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Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

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  • void

    whatever u say about his songs its truly inspirational to see someone so passionate about music man

    • Oscar Buglass
      Oscar Buglass


    • Randy

      Void = 🐐

    • Mardal 紫の
      Mardal 紫の

      Your disstracks bang

    • BigBlock

      Cane you ask ksi to make a song whit you

    • NickyNaff

      I’m subbed btw

  • AndroCrunch

    Bro ngl, that OUTRO did get me!🔥

    • Shinyyeee

      @Sulekh fr no time ac fire

    • Junior

      NO TIME

    • HMF Creators
      HMF Creators

      U just read my mind lol

    • Snake !
      Snake !


    • Taryn Carlson
      Taryn Carlson

      @IlovePizzayay its sad I thought it was the same song at first they go pretty well with each other

  • CreativePig

    bro I can't wait for your album to release 🔥

    • EliTheGuy

      The album is sick, I did drum covers to every song on my channel, it took 6 and a half hours so I hope you enjoy.

    • Joseph Houluhan
      Joseph Houluhan

      I’m the 1000th like

    • Mrcoolguy

      @CreativePig if you want it early see this playlist👇

    • Funny

      Thank you minecraft man

    • K I D K E B A S 塞巴斯蒂安
      K I D K E B A S 塞巴斯蒂安

      @Its Azee chill out rice gum fan boy.

  • Danial Azhar
    Danial Azhar

    I’m just waiting for the one at 2:05 That sounds sick and I just love the flow and beat 😍😍

    • Rok Poplašen
      Rok Poplašen

      @ayr fresh lmao sx 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jonathan. S
      Jonathan. S

      @ayr fresh That's Ksi bruh💀

    • wolvehampton wanderers18
      wolvehampton wanderers18

      @Rehman *wolverhampton accent

    • Dev Agarwal
      Dev Agarwal

      @Rehman it’s not auto tune it’s falsetto Totally different terms…

    • ゆとむいちろ

      @AwesomeShamz the song WITH DURK, not durk singing

  • Emerson Gaming
    Emerson Gaming

    2:05 damn im addicted to this part so bad.. Can't wait for it to come out!!!

    • Dragon Fist
      Dragon Fist

      @Faltu iNTROVERT yeah thats what i have commented its 'no time' not 'sleeping with enemy'

    • Faltu iNTROVERT
      Faltu iNTROVERT

      @Dragon Fist it is no time u were wrong

    • Mr.Sizzle

      Sadly going to be a ticktok dance probably.

    • be gone
      be gone

      @Faltu iNTROVERT ah nvm it seems like the songs called No Time ft lil durk

    • SamerYT

      Wdym thats like the only one i dont like too much autotune

  • Red Weeb
    Red Weeb

    Can we appreciate the amount of work JJ has done for his Music 🔥🙏

    • Paritosh Kailas
      Paritosh Kailas

      @Its Azee jokes on u album got positive reviews

    • EliTheGuy

      The album is sick, I did drum covers to every song on my channel, it took 6 and a half hours so I hope you enjoy.

    • Marley Touray
      Marley Touray

      Ya fr

    • Aadrit Medhi
      Aadrit Medhi

      @Its Azee Fine.

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Aadrit Medhi I want to tho man

  • Luke. A
    Luke. A

    The contrast between KSI's and s-x's vocals are so perfect can't wait for that track!!!

    • Irish Lad
      Irish Lad

      Helllllllllpppppppp theres so manny sluts with thoes names commenting on my comment even tho it has no comments and likes and how tfff did they find it and its all ksi content how tf do they find me wdshw ita creepy

    • CheesecakeLasagna

      @Sarvesh S it's a whole different term though, and that could lead to big misinterpretation. Be careful when doing it in another more dire discussion.

    • Thawhid


    • IlovePizzayay

      Sarvesh S nah its Lil durk and JJ fam

    • Sarvesh S
      Sarvesh S

      @Kush Samtani sorry , don't really know the correct terms , thank you for correcting

  • abcde fghij
    abcde fghij

    Love how the whole time "Madness" is playing from 1:14 to 1:27 the little montage is perfectly in sync with the beat

  • Vir _
    Vir _

    2:04 🎶 I stay focused on my trip, crew flying you stay cryin I ain’t hiding. Shit you say I can just read your mind… 🎶 Absolute BOP

    • Salman Abdi
      Salman Abdi

      @Ayaan Salman aye same name

    • ゆとむいちろ

      @Ayaan Salman trip*

    • Ayaan Salman
      Ayaan Salman

      On my drip

    • ゆとむいちろ

      @No One just search ksi the moment

    • ゆとむいちろ

      @No One Spotify is free

  • RishOfficial

    KSI Honestly, you're an inspiration, probably a role model to many - keep putting in that work, respect 💪

  • Snowy Joe
    Snowy Joe

    This guy deserves a knighthood

    • the uk unit🔥
      the uk unit🔥

      I agree with this

    • ThugDuck

      Sir Theodore the III

    • detku

      sir KSI

    • Jatin

      you look like Calfreezy

    • Mo Ali
      Mo Ali

      @Hetroemertje Games They do

  • Korey Eversfield
    Korey Eversfield

    Honestly it’s so so amazing to see a king make such greatness and over the years improve and improve it just makes you weirdly so proud of someone you barely really know. This man will go down in history books quite literally and we all have been watching him since he was a young teen not even expecting money and fame from it all.


    This is epic!!! Can't wait for the new album.

  • NowLevi

    2:04 is a banger

    • No One
      No One

      @Bre Ahmed he never said it was bad

    • Bre Ahmed
      Bre Ahmed

      @Gaminglegends12 I disagree

    • Gaminglegends12

      Holiday and that is the only good song.

    • Oreo

      @Bre Ahmed I never sad it’s bad or anything like that

    • Bre Ahmed
      Bre Ahmed

      @Oreo there is nothing bad about using autotune because so many other people use autotune for example Drake

  • I.L.G

    Holy shit man, it is actually amazing to see, how far this man has come! Excited to see the album! :))

  • Dawn Platoon 104th
    Dawn Platoon 104th

    'I'm a person who never wants to be in a box' - he says while rapping in a box

    • Kilobite Panda
      Kilobite Panda

      Yeah now I get it

    • CoolStuff Origami
      CoolStuff Origami

      @Kilobite Panda You are definitely not British

    • Hasan Lodhi
      Hasan Lodhi

      I was looking for this comment 😂

    • Thawhid

      @Kilobite Panda so bruvvv? What's your point fool

    • Kilobite Panda
      Kilobite Panda

      @Thawhid I'm british bruv

  • IIXBoommansadXII

    1:53 listen to this it made me wanna get this album damnnnnn! 1000% im getting this!

    • Simon_ _Gomez
      Simon_ _Gomez

      @Rayyan nice pfp

    • Sinnafy

      Hyped for the bugzy track😩🔥

    • Rayyan

      Bruh this shit fire fr

    • ً

      Yh it sounds so good like a juice wrld type beat

  • Enut

    Madness was INCREDIBLE. That type of drill beat WAS INCREDIBLE. I LOVE IT.

  • Legend Modz
    Legend Modz

    The way he talks about this album shows how passionate about music he is and how much work he puts into everything and how versatile he is.

  • C&KClippzzz

    Keep up the good work Ksi, this album sounds like a banger

  • Hawk_Eye635

    I'm so excited for this album to drop even in the trailer it sounds dope🔥🔥🔥

  • Igno

    really love coming back to this and seeing how committed jj is to his music

  • Fotis Tavoularis
    Fotis Tavoularis

    1:48 the amount of flows changing in this song 😍

  • King Venom
    King Venom

    Let’s gooo 🔥🔥

    • A.V.W

      @Sebastian ooh someone's grumpy

    • Sebastian


    • OGR Acid
      OGR Acid

      Les gooooo

    • A.V.W

      @Heinz Ketchup ikr imagine having it

    • Daniel Paul Khelawan
      Daniel Paul Khelawan

      Yes let go

  • curtis wilcock
    curtis wilcock

    Dmannnnnn you done it again man this is sick I can’t wait to hear this one love all your songs me you out all the effort in and it never displeases you excel your self in each song and like you say you have done many things around ITmores now and it’s crazy the passions you put in and it just shows you what you get out of your songs 🙏 thanks you cheer me up with your songs

  • asger von
    asger von

    damn i felt this, it's so nice to see where he's at now mans has come so far and he's everywhere. So inspirational

  • abdulrehman nadeem
    abdulrehman nadeem

    Ksi your music is great. You have all the help you need from production to the people around you & your music cast, it's great seeing you progress so much & become such a great person. Your making your parents proud my guy.

  • Christina Holroyd
    Christina Holroyd

    It's crazy watching KSI over the years become the star he's becoming. It really shows that hard work, dedication and consistency can get you far in life.

  • Lykan

    I actually can't wait for this album.. if it goes number 1 I'll be so proud of our fatneek Only kidding, so proud of JJ

    • EliTheGuy

      The album is sick, I did drum covers to every song on my channel, it took 6 and a half hours so I hope you enjoy.

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Sun ok 12 year old

    • Sun

      @Its Azee They love hating on the success 🤷‍♂️

    • Depart3g

      How can you be proud of JJ when its fatneeks album?

    • M e r y
      M e r y

      fatneek's music 🎶💜

  • Suculet Z
    Suculet Z

    I'll be here with you on this journey bro mad respect

  • Mouad Lafkih
    Mouad Lafkih

    I have great expectation I'm sure it's gonna be 🔥🔥

  • The waves of life
    The waves of life

    This albums sick JJ you should be so proud man well done

  • Polishboy999

    Can't wait for this album, it's gonna be fire 🔥

  • Lavish

    KSI is actually going to be remembered in history. This man is a legend!

    • Sebastian


    • LiLGreñas

      @mxrln06 damn oof

    • Sun

      @mxrln06 Stfu

    • Roji

      brother lavish milking it like the other dropout boys

    • Callum Balzaretti
      Callum Balzaretti

      @mxrln06 no

  • Linus Sakarias Hansen Andersen
    Linus Sakarias Hansen Andersen

    I’m normally not into music, but seeing one of my favorite youtubers succeed in something gets me excited

  • Vusi Manekehla
    Vusi Manekehla

    2 days cannot wait for the album because I am pretty sure in the next months this guy is gonna be at award shows. I would just like to say well done JJ on being the best you could ever I really think you will go even further.

  • Rick Grimes
    Rick Grimes

    I can already tell im going to be blasting every song very loud 😂

  • Megan rose
    Megan rose


  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming

    PERFECT ❤️‍🔥

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee


    • Sebastian


    • Grease

      what's up checkmark

    • Shenseea

      ᔆᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸ ᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳⁱᵇᵉ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ strike forceeeeeeee

    • Afeef Ali
      Afeef Ali

      What is perfect , i doubt u even watched the vid

  • bilij pdan
    bilij pdan

    I've never been this Hyped up for an Album. KSI is truly an inspiration to all dreamers!

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    This is epic!!! Can't wait for the new album.

  • KingWahib

    Jack of all trades... soon to be master of all. Well done JJ, keep up the good work!

  • Bleach

    just finished listening to all the songs on the album and my top 3 favourite out of the new ones are: Madness No Time Sleeping With the Enemy

    • Neddy Boy
      Neddy Boy

      no pressure

  • Justin 2x
    Justin 2x

    Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here

    • money man moe
      money man moe

      @Potroast Kesabyan stfu

    • money man moe
      money man moe

      Here before this gets 1k likes

    • Afeef Ali
      Afeef Ali

      @Justin 2x RATIO....

    • K3Z8


    • Junes Mandigo
      Junes Mandigo

      Ez claim

  • Oliver

    can't wait to see what the future has for you, keep it up!

  • Skell

    This man has over 50 million subs in total and he uploads a trailer for his album in 480p max.

    • Temu Pukki=Goat
      Temu Pukki=Goat

      Shut up

    • Yxkal

      @Skell Na but most subbed all others are subbed to main meaning I’m guessing 30 mil different accounts

    • Raze Icewallowkum
      Raze Icewallowkum

      @Skell yeah that's true

    • Skell

      @Yxkal Yeah but he also technically owns all the Sidemen channels and also has some minor forgotten channels like JideJunior and other ones.

    • Yxkal

      It’s not it’s max 30 as everyone subbed to 2nd is subbed to main

  • Luke Powell
    Luke Powell

    1:55 Holy shit JJ those two songs we hear are BANGERS!! I LOVE IT

  • Ben

    I hope the album bangs, I’m proud of everything you’ve accomplished tho love bro ❤️❤️

  • Boxing Coverage
    Boxing Coverage

    It's crazy watching KSI over the years become the star he's becoming. It really shows that hard work, dedication and consistency can get you far in life.

    • Kadibouda CZ
      Kadibouda CZ

      @Nibras Yunus its verified as his official music channel. See the music note icon

  • Pets Madness
    Pets Madness

    We are actually all so proud of you JJ!

  • Alexander Poulsen
    Alexander Poulsen

    Your songs are realy good and they always make my day😁

  • Puterâ Miqrâj
    Puterâ Miqrâj

    This Dude Really Deserves My Respect Because I Really Admire His Hardwork And His Creative Ideas To Try New Things Plus He Keep On Improvise Himself To Be More Successful Than He Is Right Now🔥♥

  • Nolan Hassaan
    Nolan Hassaan

    Hyped for this album love you KSI

    • Kaitlyn Mchugh
      Kaitlyn Mchugh

      @GloomzyFN u copying and pasting the same comment 🤡

    • GloomzyFN

      How TF are you this dumb? The album is already out😂🤡

  • Doctor E 7
    Doctor E 7

    2:04 I already know this song will be my fucking favorite 🔥🔥🔥

    • ali-ilyxs

      @Gg Ez actually it’s with durk. type in Ksi aotp leak and then there is a result with a 30 second preview which says durk and Ksi in the title and you can hear a tiny bit of durks part when the chorus ends

    • ali-ilyxs

      @Gg Ez is that confirmed?

    • Mohid zaidi
      Mohid zaidi

      yeah man same here

    • Bayern 8 Barca 2 LOL
      Bayern 8 Barca 2 LOL

      @Epic noob 00 lol

    • Hiraethh


  • Kimi De Villiers
    Kimi De Villiers

    From all the previews , I know JJ put so much effort into it and it will be a number one album because he deserves it, so proud to see how far he has come. We gonna stream the hell out of this album Fatneek😊👍

    • Kimi De Villiers
      Kimi De Villiers

      @J. B. Oops-, thinking pf the wrong person, I did think I was slick there. But still at the top😁

    • Kimi De Villiers
      Kimi De Villiers

      @J. B. Have you seen the official charts my g??? Where is pop smoke now?🤣😂🤣😂

    • Kimi De Villiers
      Kimi De Villiers

      @J. B. still bro, he can do it

    • Kimi De Villiers
      Kimi De Villiers

      @J. B. we talking official charts not spotify

    • Kimi De Villiers
      Kimi De Villiers

      @J. B. and the album will be good the way he is hyping it up and the amount of effort he put in

  • BaSiT

    Bro, nice to see you doing all these things 🔥

  • sai

    listening to the outro for the 100th time.....16th is fucking far!!!!!

    • No One
      No One


    • Taryn Carlson
      Taryn Carlson

      @Qwerty123 it just came out for me

    • Qwerty123

      @O yo, the whole album is actually out now, search each song , you will find it

    • Qwerty123

      @O I mean songs like Number 2 is already leaked fully

    • Qwerty123

      @O I’m pretty sure it’s at 3PM if ur in the UK, and I just said some because I’m not sure if every song will come out, but I’m probably wrong, the whole album will most likely come out

  • Aion Clarke
    Aion Clarke

    These views numbers are amazing!!! Let’s get em up even more!!!!! Big up yourself KSI manners and respect

  • Ibrahim

    If this album gets in the top 2, Ill shave my head and dance to Im on a horse in my boxers on the road. IN INDIA

    • Ibrahim

      @Nibras Yunus are you blind bro read the whole thing again smh. Go check it out on reddit if u want someoe took an ss exactly 4 hours after I posted the comment, its always said INDIA 💀💀💀💀💀

    • Ibrahim

      @Nibras Yunus He didnt hit top 2 in india bro

    • varun shine
      varun shine

      @Ibrahim imma put in reddit

    • Devika

      I'll come over to record

    • Arnav Bhatnagar
      Arnav Bhatnagar

      @KiIIaInc that was unnecessary you know

  • Reo D. Drake
    Reo D. Drake

    And I don't care~~~~~ soooo fire bro, the beat drop, the vocals, everything is amazing, you're gonna do a madness bro

    • Sachintha Wijekoon
      Sachintha Wijekoon

      yeaaaa broo

  • MR_FaKe-Potato

    holy shit man, this sounds so good, i can wait for the album

  • Angelo Sekouris
    Angelo Sekouris

    Just from the parts I heard from the songs in this vid. I can tell the album will have BANGERS

  • Carlos Alomia
    Carlos Alomia

    It’s November now and I still have it on repeat

  • Mirlind Saliji
    Mirlind Saliji

    Im so hyped for this album bc moments and no time already sound like they going to be bangers and im ready for the jay1 song too🔥🔥

  • The Dab King
    The Dab King

    This year is going to be insane for JJ!

  • Fletcher Elliott
    Fletcher Elliott

    Whatever your opinion is on the music there’s no denying this man deserves everything that he has, his work ethic is unrivalled and you have to respect him for proving to everyone that you can do whatever the fuck you want in this life man. ❤️

    • Sun

      @Its Azee His fans ain't like that, if one of his songs are trash, he's gonna get his ass roasted tf out of him... Look at Poppin' that got a fair amount of hate on his reddit

    • Fletcher Elliott
      Fletcher Elliott

      @Its Azee sorry didn’t realise Anthony fantano was in the comments, obviously a music expert

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      In ITmores yes on music no his fans making him delusional thinking he sounds good

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      Still sound like shrek on a beat

  • jaffajake23

    The fact that this is the same man from my childhood hood playing fifa online to now making music, such an inspiration!


    That last song with lil durk is absolutely insane. Beat, vocals, flow its all there. MAAAD

    • louis benji
      louis benji

      @IT WASNT ME, IT WAS KING SO. ah shii wrote that comment and didnt even pay attentiob to the trailer haha. But thanks mate


      @afq bt I know we say this a lot about JJ’s music, but honestly I didn’t expect him to go in like that

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      This album actually SUCCKKS his music is TRASHH


      @Sotos LFC Clips ohh alr

    • BlazeSuprimo

      @Reverb yessir

  • JJonathan 1000
    JJonathan 1000

    Seeing this after the album makes it hit even more

  • Pumen konyak
    Pumen konyak

    My expectations for this album over 100% and I know ksi can meet that expectations

    • GoldenLegend

      Did he?

  • Cody Lamb
    Cody Lamb

    "No Time" is way too good. Gave me actual chills

  • Silvia Hegg
    Silvia Hegg

    Man i get goosebumps when i listen to JJ's songs. Especially when i listens to holiday. Man it's soo good ngl.

  • Abhinav

    I can't wait for the album and for what's to come next.

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    1:48 the amount of flows changing in this song 😍

  • Rick Astley's Leg
    Rick Astley's Leg

    He had "the moment" He was "number 2" He needed alot of "patience" He loved "you" He told us that "don't play" He wanted "really love" He had a "gang gang" His album was "rent free" He was in "madness" He was "silly" He had to "flash it" He had "no time" He had "no pressure" He was on "holiday" He was "sleeping with the enemy" WE LOVE KSI

    • Sun

      T'is a bit alright, 5/10

  • Dacron

    I’m here after the album has been released. He overhyped it way too much but it’s still a banger. 2 songs went to my playlist, the rest were either like a 7/10, 6/10 and some were a average. I expected more but still, jj did do something special with this album. I have been a fan since 2013 and I’m proud to see our fatneek grow. Surprise us again JJ, we know you will.

    • Rajvardhan Kadam
      Rajvardhan Kadam

      @Dacron okay i am sorry

    • Dacron

      @No Toxicity i think thats what makes jj so special. He literally has every genre in an album. He chose a very diverse method of delivering his music and that was a great thing. Everyone has different favorites and some dont like some genres of music. Like me, im more into no time and the moment more than the others. This album was solid, I would give it overall 7.5/10. Not the best but a great album

    • Dacron

      @No Toxicity madness was like a 7/10, the moment was sick, like an 8/10 and no time was my favorite. A solid 9/10.

    • Dacron

      @Rajvardhan Kadam just an opinion mate, i am always real and I have been watching our boy since 2013. I am not hating and I dont even have Twitter mate. Just an opinion bro

    • Ares

      He did overhype it way too much but he still did very good for someone who made 'I'm on a horse' and he has evolved so much from dissimulation

  • Le Bombe
    Le Bombe

    ALL SONGS SNIPPETS: 1:14 - Madness 1:48 - The Moment 2:04 - No Time ft. Lil Durk

    • ゆとむいちろ

      @Harshad Lalye JJ

    • Jamie Green
      Jamie Green

      @Cho 0ni no its madness like he literally said it

    • Malden Baah
      Malden Baah

      Madness sounds coold

    • Le Bombe
      Le Bombe

      @Harshad Lalye it’s jj with the high pitched voice. There was a snippet on tiktok very similar to this one but it had lil durks verse after ksi’s chorus

    • Harshad Lalye
      Harshad Lalye

      @Arey sounds like sx though. so is it JJ or Lil Durk with the high pitched voice? idk coz i know jackshit about Lil Durk

  • Cassie

    1:48 the amount of flows changing in this song 😍

  • 2pac Makaveli the goat
    2pac Makaveli the goat

    My best song in the album is probably gonna be 2:05

    • sid2006

      @Blackmello same, i agree

    • Blackmello

      The Moment and Madness were the best imo

    • Lami Nelson
      Lami Nelson


    • Jihad

      Agreed 100

    • sid2006

      Nah, the moment will be better imo

  • Jacobus 27
    Jacobus 27

    I can't wait to hear this album😆😆🔥🤘🏻

  • Youssef Hanna
    Youssef Hanna

    Aight this is one of those albums I'm really excited for

  • Jj T
    Jj T

    I feel like a proud younger brother who’s watching his big bro succeed in everything

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Playboi? cause your all 12 you don’t know music 😂

    • Playboi?

      @DSV-BANSHEE ok but why would you watch the trailer if your gonna instantly call it trash and not even listen to it

    • Kaneki

      @Its Azee Maybe you don't like his music but that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone also dislike it...yeah but its your opinion and I respect that

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Kabeer go listen to ksi sounding like shrek with Autotune

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Kaneki yea I’m 12 but all you in his concerts are literally 12 😂😂😂😂😂😂 look at the link hahahaha

  • Diogo Fernandes
    Diogo Fernandes

    I wasn't hyped for the album, I was just happy that it was here but that last song on the trailer got me all hyped up

  • julie wgn
    julie wgn


  • Zx Styles xZ
    Zx Styles xZ

    KSI u have smashed this new album 🔥🔥🔥

  • Puuding Music
    Puuding Music

    2:05 is so epic. I know it's gunna be good. Honestly I think it would fit in a Fifa game

  • Xray

    From gaming with his brother in a messy room to being a worldwide phenomenon. What a journey!

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @E’ Ello Re Legeorged They’Them ✨ that’s a link to his concert full of 10 year olds 😂😂

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @E’ Ello Re Legeorged They’Them ✨ no he’s not he sounds like a constipated shrek with auto tune


      @Its Azee LMAO

    • E’ Ello Re Legeorged They’Them ✨
      E’ Ello Re Legeorged They’Them ✨

      @Its Azee It’s okay to be envy of him, that just shows how f**king sick of a artist he really is

    • lilpasta

      @Its Azee stfu

  • Varun Jeewon
    Varun Jeewon

    I'm proud to be in the fatneek community, Big up JJ!!!

    • Thawhid


  • Eloise Official
    Eloise Official

    Truly inspirational!

  • Terrell Jones
    Terrell Jones

    The beat on madness 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Friend

    I already know 'No time' bouta be the best song on the album by that preview in the end.

  • bain cdt
    bain cdt

    0:50.. KSI: Im a person that never likes to be in a box Also KSI: Vibing in a box

    • O

      @Aaron_Kingtana28 sheesh, that was clean

    • IO Gaming
      IO Gaming

      Folabi like this lol

    • Aaron_Kingtana28

      Also Ksi: is a boxer

    • Noah te Riele
      Noah te Riele


  • D4ny

    This is gonna be fire im sure. If there are 80s vibe songs it's going on repeat, at least for me.

  • ReccoIsMe

    I cant wait to be even prouder when this album drops

  • CfromtheK

    personally i think the singles were the best songs in the album the moment was a true vibe


    Can’t Wait This Is Gonna Be 🔥

  • Gary_YT

    The beat drop at 2:04 is fireeeeee. I rewatched it like 10 times already lol, I cant wait for this album!

    • Edcuh

      @kombat _man July 16

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      His albums in there

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      Go to your garbage can you don’t have to wait

    • johnny briceño
      johnny briceño


    • The Ethmiester
      The Ethmiester

      Same, I’ve rewatched so many times and I’ve seen people post leaks but decided to wait till Friday

  • Arthur Galvão de araújo nunes
    Arthur Galvão de araújo nunes

    This man is a inspiration for all of us

  • p

    bro ive been looping from 1:47 to 2:24 non stop song is too fire 😭🔥

    • p

      @ゆとむいちろ yeah i know

    • ゆとむいちろ

      It’s two different songs 1:48 is The Moment and 2:04 is No Time ft. Lil Durk

    • p

      @Its Azee tf lol

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      Ok 12 year old

  • Badrish Ryandie Firdaus
    Badrish Ryandie Firdaus

    0:36 i thought he started throw bar there. it suits the beat perfectly😂

    • DROOZ


    • Fares Shaalan
      Fares Shaalan

      Yeah same😂