Droideka - GET HYPER (Official Video)
Cheers to everyone who got involved with the competition! Too many funny ones!

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  • Axel Leschhorn
    Axel Leschhorn

    8 years have passed and this dude has: - A platinum song - A boxing record - Three Diamond Play Buttons

    • maksimjurkovic 5
      maksimjurkovic 5

      Number one album

    • Willy Williams
      Willy Williams


    • Adam Atch
      Adam Atch

      @dawged it’s not his tho

    • tijger games
      tijger games

      He has 4 the one was stolen

    • David Jakubik
      David Jakubik

      8 years

  • Tajwar Islam
    Tajwar Islam

    One of the UKs most iconic moments

    • SNAP

      I miss old kSI mate

    • Gian

      More iconic than brexit

    • Nicola Miller
      Nicola Miller

      JJ listens to skrillex once and now this is the outcome

    • The Insomniac Scientist
      The Insomniac Scientist

      @whoami xD

    • whoami

      @greatslumber yes, it is. I have never seen anyone comment that.

  • Kermit The frog
    Kermit The frog

    Who came back after the terrible hyper he did today no one?

    • quetiapine

      huh? link?

    • al112v5



      He needs to get hyper

    • daniel anderson234
      daniel anderson234

      terrible? his new autotune shit is shite man

    • Sumaq De Groot
      Sumaq De Groot


  • KorraByte

    "The old KSI will never be topped" -A wise old man.

    • Macleen Kyndiah
      Macleen Kyndiah

      Yet he's also a young ksi that time, how ironic 🤣

    • Charlie

      @AidanTGN you told em better may aswell go for the ko while he's down

    • AidanTGN

      You stole the comment from itachi plug

    • Niro Galactoid
      Niro Galactoid

      Harry potter

    • Veer Ved
      Veer Ved


  • Status D
    Status D

    8 fucking years already what in the actual fuck i remember the day this was released and now it's 8 years later actually blows my mind how insanely quick time goes by

    • Dara Otl
      Dara Otl

      When I was doing our school musical, about 6 years ago, after the performance we'd all go down to the changing rooms, kill the lights, and play this bad boy. Memos

    • Griffin

      i literally remember having a close to seizure while literally getting hyper as 8 year old me was hyped up on candy listening to this

    • Gifu

      What the hell i thought u were actually status d haha

    • Z3R0

      @Abdullah Mubarak mabye he has another account 😐

    • Abdullah Mubarak
      Abdullah Mubarak

      Yo joined 4 years ago tho...

  • RonniBarker

    Famous words from a man that is wise: "Old KSI will never be topped." He's not wrong...

    • G flazo
      G flazo

      Song name?

    • Redguard Overall
      Redguard Overall

      Same with Harry. Prime Harry was better than the one now

    • play4blackid

      And a drug addict

    • TheRussianDog

      @Silver Gold veri gud inglish.

    • TheRussianDog

      @rempuia 69 C'mon i was rickrolled today already. Good job pulling that off thought.

  • saarthakk suri
    saarthakk suri

    "Now bad boy Are you ready for the bass My DJ, Yo get on the case" best line ever said in history

    • GoogleDoggy

      Ur loser

  • CLXE

    This song is his most alive song that still goes on for over 8 years

    • Christian Taylor
      Christian Taylor

      the song is by Droideka

    • MerryweatherCEO

      @Roziah Labri What the hell are you talking about

    • Ynze Schoep
      Ynze Schoep

      @Roziah Labri "his"

    • Roziah Labri
      Roziah Labri

      Never gonna give you up "am I a joke to you?"

  • Lawliet

    Who is here after JJ finally got hyper?

    • Gol D. Roger
      Gol D. Roger

      Your mum

    • Sogeking ?
      Sogeking ?


    • Ninja Dog
      Ninja Dog

      Did he really get hyper?

    • Lewis Dillon
      Lewis Dillon




  • Rajan Nagaraju
    Rajan Nagaraju

    Imagine JJ performs this in the Wembley stadium 😂😂 straight up madness!!!

  • Mr Tee
    Mr Tee

    Petition that JJ uses this as his walk out song for his fight against Jake Paul

    • rbnrhbruedk


    • Kierahn thor
      Kierahn thor

      Reddit shows their support

    • Krid

      The arena it's fcked


      U got my vote

    • Crazy Barista101
      Crazy Barista101

      He is not gonna fight Jake Paul edit it into something else like fighting Logan Paul ?

  • Commenter

    It's a tradition to get HYPER once in a while lol

  • Joshi 9999
    Joshi 9999

    Still one of the best songs ever

  • Xgebsi T
    Xgebsi T

    Trust. If you’re looking for a tune to play while you treat the road like Need for Speed...

    • Keedy

      This is more of a tune to tear up because of nostalgia

  • Anthony Bartolo
    Anthony Bartolo

    Nothing can ever beat this. Nothing.

  • Adam Liu
    Adam Liu

    For those just seeing this now, this was a legendary time period

    • Oussama Henni
      Oussama Henni

      and still legendary

    • DarKz_

      Idk why i just woke up at 6 and this popped into my mind, I’m glad it did. Today is going to be good

    • Baltasar Nói
      Baltasar Nói


    • Romari Bussette
      Romari Bussette

      How time flew bro 🥲

    • Jai A.
      Jai A.

      @Docter Khumalo same for me

  • Nixon Oconnell
    Nixon Oconnell

    Kids today will never know how good the under 18s parties that went on with this TUNEE

  • Your Channel
    Your Channel

    Just coming back to compare holiday with get hyper. What a journey this man has been on. How is it possible to feel so much love and pride for a stranger who isn't a stranger?

  • Juan Juan
    Juan Juan

    The year is 2021, still one of the best tunes out there

  • sonicrules

    Can’t believe this was 8 years ago so much nostalgia it was great time to be alive

  • Mem3ist

    ITmores literaly recommended it....even yt wants him to get hyper

    • Nauticular

      so, update...

    • kevin khemai
      kevin khemai

      It happened to me rn

    • NotLogic CODM
      NotLogic CODM

      Ogs knows

    • Nazrien Daniel
      Nazrien Daniel

      Same broo

    • Pierre Mansour
      Pierre Mansour

      Lol same

  • animefan1171

    This should be on Spotify

    • Daniel Sanders
      Daniel Sanders

      It is

  • TheGooner28

    He finally got hyper.

    • Elifas Kurnia P
      Elifas Kurnia P

      More like "maybe get hyper" xD

  • Gong GongTheSecond
    Gong GongTheSecond

    why is this so good, its worth every replay

  • raymond sua
    raymond sua

    who would've thought that THIS GUY would go Platinum, be part of one the funniest groups on youtube (Sidemen) and have millions of fans!?!? also God bless anyone who reads this during the pandemic

  • Toronto Entertainment
    Toronto Entertainment

    Kids listen here, this is a piece of history



    • AbRaR AhNaF RhyMe
      AbRaR AhNaF RhyMe

      Dammmm boiii


      And a very important piece

    • MythSmg

      yes exactly

    • Darci-Mae Damms
      Darci-Mae Damms


  • Tom Joseph M
    Tom Joseph M

    It's been 8 years and i can't still get over this

  • Lucifer

    a legendary video that we can never forget.

  • ThinkDifferent

    I'd pay anything to go back to that time. The memories

  • Battlelogger

    If he want's a new hit in the music industry: Make a new version of this masterpiece

  • Blyzism

    Who’s here after jj didn’t get hyper in his last Reddit video Edit: Ty for the likes

    • Blyzism

      @Smart Gaming Networks your point?

    • Smart Gaming Networks
      Smart Gaming Networks

      My man actually thanked for likes…

    • Quofflez

      Me lol

    • refalol

      well, it took him so long but he got hyper just so he doesnt need to watch a bryce hall tiktok, tbh no one wants to watch that shit

    • greeg


  • Abdul Ali
    Abdul Ali

    The fact that some people haven’t been blessed by listening to this masterpiece scared me

  • Amal Joe Sojan
    Amal Joe Sojan

    Well, I want this era of ITmores with any guidelines to be back

  • Grace Adams-Wright
    Grace Adams-Wright

    the fact that’s he’s performed this at a concert that i witnessed completed my childhood


      @Grace Adams-Wright please tell me that you remember basshunter? because he was the king of music

    • Grace Adams-Wright
      Grace Adams-Wright

      @HARRYRANTS yessir 19


      wow if this was your childhood, i can tell you havent lived for very long an im guessing you were born in the early 2000s. but as a whole, this video will always be a masterpiece .

  • Aladeen Hshshshs
    Aladeen Hshshshs

    this man is now one of the biggest names on youtube and also a boxer

  • Sulaiman Aulia
    Sulaiman Aulia

    This is what you call God Tier JJ...

    • Covey Oliver
      Covey Oliver

      The holder of nuggets he didn’t make it

    • JoshKclickbaits

      juice wrld was 13

    • Woxe

      Ksi in kyuubi mode

    • adam_

      Ultra instinct jj

    • Sulaiman

      Lol im also called sulaiman

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput

    After 8 years, I have been blessed with this gem for the first time

  • Avrro Gaming 101
    Avrro Gaming 101

    When people from a billion years later watch this they will realise how op we are

  • Khumukcham Henry
    Khumukcham Henry


  • Daniel Chevez
    Daniel Chevez

    Dude this guy has gotten more and more mature over the years

  • Manni PANNEE
    Manni PANNEE

    As soon as he started to wear bandanas he changed exponentially.

    • Ismaeel Bailey
      Ismaeel Bailey

      It's like the tightness of the bandana did something to his brain

    • BTK Beatbox
      BTK Beatbox


    • Alex Boudreau
      Alex Boudreau

      Well of course he did, then it wasn’t just his 5 head talking 😂

    • R D
      R D

      The bandana seals the hyper KSI mode

    • Thicc or Treat
      Thicc or Treat

      @MultiLanguage Songs (YangSing1) 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Curious Woods
    Curious Woods

    I remember watching this at school when I was 10, and I just thought it was the most brilliant thing on the internet.

  • Jaeden Michael
    Jaeden Michael

    Proud to say i was able to live during this historic time period

  • leon Hoekstra
    leon Hoekstra


  • bobjimibob

    Old ksi wouldn’t survive a second in this new world

    • Leopold Stotch
      Leopold Stotch

      you're wrong! old ksi would never have even allowed covid to happen

    • The Cumbender
      The Cumbender

      @Jatoro Kujo yea

    • Jatoro Kujo
      Jatoro Kujo

      @The Cumbender no, new things like this song would exist, people are just fake bitches rn

    • The Cumbender
      The Cumbender

      And if shit did stay the same then it would be boring

    • The Cumbender
      The Cumbender

      Yep that applies to a lot of people, the world changes a lot and people have to change with it, the sad truth nothing stays the same

  • Ramen Guy ✔️
    Ramen Guy ✔️

    If you told me 7 years ago that this maniac would go platinum I'd call help.

    • lzer

      you don't need help, you are the ramen guy

    • 999 CRKKD
      999 CRKKD

      Underrated comment lmao

    • Mega Lucario 21 TML
      Mega Lucario 21 TML

      @waffler padington its teuchi

    • Mega Lucario 21 TML
      Mega Lucario 21 TML


    • waffler padington
      waffler padington

      I forgot the ramen guy name ngl

  • Bhavesh BK
    Bhavesh BK

    This guy is releasing an album with big artists. So much progression.

  • ColumbianFish

    this is one of the greatest songs to ever exist, change my mind

  • Jamie

    JJ been watching you for hella time. Dont ever change, we love you. ❤

  • QuantumRice

    Can we just appreciate Bryce Hall for making him do it again, what a legend of a tiktokker

  • apinayann

    “The Old KSI will never be topped”

    • Yb Pyrex
      Yb Pyrex

      wise words from harry

    • Food Reacts
      Food Reacts


    • Philipus Maximus
      Philipus Maximus

      Sun Tzu, the art of war

    • Rat Killer
      Rat Killer

      @shh your both so stupid its just obscene

    • jayz Playz
      jayz Playz

      tbh i rlly like old/new so much but like old ksi getting hyper is the shit but i want him to do it the way he is now i also genuinley prefer his music now like no doubt i just feel like a combo would be his best state like hes alot more calm now but AHHHHH ITS SO HARD TO EXPLAIN GOOOOD LMFAO anyway i like both simple

  • Eagle bearer
    Eagle bearer

    I love this calm ,, relaxing study music

  • Mrchilly

    2012-2014 was my favourite years of ITmores not a day would go by where I would have nothing to watch on it

  • Muska

    8 years later, im still dead from laughing

  • Uchiha Enjoyer
    Uchiha Enjoyer

    I listened to this once, and now i cant get it out of my head

  • ChiefScar

    He has no beard because he doesn’t contain enough energy, the only way to energise is to get hyper. Spread the word

    • ChiefScar

      @Ujjwal Subedi yoo thanks for letting me know

    • Ujjwal Subedi
      Ujjwal Subedi

      Yo KSI posted this comment on his Facebook page few minutes ago..

    • TheForceWithin

      @Robel Adem Spreddit, smh

    • stillnotavailable

      This is very true scientist have approved of this message

    • Deadpool

      Get hyper you fitneek

  • ToeMad

    Timeless classic

  • E.Horn

    I'd pay good money to see this happen again

  • Pack_me_ a_cone
    Pack_me_ a_cone

    last wtached this as a kid decided to play again after years song still hits as hard as it did back then man no cap

  • Shrek

    I always come back here if I need a shot of nostalgia

  • Itachi’s Plug
    Itachi’s Plug

    “ The old Ksi will never be topped “ a great man

    • Toczic A2i9
      Toczic A2i9

      @akshat dubey ylur family must have some retarded jeans

    • Redguard Overall
      Redguard Overall

      Same with Harry. Prime Harry was better than the one now

    • salim gueclue
      salim gueclue


    • Synxfloat

      True the old was baest

    • akshat dubey
      akshat dubey

      @Steve you're both so stupid it's just obscene

  • bruhmantri

    if this ain't playing at my funeral I ain't dying

  • Cutterz 9
    Cutterz 9

    I remember me and all my mates at the back of french class raving to this would get kicked out every time 😂🤣 legendary song

  • Ggbro

    They should install speakers in every city and town so that when something good happens this plays

  • Lakshay Sharma
    Lakshay Sharma

    this man has worked a lot , respect man

  • badd dudey
    badd dudey

    the old ksi will never be topped

    • Carl Johnson
      Carl Johnson

      @Dimytri Alevizos was she crusty bro? Did very vagina smell?

    • Pijin


    • Yamus

      Just wanna be apart of this sound comment thread lmao

    • PKbitz

      Jamie Young Danananana

    • tammy

      badd dudey that’s a fact

  • カール

    Me and my older brother used to dance like crazy to this in like 2014, good times

  • Phan Sombo
    Phan Sombo

    ''The old KSI will never be topped'' said by a wise man.

  • A.V.P TEAM
    A.V.P TEAM

    The thing is this was back in 2013 but in some point in the future he will do this again

  • Gro0veN1nja

    This NEEDS to be on the KSI show

  • sezwyd

    this will never get old

  • Kermit Trump
    Kermit Trump

    Pure definition of old ksi will never be topped

  • Golmerd

    9 years later and I'm still getting hyper

  • LD13

    Petition for Jj to remix get hyper for his next album. Imagine his voice rapping over this beat 🤯 and a remixed video as well.

  • footballfinest 175
    footballfinest 175

    Anyone here after JJ's latest reddit video, where he didn't want to get hyper.

    • MON#02 justin bernard gabriel l baquero gab
      MON#02 justin bernard gabriel l baquero gab


    • JJ baba
      JJ baba


    • Marten 123
      Marten 123


    • TrillGotbxndsVu

      me lol

    • King Syris
      King Syris

      @J I ∩ J I ⊂ HAAAAAAAAA

  • Георги Станчев
    Георги Станчев

    Let's be happy that this song dropped in 2012 because if it was in 2021 they would have made it into a TikTok song

  • EnZ PlayZ
    EnZ PlayZ

    Damn… 8 years ago man. Felt like yesterday I was vibin with this song

  • salmon

    Nail it with new year right now boys Let's go

  • Lil_Akbu

    JJ needs to get hyper at least once more fo the culture

  • Jozzy

    Ah the good old days...

    • Kent Vigilante
      Kent Vigilante

      @Yamzie Moyo He's consistent in 2020 and 2021.

    • Kent Vigilante
      Kent Vigilante

      @Beliac He's definitely a lot better than he was 5 years ago that's for sure.

    • Het game kanaal
      Het game kanaal

      How about now?

    • Unknown impulse 13
      Unknown impulse 13

      Jozzy yeah it really does and damn I’m surprised you replied🤣

    • Wasssi Hussain
      Wasssi Hussain

      Unknown impulse 13 yep

  • Yeheskiel Hubert Parluhutan_ Nalaraka'19
    Yeheskiel Hubert Parluhutan_ Nalaraka'19

    The intro of this song is legendary.

  • Papasanko

    This is ITmores history right here folks. Appreciate it.

  • The Bored Lad
    The Bored Lad

    The pinnacle of KSI's Music Career !!

  • 駆動騎士

    What a masterpiece...

  • RapLeaks

    This song is prolly older than half of jake Pauls audience

    • Shadow Claw
      Shadow Claw

      @Adam Doležal clueless

    • Adam Doležal
      Adam Doležal

      @Shadow Claw you're 😂

    • Shadow Claw
      Shadow Claw

      @Adam Doležal I hope your not this stupid

    • Adam Doležal
      Adam Doležal

      @Shadow Claw I hope you are joking.

    • Shadow Claw
      Shadow Claw

      @Adam Doležal 🤡

  • Jorge Gonçalves
    Jorge Gonçalves

    I am glad i grew up with this legendary video

  • Bruhj

    we gotta get this as the most liked video of ksi's channel

  • Faust

    Still a masterpiece in 2021

  • cheesewater69

    I almost forgot to watch this 100 times today

  • Randomaku

    When JJ filmed this, Lil Pump was 12 years old. Let that sink in

    • Abellg Udoro
      Abellg Udoro

      I was 6

    • Blood Raven
      Blood Raven

      and i was 6

    • Jaden 605
      Jaden 605


    • shush

      i was 4

    • inchident

      Dang i was 15 back then

  • onii_tw

    today, june 5th, 2021 KSI has finally gotten hyper again. A historic moment for mankind

  • Not Enough
    Not Enough

    0:01 when you see him walking like that you know shit's about to get down ask logan he can relate...

  • David Naubereit
    David Naubereit

    liked the song 7 years ago, got into DnB, love it now

  • Burb

    Who comes here nearly every month , hoping maybe he will do it again someday ?

  • Domein HG
    Domein HG

    When JJ beats Jake, the organisers should just play this song and the crowd would definitely make him do it

    • Steve 699
      Steve 699

      @Benjiiii piss off mate are you kidding me JJ has defeated the every aponent he has fought if he fought Jake, Jake would get dropped

    • Steve 699
      Steve 699

      @Jeremy Otaku28 because he has new music and all the old shit he did is in the part so why would he do hyper

    • Ginger

      Petition to make this happen let’s go

    • Ægon

      That would be awesome

    • A23-Sparkz

      OMFG YEA

  • EvieMae Frankland
    EvieMae Frankland

    This song is the best I jam out to it in the street

  • ARMAN 123
    ARMAN 123

    What a master piece

  • Hussain Ahmed
    Hussain Ahmed

    Only ogs will remember how legendary this was! Also imagine if he put this in his boxing fight entrance! 😂 just imagine


    The perfect song for a school disco

  • Dontgetrudetomyg

    This was ksi in his prime

    • Mohammad Abid
      Mohammad Abid

      so true

    • Secondacc

      LxJxGxS mate shut the fuck up lmao, you’re still a child.

    • Ryzen

      When is ksi never in his prime this guy is a legend

    • Idioy Johnathon
      Idioy Johnathon

      No wtf

    • Nasim