KSI - Adam's Apple ft Alesa (Official Music Video)
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  • Yousof Zaid
    Yousof Zaid

    JJ won the disstrack war, Adam won his son back, the only person that lost was Alesa

    • Reality

      Yep i still miss adam all i can say is f/ck alesa bec of her adam is all ruined he even said he did everything for her and wanted a succesful life but in the end alesa end up cheating 1st n 2nd time

    • Michgaming51

      @TGS Nixa wait what that doesnt make since

    • Brewswayne8 86
      Brewswayne8 86


    • Mr Macys
      Mr Macys

      Ok she is a b

    • co-rona

      Harry won

  • Jordan Walker
    Jordan Walker

    KSI left with cash and fame Adam Left with his son Alesa left with an empty grape branch

    • J Youknowme1234
      J Youknowme1234

      @Raiyan Siam nah she didn’t, he flew her over, and that was it

    • Raiyan Siam
      Raiyan Siam

      Nah,she got paid by jj

    • KoszertDesign

      Win in my books

    • chrissy

      all that matters

  • Rarest Pepe
    Rarest Pepe

    This man went from “how are you gonna be a father when you cutting yourself” to “loookinnnggg for sunnnnn raaayyyyssss. Needin them gooood daaaays”. We love to see the evolution.

    • wilian

      @Khumukcham Henry if someone dissed jj now, i think he would reply just with the fine harshness intact

    • Khumukcham Henry
      Khumukcham Henry

      @wilian i jst said its not bout dissed cz u said "holiday aint a diss" when he didn't said it is one, its also more how harsh he was and how cool he is now

    • wilian

      @Khumukcham Henry he said how he went from dissing to singing when adam's apple is a diss and holiday is a singing tune

    • Khumukcham Henry
      Khumukcham Henry

      @wilian its not about a diss

    • Ethan Tu
      Ethan Tu

      damn, jj had evolved.

  • eube 24
    eube 24

    Adam didn’t lose, KSI didn’t lose… The real loser was Alesa

    • Diamond Mask
      Diamond Mask

      And I don't feel bad about that tbh

    • Captain Rayquaza
      Captain Rayquaza


    • Goldenboi

      Alesa lost

  • VulKus

    The best part about all this is that KSI and Adam both won, so you don’t even have to pick sides. As much as I actually liked Adam’s first song, JJ made an insane track right here. But through this, Adam actually got custody of his son back which if you research who Alesa is and what happened between them, trust me it’s a huge win. So basically, the only loser is Alesa, and she deserves it.

    • shush

      @Random Guy he left with more fame and money so yes he won

    • VulKus

      @Random Guy He won in the fact that he made a widely loved song, achieved his goal of being seen as the victor in the “diss track beef”, and made an absolute shit ton of money.

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      KSI didn’t win nor lose, he was used

    • VulKus

      @Perz Cheated on him several times, manipulated him, abused him etc. He wasn’t perfect either but she was far worse.

    • Perz

      What she do

  • Cyranek

    i wonder how many times they will go back and forth

    • Slink Hex
      Slink Hex

      I'm just happy that sky is doing good

    • MrGreen

      Still waiting

    • D_Stew71

      @Billian Billian right

    • Project Edits
      Project Edits

      0 times

    • J_ Crilly08
      J_ Crilly08

      @WWE4Life ikr

  • Bruh Moment 1267
    Bruh Moment 1267

    Adam got a W in this situation, tricking it all into getting his son back and revealing Alesa’s fucked up behavior. JJ didn’t exactly lose, but in the end, this gave Adam the ammo to get his son back.

    • Listenerz

      JJ won the disstrack war but Adam won his son back Alesa was the only one that lost

    • Dazem

      yeah obviously bruh this years old we been knowin this

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life

    So as of early 2022 and I come back to this. I still believe Jj has never been as aggressive on a track like this. Like this might literally still be the hardest rap he’s ever made

    • Matthias Corvin
      Matthias Corvin

      I was on Adam's side back when all this dropped and now I'm wondering if KSI went so hard cause of some behind the scenes helping Adam out with getting custody. Just some speculation on my part but yeah, KSI goes really hard here.

  • Antonio Rodriguez
    Antonio Rodriguez

    Bro this shit goes way harder than when I first listened to it. I need a full rap album from KSI on hard beats. The lyrics he can put together is actually sick especially when he goes in

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      He's much better when he's trying to be lyrical, like in the disstracks. But he's trying to become a popstar instead of a rapper, like Drake. As he likes, I guess.

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      Some of the lines here were weak, but this song def goes hard.

  • Damnridge

    The most brutal Diss Track jj has ever made

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      @Jolkzy 234 Ik? That’s why I said this diss was full of lies.

    • Jolkzy 234
      Jolkzy 234

      @Miguel The kewl kid Adams ex told lies to JJ bro.

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      Too bad most of it was full of lies bruh. He went so hard too.

  • YounesHH

    People need to realise, KSI didn't get played. He walks away from this with more attention and more money. He couldn't give a damn about a court case. NetNobody also walks away with more attention, more money and he gets his son back. The real loser and the one who got played is Alesa! The winners are both KSI AND NetNobody. Congrats to both. You gotta hustle in today's world and they both nailed it.

    • Adam j a
      Adam j a

      @mikey martin no but others will u even know who ur fuckon with

    • Nyxz

      Actually Alesa got the custody, check IG. Adam still lost.

    • MiniMogus


    • Elmo •10 years ago
      Elmo •10 years ago

      Look at nets new diss he lost he has been exposed to the world his embassment has been exposed

    • soupeatingman

      @Tooma music doesn't work that way on ITmores

  • peaachhh

    dude I forgot how jj fucking KILLED netnobody in this diss track holy shit

    • 158 Aditya Rege
      158 Aditya Rege

      Exactly why I came back to watch this video again he DESTROYED Adam

    • xxx_EPIC_sniper_xxx 2.0
      xxx_EPIC_sniper_xxx 2.0

      Yea he definitely won the diss battle but Adam got his kid back so its kinda even

  • Kyan. H
    Kyan. H

    This is the most BRUTAL youtube online diss. Not crazy lyrics as an actual song but every line is a diss. This is legit MURDER

    • AuggieTheEnby

      Literally no it wasn’t

    • andrew brown
      andrew brown

      @eorcl yeah but he’s doing better than you ever will lollllll

    • eorcl

      no ksi is just embarrassing

    • VOD

      The most BRUTAL ITmores online diss? i think that goes to Eminem Killshot diss on MGK

    • Seledoon Army
      Seledoon Army

      Not the most brutal it's pretty damn good but there's tons of disses way better.

  • Zell

    I'm pretty sure most of us came here to see the progress JJ has done like legit he going big time now

    • DIEI

      yeah JJ is popping off

  • Ken

    4 years later this beat and song is still hard af🔥🔥🔥

  • CultureCrash

    As much as I dislike diss tracks, I am very satisfied to see that KSI jumped on the opportunity to make a decent pun out of it for his EP title.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Jibran Both of them won, lol

    • qrae_qrae

      @Lxffy K. he won custody of his son

    • killer cam
      killer cam

      KSI go away scammer

    • Oofers

      +CultureCrash Dab on this Hater JK XD

    • Lxffy K.
      Lxffy K.

      yo apparently his ex wife (of the minecraft dude) are still in court so maybe bc of this he is gonna win it that guy playing chess on a whoke different level... i don't know if adam is a genius or its fucked up. still a genius.

  • wojack 2.0
    wojack 2.0

    It's great that this woman nowadays doesn't even have the right to see her son

  • Reset

    Easily the best disstrack KSI has released in terms of lyrics, music, and actual disses.

    • zuget_gaming

      @Cooked ig

    • Cooked

      Bruh lol people still go back to this

    • zuget_gaming


  • HawksNest

    Why is this comment section sorted like this

    • Bryan Aguilar
      Bryan Aguilar

      The god of recoil

    • skillex

      Bruh didint know discount noah came thru here

  • Mr. Dead
    Mr. Dead

    I feel so bad for adam he did everything for alesa and this is what he got at least he got his son

  • Swanky

    Only loser in all of this is Alesa because adam got the kid back and ksi got a ton of money

    • Nakul K Rejimon
      Nakul K Rejimon

      @ELITE oh god 😂

    • Migga Mouse
      Migga Mouse

      @Qwerty were getting entertainment

    • AL1

      Ksi must've paid alesa

    • AceScorpion

      @ELITE fax

    • Monty Robb
      Monty Robb

      @The Armored yea


    This shit still gives me goosebumps

  • 🤎Baineth🤎

    This diss still slaps after 3 years

  • ] [ SlightlyMagicalCookie
    ] [ SlightlyMagicalCookie

    Adam made the ultimate move, we got this banger song and adam got his fucking kid back eeeeeyyyy!

  • Kinda_Offensive

    hold up.. why did we all come back to watch this at the same time

    • DUMBxg

      Good question

    • Veehaan Patel
      Veehaan Patel

      2nd year anniversary yesterday for Ksi ending it all

    • Darryl Granberry
      Darryl Granberry

      Yo wtf yeah why

    • Sebastian Jablonowski
      Sebastian Jablonowski

      We all got it on our recomended

    • Void

      bro hold up fr

  • Alex Espinoza
    Alex Espinoza

    I feel bad for Adams and Alesas son imagine growing up and seeing this.

    • taylmax


    • shimsh

      @Miguel The kewl kid He admitted to having alternate egos and admitted to physically fighting dawn lol

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      @shimsh Bruh who cares about him shitting the bed lmao. Weakest diss In this track tbh. We’re talking about the big disses. All of them were lies. Him beating his wife, him having alternate egos, etc.

    • shimsh

      @Chernobyl Snowman him shitting the bed wasnt a lie, adam admitted it. if they were all totally false why doesnt adam have full custody yet?

    • Chernobyl Snowman
      Chernobyl Snowman

      To bad all of the lyrics from this video were lies from Adams ex. Which would be used later on for court lmao.

  • jayde teneyck
    jayde teneyck

    This still goes hard 😂

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      @SSP Never said KSI was the one who made the lies, but it still doesn't change the fact that the diss is full of lies.

    • SSP

      @Miguel The kewl kid not really lies, the only one who lied was the girl. Not KSI

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      Too bad it’s full of lies bruh, he goes hard in this.

    • Corion


  • Mari Rivilla
    Mari Rivilla

    feels nice to rewatch disstracks and reliving drama, that was a whole different era.

  • eliclouds

    POV: you somehow felt like listening to all of KSI's disstracks

  • HCD

    the beat hits so good

  • Shrilmp

    The part that I find the best is that, KSI's main point in this is the fact that he doesn't take care of his son, but because of this video he got his son

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      @Gyroklein They actually didn’t. Ksi was clueless lol. Anyways a couple months after they made up since the disses weren’t really directed at ksi.

    • Gyroklein

      I mean, they probably spoke privately to do this in order for both to get fame and views and Adam to get his son back. They are both smart individuals.

    • Zombie


    • BigEyesBuddhist

      @Jose Lolwane imagine not caring and then replying

    • Zeno

      Very Ironic

  • Amal Joe Sojan
    Amal Joe Sojan

    This is KSI, Bryce Hall. He can knock you out with only a disstrack, beware of that.

    • JJ Olatunji
      JJ Olatunji

      @ItsFaited cry little logan Paul fanboy

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @ItsFaited Shut up kiddo, you don't know shit about Boxing or Rap

    • Girthquake1978

      @ItsFaited 🤡🤡🤡🤡

    • Candies :)
      Candies :)

      @ItsFaited Logan's knockdown should've never been counted since it came from the illegal punch and Ksi's knockdown wasn't counted and even Logan admitted that it was a fair knockdown. Go cry somewhere else

    • Raiyan Siam
      Raiyan Siam

      Bryce is actually ksi's fan. He even said that in drama alert

  • Amphicorp47

    Crazy that this video helped Adam get his kid back

  • Small Ben7
    Small Ben7

    This hit different back then

  • Darien

    This is a low blow considering what sky was going through at this time

    • Miladi Achref
      Miladi Achref

      @jim long no rules with diss tracks, it's meant to be hurtful

    • Worldis aLie
      Worldis aLie

      @Aaron H smart move honestly

    • rundownman123

      @jim long yeah but its a distrack it's one of the few things that ignore mental health and that no matter how harmful, I've got depression but if I call someone a dick there gonna call me something back its just how it is. Its kinda sad about his mental health though hopefully he it gets better for him.

    • rundownman123

      @Aaron H oh alright fair enough

    • Aaron H
      Aaron H

      @rundownman123 that was adams plan the entire time tho. He purposely released a bad distrack and asked Ksi to retaliate so Alesa would go and slander Adam to ksi for his song. Ksi had no truth or backing to the info alesa gave him and adam took the song as evidence to court so he proved everything alesa said bad about himself wrong and won custody of his son

  • idk

    quarantine is hitting so hard that we all are back here listening to all these diss tracks xD

    • Cipher

      I'm was even on Adam's side during this but this still fucking slaps

    • Ghost

      For real

    • Haikal Moreno
      Haikal Moreno

      I mean this goes Hard 🔥

    • C A M M Y
      C A M M Y


    • Emiliano Baldioceda
      Emiliano Baldioceda


  • mynameisjoey

    This version of JJ is a real nightmare for anyone that disses him

    • pete

      @rundownman123 ong

    • rundownman123

      Nobody fucks with our fatneek

  • squacky

    Years later this still bangz. GOD DAMN

    • squacky

      @Tashil Barath triple factsssssssss

    • Tashil Barath
      Tashil Barath


  • ArjunsSlave

    I prefer it when he uses his real laugh, if any one has watched his reddit videos you will know what I mean.

    • MCPuggo

      some PLATINUMMM

    • Moses Dau
      Moses Dau

      That was hilarious

    • piuhigftkuffvglyhjg

      he just laughs like that now in general, he always has he just amplifies it for reddit

    • Faded

      AhHahAhAHhhAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ALLOW IT FAM

    • Akshin Barathi
      Akshin Barathi

      that was lit funny

  • Darryl Granberry
    Darryl Granberry

    Bro if this disstrack was today ksi would been cancelled daamn times have changed real quick

    • Prince Zuko
      Prince Zuko

      @Alan Thampi when i say cancel culture, I don’t mean random people, I specifically mean celebrities and public figures

    • Alan Thampi
      Alan Thampi

      @Prince Zuko tell that to people who have been doxxed , lost jobs and had to even move cause of Cancel culture. The shit really can come for your throat

    • Prince Zuko
      Prince Zuko

      cancel culture isn’t real

    • Kenny

      True plus he has a caring fan base that would take a bullet for him

    • Kenny

      Even tho I hate keem

  • MooMooDaBest

    People don’t understand that this was a win/win situation. Adam gets his son back and KSI gets money

    • Nutwax Balls
      Nutwax Balls

      @Lange Man ikr lmao

    • Lange Man
      Lange Man

      “People don’t understand “ bro the whole comment section is about this lol

    • NEM3SIS

      Yep. The only person who lost here was Alesa

  • thief rat
    thief rat

    This goddamn beat is amazing

  • Mozzy On YouTube
    Mozzy On YouTube

    This is JJ's masterpiece but I'm cringing at the same time because of the end result...

  • L0rd

    This beat dropped so hard that my grandma thought the Germans were back.

  • Patryk

    Still a fucking Banger

  • xander Gibson
    xander Gibson

    The best part about this video is it was the main reason adam got custody of his kid

    • KitsuneASMR

      @D CHILL how can you prove that some of the lyrics are false for sure lol you cant really prove or disprove that he 'shit the bed'

    • Chernobyl Snowman
      Chernobyl Snowman

      @MOBBGZZZ Playing KSI by getting him to make a diss on Adam, with his snake ex to make false allegations and use that to get his kid back is a Chad move.

    • Trifs Son
      Trifs Son

      @Lieun what do you listen to fucking speeding bullet to heavem

    • Trifs Son
      Trifs Son

      @D CHILL none are true. But my dude shit the bed. How do you know he didn't abuse her are you saying she's lying seems like victim blaming to me

    • Tunci Balunci
      Tunci Balunci

      ive been a fan of both and ill say this song is better than adams, but adam won the beef because he used this to get his child back and he did.

  • Brooklyn Yangoue
    Brooklyn Yangoue

    This is probably the most disrespectful diss track ksi ever done 😆

  • Doğan Güldoğan
    Doğan Güldoğan

    KSI was at the top in his career when this disstrack happened.

    • Jolkzy 234
      Jolkzy 234

      @Chernobyl Snowman well what else do you expect him to do he was already planning to do a disstrack against him.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Chernobyl Snowman He did indeed

    • Chernobyl Snowman
      Chernobyl Snowman

      @Deepa Parakkal Well he did blindly believe Adams ex allegations in this diss.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Lirian That's because he doesn't actively partake in drama.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      This was the low point of his career.

  • ゾルア

    life was so simple when this shit slapped and diss tracks were huge on youtube

  • Xx Ipro ADAZ xx
    Xx Ipro ADAZ xx

    i love how people r saying they r coming back, LOL I NEVER LEFT THIS SONG CUZ ITS A STRAIGHT BANGER

  • Its San
    Its San

    he protecc he attacc But most importantly Sky got his kid bacc

    • Chernobyl Snowman
      Chernobyl Snowman

      @OpticalBacon 337 To bad he became a Redditor lmao!

    • AVA

      @Trifs Son well, if that's what you think then get this straight, you must be living in an uncivilised area. No offense

    • Trifs Son
      Trifs Son

      @AVA females can't be bosses sit down

    • AVA

      @Universe supreme the boss is always late. You stfu and gtfo.

    • Universe supreme
      Universe supreme

      @AVA look how late you are sit down

  • Bane Yama
    Bane Yama

    At the end of this KSI was outplayed, Adam got his son back from this and that's all he wanted

    • rundownman123

      @Angel Mustafa no but when the person on the comment did thats what I was pointing out, you just asked me if I was picking sides for no reason.

    • Angel Mustafa
      Angel Mustafa

      @rundownman123 i didn't say he got outplayed

    • rundownman123

      @Angel Mustafa no, but KSI didn't really get outplayed as he doesn't really give a damn about netnobody's kid.

    • Angel Mustafa
      Angel Mustafa

      @rundownman123 man are you picking sides rn

    • rundownman123

      KSI doesn't give a shit about him getting his son back all he wanted to do was drop an insane diss track on him and win which he did, plus his son didn't even know his dad so it wasn't exactly a good ending, if that's outplayed ricegum makes good music

  • rundownman123

    I'm a massive fan of your content but coming from netnobody's diss track, you've gone to in man. Its brutal but yeah wow 👏.

  • Crystal 492
    Crystal 492

    even sky said the disstrack was fire so idk why people are getting upset 🤷‍♀️

    • Liminality

      @oMa Dynasty you’re crying about me crying about it. Go cry some more

    • oMa Dynasty
      oMa Dynasty

      @Liminality you the one crying about how it’s offensive 😂😂 like you a baby get off ITmores

    • Liminality

      @oMa Dynasty cry about it

    • oMa Dynasty
      oMa Dynasty

      @Liminality man no ones cares stfu it’s a diss track not a sympathy track. what are u 12? If u can’t handle it click off. He did what he was pose to. Sky took the first shot and ksi retaliated appropriately

    • Liminality

      @Katrina Eubanks I don’t really watch sky so idk if he calls himself an artist or not. I just think it’s a low blow to go for someone who’s struggling already

  • HORRRID ☀️
    HORRRID ☀️

    came here for a nostalgia watch because of Internet Ajay

    • Ahmad Soltani
      Ahmad Soltani


    • xentuals

      yeah, I'm here from internet ajay

    • Binginator

      same here

    • Tedy TSN
      Tedy TSN

      Just finished watching that

  • Alex Stanley
    Alex Stanley

    I can't believe I’m saying this, but I miss these days

    • Arthur Morgan
      Arthur Morgan

      we all do

    • Salman Amer Alkhatib
      Salman Amer Alkhatib

      Alex Stanley same here

    • Latent Bhindi
      Latent Bhindi

      TBH I don't miss this after what the sidemen have do e recently....we get good content every Sunday and moresidemen three times a week....we get to see a lot more of them being together...

    • lol get rekt
      lol get rekt

      @Josh Elias true not trying to be rude or anything but I think he should just stay playing Minecraft

    • lol get rekt
      lol get rekt

      I mean at least we got the normal sky back

  • Hung Minh Tran
    Hung Minh Tran

    damn this hits hard

  • Bushra Zaman
    Bushra Zaman

    Why r people hating on jj now he has changed now

    • I comment On videos
      I comment On videos

      @lysi mck he changed into a better person. He used to be a gangster. I like the old ksi more but life changes. Ksi is older and he is now matured. As Harry said, “The old KSI will never be topped”.

    • lysi mck
      lysi mck

      people like that don’t change get your shit together damn

  • Austin Atkins
    Austin Atkins

    Okay it’s cool the guy got his kid back but I gotta be honest. This song is nails on a chalkboard to listen to.

  • OboTheHobo

    This is by far my favourite ksi disstrack

    • ibby

      @Faze Playz 3 ass diss tracks lmao, Adams apple is filled with lies by his ex, little boy has some of the most basic disses ever and on point is only good cus of the production and on screen disses

    • Miguel The kewl kid
      Miguel The kewl kid

      @OboTheHobo they’re not true btw. Even tho this track goes hard, all the disses were fed by Sky’s crazy ex.

    • Shreyas

      @OboTheHobo im talkin bout that

    • OboTheHobo

      @Shreyas unless you're talking about the son being withheld from him then yes as well

    • OboTheHobo

      @Shreyas yes, it's in the lyrics

  • Sherman

    Props to Adam for getting custody of his child back tho

    • BitBot

      @Hashir Naved the best comeback in history

    • Wadie Wanli
      Wadie Wanli

      @Hashir Naved lmao there is no fucktard in here except for you, he even says he is going to spend time with his son in one of his latest vids. He got his son back when he won the case

    • TastelessSalad

      @Mr. Geoffox heard the used to have shared custody, idk about now because Alesa was slandering Adam's name again back around 5 months ago calling him a bad father and complaining about him not paying for child support. If I'm correct scarce made a video on it some time ago.

    • Mr. Geoffox
      Mr. Geoffox

      @Hashir Naved I heard he did. And he at least has part custody, which is better than her having full custody. He had him around christmas time

    • Stairs 100
      Stairs 100

      Enz Hd it was showed in a blog

  • DK

    You can feel the heat in this song lol.

  • Candies :)
    Candies :)

    This track was brutal 💀

    • ibby

      @Frag Kampit yeah same lol when I first heard the song I thought it was amazing but I've grown up and realized that it's full of lies, messy flow and the beat is what really saved it

    • Frag Kampit
      Frag Kampit

      @ibby yeah sorry I am the type that mostly cares about the beat and that's probably why I think it's good

    • ibby

      @Frag Kampit it really ain't that good, the flow is all over the place, the only that makes it good is the beat, beat is fire, song isn't

    • Frag Kampit
      Frag Kampit

      @ibby yeah but music wise it's very good, setting apart the fact that the lyrics are based on lies that alessa had said

    • ibby

      @Azeem Ahmed don't be stupid, it's one his worst, 90% of the disses are lies

  • Random Human
    Random Human

    Adam did some 1000 iq shit right here

  • Moshi

    If you and adam met now i recon u will be friends

    • Carlos Alonzo
      Carlos Alonzo


  • Nish

    yall can hate on the song all you want but the music video is fire 🔥🔥

    • Jay sawal
      Jay sawal

      Yes same

    • Muhialdin Nasli
      Muhialdin Nasli

      Oh you also here in 2021

  • Shiiqey_Sane

    This song is too good

  • Gordon Schnick
    Gordon Schnick

    This video helped Adam get custody of his kid

    • Ryan Finn
      Ryan Finn

      thats what im sayin

  • GAMEFAN 454
    GAMEFAN 454

    still slapping

  • Brandy C
    Brandy C

    Let's talk about how KSI including Alesa in this helped adam get custody of his son.

    • Frog

      @Swastik wait WHAT

    • Swastik

      @Frog yeah pretty much every internet beef is fake imo. now look at him. logan paul is coming at the ksi show. these guys dont have shit for brain and just care about money.

    • Frog

      @Swastik what if ksi was in on the plan and the beef was fake just to make alesa lose custody

    • Dipper Jr
      Dipper Jr

      @ArjunOnCrack Do you have evidence? That's a pretty strong claim to make. "I'm pretty sure" is not going cut it.

    • Nyxz

      @Brandy C except Adam has never confirmed he’s had any form of visitation rights, she and her friends/family confirmed full custody. Trying to entrap your partner into saying stuff online to lose her child access will do that.

  • Radarvfx

    This is the best diss he made... Best beat and disses flow is a little of but still his best

    • Brandon Khouli
      Brandon Khouli

      Nah little boy better

    • Radarvfx


  • TheManMythLogan

    Its funny that Alesa and KSI were tricked which in the end helped Adam get his kid back. I'd say that's a W for Adam

    • shush

      @DevilClxw ksi and adam both won. Alesa lost

    • DevilClxw

      @Rose Kai the real winner was still adam

    • Urek Mazino
      Urek Mazino

      @ojo nob yep basically

    • ojo nob
      ojo nob

      @Urek Mazino oh so jj won the diss but net nobody won irl

    • Urek Mazino
      Urek Mazino

      @ojo nob well, Alesa exposed some personal info of Adam to jj, when Alesa was the one whos ruining Adam’s life. When JJ got this info, he incorporated it into the diss. Adam then got evidence of Alesa slandering him to help him get his child back from her. Adam didn’t really care about the disstracks. Its just that when you love somebody, show your feelings for them, even having a baby with them, the suddenly stabbing you in the back. What would you feel? This is what happened to Adam. Adam then came up with the plan to get evidence out of Alesa. This is when JJ was used to create the disstrack with personal info about Adam. JJ mentions self-harm about Adam in the disstrack.( which is really fucked up) in the end, JJ was used.

  • chnedu

    1:36 is still the best part

  • Atomix

    2:03 the greatest ending to a disstrack

  • Neco Cole
    Neco Cole

    Love the track it bangs as a song

  • Baldski ꪜ
    Baldski ꪜ

    I loooove this beat 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Roger Mugera
    Roger Mugera

    this has to be one of his best songs

    • Aarthi Rajaraman
      Aarthi Rajaraman


  • MifR6

    This was 4 years ago, fuck. I feel old now. Still remember getting the notification of this video.

  • God

    Lol its a win-win, Adam got custody of his son due to Alesa participating in this video, but KSI got a lot of money & clout from this.

    • Raimizan razak
      Raimizan razak

      @K194 He got his SON back. this is a Win for him definitely. Also his youtube isnt his main source of money anymore mate

    • God

      @K194 Adam didn't have much of a career when this was made.

    • B Gurucharan
      B Gurucharan

      @K194 well I'm pretty sure Adam does ITmores for fun and his channel was already dying b4 so yea

    • K194

      this ended Adam's career bro it's definitely not a win for him

    • Foos3y_OW

      And he made a SICK song

  • Fierce

    Ksi won the diss track but Adam won his kid over the song lmao

  • PunMaster1001

    So some people don't know, but JJ didn't have Intel on Adam (Sky does Minecraft) Alesa (Sky's Ex) told him lies and plus This diss and Adam's responses were all planned from the beginning for Adam to win custody over his son fair and square. If you wanna see Adam's Diss tracks they're called "Diss Track Ed" and "Bend the Knee" (In bend the knee sky explains how he had this planned from the very beginning)

    • SSP

      @ibby bro you really went all that far to prove what ? Me complimenting the dude makes me a fanboy huh ? You happy of your accomplishment my guy ? Want a medal ? Take a hike dude.

    • ibby

      @SSP you are so naive that you don't realize that I can click on your channel and see your comments completely fanboying over ksi and his songs😂 it's ok bro but don't come at me for no reason

    • SSP

      @ibby you literally said in your comment everyone in the beef is supporting Adam that's why I mentioned that. I ain't no fanboy couldn't care less bout this. Peace ✌️

    • ibby

      @SSP nobody is supporting Adam you Muppet, the comment was about ksi ending his career which isn't the case at all, I get your a ksi fanboy but atleast read my comment properly

    • SSP

      @ibby lol whos supporting Adam ? It's only you and 13 other fanboys who he's got left. Look where KSI is now and where's Adam ? Irrelevant.

  • Nelly 601
    Nelly 601

    2017 jj was fucking RUTHLESS

    • Smoke

      2017 JJ was thanos before endgame

    • Captain America
      Captain America


  • ForeignSpork

    It's crazy to think that KSI flying Alesa out to England is what got Adam his kid

    • Ryan Craft
      Ryan Craft

      @Dorel Adam (SkyDoesMinecraft) ended up using a bunch of other evidence alongside points in this song in court have full custody of his kid; and he won. That was over 4 years now which is crazy to me :O

    • Dorel

      How did that story end?

  • PSquad

    I’m not sure why we are all back here but I forgot how BRUTAL this diss was

    • Ericcvsthewrld

      @SpiceKing I know but point still stands,at least he got his son back etc

    • SpiceKing

      @Ericcvsthewrld it wasn't personal lol, he did it with the intention of getting custody of his son and he did

    • Ericcvsthewrld

      @ThatPix bro let's not forget adam came after ksi first for no reason at all

    • ThatPix

      Ngl, I was adam's fan back in 2017 and because of all the drama, the disses, and how egotistical he was I hated 2017 jide. But ever since then he has grown on me alot

    • Retro

      @Magnerath Ksi made him apart of the 97%

  • Lukass -
    Lukass -

    lmao just listened to all of the dis tracks after listening to Holiday. This was fucking hilarious 🤣 so glad these are still up

  • Spidey229 C
    Spidey229 C

    just a banger man

  • D'Angelo Carrero
    D'Angelo Carrero

    On of the best diss tacked I have ever heard

  • ST

    4-year anniversary of this crazy good diss track

  • Røn Rucci
    Røn Rucci

    I guess I'm not the only person revisiting the diss tacks...

    • Elliott Lee
      Elliott Lee

      @Røn Rucci 'YOU'RE A DONUT! YOU'RE SO DUMB!' -JME, December 2018

    • Niggalicious


    • V0RCE Gaming
      V0RCE Gaming

      Ofc you aren’t

    • Røn Rucci
      Røn Rucci

      @William Mbogo ok bud

    • William Mbogo
      William Mbogo

      You're a donut

  • Joshua Moon
    Joshua Moon

    everyone remembered this from jj's reddit video and now they're watching it.

    • KaydoFN

      yeah LOL

    • Veehaan Patel
      Veehaan Patel

      Yes I love the beat 🔥

  • Carmy

    He used this to get his son back which is the biggest W in this little fight

    • S J
      S J

      They both win though, JJ got 30+ Mill views = money n NN got his kid back

  • Adam Abdunnur
    Adam Abdunnur

    Evil KSI should count as one of JJ's characters

  • C D M
    C D M

    This is the grime equivalent to 2 pac hit em up this is so disrespectful and in my opinion better than little boy it has more replay value

  • Coolieo90

    I’m glad that Adam just used this to his advantage in court to say it was slander to get his kid

    • hi hu
      hi hu

      @370HSSV lol

    • 370HSSV

      Oh nvm

    • 370HSSV

      Who is Adam

  • john logue
    john logue

    This was a kill shot

  • Danny H
    Danny H

    This is 🔥

  • 16_Aryan Deshmukh_XII D
    16_Aryan Deshmukh_XII D

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      Darryl Sinaga

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    Uncle Felix

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  • Salty potato ———-
    Salty potato ———-

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