KSI - Down Like That (feat. Rick Ross, Lil Baby & S-X)
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Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 1 (KSI)

Yeah, yeah,
I want that knockdown
Fuck up the system,
Make it shut down,
I’m cold with this, slow man down like Freezer
Wanna backstab like Frieza
Dictate death like Caesar
Always come through with a bee
Got to do a lot to trouble me
Visionary still won’t tunnel me
Me to you, now that will chuckle me
Devilish views when they’re aiming at the profit
Emitting pain till you’re nothing
Remember what I said when that pussy tried moving with the opps
Now he back with the blocks nigga

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 2 (Rick Ross)

(It’s the biggest in the game!)

Phantoms in my yard
So ring around the Rolls (Skrr)
Hardest on the block
The biggest one, da boss
Helicopter pad the home of Sammy Sosa (Biggest)
Stealing all the bases I’m the ladies token (Wooo)

Bitches always bad, I’m known to blow the budgets
Meek was at the crib
So double M the subject (Ahh)
Condo got three levels, Postmate all the lunches
Flippin’ all the kilos, keepin’ all the grudges

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

Verse 3 (Lil Baby)

Ain’t no more let downs
Unless the top getting dropped
I love it at the top
My concierge don’t ever stop me
You know I fuck with Ross
I even went and bought da block
A hundred million dollars strong
I really came from sellin rocks
Championship belt
Them VVS they spark
Steal it hit the gas and get out on the narcs
Killas move for free
I just can’t pick a cost
Put the drip on market took it to the charts
Now I’m rocking with The Biggest
And I’m fucking with The Boss

Hook (S-X)

You gotta go,
Go and let me down like that (ay)
Down like that
(Oh) Why,
Why you go and let down like that, (ay)
Down like

I was nothin but loyal to you right from the start
You changed up on me as soon as things start getting hard
I’ve only seen the light despite us being in the dark
And you let me down like that, yeah
Down like that (oh why)

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  • Hfz rzq
    Hfz rzq

    This song makes the whole fight look like a movie

    • JM

      @Anish Senthil heh he did

    • rbnrhbruedk


    • rbnrhbruedk


    • rbnrhbruedk


    • rbnrhbruedk


  • simples1976

    Unpopular opinion: the true start of JJ's music career



    • QTCxrlos

      @simples1976 I disagree I say it started when he put out his first song big collabs don’t make ur career

    • Hazza 😳😳
      Hazza 😳😳

      His music's ass tbh the only reason he's popular is cuz of his features they carry it

    • Just Ren
      Just Ren

      I disagree it was king kong

    • Shuriken

      I think it was Beerus

  • Recruited Andrew ϟ
    Recruited Andrew ϟ

    Unpopular opinion: This is still one JJ’s best songs

    • Clover

      Down like that would probably still be jj's best song next to Lose Agree?

    • Ninad Kulkarni
      Ninad Kulkarni

      It Is

    • DarklordIra

      That's not unpopular or an opinion

    • yeet feet
      yeet feet

      Nah popular opinion

    • versia

      litteraly its so good

  • Brandon Ojeda
    Brandon Ojeda

    Imagine if he lost. The memes would be like “why did KSI have to let us down like that”

    • storm

      @Coke Jellybeans what’s wrong with Reddit 😂

    • Zap

      @Coke Jellybeans cope

    • MR HYPE
      MR HYPE


    • Coke Jellybeans
      Coke Jellybeans

      @DHAIVAT (ALL CAPS) yeah youre not cappin shit sounds fucking vile


      @Coke Jellybeans Not disgusting as coke and jelly beans 💀


    this has to be one of my all time favorites from JJ. simply incredible

    • Baadaarunissa Chaudhary
      Baadaarunissa Chaudhary


    • Aquaz


  • N!X

    Fair play to JJ for making a song, going on tour, training and STILL getting the W 🙌

    • HeadshotaZ

      @Tristan Smithers LMAO

    • Rachel1507

      @Tristan Smithers you mad bro? 😂

    • Ryan Vo
      Ryan Vo

      PumpSavage Kid21 Yes he did...

    • Ryan Vo
      Ryan Vo

      PumpSavage Kid21 But he did...

    • CKE

      My man shredded so fast bro

  • F. B. I
    F. B. I

    POV: It's November 2019, back when the world wasn't shit and back when corona wasn't a problem. You were nervous for the fight then this drops. On November 9th you hear "From the United Kingdom!"


      My man 💪💪💪💪 brings back memories 😍😍😍☺☺

    • Rub

      @Vipervenom Xposed I'm pretty sure virtually no one supported logan

    • Rub

      I hope after corona life gets like this again good times

    • Trent McIntosh
      Trent McIntosh

      I love this comment it just bring fear

    • Young Gaming1011
      Young Gaming1011

      I was playing 2k before the match.

  • ov3r

    i refuse to believe that this song was made last year edit: bro i refuse to believe that this comment was made last year

    • stets uninu
      stets uninu

      200iq comment

    • Bruh Bruh
      Bruh Bruh

      Well its now pre-dissimulation. Time really flies

    • Tristan

      420 likes nice

    • Nicole Sexton
      Nicole Sexton

      2 years ago 😫

    • M4tth3w

      It’s been 2 years now

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    It has 85M streams on Spotify Bring it 100M

    • NKS

      Lighter bout to hit 100 milly

    • EZrelief

      @J L eskitett

    • J L
      J L

      @Sultan Wibisono dis you just say a little pump quote in the year 2021?

    • Sultan Wibisono
      Sultan Wibisono


  • LoovlehCuppaTea

    This song is near nostalgic at this point. Remember jus stayin up to see the fight then hearing this as ksi comes out, I mean around this time I really took fitness seriously too so I remember playing this to motivate me, good times man

    • JustAnAverageMuslim

      Walking W

    • cute nugget
      cute nugget

      Same dude

    • Tyler Fairbarn Is a weirdo
      Tyler Fairbarn Is a weirdo

      Literally the exact same as me. Really got me hyped and motivated. I remember the excitement and energy around the fight, I’m not a mega fan of this guy but this hit different for some reason. I remember waking up in London and immediately checking my phone to see that the he won man the energy was insane. Good times man I fw KSI

  • Kriptid

    How does this song already feel nostalgic

    • Jakub Adamowicz
      Jakub Adamowicz


    • Michael Pulliam
      Michael Pulliam


    • noob


    • cristyoutube 21
      cristyoutube 21


    • Zap


  • Deressa

    I requested this song to play at our school dance. When the dance came around I had forgot about it, and suddenly when the song started playing, everyone was hyped!

    • Mozzbyy


    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      Wow 😳

  • Jude Carne
    Jude Carne

    So nostalgic and it hasn’t even been a year yet, He’s improved so much in such a short amount of time over a tough lockdown too ✊

  • Chas G
    Chas G

    I've been screaming for music that hit hard like we had with the 90's, this shit hits that spot!!!!!

    • Jico Marinas
      Jico Marinas

      You must not be looking at the right places

  • José Hernandez
    José Hernandez

    A year later boys our boy is still victorious ❤️

    • Amir Mohammad
      Amir Mohammad

      Our babuntai is still coming out victorious

    • 3rror Message
      3rror Message

      Who’s your boy

    • Gangsta Pepe
      Gangsta Pepe

      Our fat neek is still growing strong

    • -Daniel-


  • Reece Sims
    Reece Sims

    After watching this guy for 6 years he has achieved so much And 2 days later he has impressed the world after the fight...

    • Spaccy

      Bxn 14 and Logan doesn’t have an ego problem? Lol it’s worse with him

    • MikeM16

      @NaturallyAwesome i would be cocky as well if i achieved what he achieved all by myself. The dude is enjoying life

    • Ryan Hensey
      Ryan Hensey

      Rape faces fam hes getting bet

    • Reece Sims
      Reece Sims

      Kyle McWilliams no I’m 16 😂😭

    • NaturallyAwesome

      Nathann I would but... just can’t stand the guy, his egotism just makes me not like him

  • IRIN

    The feeling of listening to this after ksi won the fight...

    • Michael S..
      Michael S..

      Yea it makes it better

    • Drea Emily
      Drea Emily

      @Kentry frrr

    • Kentry

      it hit different listening to it before the fight and after it

    • JFTY

      It’s insane

  • Charlie Taylor
    Charlie Taylor

    The vibe was so sick when this came out, we were all nervous for jj and hyped about this song. You know a songs good when it reminds you of good memories 💪

    • greatslumber

      Facts. All my friends said Logan was gonna win but I had to back JJ lol. I almost missed the fight but legit woke up at like 4am and i turned on my laptop and the fight was just about to start. The whole thing was just so iconic

  • eth

    i remember listening to this on the way home from college the day it came out. i had it on repeat the whole way

  • Scott Lewis
    Scott Lewis

    Great song bro 👌🏻 love the hard work

  • Harley Hicks
    Harley Hicks

    Sorry but this man has done everything he’s the best in the game for sure.

    • B Chaynz
      B Chaynz

      So he's a bigger entertainer than Mr. Beast, PewDiePie, Shane Dawson, etc.???? Naw didn't think so. KSI is cringy asf!!

    • Reilly

      @Harley Hicks'never' but um your listening to it now

    • HBK

      Like the best rapper????? Huh

    • Wolfy

      @B Chaynz (youtube game)

    • Degeneracy

      Harley Hicks young Harley y u trippin so hard

  • Big Ole Fuck!ng Tweaker445
    Big Ole Fuck!ng Tweaker445

    To be honest I don't even really like rap like that but I've been involved into a lot of JJ's music recently so props to him and everybody else he's been collabing with excellent work my guys

  • Shihab shams
    Shihab shams

    This song has an unforgettable vibe, history and changed jjs music career completely

  • StepKickKing

    Hard to think that this song is already nearly a year old.

    • Omnipotence 882
      Omnipotence 882

      Hard to think that this comment is already nearly a year old.

    • Captain Lemon
      Captain Lemon


    • bossman

      The song is still older than jake pauls audience

    • OkReallyNow

      Year old now 😞

    • Spam Account
      Spam Account

      So true. I literally remember getting notified on Twitter that the rematch was confirmed. Good times.

  • GGgusix

    Waking up and seeing that he won was one of the best feelings of my fucking life. Tnx JJ !

  • fayçal benammar
    fayçal benammar

    Fun fact : he's gonna use it for his entrance

    • Cathy Maldonado
      Cathy Maldonado


    • Carmelita Fox
      Carmelita Fox

      @Jay Banz You replied... I should be the one asking.

    • Carmelita Fox
      Carmelita Fox

      @Jay Banz You need more lessons about music than Logan needs to boxing.

    • Carmelita Fox
      Carmelita Fox

      @Jay Banz *rhythm is something that you DO have... On his case, for example... Watch KSI - Little Boy and then tell me something.

    • Carmelita Fox
      Carmelita Fox

      @Jay Banz and then I'm the one who doesn't understand about music...

  • emmanuel hernandez
    emmanuel hernandez

    Man I can’t believe it’s been over a year since this masterpiece came out last year

  • Bxze

    Been almost a yr now since he released this. It's crazy how fast time has gone by.

  • Dugital3

    never been a fan of the music but love ksi, this is fire man XD im late but for real you are getting good

  • SirTunde

    10 months later this song still slaps

  • Space

    One of the most unexpected collabs I’ve ever seen Edit: I randomly came back and didn’t realize I got 2.7 likes🤣. BUT THIS HOOK IS SOOOOO CATCHY TO ME

    • Space

      StormSurge Nah it’s just that Ksi’s and lil baby’s verses sounds rushed. But personal don’t like lil baby regardless. But Rick Ross was fine. AND THIS HOOK IS CATCHY AF.

    • Aditya Chennuri
      Aditya Chennuri

      G2S SLAYER Wym

    • ㄔㄗㄞㄘㄆㄉ

      ABC_Bilal HD And SX music is in all the sidemen outros so they prob knew each other

    • activeli

      @DS Slayer nice try kid go back to playing fortnite

    • StormSurge

      @N G None of those are big artists lmao, even Waka in his prime wasn't insanely big, he's definitely washed now.

  • dippy duck
    dippy duck

    Yooo KSI your lyrics are fire this song is just fire🤘🏻❤️

  • Zaiku

    I always use this song when I’m working out

  • Take van Rossem
    Take van Rossem

    I've listened this already 5 time this day... It's a straight up banger

  • SYKE

    JJ risked it every time with Uncontrollable, On point and even Down like that and they still bang up until now!

  • Tanvir

    When the announcer said “From the United Kingdom” the whole stadium erupted and I went crazy. CMON!!!

    • Prince of Pride
      Prince of Pride

      Bro I wish I was at that stadium, I LOST IT

    • Cory V
      Cory V

      No shit Ksi has more fans . Logan acts stupid way too often even though he’s quite intelligent so that makes him like able then ksi. But I think one day Logan and ksi will be one day be friends I think they would have good chemistry after watching both channels since their beginnings.

    • Vuk Dedic
      Vuk Dedic

      when i heard united i shat myself, thought he was about to say USA xD

    • Kentry

      I couldn't scream but I wanted to, cause it was like 6am when i watched the fight

    • Elliott Lee
      Elliott Lee

      i was so sad for like a split second when he said united because i thought he was gonna say united states

  • Alfie 10
    Alfie 10

    My heart beats like mad when I hear this song cause it reminds me of the fight

  • DluxKillz

    The Beat Got Crazy VIBES 💯💯💯

  • Timur

    This is the best music ksi has made and over all one of the best songs to listen

  • Hircine

    Unpopular opinion: this is the best music ksi has ever made

    • Toast

      @Hircine yes

    • Hircine

      @Toast no

    • Toast


    • Orgix

      i disagree

    • D0CT0RM00N

      @Omnipotence 882 touche

  • Dolomite

    By far the best song he’s released yet, this is hard.

    • EV3R4SIGHT

      @Jam15 if you think about it rapping is one of the hardest simply because bad beats make your verse sound trash bad verse make your beat sound trash and flow is everything. So if you're gonna say a genre is easy let it be pop.

    • KPicheMon 313
      KPicheMon 313

      Clearly never heard I've got horse

    • Raz Senpai
      Raz Senpai

      True Facts!!😁

    • Juliankam

      No I’m on a horse is the best

    • VVGFidel

      Jam15 das a little bit weird to say. How does a lot of people try to do it = easy to do A lot of them “soundcloud rappers” aren’t good

  • Boa123

    KSI really took this internet thing to another level…u have to give it to him🤷🏾‍♂️I remember first watching him back around 2010 in year 6 primary😂he’s a 🐐 of our generation

  • Oscar

    I get this stuck in my head all the time for real catchy ass song

  • ItsF1ck0

    Got me in shivers 🥶🥶🥶

  • Katyzhack

    Everytime I listen to this song I get goosebumps

  • Munjab Vlogs
    Munjab Vlogs

    It's actually crazy how successful JJ is, my man went from screaming at fifa to boxing on sky sports, making music with big named people, being the biggest British youtuber, being a part of the biggest UK group. fair play

    • - Jake -
      - Jake -

      Brendan Martindale You do realise Pewdiepie isn't English? He just lives in England, he's Swedish 😂

    • ALN

      YanniGTX technically he is British but I get what you mean

    • Kaif

      @Sidemen Clips XIX loool

    • True Mike
      True Mike

      SeanReynoldsYT By subscriber count he isnt. U can say hes the most relevant. But not the biggest.

    • Faizaan Ahmed
      Faizaan Ahmed

      They're not the biggest group in Britain, but the biggest group in the entire world!

  • Just random stuff
    Just random stuff

    I didn’t know that JJ made this, I’ve always been rocking to this

  • O7

    0:06 Asian parents when their child gets an A- instead of an A+

    • A.O.L Art
      A.O.L Art

      F u thats not true

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts

      What if it’s an F

    • Left Her
      Left Her

      Bro 😭😭



    • Fortify


  • Luka Brajković
    Luka Brajković

    Just remembered this song. The hype surrounding it was unreal.

  • Mustafa Sakhravi
    Mustafa Sakhravi

    Ksi is one of the only ITmoresrs that make actually good music

  • DaBoss

    This is obviously what he’s playing while he walks to the ring🔥

    • Vanitas

      He actually said in a interview that he will walk out with them while playing this song

    • Mo

      Football Live tv he is

    • DrCurse

      No shit

    • VeryOaty 89
      VeryOaty 89


    • Allen Peregrino
      Allen Peregrino


  • Tzvi Dorfan
    Tzvi Dorfan

    Happy one year anniversary to this 🔥 song

  • Evan Ramos
    Evan Ramos

    I have no words for this song just fire🔥


    POV: its late 2020 and you still listen to this song, absolute FIRE!

  • M4tth3w

    This song brings back so much good memories

  • TGHjustinOther

    On a real is jj even human he he just smashes everything he does . Like he said hard work can get you anywhere

    • Ja Ja
      Ja Ja

      Legend of Nibbaheem nice original comment there zoomer

    • SenorCapalot

      Ja Ja lmao at least our favorite ITmoresd doesn’t record dead bodies 💀

    • Legend of Nibbaheem
      Legend of Nibbaheem

      @Ja Ja boomer alert

    • Model RK800
      Model RK800

      @xzell Why should abortion be illegal? I assume you mean in all cases, which is just even more stupid, as some women have an incredibly high risk of dying during childbirth. I'd think that in situations like those, at the very least, someone would accept abortion.

    • Model RK800
      Model RK800

      @Bruh Life has never been proven to start at conception, thus, it is not killing. Besides, why should a woman have to endure the pain of pregnancy if she doesn't want to?

  • KAsauce

    Fist time hearing this song in a year and i got goose bumps

  • J

    goosebumps every time whenever i hear this song XD

  • Servant of The Expander
    Servant of The Expander

    This has been stuck in my head since the song came I suddenly remember it.

  • Danthefish666

    The song is great and I love the chorus

  • oi bruv
    oi bruv

    This song slaps differently now that the fight is done

    • Chubby Gamez
      Chubby Gamez

      i know right

    • gtaroler

      IKRRRR 🔥

    • shazan chaudhary
      shazan chaudhary

      Callisic song and nolstagic

    • Random Content
      Random Content

      oi bruv you’re right

    • maddy



    this is by far KSI's best song.....hearing it on his ringwalk with logan was a madness

  • Down Like That
    Down Like That

    Tbh it was a very ballsy move to release this song around the time of the fight. I can't even imagine the backlash if he lost. Respect 💯

  • Tyrone

    Heard the song play in a store down here in South Africa today. Went in just to jam out to it and left again. KSI is goat.

    • I need internet numbers
      I need internet numbers

      This is made 2 years ago, your capping or they are hardcore ksi fans

  • Chadboza

    this song DEFINES jj's career so much it feels so fucking nostalgic

  • jamie

    JJ is truly killing 2019. I cannot name anything bad he's done this year, my guys killing the GAME.

    • Frosty

      @Woo Wednesday it was sarcasm

    • Frosty

      You will after he loses the fight ;)

    • Mafingdo

      If he loses......

    • Sir Spooky
      Sir Spooky

      @Woo Wednesday man its chill if u dont understand but he went oh wait... as in logan paul did it

    • Cary

      I don't remember anything he did

  • Avi Umatiya
    Avi Umatiya

    This song makes me feel me stronger than any other school song👑👑👑👑👑

  • Hawk

    Fun Fact: Everytime its someones turn to sing their names go rainbow

    • Leo Limited Edition
      Leo Limited Edition

      @Drea Emily ladies and gents let’s give it up for Stevie Wonder

    • danish_1

      @Leo Limited Edition facts

    • Drea Emily
      Drea Emily

      @Leo Limited Edition i never noticed it

    • efkin

      I never even noticed lmao

    • Leo Limited Edition
      Leo Limited Edition

      Ladies and gents let’s give it up for Sherlock

  • Why I am even watching youtube right now
    Why I am even watching youtube right now

    Wish someone animated this it will look soo cool

  • Starry2

    This song is amazing on blast

  • Samir Av
    Samir Av

    I remember 9 years ago KSI was doing fifa videos in his room and now he's got Rick Ross on his own track. Absolute unreal

    • Telai Sharpe
      Telai Sharpe

      Jason Page He’s a legend foh

    • Legend Rejit
      Legend Rejit

      1000th like

    • Christena Marz
      Christena Marz

      Umm ? Bhad Bhabie has done songs with Snoop Dogg, YG & Tory Lanez & Many More Actual Rappers. She's Literally A Main Stream Rapper & She's Still Not Shit 😂 Same Goes To KSI, He's Still More Of A ITmoresr > Than A Rapper 😂 As For The Boxing ? He's Just Getting Paid To Do It. Nothing Special, There's People Who Train Everyday & Actually Do It For A Living.

    • Jason Page
      Jason Page

      back when rick ross was relevant 9 years ago, now he's a nobody.

    • MS7


  • Krazy Pizza
    Krazy Pizza

    I love this song 🤩

  • Agentbot OP
    Agentbot OP

    Reason why I started loving JJ’s music 🥵🖤

  • A. Theil
    A. Theil

    I wish I could relive this moment

  • Aidzie

    this feels nostalgic and its almost been a year already

  • JTTK

    This is definitely JJs walk-in song and that’s facts Edit: Jeez thanks for over 900 likes

    • Bryan Hernandez
      Bryan Hernandez

      You were right

    • Máistir

      Henry Tetley Saturday 9pm UK time I think bro

    • Chk

      @PEEN ripping suit yourself mate ._.

    • Gwil Evans
      Gwil Evans

      Fm 64 Yh snm it bangs aswel

    • PEEN ripping
      PEEN ripping

      @melker your welcome

  • Renji

    this song gives me goosebumps

  • Deathninja2801

    This song is a year old. Best track of 2019 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Brown Banana
    Brown Banana

    This song will always be in JJ's career highlights.

  • nthxan (•
    nthxan (•

    When this came out right before the fight I was so HYPED when it came on at JJs entrance

  • Lorenzo03’

    Song gave me goosebumps. Feels like this is the end of a long journey & honestly we should be proud of JJ , win or lose , I’ll still be on his side. He has came long way from where he was years ago when I started to watch him , real ones know. Even tho a lot of people doubting JJ will win the fight.🤝

    • Ghazal Kamawal
      Ghazal Kamawal


    • Uzzy

      @Moghster true but jj brought back logans career after what he did in the forest

    • NavisLive

      Yeah from videos in his room on his laptop to a Lamborghini to songs with one of the most respectable artists.

    • desiredjey


    • 0036 I Dewa Gede Abie Vigo Vedananta
      0036 I Dewa Gede Abie Vigo Vedananta

      Yah mate i have the same feeling with you feel like this the final battle or boss battle theme

  • The BrainyJester113
    The BrainyJester113

    🔥 🔥 MASTERPIECE 🔥 🔥

  • 𝐊!𝐍𝐆

    This the greatest song he ever made 🚫🎩

  • lem lewis
    lem lewis

    Absolute goosebumps when he came out to this against LP

  • crazyman552

    That bass drop tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Martial

    I bet he is going to use this when he comes out to the ring.

    • Ugzons

      I hope so cuz its lit. ❤🔥

    • Sultan Bashir
      Sultan Bashir

      The Ned yeah probly

    • Not Siraj
      Not Siraj

      The Ned Ong

    • Alistair Rogers
      Alistair Rogers

      Yeh I thought that

    • Gohan

      The Ned ye apparently he’s walking out with the artista

  • KayTheToon

    Bruh, I can't help but get nostalgia from this song now, it seems like it was only yesterday when we were looking forward to the rematch

  • Gustavo 2001
    Gustavo 2001

    BRO WTF THIS SHIT FUCKIN SLAPPPPPS 😂 I was smoking and the homie put this on sheesh

  • ZackAttack

    2019: i want that knockdown 2021: England in lockdown

    • Slayer


  • Destroyer will go radiant
    Destroyer will go radiant

    I think this is still my fav song after a year

  • Really Rare
    Really Rare

    Lmao they were in LA and the whole stadium was KSI’s fans Respect

    • The Dark Knight
      The Dark Knight

      (Argument noises)

    • Will Smith
      Will Smith

      @ßaron Bruv, Logansters can't chat. Even Jake paul said that he dosnt expect anyone over 16 to wacth his vids


      Alternate universe Logan Paul wins!!!!! .... *silence* why is nobody cheering..

    • faithyy xx
      faithyy xx

      Alex1999 underrated lmao

    • Chubbes

      Elias Nelson yeah but that didn’t happen, majority of the Americans were KSI fans, let’s go champ.

  • Business Goose
    Business Goose

    Love it

  • Sharky HD
    Sharky HD

    In 2020 this song is still a banger 🔥

  • Tim

    i’ve always seen the light despite us being in the dark

  • yap that's Kelly
    yap that's Kelly

    I love this song so much

  • phantasm

    Who else had JJ's back since the begginning? let's goo

    • Michael S..
      Michael S..

      Team ksi forever

    • 「Buk Lau」
      「Buk Lau」

      I remember my cousin showing me this one dude who screamed a lot and here I am.

    • SSJBardgeta TM
      SSJBardgeta TM

      I was sceptial for JJ in the 1st fight back in August 2018,but when the 2019 rematch was announced I knew,Logan never stood a chance. All that talk and did jack shit.

    • LeGoat JaGoat
      LeGoat JaGoat

      Your mom

    • مصطفى الخالدي
      مصطفى الخالدي

      @alex ツ ayyyy... Me to broooo❤️❤️❤️4 real

  • SupremeCriminal

    Love the song!

  • Moa A
    Moa A

    This is JJ's ringtone in the sidemen's latest a-z drinking challenge video! A year after it was made

    • Znser

      @lol yes lmao

    • lol


  • Kenneth Arpuvel
    Kenneth Arpuvel

    The drop is so lit🔥🔥🔥

  • Xander Merchant
    Xander Merchant

    That S-X chorus is so great