like that. And then comes along and does this freak show in one of the most dopest beats i have heard till date. Sad..

  • Ana

    I mean Anne and JJ have very good songs together!

  • Dnf_Me

    Oh my god (KSI has an SPECTACULAR VOICE WITH ANNE-MARIE) I’m in love with this 😍💋

  • Purwa Thapa
    Purwa Thapa

    Love it😍😍😍😍😍🤩

  • Daniel Motloutsi
    Daniel Motloutsi

    Now you have some Platinum!!! It's well deserved.

  • Uncle jimmy
    Uncle jimmy

    Sounds 10x better rapping like this he’s finally found the right flow

    • Biggunz01


    • Square Pizza
      Square Pizza

      @Gary S1998 damn wanna host a banger party?

    • The Savage Brookes
      The Savage Brookes

      I think I like it when ksi is rapping with other bois

    • Mo Taha
      Mo Taha

      I'm sorry I meant uncontrollable

    • Šmrkulja


  • SB StopMotion
    SB StopMotion

    This is the type of song where I feel like I heard it ages before it was released.

  • Jane the wolf gamer
    Jane the wolf gamer

    I am in love with this song

  • Débora Oliveira
    Débora Oliveira

    love your voice

  • Kishi

    Now JJ's verse makes so much sense after his recent vid!

  • Emilio

    This is actually a lit song. You would never imagine a youtuber made this. Honestly professional as it gets. Big up KSI.

    • Shadow_ Meta
      Shadow_ Meta

      For me he’s becoming more of those generic artists... I liked it better when he rapped

  • Muhammad Habib elahi
    Muhammad Habib elahi

    I didn't believe ksi did the song or rap until now I love this song 😌❤️

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    The flow suits the beat so well

  • Sayah Manao Vlog
    Sayah Manao Vlog

    She is so amazing 🥺

  • BadVibes

    KSI always a legend ! Watching since 2010 brother , Love from Malaysia 🙌❤