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Commenti: 37 989
  • Splashy

    The most legendary Sidemen video ever.

    • yeetus _ mcfeetus
      yeetus _ mcfeetus

      most legendary video in general ever

    • Jamie Smithson
      Jamie Smithson


    • Haroon Khan
      Haroon Khan

      @Simp2X yep

    • Simp2X

      Damn right abt that

    • ARandomUser


  • joyboy

    When ksi filmed this: Deji was comedyshortsgamer Tommyinnit was 9 years old Dax was a janitor

    • L.S De Silva
      L.S De Silva

      *Manny was Comedyshortsgamer 2:57

    • Khalifa

      And I'm 8 yrs old, rewatching it gives me memories..

    • Rustam Hajiyev
      Rustam Hajiyev

      Zerkaa didn't have a beard

    • Aaron Flores
      Aaron Flores

      It was better this way

    • Vantagez

      josh didn't have his beard

  • D4rant

    This video is so 2014 it reminds me of all the old edits and memes

    • Brinko

      Also the outros

  • Griffin Leonard
    Griffin Leonard

    Took me 7 years to realize Simon didn't actually hit that rabona

    • Romari Bussette
      Romari Bussette

      Damn bro i knew just went with it 😂

    • Infimet

      @Jon Sarenti it’s an edit you fucking spanner

    • Jon Sarenti
      Jon Sarenti

      Why tf you think joe Weller was in the corner? Because it was 'legitimate'

    • Vance Saler
      Vance Saler

      @Arber Numani Yeah that definitely happened /s

    • Arber Numani
      Arber Numani

      @Brydon nah Simon has said in a video that Simon did hit it but the camera ran out of battery right before the ball hits the crossbar ( weird I know) so JJ felt bad and edited that in

  • Gabbett K24
    Gabbett K24

    “Do it for the unpaid workers” may be one of the most iconic lines ever said

    • ZXS

      To be fair tho.....

    • Blip

      @Motaleb Hussain Josh I think

    • jmattay

      Motalab Hossain ethan said it

    • luke troy
      luke troy

      @Drom Assault how

    • luke troy
      luke troy

      or thats everyone now its a free for all

  • Tay Allen
    Tay Allen

    I love how JJ’s Professional Music Account has his old meme videos on it

    • Yuxuan Lin
      Yuxuan Lin

      @Abhi “And when you fight Joe Weller, you’re gonna get dropped.”

    • Abhi

      As a wise man once said "Old ksi will never be topped"

    • A1ltino

      You're clapped bro

    • Another Happy Landing
      Another Happy Landing

      I mean if anything its the other way around this was his main channel , its arguably his second channel now in terms of ITmores videos

    • Bos Celtics
      Bos Celtics

      “Old meme videos”

  • NightUniverse

    They're all so young xD.....Ethan was obese, and Miniminter still looks the same haha

    • James Johnston
      James Johnston

      Harry was like 17

    • Burstify

      @Robert Jones Vistal no shit this was back in 2014

    • Robert Jones Vistal
      Robert Jones Vistal

      To be honest Sthan looked younger when he was likes this before

    • Creamsicle

      @UU - 08TW 752042 Bristol Road MS do the math. He is around 5’9 and before his weight loss he was around 240 pounds.

    • Creamsicle

      @UU - 08TW 752042 Bristol Road MS BMI over 30 or something is obese. Ethan definitely had a BMI over 30 lol.

  • A Great White Shorse
    A Great White Shorse

    “We didn’t realise we were making memories, we were just having fun” - Winnie The Pooh

    • A Great White Shorse
      A Great White Shorse

      @XxFortnite GodxX you stfu Fortnite kid

    • A Great White Shorse
      A Great White Shorse

      @Robinson Cruise yes you’re right on the fact that he isn’t right but what do you m an he didn’t like those messages? Do you mean the comment? Oh and he is trying to act tough going like shut sTfU fAm. A harmless comment couldn’t offend someone that much

    • Robinson Cruise
      Robinson Cruise

      @A Great White Shorse oh and he is definitely wrong to offend you but not trying to act tough

    • Robinson Cruise
      Robinson Cruise

      @A Great White Shorse not saying he is right

    • Robinson Cruise
      Robinson Cruise

      @A Great White Shorse he said that because he doesnt like those messages

  • Ro-Vids 1
    Ro-Vids 1

    The editing is a mess but this is the most iconic sidemen video ever made

    • beatleink

      I actually think the editing is one of the reasons this video is iconic

  • Ghazi Bajouri
    Ghazi Bajouri

    Is it just me who comes back to this video every once and a while, and is just proud of how far they have come since this 😭 Miss these days tho ngl

  • Alex Tutorials
    Alex Tutorials

    That's such a legendary vid i swear to god. I've seen it so many times especially the start of it and it will never get old honestly

  • Riley

    lmao the way Simons rabona shot was clearly not hitting and it cuts to a clip of it hitting the opposite side is priceless.

  • TheSmallGamer

    Watching back at this makes me realize how "adorable" Vik was when he did something good

  • MrDalekJD

    The music for Vikkstar's kick left me CRYING XD

    • Sebastian


    • Unapologetic

      @DIESER FURKAN mundean to nach de


      MrDalekJD do you now the Name of the Song

    • James Cameron
      James Cameron

      Its called mundain to back ke

    • hk_x2

      MrDalekJD exactly

  • Vishnu Nair
    Vishnu Nair

    Vikkstar gotta have a humble soul, whenever it comes to good things being done he and Tobi seems to smash it🔥😎

  • Borusage

    These vids take me back man, the old edits, memes and music. Didn’t realise how good the sidemen’s old vids were man.

  • Reservoir Head
    Reservoir Head

    this is such a classic sidemen video. very well-done.. masterpiece..

  • ZiLOUN

    This is the best crossbar challenge the sidemen ever did 💪💪🔥 Ahh good old days 😔

  • M

    Vikk dressed like he forgot his PE clothes and wore the leftover clothes that the school had

    • Rose Of Death
      Rose Of Death

      @ElSam true 💀💀

    • Patriot


    • Seema

      His house now

    • Astarøth

      Honduras is a shit team 💀 my dad is from there

    • Name

      @ElSam bruhhh

  • fernando fonseca
    fernando fonseca

    Still the best crossbar challenge till this day

  • Felix cla
    Felix cla

    I am proud of myself for being here for now over 7 year. This was my first ever sidemen video

  • Daivi

    This is so legendary i literally watch this once a week 😂😂

  • Miriam Massawi
    Miriam Massawi

    i always come back to this video once in a while to see Vikk hit the crossbar for the unpaid workers

  • Ziti

    vik hitting crossbar is easily the best sidemen moment ever.

    • Sebastian


    • Alexander Kundert
      Alexander Kundert

      Lutgardo Gomez I said it because i'm half honduran bro

    • Alexander Kundert
      Alexander Kundert

      Ricardo Ernesto Hernandez Rios I'm half

    • Junior Villatoro
      Junior Villatoro

      Fuck you

    • Cold Naufal
      Cold Naufal


  • Gabri Rogers
    Gabri Rogers

    This will always be the greatest ITmores video of all time

  • A.Krishna Akhil
    A.Krishna Akhil

    I grew up watching the Sidemen. Kinda crazy, a little weird, to see all of them so young.

  • alex bates
    alex bates

    The editing on this is truly iconic

  • Juan Mendoza
    Juan Mendoza

    It’s mad how Harry was 17 at the time

  • Sam James
    Sam James

    This might be the most iconic video on the internet.

    • Sebastian


    • 090NJ

      Facts man

    • Joseph Pascoe
      Joseph Pascoe

      @Pat Son ur strange

    • SkyManiac


    • Maria Perez
      Maria Perez

      No... Time to smash it :)

  • Jesse

    Still one of the best youtube videos ever made

  • Alfie-Jay Foster
    Alfie-Jay Foster

    I feel like watching this video once or twice a week is the most respectful thing I can do... it’s iconic!!!

  • Real Moz
    Real Moz

    This makes me so euphoric everything I watch this video 🤣

  • Nameer Sadiq
    Nameer Sadiq

    This is my 100th time watching this and it still entertaining as ever

  • Aaronwalshh04

    A wise man once said: "The old KSI will never be topped"

    • Daniel Artica
      Daniel Artica

      He will never

    • Ali Darwish
      Ali Darwish


    • shaikul


    • Lara Croft
      Lara Croft

      @Kit Fisto Hello, reversal K/D ratio. Never thought I would see you in the same dimension as me.

    • Loqsometimes

      @Matti01 r/wooooosh

  • Theo McDonald
    Theo McDonald

    I love how in a recent Sidemen football video, Simon did the arm thing again after all these years or as he calls it the ‘blocking away the haters’ 💀💀

  • Sebastian Villarreal
    Sebastian Villarreal

    I admire all these years later, and they’re still good friends

  • Jake K-B
    Jake K-B

    This is has to be one of the best sidemen videos ever

  • Honestabe_9

    This is one of the most legendary ITmores videos of all-time

  • The Wizard
    The Wizard

    Ball: *doesn't hit the crossbar* JJ: Aight, lets see how many monthly listeners you got.

    • Patriot

      He wouldn't do that

    • EmZy_qw


    • Daniel Cardozo
      Daniel Cardozo

      @Suraj He deleted all his comments lol

    • Suraj

      @David what did he say lol? The conversation is quite good

    • Bamaiama Fernandes
      Bamaiama Fernandes

      @Muhammad Saad I cant remember but he kept on telling me to shut the fuck up and chatting shit about me, calling me bitch and other things I cant remember

  • Julian Silva
    Julian Silva

    I don’t care how old this gets I will always rewatch this video

    • Ali Merabti
      Ali Merabti

      My G

  • Lougoo

    Hands down this still is the best video on the internet

  • LANH 32
    LANH 32

    Ya han pasado 7 años de este video y me sigue dando risa

  • ShulBul

    1:43 vikk also scored the best goal of his career 😂🤣

  • Firmus Roddy The Welsh Gillin Duck
    Firmus Roddy The Welsh Gillin Duck

    Ages in this video: Josh: 21 JJ: 21 Ethan: 19 Vik: 18 Tobi: 21 Harry: 17 Simon: 21 Calfreezy: 19 Callux: 22 Manny: 18

    • Sebastian



      @ehab hatem وإنت مال اهلك

    • Idk actually
      Idk actually

      @Andrej Kocic no bruh just search it up

    • Idk actually
      Idk actually

      @Harry Nielsen Vik had his birthday that year while Harry didn’t

    • Idk actually
      Idk actually

      @Stokyc Same as Harry

  • Hugo

    Quality content and no ads. This is what I've been looking for...

  • Hugh jackson
    Hugh jackson

    This video never gets old XD

  • luke wilson
    luke wilson

    holy shit these guys have come along way, big up everyone in this vid

  • Nahshon Arvin
    Nahshon Arvin

    They have come so so far! Love the boys

  • Sekai jr.
    Sekai jr.

    you're a legend if you searched for this video.

    • Rayan and Mohammad’s Gaming channel
      Rayan and Mohammad’s Gaming channel

      You:thinking it’s on the recommended page

    • Liam Gilmour
      Liam Gilmour


    • boi


    • Zero The Hero
      Zero The Hero

      I searched up “the p destroyer”

    • Elegant Fiasco
      Elegant Fiasco


  • Throwaway Account
    Throwaway Account

    i hope they understand how legendary this video is

  • vanyza x1
    vanyza x1

    this video was so nicely edited so i come back everytime😭

  • big fan dude
    big fan dude

    Legends are watching this 7 years later seen where they have come is incredible

  • Anthony Davidson
    Anthony Davidson

    The energy in this video is unmatched

  • smeeb

    Can we just appreciate how different Ethan looks. Actually insane. He’s been grinding.

    • Qxjnx


    • Daltenio Pearsanches
      Daltenio Pearsanches

      Just ignore vik

    • CT83 Old account
      CT83 Old account

      It’s called being confident

    • Jesper Hamilton
      Jesper Hamilton


    • لعختبفف الهربفتا
      لعختبفف الهربفتا

      Ethans just fucking annoying now. He’s not funny and he thinks he’s Peng

  • Refilwe Mokoka
    Refilwe Mokoka

    😂🤣😂🤣😂I feel for Josh that first ball Went where he wasn't intending it to go Left-handed people and kicking balls I know our feet are just not doing it for us I used to be a joke when it came to kicking balls

  • Rami

    This video is only 3 minutes, yet it felt like 15 minutes of joy

  • shaynecrowley14

    you know you’re getting old when you realise josh was only 21 in this 😂😂

  • Rebecca Mitchell
    Rebecca Mitchell

    I love to watch this video every now and again 😌

  • Enda Hynes
    Enda Hynes

    Arguably the best piece of content ever released on youtube

    • Storm

      Fr I miss this old sidemen when nobody was disstracking or boxing but they did it either way to make their channel survive

    • Unknown A
      Unknown A

      Filthyfrank’s, “BAD INTERNET RAPPERS”.

  • Aatif Mahmood
    Aatif Mahmood

    Sometimes I need to be reminded that this beauty of a video exists - back to simpler times

  • rauhan ahmed
    rauhan ahmed

    Doesn't matter if its in recommended or not, u still wanted to revisit the classic🙌😂

  • Souk One
    Souk One

    I rewatched this after 7 years. Man do I miss being 14

  • Spearwill101

    This video deserves to be in the ITmores Hall of Fame

  • Vikkstar123

    I did it for the unpaid workers! xD

    • Patriot


    • Ayman Sayyed
      Ayman Sayyed

      For me?

    • DramaticCat

      Who's the adequate player in the realm

    • Zetera


    • Paburrito123


  • HYG

    That intro never gets old

  • Akshath Salla
    Akshath Salla

    it’s a tradition to rewatch this every now and then

  • Stephen Adesina
    Stephen Adesina

    “The old KSI will never be topped 😂😂😂😂😂”

  • Ziggy wiggy
    Ziggy wiggy

    Best sidemen video ever by a mile.

  • DJJ

    Vikk: breathes Sidemen: Indian Music

    • Shyne 2.0
      Shyne 2.0

      Yeetus Cleetus it’s called a joke buddy

    • HumanLilBeanJustChillin

      HahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahahahhaahahahhaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahaHahahahahahaahahahahah *fuck off*

    • Kazuto Kirigaya
      Kazuto Kirigaya

      VISHNU who did he copy it from tell me

    • Nick Ger
      Nick Ger

      It Mundian Mum Bai

    • Speedy Speed
      Speedy Speed

      Lol im dying🤣

  • George Kourou
    George Kourou

    This video will forever be legendary

  • ReactedOne 94
    ReactedOne 94

    This is the peak of ITmores videos. Such a classic.

  • muhammad firas mohamed faizal
    muhammad firas mohamed faizal

    Its a tradition to come back once it a while. It feels like home doesn’t it lads?

  • Chris

    This right here is possibly the greatest video on the whole of ITmores

  • Sohaib

    They should remake this frame by frame with the original people as well

    • CT83 Old account
      CT83 Old account

      Sohaib I think it would be cringe

    • big pp
      big pp

      bruh how ethan gonna remake this

    • j

      @Ags Silv ethan fat again

    • Spillzuh

      Sohaib YES

    • The Grind
      The Grind

      Goku sama Kakarotto naw it would take Calfrezzy 8 more months to grow his hair back

  • Ultimate Warrior
    Ultimate Warrior

    This is Prime KSI man. 10/10 editing. Top 5 video in ITmores history.

  • Aaron_melville 03
    Aaron_melville 03

    Watching this back it almost seems too real

  • Alberto Herrera
    Alberto Herrera

    Going back and watching this is so funny

  • Victor Moreno
    Victor Moreno

    This video still makes me laugh LMAO

  • Optimustep

    FULL TRACKLIST KSI - Lamborghini - 0:12 Deeco - Illusion - 0:25 Aero Chord - Alt Destruction - 0:43 X-Files Theme - 0:56 Obituary - Don't Care - 1:13 Mundian to Bach Ke - 1:45 Lynn Music - Boulangerie - 1:53 Guile Theme - 2:02 R. Kelly - I Believe I Can Fly - 2:10 DEECO - FATALITY PART 1 - 2:25 Sad Trombone Sound Effect - 2:32 Sway - Still Speedin - 3:07 DEECO - FATALITY PART 2 - 3:13

    • Guillaume BM
      Guillaume BM

      U genius nigga

    • Unknownsadman

      Thank you!

    • Bubble Ninja
      Bubble Ninja

      absolute legend

    • The7thSuperNova


    • zahid salah
      zahid salah

      @Retro Lover you know the show exactly or any car show or shows that you think are relevant to this song when you were younger cuz am desperate to know this song,sry that am kind of on your ass but as i said i need to know the song, any or all info would be useful i hope you're understanding

  • Owen Kaplan
    Owen Kaplan

    It’s crazy to see how far they’ve come in the past 6 years

  • Mapoleo

    One of the most iconic sidemen video I can remember all the lines

  • O Blyth
    O Blyth

    its mad to think that i started watching these guys when i was 7 and have kept watching them up to this day

  • helen echeverria
    helen echeverria

    i love this video with my whole heart

  • J Mitrović
    J Mitrović

    The most iconic Sidemen video ever


    All the sidemen were good at football including callux and calfreezy but let’s be honest Simon and Tobi should join professional football team 🔥

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Seeing vik in an honduras jersey made me laugh so hard

  • Caleb 05
    Caleb 05

    6 years still funny af

  • JetScheme

    How is no one talking about how literally everyone had a massive glow up

    • Punisher

      execpt for tobi lmao

    • TTIG

      I think Zerkaas actually been done one.

    • Aaron Mendoza
      Aaron Mendoza

      I really hope I can glow up as well

    • Troopz

      How ITmores has changed from then till now 😭😭

    • Mika Levy
      Mika Levy

      eh not Harry

  • ً

    The greatest sidemen video of all time.😔

  • Football Artisan
    Football Artisan

    This video deserves million likes..good old days

  • sonofagun

    Still the greatest video ksi every put out

  • john ortega
    john ortega

    That Honduran football jersey on Vik is looking crispy. 👌

  • Cerys Evans
    Cerys Evans

    1:42 the most emotional moment of our century

    • Jima Jima
      Jima Jima

      His first ever cross bar 😂😢

    • Stefek

      vikk such a pussy

    • TraeZ

      @proud Homophobic and fatphobic fuckimg simp bitch this is a ksi video not fucking tinder go text 12 yr olds somewhere else

    • •°Chaos°•

      @proud Homophobic and fatphobic fam🤣

    • Akneehow

      DUSKY TV WTF!?!

  • Alvin Sai
    Alvin Sai

    The best video on ITmores TILL THIS DAY!!

  • MrPoggasPizzeria

    A wise man once said “The old ksi will never be topped”

  • Yeast

    Tobi: Do it for the unpaid workers Vik: Why do I her Boss Music?

  • W.D. Asencios
    W.D. Asencios

    Bruhhhh this brings memories. I was a teenager when this video came out. Now I'm in the corporate life. I still laugh out loud to this.

  • Jake Parsons
    Jake Parsons

    It’s been 6 years and this is still one of the finest videos ever uploaded on ITmores.

    • Saffi_123

      Ikr so finest

    • bakerhead


  • daniel bell
    daniel bell

    Who remembers this guy my God what a legend

  • macy holden
    macy holden

    it’s so mad watching this video seeing how much they’ve all changed. they’re amazing people always have been but now they look so different