K.S.I - CREATURE (Official Music Video)

For Alfie.

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  • Bx Playz
    Bx Playz

    The music video is madddddd and the song came from the heart welcome back jj

    • James Stanton
      James Stanton


    • James Stanton
      James Stanton

      Babatunde is in it aswell

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts

      @Zack Rosen 🧢


      This music video not the

    • Blackk

      @Zack Rosen U are shit

  • Sinxter Hunter
    Sinxter Hunter

    Its sad how no one reads the description, this was for alfie. A child with some cancer that died shortly after he met deji and jj, this was made in alfies honor and people are saying it's shit. It's actually pretty sad.

    • The lizard Spotters
      The lizard Spotters

      @John Beaker love or hate it, the instrumental is great, the whole reason i rate it

    • John Beaker
      John Beaker

      @Sinxter Hunter You need to stop basing your opinion of modern rap, on mumble rap. There are tons of modern artists putting out music that's tons better than Creature.

    • John Beaker
      John Beaker

      @TO13 Taste is subjective, obviously. But the production is pretty terrible, very overblown mastering and the bars are weak compared to KSI's other music. And your comment doesn't change my point, music isn't exempt from criticism just because there's a sad story involved.

    • TO13

      @John Beaker don't have to deal with anything honestly. It's just your opinion that doesn't mean shit without any proofs. Those who say it's bad and then say why, I respect

    • Random Man
      Random Man

      Doesn't guarantee it's good. It's tragic that he died but how does that automatically make it a good song. You need more than a sob story to make a song good

  • aden_XIX

    Honestly this song ain’t bad if you have this loud as fuck with some speakers in a car or headphones and are ready to get hyped to this, this is an absolute banger especially the second verse

    • Zen20

      @Insert Name here: no

    • Insert Name here:
      Insert Name here:

      It’s a good song but if you want to blast music this ain’t the right one la Lamborghini is the one you blast

    • BASHIR Ahamed
      BASHIR Ahamed


  • Ruby🎶

    I don’t see why people hate this song I rlly like it

    • AminMk YT
      AminMk YT

      @dethmemed i hate it to because "why did we have to wait 4 months for it"

    • elias takouit
      elias takouit

      @dethmemed no there are no vibes fam

    • Jayden King
      Jayden King


    • Tazdivil

      I love this song

    • dethmemed

      People hate it because Harry said “Creature was shit!”

  • Rose Kai
    Rose Kai

    creature isnt shit he made this song for alfie RIP fly high king

    • Aquatic Ape
      Aquatic Ape

      @IkeepSecrets69 420 bro this guy legit has harrys diss track as his pfp how are u supposed to take him seriously

    • Pranav Kumar
      Pranav Kumar

      You said literally above that"why do you think Harry said it's shite?

    • Pranav Kumar
      Pranav Kumar

      @Repedtro what is your point and why are you trying to be hypocritical?

    • Repedtro

      @Pranav Kumar Omg you actually have no life

    • Pranav Kumar
      Pranav Kumar

      @Repedtro then Harry literally said that it's shit in the start

  • Octa Wobs
    Octa Wobs

    Fun fact: if you go to the description it shows “for Alfie” This is for a kid who I’m pretty sure had cancer So JJ went to his house and met him and gave him an exclusive shirt, there was only one Just thought I’d let you guys know :)

    • CAFS

      @maruoz shut the fuck up

    • Max

      That’s nice but the song is still trash

    • maruoz

      @HaxsenDoesThings Nahh u deffo did

    • Deiu

      @still a piece of shit "an ugly mind" yeah he is the 9 year old for sure

    • The_real_idoit

      Skepta x S9 he died in July this was made in June of 2017 so he got see it

  • John Ap
    John Ap

    This song is actually fire. Yeah disstrack haha "Creature was shit" but this shit also bangs. The beat is so fucking hard and the lyrics are actually meaningful while sounding fine. On top of all that, the videoclip itself is actually very well produced.

    • Krish Soni
      Krish Soni

      @Gabetendo ksi isn't the ONLY UK rapper. Open ur eyes to the rest of the scene.

    • John Beaker
      John Beaker

      @Gabetendo If you're looking to KSI for your representation of UK rappers, you're doing yourself a disservice. Check out the UK grime scene, Skepta, Stormzy etc. And the Mouse Outfit, particularly the album Escape Music.

    • Gabetendo

      He has a good flow on the build up part before the chorus. I'm actually surprised. Maybe UK rappers aren't so bad after all....

    • alex

      This song is wank don’t lie lad

    • Tazdivil

      @ez so true

  • Guy In A Room
    Guy In A Room

    I really don't know why people called this shit, probably just because harry dissed it. I actually find it really good and it's even more disrespectful to create such an unjustified bad reputation for a song that was made for Alfie. I get actual chills from this song, 2:22-2:50 this part is so good

    • Repedtro

      its shit

    • Rudy Loreni
      Rudy Loreni

      just cuz it has a sad backstory doesn't mean it's suddenly good

    • j j
      j j

      yea no, and im pretty sure the diss tracks were just pisstakes lol, don't actually think that harry strongly dislikes this song. JJ really shows his ability to have a fast flow, and a slow flow, which most artists are not capable of doing.

  • Ihaka Namana
    Ihaka Namana

    I've always loved this song, I get why people may not like it, but I personally think the intensity, flow, psychotic vibes, villainess vibes are awesome, plus the music video is sick

  • Aura

    I come back to this every now and again and honestly creature wasn't bad. Especially for it's time. Congrats on the new album JJ 🔥


    Honestly looking back, the concept is pretty dope. I don’t think it landed that well but I like the energy and the Video is very dope

    • Piyush Attri
      Piyush Attri

      Thanks to Harry most don’t see the song the same 😄

  • Azan Yousuf
    Azan Yousuf

    honestly one of the best songs jj has ever done. i remember how HYPE this was back when the channel was just abandoned and all of a sudden this. ah man

  • Kallan

    Some people clearly don't have any concept or understanding of experimental music, this actually slaps. Great lyrics and a phenomenal beat

  • Maureen Galleymore
    Maureen Galleymore

    Bro this song actually is such a BANGER, I'd be going HARD at a rave with this on

  • Rishi Rana
    Rishi Rana

    I love this

    • Doggo Boi
      Doggo Boi


    • Tazyeen Nafis
      Tazyeen Nafis

      @RS_Shadow lol

    • Jenil LMAO
      Jenil LMAO

      Fake likes

    • Mallon146

      Lol gae

    • Lunky Cultist
      Lunky Cultist

      Na creature was s**t no meme, His new music is tones better

  • scopezee

    Now that I think about it this song is pretty good

  • acidicshow

    being honest, this song is not bad by all means, just cos harry said it was shit doesn't mean you have to think that. KSI's rapping and flow is really good and impressive compared to what he can do now. but the starting is really bad, but when the tempo picks up i actual enjoyed it. (you can hate this all you want thats fine, but i thought i would try and remind people the good stuff from the song)

    • Dany ♪
      Dany ♪

      it doesn't matter if people say it was a bad tho, look at the description, this song is dedicated to Alfie, KSI fans that got cancer. RIP Alfie

    • Max Adam
      Max Adam

      Harrys diss tracks were mostly jokes but yeah

  • Robbie O'Mahony
    Robbie O'Mahony

    I actually like it to this day. When this came out times were simpler. It was only 4 years ago but feels nostalgic already

  • Ylin

    I remember the day he came back and put this song out. It gassed me up so much listened and blasted this song out was actually a slap

  • Michael Lokomur
    Michael Lokomur

    KSI can single-handley change how ITmoresrs are treated by viewers. You just can't hate the guy. Much love bro

    • Arham Zayan
      Arham Zayan

      @Latent Bhindi you can, JJ thinks he's above a lot of people, I am still a big fan of him but he flexes a lot about his money and how famous he is.

    • Amanie omar
      Amanie omar

      @s1ash lol that's why ur sitting here and crying on the internet while he is rapping signing entertaining his fans whit great success and living his best life and ur just a malding fatass sitting here crying

    • DragonK

      @Elite four he literally posts videos for fun. He doesn't even get paid for the jj olatunji channel. Yet he still posts unless he's been struck by Susan

    • Ninjii

      @Elite four Really sad you don't know the backstory behind this song, bandwagon KSI hater to be honest, especially after four years this aged well didn't it? this was about Alfie, a child who had some form of cancer, which we still don't know to this day and ended up dying, which is incredibly sad, so don't think for one minute that all this song was about him, it was for Alfie, although the lyrics may look and/or say otherwise.

    • Elite four
      Elite four

      @Oajus Khanna my guy, it's a four year old comment. please shut the fuck up and stop reviving long dead comments lmfao

  • Sarah _
    Sarah _

    Man love this song, always get chills.

  • Shushrn69

    Dunno why people said this was bad, it’s actually not even a bad song tbh

    • _EiRyFaTgUy_

      Creature was shit...

    • The12er

      I know, right?

    • JJDRFC11

      Why did we wait four months for it?

    • KDG07

      It was shit his music is good now tho

    • CSN

      @StripyBobcat 113 in today's standards? Yeah, no definitely not

  • Lemuel Lartey
    Lemuel Lartey

    3:30 still gives me goosebumps.

    • Nilx

      Its a black screen-

    • Keeley Avenell
      Keeley Avenell


  • CeZaster

    This song by him gives me such a Hard Rock/Metal Vibe🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

    • IHopegood

      @blitz blix so many sheep saying it’s shit. I still listen to the whole damn EP. It marks a point in my life I wanna reminisce about every now and then.

    • blitz blix
      blitz blix

      finally someone who doesnt say creaturre was sht

  • Mark Anthony Manzon
    Mark Anthony Manzon

    Its not that bad,its decent.The beat for me was so good.

  • Booniebabie

    If he redoes this with better tone and actually hits the notes smoother and consistently; this would be a banger.

  • PerspektivaDB

    2:59 still gives me goosebumps

  • Joseph Melvin
    Joseph Melvin

    This song gives me chills

  • NuggetCollectoR

    this day the bandanna was born

    • NathanBelmar

      Yes lad

    • Edgar Blanco
      Edgar Blanco


    • Darkness Dark
      Darkness Dark

      If ksi didn’t were his bandanna then he wouldn’t beat Logan

    • Lee TrexTeza
      Lee TrexTeza

      Is it??

    • Who Are you
      Who Are you


  • RoninsGhost108

    Coming back to this now after the year it was released it ain't too bad.

    • Lilboi Carti
      Lilboi Carti


  • Potato Potato Productions
    Potato Potato Productions

    the more I watch this, the more this song gets better actually

  • Brad turner
    Brad turner

    The instrumental is sick to be fair. The lyrics are decent, i think this was ahead of its time for jj, its not as good as his most recent songs but damn close i thought.

  • Enrico

    I searched for this song basically only to check if the comments were going to be what I thought they would be. And yes, they did NOT disappoint, 100% spot on lol

  • aides

    This should be JJ's walkout song for the rematch. It is genuinely scary and will get the crowd so hyped.

    • Zen20

      @malvin ian ?

    • Sandro Nickel jenkins
      Sandro Nickel jenkins

      Play it on the beat drop and he comes out wearing all black sick fam

    • Ellis Kuester-Ha
      Ellis Kuester-Ha

      @malvin ian this aged well

    • Rezzy Khan
      Rezzy Khan

      It would suit I could barely hear the omg tho

    • DynamixX

      @malvin ian lol no

  • aidsdoesaids

    oh man the old days where jj was on his way to become one of the best if not the best uk youtuber/ artist fucking amazing

    • Lasko

      Frfr I miss the good old days

  • Kenni

    This is actually pretty good. I can kinda understand the meaning of the lyrics. Basically he’s saying “creature” because some people treat other like they are maniacs.

  • SIL3NTgamesYT

    I feel many who dont like this song is because they dont understand the lyrics and what happened to this man.

  • scatlar2

    aint heard this since it first dropped, honestly its not bad tbh

  • C-King279

    I’m going to be honest. Even though people didn’t like Creature, I thought it seemed cool. The music, visuals, and some of the lyrics. Then again, I get easily impressed with music.

    • Swoll

      Ye like he took his time and carefully designed it

    • Majook

      Yeah I like it

  • Bigmac-12

    This is better than people say it is. This is good

  • Cassi Johnson
    Cassi Johnson

    still one of my favorite songs from jj, got me through shit

  • That_football_kid

    I don’t think u guys know but this song was for a boy who had cancer and jj made this for him Big up jj

    • MifR6

      @Suyash Dhingra is literally harry disstrack. They are just fans that dont actually understand harry's disstrack lyrics is just lie

    • Suyash Dhingra
      Suyash Dhingra

      @ibby you dont have the right to say this as everyone has their own opinions. Some might find this song as a banger and some will say is ass.

    • ibby

      Yeah some people are genuinely retarded hating on this

    • Umbre

      Rip alfie 2005-2017

    • That_football_kid

      He won’t see this but if he does jj keep it up your a legend Who cares what other people say

  • IHopegood

    Even if people think this song is shit, the music video itself is pretty cool

  • Rufus L.H
    Rufus L.H

    This was amazing, remember watching this so long ago

  • Kevin Cabilan
    Kevin Cabilan

    I love the intro and the part when he gets his flow until the drop...

  • Haiqal

    Lyrics: Creature was shit Why did we have to wait four months for it? You said you were evolving, but you didn't do bits You just evolved into the first male with tits You said you had to get some things off your chest So, tell me, why the fuck do you still have breasts? Yeah, you're leaving the Sidemen, but, thankfully You made the other guys But you didn't make me So I can stand here on my own two feet As I chat shit about you on this old-school beat So, let's get started on why your life's peaked "Tommy Gun" got two mill' views in three weeks Which means 14, 000, 000 people didn't click it 'Cause they already knew that it was gonna be shit I rate you though, JJ, you've made stacks But the fact is, you've killed more babies than tracks And your EP flopped, you need to be stopped 'Cause none of your new singles are getting copped The old KSI will never be topped And when you fight Joe Weller, you're gonna get dropped Now, let's take a minute to talk about your mother How the fuck did she make you and your brother? She gave birth to you, then chose to have another Each brother's more retarded than the other You're both so stupid, it's just obscene Your family must have some retarded genes You've got a girlfriend now, to be fair to you So, tell me, did you sexually harass her too? Did you seduce her with your rape face? Downgraded from Seana, what a fall from grace And he's trying to hide her from the internet (why?) 'Cause she's a world-renowned sket You can smell her gonorrhoea from a mile away You should hook her up with some vagina spray La-Lamborghini, La-Lamborghini Has anybody seen JJ's Lamborghini? No, he crashed it a year ago You incompetent fuck, just learn to drive slow It's been sat there dying and collecting dust A bit like your channel when you left it for months You went to L.A. and it's clear to see why All you need to do is look at Spotify RiceGum got more streams on one of his songs Than your whole EP JJ, what went wrong?

  • Jacob Colangelo
    Jacob Colangelo

    Hot take, If I’m being honest I don’t think this song is as bad as people make it out to be.

  • Mark🦖

    I feel like a lot of people are gonna disagree with me but *This song is actually sick*

    • Daniel Roberts
      Daniel Roberts

      Its decent just dont mean shit

    • I Have A Hand
      I Have A Hand

      The beat and the flow are nice but the tone in some parts are a bit off and the lyrics arent that good

    • Pyromorph

      @ghxulish疼痛 it has no deeper meaning even tho it tries to seem like it

    • xXJER23Xx

      this song *makes* me sick

    • Declan McCartney
      Declan McCartney

      It's just not though mate and I love JJ

  • Albin Kahvedzic
    Albin Kahvedzic

    Kinda like this song its really epic

  • Resalable Jaguar
    Resalable Jaguar

    For Alfie. Fly high🕊️❤️

    • That_football_kid

      @Arham Kamran he had cancer and this song was for him

    • Arham Kamran
      Arham Kamran

      Who is Alfie actually?


    Dude came a long way...inspirational af

  • SaxyZard

    Honestly the song isn't as bad as I thought it would be

    • Abnormal Spectre
      Abnormal Spectre

      thats alot of thought

    • SaxyZard

      @harvey g yea it took a solid minute 😂

    • harvey g
      harvey g

      Youve been waiting to watch it along time 🤣

  • Cameron Gopal
    Cameron Gopal

    Honestly thought this song was shit back when it was released. But after listening to it in 2020... it’s actually a sick song. If he released it in 2020 it would probably be considered a mad banger

    • Jack Dyson
      Jack Dyson

      Yoooooo saaaaame

  • Brendon Thiel
    Brendon Thiel


    • T

      its so slow i hate it

    • Spice_9999

      @Mtn DEW bro its cuz he had to prepare for the fight against joe and this high quality production

    • Mtn DEW
      Mtn DEW

      Mediocre song. But, for the amount of time it took its trash.

    • Applehead Fan
      Applehead Fan

      Cuz Harry said it was shit so ppl are saying it’s shit

  • sketchy.chickk

    Idk what everyone's talking about, this is one of my faves from JJ...

    • just some guy with a small mustache
      just some guy with a small mustache

      @sketchy.chickk ohh k yeah and the reason ppl are saying it’s bad is because in harrys distrack on ksi he said creature was shit so they are just making it a joke

    • sketchy.chickk

      @just some guy with a small mustache wdym? Lol, I'm here cuz I'm on a bit of a ksi binge 🤣

    • just some guy with a small mustache
      just some guy with a small mustache

      how are you here?

  • OD Karyo
    OD Karyo

    Up to this day, this is still one of his best music

  • Vanessa

    This song is crazy, i added it to my workout playlist. I got so pumped.

    • laura Hughes
      laura Hughes

      @SakthGang people have opinions I really like this song too

    • Vivaan

      @SakthGang shut up

    • Vanessa

      @SakthGang 😂😂ur opinion

    • SakthGang

      You have a really bad taste in music homie

  • FR35H Y
    FR35H Y

    He made this for Alfie. A young kid with bone cancer who died before this song was made. Respect to JJ for this.

  • Daniel clough
    Daniel clough

    I love jjs new album and I dont event typically fuck with rap or pop, but they do have a mainstream vibe to em. Whereas theres this dark unique ominous vibe to the ep which I love. Tommy gun, creature, leave me alone and especially transforming are soooo good in their own ways imo. And the other two have good elements but dodgy mixing, scrappy lyricism in parts and bad choruses. But man, the ep overall slaps rn. It still feels fresh. Just hope someone could tell him lol since all he does is shit on his previous music.

  • RogueIsDed

    I actually really love this song tbh

  • codeine

    This song has so much nostalgia, I remember when he left randomly and nearly broke the internet with this damn song 💀

  • RVPMatt123

    This is honestly one of his best songs. No lie.

    • WackyDude21


  • OD Karyo
    OD Karyo

    This was made perfectly💯

  • Harrison Freimann
    Harrison Freimann

    You can hate the song all you want but the video and visuals are fantastic.

  • Chehine Melki
    Chehine Melki

    that moment you realise that this song is in a way or another the true begining of the madness that resulted in the fame he got

    • Chehine Melki
      Chehine Melki

      not as much before the beef

    • Bosnia ball #638
      Bosnia ball #638

      You talk like he wasnt popular before

  • FalconerX

    This song is actually fire

  • Jimbo

    Am I the only one that thinks this isn’t bad

    • TES:V Rocks
      TES:V Rocks

      honestly the drop is sick, i like this song a lot

    • Jean Luc
      Jean Luc

      The beats is hard but he is not really good in this one

    • Con

      not at all

    • Genji sushime
      Genji sushime


    • Zython


  • Ashutosh Dubey
    Ashutosh Dubey

    It's actually preety good song and beat is hard too

  • BrandonAC3Z-AKAI


    • Ethan Banks
      Ethan Banks

      Because all the memes and how w2s killed him because this song was bad

  • Travers K
    Travers K

    Everyone says creature is shit but the chorus slaps

  • Axis F8h
    Axis F8h

    I feel really bad that everyone is calling a song made for a small child who has died of cancer moments after Deji and JJ visited him, just cause one ITmoresr had call the song shit without knowing the meaning of it, it does not mean even you guys have to follow the same path and as far as I know, this song is a BANGER and 867 THOUSAND people agree with me fuck all you people saying this is shit

    • Axis F8h
      Axis F8h

      @TheNorskGuy but give it some respect it for what it is

    • TheNorskGuy

      i dont like the song but no ones saying the meaning or intention of the song was bad people just genuinely dont like the music

    • BaNaNa BoAt
      BaNaNa BoAt


    • Internet Guy
      Internet Guy

      100% agree

  • Jaden Mendes
    Jaden Mendes

    Why does this sound so much better now that I’m listening to this again

    • Aryan Bhattacharya
      Aryan Bhattacharya

      Ngl the music vid is actually his best as well

    • Beyond™

      This KSi is lyrically better than current KSi.

    • metafelle

      you were probably a kid when this came out

    • ali ahmad
      ali ahmad

      100% true

  • FardinNotFound

    Bruh imagine recording this imma be scared as hell in those woods

    • Isaac Sebilo
      Isaac Sebilo

      Scarier when the black kids run towards the camera

  • Jonathan azariah
    Jonathan azariah

    I love this track

  • Pewdiepie's Chair
    Pewdiepie's Chair

    Wow how did we all ignore how much this fucking slaps Genuinely, the faster parts don't really fit but that hook and slower intro are ace


    This shit still bumps 🔥

  • Joe Kokai
    Joe Kokai

    This song sounds like the old Tinie Tempah if I'm honest. Is anyone else feeling those vibes?

  • The Pope's official YouTube channel
    The Pope's official YouTube channel

    This isnt as bad as i tought it would be

    • Edward Humphreys
      Edward Humphreys

      Same this actually goes hard as fuck

  • Agario Varrzd
    Agario Varrzd

    Everyone still saying this song was shit. He felt down at this time, the song is to show that he feels like everyone treats him like nothing more than entertainment. It has a good drop and beat, the lyrics have cold hard meaning. May not be amazing and not on my top ten but it definately personifies JJ's emotions at this time. Came back just to hear the drop

    • j j
      j j

      @Cooper Clarke yea even with that tho, im pretty sure the disstracks were just pisstakes lol

    • Cooper Clarke
      Cooper Clarke

      It’s because Harry said “Creature was shit, why did we have to wait 4 months for it”

  • dany

    idk why some people are so biased with harry's disstrack,creature is a certified banger imo

  • Buffs


    • Your Nan
      Your Nan

      @ReWar123 my guy it's a bit fishy in here

    • simple

      @ollie b yes little boy is amazing Way better than ksi exposed (which had a lot of lies)

    • ollie b
      ollie b

      @Deepa Parakkal but u commented little boy is good ur a fake human

    • Kryptix88 _
      Kryptix88 _

      @Lucian.j ur shit

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Lucian.j Well, so is your face, but do we ever talk about that?


    I swear bro, the reason this has so many dislike is so dumb

    • IgiNigi


  • Sprinter Official
    Sprinter Official

    The video is better than the song itself 😂

  • Emmie Brown
    Emmie Brown

    I Came here to remind myself of his last solo song before the new one releases.

  • Matty Is Ginger
    Matty Is Ginger

    I didn’t think it was too bad. Obviously compared to now it’s not amazing but it’s not awful.

  • Mason_H

    Don't understand why people think this is bad

    • Jihoony

      Its shit u want to play this garbage in ur car?

    • Kratos

      Racist bitches that's why

    • The Flash
      The Flash

      oh yeah yeah bitch

  • Perdition

    i love how people hate this song without knowing the meaning behind it

    • Bruh

      Yeah the meaning behind a song is important but if it is a bad sounding song then it is a shit song

  • Level 1
    Level 1

    No cap, this is one of my most favourite songs. I don't get why everyone calls this shit.

  • Spiced Chilly
    Spiced Chilly

    It's a decent song I like it

  • Natanael

    The perfect song for JJ's epic comeback 💪🏼

  • red x
    red x

    Damn Them bars coming at us at super sonic speed

    • Mo Salah
      Mo Salah

      super sayain 4 goku black are they tho..

  • ༻༒༺

    Did I miss something? Why everyone hating? This song is amazing!

    • ༻༒༺

      @Banana Milk Ooh haha, thanks for the info gotta check it out ^^

    • Banana Milk
      Banana Milk

      Harry's diss track is what you missed

    • Gabriel Hernandez
      Gabriel Hernandez

      yes you definitely missed something lol

  • 1080p

    The visuals are brilliant but the song is decent

  • Johannes Teilmann
    Johannes Teilmann

    I think this is incredibly underrated

    • GIWA


  • Dude Not Perfect
    Dude Not Perfect

    Music video was absolutely 🔥!

  • Davidsuth2005

    I came back to this from the tier list can’t lie

    • Simon Garcia Dickensian Jaursal Jacobs
      Simon Garcia Dickensian Jaursal Jacobs


    • Mlisah Nice
      Mlisah Nice


    • gs_kryodiic49


    • DL_games


    • 999Archie


  • KingVivid

    kinda crazy how this video is where the new era of the sidemen started. The diss tracks leading into more views and leading to sidemen sunday’s then boxing. i could be wrong but i just think we could call this like the start of everything that’s happened

    • Ceͤrꓕiii

      It actually is this is the birth of the bandana too 😂😂

    • Jacob Koberstein
      Jacob Koberstein

      creature was shit

  • Jxde [Cyfser]
    Jxde [Cyfser]

    damn creature is such a love it or hate it song tbh, i love it personally but many seem to dislike it which is interesting

  • laura Hughes
    laura Hughes

    I really like this song

  • Dillon Tallent
    Dillon Tallent

    This was good not bad people just did not understand it

    • light

      I think they are just memeing