KSI - Cap (feat. Offset) [Official Music Video]
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Director: TajvsTaj
Ex. Producer: Elijah Long
Producer: Kacee Devoe
Editor: Andre Jones
Production Company: Walk On Water Pictures

Commenti: 39 046
  • Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
    Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

    Most Improved Artist Award goes to…..KSI.

    • Calipso

      @Rapper ?? quadeca is the best YT rapper

    • Josh Bond
      Josh Bond

      shut up this was offsets song

    • The bro’s
      The bro’s


    • Official ZW22
      Official ZW22

      @Calipso The fact that your reasoning is just “cringe” and had the gall to say Quadeca is better after Dissimulation and AOTP is wild to me. You can have your preference but to say he can’t rap is idiotic.

    • Calipso

      @Rapper ?? best ITmores rapper? Nope that goes to Quedeca

  • Chewbacca 004
    Chewbacca 004

    JJ: “That’s why I can’t be no friends with no cap” *JJ steals whilst Vik splits*

    • MOHAMMAD Murrad S4E19
      MOHAMMAD Murrad S4E19

      he is ksi tht is jj

    • Halomaestro

      @77Darkie the guy in the video you're commenting on you melon

    • abodi

      That's jj not ksi.

    • 77Darkie

      WHO TF IS JJ

    • YSAmmo

      wait did something happen between jj and vik?

  • Jimxx

    Bro this offset verse is hard asf like this is actually a fire ass verse

    • Dae

      @Omar always the person with no pfp picture 💀

    • Martix

      @Ibby Alam bro what are u on.. look for Migos - Fuck Up The City, on ITmores, then come back and tell me this verse wasn't for that song. Sit down

    • Ibby Alam
      Ibby Alam

      @Martix no it isn't why you chatting shit for lmaooo... this song was a smokepurrp ft offset song but smokepurrp gave ksi the song but offset still used the same verse... Search up smokepurrp offset unreleased its called gang gang... stop spreading Random stuff lol

    • Martix

      @Do Nathan 😭😭😭😭

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Martix way to ruin everything 😒

  • Callmedeeds

    KSI's verse was lowkey hard, what I appreciate is that he always manages to hold his own with the amount of sick features he gets - he doesn't let them just be the star of the song

    • Simon J
      Simon J

      @Saint Phillip Foden fr

    • Saint Phillip Foden
      Saint Phillip Foden

      Listening to this now, makes you realise how much ksi has improved this album. Not a single chorus he’s anywhere near this bad in in the new album. Improved so much

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Simon J yup

    • Simon J
      Simon J

      @Do Nathan fax

    • metafelle

      holiday is a no-feature bop

  • PussyDestroyer69

    Imagine how big this song would be if travis scott sang the chorus

    • Immoldo TK
      Immoldo TK

      @TheLegendOfShaz relax lol

    • Kenneth R.
      Kenneth R.


    • Result LTD
      Result LTD

      Omfg yes 🔥

    • ALL- CAPS
      ALL- CAPS

      Ye Ksi lives off of his features he just ain’t it with American rappers, he should focus more collabs with English drillers

    • Transformers Comps
      Transformers Comps

      Travis levels yk the amount of auto tune

  • Lyrical Lecture
    Lyrical Lecture

    It's weird how I've never spoken to him in real life but I can't be the only one that's so proud of him, especially since i've been watching for 7 years now and been trough all the things he did. JJ we appreciate you man!

    • Oshalian Parks-Tomlin
      Oshalian Parks-Tomlin

      Gosh I can never see any positive replies

    • Danyaal

      @Australian jk lol no

    • Akesh Perera
      Akesh Perera

      i have been watching when he made his first video 8 years ago

    • Australian jk
      Australian jk

      @Danyaal no thats not the one i meant. Its was the version that was auto generated from youtube. Just search up no cap amd their should be a video with no music video and just a picture of the album cover. Thats were they coppied the comment from dont make assumptions amd get people on your side amd to like your comment thats very rude id suggest deleting your comment.

    • Danyaal

      @YSL Jonny enlighten me Einstein

  • Karnage Clown
    Karnage Clown

    this should be his ringwalk song when he fights jake

    • Lul Jaysmoov Raps
      Lul Jaysmoov Raps


    • Karnage Clown
      Karnage Clown

      @Gamer dude 98993 yeah i agree

    • DarkKnightxx360_xx

      Your not caping

    • Kiss My Memes
      Kiss My Memes

      fr fr

    • Jhaiden Zbl
      Jhaiden Zbl

      For real tho


    Fun fact: That intro music was JJ laughing

    • isa

      How y’all come up with this😂

    • Thiccboi64


    • Jay ジェイもやった
      Jay ジェイもやった

      @Iconic_ Glory rip

    • Bren Liam Villanueva
      Bren Liam Villanueva

      @ʙʀᴜʜᴡᴀᴠᴇ rip

    • Demxnbxyxo_999


  • Stamford_legends

    JJ went hard with his verse. he knows he has to do well with man like Offset on the track lol

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Christian Longo 3, hook and chorus be the same

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Christian Longo yeah cuz he had a hook dumbass

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      I agree, if anyone don't agree idgaf

  • NocturnalBrolyFury

    An outstanding performance from JJ & Offset. I gotta say there's real talent that grinds behind these songs when JJ is around, keep it up!

  • Joe Johnston
    Joe Johnston

    So proud of this guy man. Used to be sat in his room playing Fifa, now he’s on a track with fucking offset. Shows you truly can do anything. M A D.

    • chipshooter

      JJ cant even get a good beard


      Aye fam thats true anyone can do anything,except deji..

    • smuggles100

      @huu ikl hes just full of autotune it sounds ksi has put loads on as well there's way better like jay z eminem token joyner lucas etc even j cole on some tracks

    • First name Last name
      First name Last name

      @huu ikl mumbles or uses Autotune.

    • Fábio Elner
      Fábio Elner

      @From Beyond cause that how i do

  • Abraham Khady
    Abraham Khady



    Comparing this to his earlier stuff, the man has come really really far. Mixing up the cadence, changing up the style, and being able to pretty successfully pull off music he has never tried before, its really impressive.

  • DeViiCz

    I feel it’s not acknowledged too much how goddamn fire offsets verse is. Easily one of my favorites

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      Offset slays these types of songs, KSI did his thing too. Catchy ass hook

  • Orsi Ferencz
    Orsi Ferencz

    No matter how much JJ envolves I just know that he's still going to be the guy laughing at people bullying him on reddit and I appreciate him very much for it

  • Aman Belay
    Aman Belay

    Respect to JJ man he is takin his music career to the next level.

    • Aman Belay
      Aman Belay

      vawn humphrey-wilson true

    • D Mac
      D Mac

      What by buying features

    • Swaga doodle
      Swaga doodle

      I thought it was good until jj actually starting rapping I couldn't understand shit he was saying this time

    • Yash Shinde
      Yash Shinde


    • vawn humphrey-wilson
      vawn humphrey-wilson

      Anything is possible when you put your mind too it people don't believe that 🤷

  • Axe

    This song so under appreciated

    • saachein naidu
      saachein naidu

      @Manchester United for Life!!! ikr

    • Manchester United for Life!!!
      Manchester United for Life!!!

      Yeh it’s underrated

    • Cludz

      agree so much

  • Chloe Lowery
    Chloe Lowery

    I remember hearing this song on the radio , and now knowing KSI was in this is CRAZYYYYY 😭

  • XbX0XdX

    I remember jamming this shit in my room during lock down

    • Xxzkil Er
      Xxzkil Er

      Same bro

  • Will

    This guy is just amazing you cant deny that all the things hes done is mad

  • Henry Ong
    Henry Ong

    Love him or hate him, his music is getting better and better

    • Phenomenal

      Yh features after features after features. KSI can't do a song on his own since he knows he can't

    • Carlos Martinez
      Carlos Martinez

      Didn’t expect much, still disappointed me.

    • Alfie 065
      Alfie 065

      Everyone who replied to this will see this message wassup my guys

    • Callidus

      It's better than before for sure

    • Jay Davidson
      Jay Davidson

      His music ability still sucks, gets carried by his features. Although his verse on Houdini wasn’t bad tbf but still the features made his songs and that’s not right.

  • Callum Yates
    Callum Yates

    I used to not be into rap as much but after listening to this I'm obsessed

    • NDS 11
      NDS 11

      Ur music taste ain’t great then

  • Omar

    i always feel missing if a day passes without me listening to any of this mans songs

  • Kenyah Dixson
    Kenyah Dixson

    I can't comprehend how this video has dislikes 🔥😤💪🏿

  • Legendozu

    They killed it Damn 🔥🔥


    This guys truly a legend. He deserves everything he got.


      @Zayth42 owe*

    • Zayth42

      FLYING SAUCER hate when people use that logic he doesn’t own anything to you

    • Jordan Adetiba
      Jordan Adetiba

      No cap


      Like what has he done rlly thats so great he's just a lucky guy that owes everything he has to the viewers

    • Tito Baptista
      Tito Baptista


  • Monurup Borgohain
    Monurup Borgohain

    THIS HITS HARD!!!!!!!!

  • BroNah

    It truly is phenomenal to see how far Ksi has gone since his old scary game days

  • ShelbyYT

    From Fifa to disstracks to boxing to rap to this beast 😍😍

  • Dr ElecsShock
    Dr ElecsShock

    This deserves wayyy more recognization

  • BIGJoey 2252
    BIGJoey 2252

    Went from making heskey time to making a song with offset. Proud of you JJ.


      @Random Otter yep

    • Mdkram01

      100000 out of 10

    • SauceBoss

      100k for a feature

    • Elijah

      @LukewarmFacts✅ who hurt u bro ur projecting ur own experiences on others

    • The Great One
      The Great One

      Heskey Time dope though

  • official baby
    official baby

    my epileptic brother was watching this with me and he loves it so much after thirty seconds he was dancing on the floor! edit : thanks for likes

    • Spence A
      Spence A

      Omg😂 My mother would do the same😔

    • Anthony G Ward
      Anthony G Ward

      Lmfaooo I shouldn't be laughing this much😂😭💀

    • official baby
      official baby

      @• !mel#5236 im joking

    • • !mel#5236
      • !mel#5236

      @official baby why are u so pressed 😂😂😂

    • official baby
      official baby

      @• !mel#5236 ‘’ LmAo’’

  • SleppyTheGuy !
    SleppyTheGuy !

    I swear ksi songs are better than some of the most viewed songs, god danm underrated

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      I know this gon sound like d riding but I rate KSI over some mainstream rappers. If he keeps improving, diversifying his music, and finding his own sound, I can see him outlasting some of these mainstream rappers

  • Michał

    JJs verse on this is massively underrated

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      It’s decent

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown

    I’m so proud of jj man honestly

  • xASM

    It's so impressive seeing KSI make his way to the top. Even though I don't know him, it feels like I do and that I'm his friend. I have been watching him for years, seeing how he has changed throughout the years. He came from making videos from his room to winning a professional boxing match and making songs with Rick Ross, Lil Baby, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp and Offset who are seen as the higher tiers in the music industry.

    • Nature DeMaio
      Nature DeMaio

      Unknown YT I think it’s dope if you can get the types of features that ksi has. But to me, he’s completely wasted them by making garbage songs because he can’t rap. That’s my problem with it

    • Anerexic Tree
      Anerexic Tree

      To the people who say jj gets views because of features: If you search Lamborghini because you want to see the cars, the first video that pops up is jj’s song. SO IF YOU EVER DISS HIM AGAIN ABOUT GETTING VIEWS BECAUSE OF FTS, GO LISTEN TO SOMEONE ELSES MUSIC

    • Lee Roy
      Lee Roy

      All of us feel that way mate. Great influence. Anything is possible

    • HughMungus1444

      Facts it’s crazy to see how far he’s come, and everything he’s overcome

    • CaptainHugo

      You sure bout lil pump?

  • GTPerfect Games
    GTPerfect Games

    When I first watched this back in May. The moment Offset touched JJs shoulder and then both of them got on the drop I legit jumped from my chair. Amazing.

  • Sarah Singleton
    Sarah Singleton

    jamming in the car windows down letting everyone know who the king is 👏🏽 (new york)

  • Ant Antelope
    Ant Antelope

    Who still banging this in 2021 since JJ hasn't released any trap in a while?

  • Hypno-Tyzed Beats
    Hypno-Tyzed Beats

    Its been one year from when this song came out... holy shitttt

    • Saba Sozashvili
      Saba Sozashvili


  • Shaan Raval
    Shaan Raval

    I don’t care what people say, Offset AND KSI both did their thing on this track.

    • Sub Zero
      Sub Zero

      ThatAintRocket Science but remember he released a album so he was probably tried and rushing it so you can blame him

    • ThatAintRocket Science
      ThatAintRocket Science

      But everyone has their opinion, it’s a good track I just think he coulda did better I’ve heard better from him

    • ThatAintRocket Science
      ThatAintRocket Science

      Nah offset did his thing idk bout Ksi he aight but I ain’t gonna gas him this is his song he could’ve done better

    • WV17

      KSI sounds exactly what he is A ITmoresr with auto tune and money ...Trash as

    • Sub Zero
      Sub Zero

      •_• •_• fr

  • I'm Bored
    I'm Bored

    JJ always improving🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sylus

    Holy Shit man this edits and the quality of this song is so fucking good!

  • James Jerman
    James Jerman

    This song honestly goes fucking hard, i love this song so much

  • Yash Singam
    Yash Singam

    I’ve come back to this 9 months later and I’m still in shock at the fact that he got Offset as a feature

  • HealthyMemez

    He's working on his flows, he's collabing with the big people in the game. Definitely a lot of potential, and a lot of improvement.

    • Tront

      Darkness If I was a kid how do I know complex words then. You couldn’t even understand half the stuff I said since you’re tiers below my lv. Every comment that you have put out had a 3rd grader lv sentence. You can’t cut it into the big leagues like that. Instead of evolving into a better understanding person. You did the first devolved in human history. Your brain gets smaller over the years with answers on why you failed. If you were actually smart then you should have manage to fix your recording problem a long time ago.

    • Tront

      Darkness You act like a tough guy by calling me kid but at least i don’t have cringe intros like you. You’re ITmores career isn’t gonna boom up to the heights that you expect it to do. No one likes a channel that has no charisma at all. Any significant views you get don’t add up to you’re subscriber count.

    • Tront

      Darkness If you reply with that I don’t have videos because I don’t seek a career in making them. Fate hasn’t been nice to you. That’s why you’re recording program is shattered into pieces of its formal self. The kid word suits you perfectly since you like playing kid games.

    • Tront

      Darkness If you’re confident that you won. Why not say it face to face then after that you can tell “why my points are wrong”. We can talk bout the comment where you say and i quote EVERY MUSIC VIDEO but you didn’t say video. You weren’t specific enough to learn of you’re own mistake. Your channel suits you since you aren’t anything significant. You are just here to be my entertainment.

    • Tront

      Darkness But didn’t you say I could say anything that I can. This reply whole structure has no meaning to it. If I want to make myself feel good bout this why try making urself feel good bout hating towards others. I noticed that you weren’t taught properly to learn significant words. If you calling me a kid that’s assuming. First you told me in this reply say anything I want now you want me stop.

  • cloudymaria

    absolutely FIREEEEEEE . killed it

  • Chris Graham
    Chris Graham

    If Ksi had no autotune this would be one of the greatest songs I think I've ever heard

  • Do Nathan
    Do Nathan

    I'm still vibing to this song a year later


    Used to be a fan but after hearing this masterpiece ima whole air conditioner.

  • Jfam

    This is probably the most cheesy/corny comment but I don't care, everytime this man drops a song I can't believe I've watched him grow from a nerdy guy with a gap in his teeth recording fifa videos in his parents house to where he is now and every single time its unbelievable and its kind of weird but I can't help but to feel proud of him and hope he just keeps raising the bar. Thank you for so many great years of entertainment Jj.

    • Rad Corp
      Rad Corp

      Went from nerdy FIFA gamer to professional boxer and rapper

    • tylerdropemoff _
      tylerdropemoff _

      @Bajram Ahmemulic you play fortnite, if your taste in music is anything like your taste in games I dont trust shit you say about anything. Just dislike and leave

    • AymaNosic

      @I’m quitting cause hes jealous of hes success

    • FabatDM Comps
      FabatDM Comps

      @Bajram Ahmemulic holy shit guys dont say his name outloud or ur furniture will float and an indian tictoker will come to ur door

    • Juan Gayming
      Juan Gayming

      His front teeth be like: ⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜ ⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜

  • Travis Egerter
    Travis Egerter

    This is one of KSIs best verses IMO and he got a fucking amazing verse from offset

  • Shihab shams
    Shihab shams

    I didnt expect a long verse from offset....respect bro

    • GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates
      GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates

      There’s GIRLS in here, too.

  • The Weeknd Covers
    The Weeknd Covers

    i cant believe KSI has grown to collab with offset, we're proud of u JJ

  • Pablo Ashes
    Pablo Ashes

    Offset verse goes lowkey hard tbh

    • Yousifgamer 007
      Yousifgamer 007

      When his verse start iget goosebumps literally

  • NorthLight

    I can’t believe this guy right here started out sniping people in cod to making songs with big artists jj has really come a long way max respects 🙏

    • El Primero
      El Primero


    • S&A Vocals
      S&A Vocals

      Jeremy Caswell if you don’t, you’re just a moron, and hurt that your favorite rapper hopped on a track with a youtuber, you’ve dropped 3 comments, atleast we had facts backing us up, am I suppose to take your words? The migos were fans of ksi & the Sidemen, and they DID go to his show, these are facts, no matter how much you say it isn’t, it won’t change the fact that the migos also are normal human beings that watch ITmores.

    • Dean

      ........... DIS JUST SUCKS ..........

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C

      @yung boii facts. None of these rappers are his "friends"

    • Jeremy C
      Jeremy C

      @Saif Al facts. This song is trash. Guaranteed worse song offset has ever been on. And he does features for everybody.

  • chris egan
    chris egan

    Most improved artist 🧑‍🎨 award 🥇 🥈 🥉 goes to KSI proud 🥲 of you KSI

  • Makhamnandi Mfaise
    Makhamnandi Mfaise

    Can't stop listening to this..... Banger

  • colin dwyer
    colin dwyer

    Congrats for making it to Mr. Beast rewind of 2020. You guys deserve it.

  • Ben Weeks
    Ben Weeks

    Offset's entry on this is so unmatched 🔥

  • Alvin Thomas
    Alvin Thomas

    Jj's laugh is still louder than the intro

    • LitRage Gregory
      LitRage Gregory

      Mad facts bruh

    • Fuck Jake Paul
      Fuck Jake Paul


    • kono


    • kAY

      THX intro intensifies

    • David Gomez
      David Gomez


  • slushy playz
    slushy playz

    No cap this is a banger

    • GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates
      GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates

      @Krut Gopani Correction: You didn’t get the joke! By the way, your mother’s pretty.

    • Krut Gopani
      Krut Gopani

      @GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates r/woosh, r/yourmomgay

    • GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates
      GameHackGirl Reviews and Animates

      NOT GONNA LIE* “No cap” means no capital letters.

  • Đəmøñhųņťĕř

    Imagine this live 😭

  • S Hall
    S Hall

    That beginning was amazing


    It’s such a shame that Tiktok ruined Offsets verse, insane flow and great vibes

  • therealkingtreyy

    He came a long way from playing scary games to making music with offset

  • VividDreamzzz

    Is it just more or is it like the more you listen to it the more on-beat it gets?

  • Meeth Vlogs
    Meeth Vlogs

    Idk why people didn't like this much, this song literally one of those which BANGS the most, hook drops hard too

  • Roberto M
    Roberto M

    2021 and this song still goin hard

  • ItzBoiGuy

    JJ went from being a nerd fifa gamer to this and this just shows you should never give up.

    • Fentolix

      Popovic when you rely so heavily on auto tune it really isn’t harder to beat it. And just cuz I haven’t made a rap song doesn’t mean I can’t criticize this song.

    • KatsukiBakugo

      FaZe kiki probably just not your type of music considering a lot of people are liking it.

    • luke

      I love offset tho british rap is just shit

    • Tawsick

      Ik man went from Fifa to a bad song shows people never give up but maybe they should sometimes... killa killa fire tho

    • Richard Gaming
      Richard Gaming

      @kiki guerrero89 yeah make something better plus is literally our manz real voice

  • Harman Kurdish
    Harman Kurdish

    I really don’t know why tf this music video is not on 500 million views??? like legit fire 🔥!!

  • Henri Fakhouri
    Henri Fakhouri

    bruh JJ's energy in this is so fkn good, also has a travis scott vibe in the chorus fire songg ngl

  • FrostyRoro

    Bro went from a youtube rapper to a number one rapper in the UK🔥

  • Anraj Grewal
    Anraj Grewal

    This was a banger song 🔥 🎵 💯

  • Cal Martin
    Cal Martin

    Why no one talking about Offset's verse, that shit hit hard

    • Random

      @swag lad no i understand him too cuz i watched offset other songs and i got used to it

    • Kame

      @Amiyir 69 ong people saying he mumbling like tf?

    • Mo Taha
      Mo Taha

      It's actually my favourite part of the song

    • 1SYK0

      He carried the song for sure

    • Pastinmypast2020


  • Flex.

    This goess soo harddd im addicted to this

  • Nicholas Claus
    Nicholas Claus

    At 2:01 when offset and ksi move their heads together that gives me chillsssss

  • Sam Chafen
    Sam Chafen

    I used to vibe to this in lockdown better times man

  • Aidan Meadows
    Aidan Meadows

    This shit is actually fireee

  • Bavleo_ENG

    MAAAD Respect to you ma G, The album was fire and I can’t stop listening on the songs, come on guys let’s help him once and make this Album to Nr.1 He always there and entertain us and make us laugh. Let’s Goooi Keep streaming let’s show the world how powerful ITmoresrs we are and KSI is an example of a role model for us all he started from Zero. Hard work pays off🔥

    • Bavleo_ENG

      ByteCrescent Hahah, ma g. Always here to support and show love❤️

    • Bavleo_ENG

      Chris Dodds Yee man that was deep one for sure🌹

    • Bavleo_ENG

      Daniel Carter It’s a new style from KSI, I loved the lyrics and the video style.

    • My name is jeff
      My name is jeff

      @Daniel Carter people has different opinions dude

    • shree datta
      shree datta

      JJs workrate is that of a panda's...

  • Mario Chati
    Mario Chati

    This is legit fire 🔥💯

  • Hassan Jan
    Hassan Jan

    Total madness 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kene O
    Kene O

    1:55 was a mad moment 🔥🔥

  • Shihab shams
    Shihab shams

    Offset really did give him a verse he would give to any other artist...best verse JJ got

  • Adam Farrell
    Adam Farrell

    This guy is posting world class music and still hasn't activated windows

    • Saint Phillip Foden
      Saint Phillip Foden

      @Classic Games exactly but tbf his new album actually has a lot of improvement and his songs are actually hits

    • L'Paz

      @Classic Games sorry that his music dont got captions

    • That’s Insane my guy
      That’s Insane my guy

      @Classic Games you still saying this shit?

    • KillerSB Gaming
      KillerSB Gaming

      That’s JJ olatunji this KSI

    • Galactico 999
      Galactico 999

      Ay man, u seem a bit confused. That's JJ olatunji who hasn't activated windows. He looks similiar but are 2 different ppl. Ksi is a rapper . Jj is a ytuber

  • *_*

    Cant wait to see him performing this one

  • Laura Broom
    Laura Broom


  • Peep


  • Vikrum Datta
    Vikrum Datta

    I need more of this ksi the dance music is still fire but this shit just hits different

  • Martin Canosa
    Martin Canosa

    From playing FIFA at home, funny Q&As, doing random things in public, to his hair getting roasted by many to winning boxing matches watched by millions around the world, and now has an album featuring big names in the industry, this man’s a big inspiration to many. Mad respect to KSI💯

    • h8 hello
      h8 hello

      You know you can pay for features on a song from big artists this is what Ksi did I guarantee you no big artist wants to do a song with ksi for free because his music is fucking trash

    • Martin Canosa
      Martin Canosa

      srikant battacharya can’t hate a man like him, something’s probably wrong with you

    • s-e-c-r-t? !
      s-e-c-r-t? !

      Riskyy cap 🧢

    • Disab 2003
      Disab 2003

      srikant battacharya your chatting absolute waffle

    • Xeno

      @shree datta you say that but you're subbed to him🤣🤣

  • Gio

    This shit is fire bro 🔥

  • Jackson Restrepo
    Jackson Restrepo

    This is lit 🔥

  • Jakob is me
    Jakob is me

    My epileptic brother loved this so much he started dancing on the floor

    • Jay ジェイもやった
      Jay ジェイもやった

      Copied kid

    • Human Lettuce
      Human Lettuce

      @Nathan Ross mad over a comment. 🤣

    • your foreheads wam
      your foreheads wam


    • duck


    • Micro Gambler
      Micro Gambler

      Copied that

  • Manny Ruiz
    Manny Ruiz

    This is one of my favorite songs from ksi

  • Jordan Banks
    Jordan Banks

    Watching offset vibe on a KSI tune makes me happy ngl

    • Ubumbitch

      @Rayan for real ksi fans really think Polo Trippie offset lil baby smokepurpp lil pump featuring without a bag they don’t know jj like that and even trippie called him out and ksi was kinda mad cause of the call out

    • Rayan

      @Soul hunter no way offset didnt get paid for this feature

    • 116_Tanzeel

      This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • SNX II
      SNX II

      @Stack The Plug cap thats the only reason he put himself on it is because he vibed with it. Offset rich fam, if he didnt want to be on it he just wouldnt he didnt have to do this

    • jimmy rummy
      jimmy rummy

      The best hard though

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama

    That autotune and bass makes it twice as good! Fire

  • Sell Out
    Sell Out

    Lets apreciate the fact that JJ is like half a centimeter taller then offset

  • Simone Boh
    Simone Boh

    This song is fire

  • thatboyysam

    holy shit this hit hard

  • Jacob Aveyard
    Jacob Aveyard

    JJ: “Beerus is a God not a cat” Also JJ: “Spent 500k on a cat”

    • Batdude Gaming
      Batdude Gaming


    • Alex Mora
      Alex Mora

      Cap not a cat

    • Xeno

      I was literally about to comment that bruh

    • BruceLee'sDJstudio

      did he say something about jackie chan???????????

    • Kiri

      @brandon he is a cat