KSI Ft JME - KEEP UP (Official Video)
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The Keep Up Music Video Is out. Hope you guys like it :)
Directed By Jack Delaney www.rebelyell.tv

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  • Andres Pineda
    Andres Pineda

    “Growing like im the universe” JJ predicted bulking season

    • Danial Sedgbeer
      Danial Sedgbeer


    • Lucky Ducky
      Lucky Ducky


    • Kyrozen

      Oh shit u violated him

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts

      He predicted himself becoming fat

    • Yung Ross Beats
      Yung Ross Beats


  • Kristian. T
    Kristian. T

    When this was filmed: Dax was a janitor No one knew Ricegum Logan and jake were on vine Simpler times Edit: I made it on the Reddit video 😮

    • Lester Crest
      Lester Crest


    • shush


    • Dhanvin Bharat
      Dhanvin Bharat

      u forgot the point that tiktok hadn't existed.

    • Kevin Aweso
      Kevin Aweso

      @UC8Ki8ue6OznAxzwgdTbZDbw Its a joke dumbass

    • Yeet Yeeter
      Yeet Yeeter

      @UC7PHTMK6xiLznE59PxbQkEg Shut the fuck up little girl

  • Meme Lord
    Meme Lord

    You know what, for where JJ was at with his music this isn’t bad

    • Vital Xeno
      Vital Xeno

      @courtney wood man

    • SK7 Productions
      SK7 Productions

      @courtney wood shush

    • BANGTAN 7
      BANGTAN 7

      It's a fuckin banger

    • Rami Games & More
      Rami Games & More

      This is one of my favourite ksi songs

  • Nowack

    Used to listen a lot to this 3 years ago, just came back and i still remember that shit... Good times!


      The ogs know this

    • RS47

      Your Cs montages are sick

    • Reality Escapist
      Reality Escapist

      You ARE a moron. Sorry, but if you cant even differentiate the context of a word like "shit", then I'd say there's not much hope for ya!

    • svswish

      fr man, the hype lives forever

    • Mysha K
      Mysha K


  • Licking Guy
    Licking Guy

    KSI you came a long way!! Thumbs up if you agree

    • Carter blu Sylvester
      Carter blu Sylvester


    • Black Alpha
      Black Alpha

      yes a very long way

    • Super Noob
      Super Noob

      6 years later i can confirm

    • Nathan Dilanda
      Nathan Dilanda

      He’s gone even further now

    • Licking Guy
      Licking Guy

      @Udai Vir Singh At the TOP!!

  • Fraz World
    Fraz World

    This was actually sick on its day.. Forgot this song even existed..

    • Nabz

      1,000th like 👍

    • Fraz World
      Fraz World

      @Alixman92 idk, because this song was years ago and I haven't listened to it in a long time

    • Alixman92

      @Fraz World why do u sound like an 80 year old who is telling stories

    • kegan hill
      kegan hill

      @Real jahhushhham NN

    • SomeRandomIdiot.

      @superstrategic stfu

  • DrJayPlays

    JME's verse still slaps to this day 🔥

  • renaissent

    can we just appreciate how JME's verse out shined the entire rest of the song?

  • LordLeezy

    Five years down the line and I still remember all the lyrics

  • ChadWithaJ

    This is actually HYPE! Wasn't expecting it to be this good, well done JJ

    • Omeed

      I love you man

    • That's Riiight
      That's Riiight

      @ChadWithaJ It took alot of work for Justin Bieber to make a music video doesnt make it any good music wise x

    • ChadWithaJ

      @Shaniqua Leshawna Jackson are you serious? clearly you haven't done many projects in your life. making things like this takes a crap ton of work

    • PersesDa2

      +TheMookLife l naw lmabo was better

    • Cosmic Entity
      Cosmic Entity

      +TheMookLife yea u guys r right wasn't expecting it to be this good and I like jme's bit sick yea boooooi keep u the good work

  • bossmantings

    I remember this song always playing on my mp3 player back in 2015-2017 (when it was lost) and i was wondering who JJ was and it feels so weird now that 4 years ago i didnt know who this guy was and hes the biggest inspiration to me now

  • O2N

    still a banger to this day -2021 imma return every year

  • Saïtri10

    I love Jme; so much that i'd love if they re-recorded this. It would really do so well in the trap charts


    This man has a number one album on the official charts now😂🔥❤

  • Kay

    This is so dope man

    • xL_il

      sup kay ive been a fan for like 5 years

    • ix-blessed-ix

      @sniffer 01 were are you're brain cells

    • Zetsu

      what the fuck

    • Mikz

      @sniffer 01 he commented this 5 years ago u dumb ass kid

    • sniffer 01
      sniffer 01

      you are so desparate for views you had to comment didnt you

  • Eddy Bravo
    Eddy Bravo

    He’s come a long way… we love you jj!

  • Fritz John Kennedy L. Bambano
    Fritz John Kennedy L. Bambano

    No other youtuber has really improved in the music scene as well as JJ he went from this to making a song with Lil Wayne, I'm so proud of our fatneek!!! More succes to you my G!

  • DiskyDoughnuts

    JME will forever be JJ's best feature

  • josh

    “You get bare slaps if you get bare rude” is such a classic line

  • SLAPTrain

    Loved it was dope AF

    • s1.quattro

      +TheSLAPTrain Haha main man Slap everywhere nowadays xD

    • Jack McDowell
      Jack McDowell

      hey slap :)

    • Warlord

      Love your wheel cam vids but I'm just gonna have to deal with it for now :)

    • Vitor Rocha
      Vitor Rocha

      +TheSLAPTrain1 Yoo slap, its nice to see you here

    • orlovski

      +TheSLAPTrain1 slap pls

  • Emmanuel Akpandara
    Emmanuel Akpandara

    Who's coming back here 4 years later during quarantine

    • ChoppaJt

      @Z 7 year old using big boy words? be careful your mummy doesnt hear you

    • Z

      @ChoppaJt jakey just stick to your fortnite you stupid fuck

    • ChoppaJt

      @Z yeah, nobody here is saying its good so stfu

    • Z

      This song is fuckin garbage

    • anautisticperson XD
      anautisticperson XD


  • ItsMiZzie

    JJ, everyone is proud of you man, you've come so far and don't stop, btw i love you content♥️♥️

  • KryptxcAssassin

    Jj has come so far since this point you gotta congratulate him 💙

  • OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria
    OlioBGMOTI - Bulgaria

    I was only 12 when this song dropped and it is still my favorite song to this day!

  • s7gamer1

    good job bro enjoyed youre music and lets keep up(:

    • wildbeast1

      +sabri heyyyyy i watch your youtube channel upload more for god sake

    • time to diebaby
      time to diebaby

      +sabri loved it to

  • crxvf

    Comparing this to really love he’s came along way and he’s come bigger strong and better past couple of years it’s crazy he’s killing it

  • Clashev

    He went from being aight at rapping to being terrible to now being pretty good, this man broke his rap game down and build it back from scratch must respect

  • Bubbles

    Reflecting on how much I’d love to see a compilation of JJ remaking these OG songs while in the position he is now

  • meisha

    it’s fair to say this was JJ in his prime before now. the song, the content, everything.

  • DvLZStaTioN

    Great music man :D .. #keepUp

    • RocK ZooZ
      RocK ZooZ

      ايش جاابك

    • Slatt

      DvLZStaTioN I subscribed to your channel would you subscribe back to mines

    • Pedro Fonseca
      Pedro Fonseca

      DvLZStaTioN i have to agree :p #KEEPUP

    • TK Marshall
      TK Marshall

      ههههههههه انت علاء ولا ماكو😂

    • Jafar Sadiq
      Jafar Sadiq

      +DvLZStaTioN ها علاء شجابك هنا هوة اني شارد منك

  • Barek Schaffrath
    Barek Schaffrath

    Let's get this to 100 Million Views. This aged very well. C'mon Bois do this to JJ the U.K King

  • shivinho

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Not even Harry when he sees a line: JME: Seriousse

    • Cyril Newell
      Cyril Newell

      You know a madness going down when you hear it out of JME's mouth

    • mv1240

      and I make bare p’s if I make bare choons

    • JG1

      Shut ya mouth

    • Gopal Chellingi
      Gopal Chellingi

      that's what makes it a banger. you know a tune is a banger when JME comes in with SSEEERRIIOUUSS

    • chipshooter

      I like the pfp you got from shibe pubg :)

  • Desert U
    Desert U

    One of jj’s most underrated songs

  • Adeel's universe
    Adeel's universe

    I’m listening to this now and full vibing, this song still slaps 🔥

  • Tarun B reddy
    Tarun B reddy

    6 years up... and i am still here... a lot has happened... jj love u my g

  • Just Nathan
    Just Nathan

    Damn you know, I dont listen to JJ's music or rap but JME has some banging bars

  • E

    jj changed so much sometimes he doesnt feel like a same person he is now

  • KangKavala

    I was listening this when playing video games. Everytime KSI said can you keep up, my game crashes. KSI is too powerful

  • Parris

    This is just incredible tbh

    • Toni cacci
      Toni cacci

      I love your song too its a great beat

    • Blick Panther
      Blick Panther

      +The Chad Slack " i LIVE your channel bruh!!!

    • slacks

      I agree and btw I live your channel plz check mine out as I do to urs u are amazing

    • Callum

      +NasMC I agree with you bro all the youtubers just say it's a banger and that to get in JJ's good books or to avoid beef but it's shit

    • KiKO

      +NasMC You STFU This Song is good if you are a KSI Hater Fuck you!

  • A.Krishna Akhil
    A.Krishna Akhil

    All the ones who supported JJ and vibed to this when it first came out, you're the real ones.

  • Yuckesh

    You're not a fan of JJ until you've listened to this. Good old days

  • KiddEpix2K

    I feel like KSI's music was better back than.. Not many rappers go hard whilst having unique flows. This is why many people like old KSI. Because his lyrics, plus the beats, plus his older character was just better.

  • Harvz

    I remember getting home from school and seeing he did a song with JME finally and getting gassed. 😂🔥

  • CashNasty


    • Shadowfox RE
      Shadowfox RE

      CashNasty dayum. 🔥

    • Birch N
      Birch N

      Lmaooo cash I’m 2 years late

    • Ytt Kad3n
      Ytt Kad3n

      Ayeee my man's is up in here

    • Brunilda Lawrence
      Brunilda Lawrence

      CashNasty w

    • Faysal Ambari
      Faysal Ambari

      It's actually him

  • Zraxel

    Legendary tunes these are.

  • FusionIX


  • Correi Kamir🅿️
    Correi Kamir🅿️

    I remember when this said "posted 20 mins ago"

    • ScottyVEVO

      fuck off correi

    • AntiSocialAS


    • Midoriya on crack
      Midoriya on crack

      @Aayan Faisal maybe a guest

    • ollie b
      ollie b

      His fifa pack openings too man those were the days 😂

    • Dead

      not on this acc

  • ShaunRebel420

    5 years later, still a banger

  • LisabThePlug

    Keep up ft. JME- 2015 Pull up ft .JME- 2019 Bulk up ft. JME-2023

    • TomGaming0604

      2 more years to go ⏰

    • Cways 1⃣5⃣
      Cways 1⃣5⃣

      Back down ft JME- 2092

    • kye nufc
      kye nufc

      predictions like simpsons

    • Ioan Bogdan Morosanu
      Ioan Bogdan Morosanu

      Well said

    • Zach Leung
      Zach Leung

      all we wanna know is can you bulk up

  • tames games
    tames games

    If I'm going to be honest this one is bad but all the other songs are MORE THEN AMAZING

  • Tapi HD
    Tapi HD

    The memoriessss, this was my shit back in primary school, still slaps though

  • Katie

    Honestly JJ has had a massive glow up in 4 years like wow

  • mynameisjoey

    Havent heard this song in years and still remember the words

  • Skooby FTS
    Skooby FTS

    2:01 jmes verse gave me bare nostalgia, knew all the lyrics out of nowhere

    • Tahmina Ahmed
      Tahmina Ahmed

      @allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny why are you commenting that on here? And before u might call me islamophobic I am Muslim so don’t try it

    • ILightI


    • allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny
      allahm-ast3mnly wlatstbdlny

      mashallah tbark allah alhamdulillah inshallah better astaghfirullah

    • NCH

      Cooper Gaston it’s the lyrics chill

    • NCH

      Shut your mouth

  • _.lw04._

    Can we really take a minute to fucking appreciate how much progress JJ has made through the years? Even after all the hate from diss tracks like Quadeca and the sidemen beef, I know if it was me I would give up easily. However he powered through and became the entertainer we all know and love today. Thank you KSI for always proving that anything is possible.

  • Kuragari

    2021 and this is still a banger

  • supermakeup 125
    supermakeup 125

    I have this song on my iPod and I was dancing to it love u KSI

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown

    It’s a tradition to come back to this video every once in a while lmao

  • epic gamer
    epic gamer

    still a banger 5 years on

  • Capi

    "5 years later my first album drops"

    • Anonymous

      I was listening to that line as I read this comment 😂

    • mastergambino2


  • Parvathy VM
    Parvathy VM

    40 million views!!! I dont believe it!! JJ all the way!!

  • Muhsin Shah
    Muhsin Shah

    Brings back memories!!!

  • Shine4o6

    Little did KSI back in 2015 knew this was only the start of a era that he would become famous world wide and a well known music artist.

  • Russell wall
    Russell wall

    one of KSI's best songs ever

  • Yiğit Ali Balcı
    Yiğit Ali Balcı

    İ always love this song its amazing good fam

  • Ej Ridenhour
    Ej Ridenhour

    This song motivation 💯

  • 4eko

    And now this man is dropping his second album and having his show in the same week

  • CF CashFlow
    CF CashFlow

    I’m gonna show this to my grandkids

  • Darcey

    i wish the world was like this again just filled with people having fun without getting criticised

    • Darcey

      @Shan ikr everything good happened then

    • Shan

      2015 is honestly the last good year I can remember 😭 just happiness

  • Dara Kelly
    Dara Kelly

    "Growing like i'm the universe" in more ways than one apperently

  • chhrz


    • Haqim Mahmood
      Haqim Mahmood

      I miss og skepta and giggs

    • unknown person
      unknown person

      In a good or bad way im assuming bad

    • Mandy Unsworth
      Mandy Unsworth

      chhrz yer he did

    • Yazan shobaki
      Yazan shobaki

      Threat but u like j cole

    • SnowyVert

      chhrz and youre here.. 😂😂😂 you inspired me to play and kick ass in CS.GO! 😎

  • athaash8

    Such a sick song all his songs are getting better now I'm

  • Seedplant

    He may be making music with massive artists right now, but you can't deny that this is a banger.

    • Seedplant

      @ju Compare him to AJ Tracey, Lil Pump, Smokepurpp, Lil Baby, Rick Ross, hes not.

  • BLH

    I remember watching Keep Up when it first released, does were the days.

  • kieranfnr

    This banged 5 years ago It still bangs today

  • smilan21

    i really don't get all the hate, this is a really good song considering KSI is obviously not a musician. There's people like Iggy Azaela rapping literal nonsense, not even saying words...theres lil jon with just shouting... yet those people have gained so many millions in the past years. Why must youtube commenters be so salty. Its KSI, the guy that used to be in a room with a broken wardrobe and make hilarious fifa videos. This is OUR guy and he's climbing the music charts alongside one of the biggest faces in grime and general british music. I think you all need to get a life tbh

    • Adxnxyx

      Rory Whelan We don’t care about your opinion. If you don’t like New KSI then u can watch KSI’s old vids anytime. It’s free. So don’t come and hate when old KSI is available.

    • sr nifty snipes
      sr nifty snipes

      @smilan21 cant say that now lol

    • MDG 09
      MDG 09

      @emma baker fam that YEARS AGO that was old ksi and ever since harry said the old ksi will never actually you know what I dont even need to explain the rest everyone knows

    • BabbaYagga

      That aged well

    • Call of Night
      Call of Night

      He is a musician now tho

  • MUI sab FC
    MUI sab FC

    I listen to the whole song for the first time today, and it is a f-ing banger

    • Ben-RD-

      Guys not good at keeping up 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • ideniedi

      Your a few years late mate😂😂

  • J P
    J P

    Still my favourite KSI song even with dissimulation.

  • Aditya M
    Aditya M

    Aged like a fine wine 🤩

  • Shapel

    we need this hype in his new songs

  • Hobbie Stuart
    Hobbie Stuart

    big tune !!

    • Cecilia Bosdotter
      Cecilia Bosdotter

      Hobbie Stuar

    • EL - Emcee
      EL - Emcee

      +md ibz I actually quite like it after hovering around!

    • Max Llufrio-Newport
      Max Llufrio-Newport

      The song is a tune 🎶🎶🎶🎶

    • Bram van der Zanden
      Bram van der Zanden

      +Silver Surfer yess hahah XD

    • Monster Vibes
      Monster Vibes

      +Bram van der Zanden i can see by your name that you're Dutch. xD

  • lifelss

    no one can lie the way jme came on the track was pretty sick

  • Heel Moxley
    Heel Moxley

    I think this song is still relevant to JJs career especially.

  • Skate Plays
    Skate Plays

    Lol this was an interesting era for KSI, as this was the first time when he truly started becoming a mainstream icon and he legit behaved just like how you’d expect him to behave with this song being full proof of that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Susan Yorke
    Susan Yorke

    2021 and this master piece is still hot

  • Jisooyaaah

    This is really catchy. Holy shit. Good job, KSI. Been moonwalking with God here.

    • Joe Jobling
      Joe Jobling

      Your opinion is wrong

    • ian_canter

      +Ivan Georgiev i guess it's the revolution of the lil teen-hype-mans with a YT-channel..

    • Ivan Georgiev
      Ivan Georgiev

      +MICHAEL JACKS0N What the fuck is wrong with you m8 ?

    • CombatantCookie Archives
      CombatantCookie Archives

      So u did fake your death...

    • Adam Feston
      Adam Feston

      +CoffeeSquash 3 u gotta be joking

  • John Mukarker
    John Mukarker

    ksi really kept up and he still have all the hype

  • Optix

    Damn I remember listening to this song so fucking much when it first came out 😂

  • Maxwell_2002

    “All we really wanna know is can you shut ya mouth?” Has stayed with me ever since

  • nachocabj888

    I forgot how sick this song is, the beat is menacing

  • KsFreakWhatElse

    richtig nice .

    • Ali Azad
      Ali Azad


    • Verspielt

      Is wirklich mega nice :)

    • Don Vito
      Don Vito

      Ich schwöre hahaha 😂😂

    • Jano

      haha ks 😂👌

    • JonasSkillsHD

      immer ganz gechillt bleiben

  • Pirate Cat
    Pirate Cat

    Jme's verse still bangs

  • Markece Davis
    Markece Davis

    KSI goin hard!!!!

  • Francis Account
    Francis Account

    JME fr killed it on this track

  • P5Rulezz

    Still watching this in 2020 cuz it’s still 🔥 I just can’t believe this was uploaded 5 years ago

  • Ellie Mark
    Ellie Mark

    JME is sooooooo sick Honestly respect him, he's sick man

    • purple

      @Tom he's a dj and an MC

    • Daniel Son's
      Daniel Son's

      @Cameron King what?

    • Tom

      Who’s JmE lol

  • Nick exe
    Nick exe

    I did a street dance routine to this beat at school in a dance club, it was fucking lit

  • ben spibey
    ben spibey

    When we used to think this was great music. Man has come so far

    • BANGTAN 7
      BANGTAN 7

      But issa banger honestly

  • hadiyya edah-tally
    hadiyya edah-tally

    Quarantine brought me back to this absolute banger.

  • Zaslamel

    2:32 this guy is having the best time of his life XD