KSI Has Dinner With Craig David and Digital Farm Animals
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Written By:
Nic Wegener & Joe Chandler

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  • Golden Hoops
    Golden Hoops

    Lmfaoooo this was actually super funny towards the ending! 😂🤣😂🤣

    • Jet Regalado
      Jet Regalado

      @mateusz Milewski No he is not a bot

    • GingerBreadGuy

      @Naman Welp I guess you stay with your crappy mic

    • Arun Jagarlamudi
      Arun Jagarlamudi

      Golden Hoops, what u doing here? Love the vids!

    • Noel Ezra Imran
      Noel Ezra Imran

      @mateusz Milewski who is a bot

    • mateusz Milewski
      mateusz Milewski


  • Kay-DC

    "I'm afraid of everyone calling me a plump chicken" Reddit: *Write that down!*

    • ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎
      ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎ ︎

      @ZayThaGawd Stfu

    • hanker mcqueen
      hanker mcqueen

      I already have

    • ZayThaGawd

      Literally 99% people will not see this, god bless you and stay safe during these hard times p.s I’m so close to 100 subs with notis🧡💙

    • Captain Snowy
      Captain Snowy

      Ksi just signed his right to be memed at by saying that

    • M1.savvs☆


  • King3r

    “Reckless” “keeping it real” “ no drama” all definitely songs he teased for his new album

    • Joseph Varghese
      Joseph Varghese

      not even close lol

    • King3r

      @Milad Meah yep completely wrong but we move😂

    • Milad Meah
      Milad Meah

      Well this aged well...

    • TBTT

      Ha nice try but no

    • Bi1a1

      Lol nope

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown

    JJ: " What if I get famous and forget where I came from Reddit: That's why I'm here

    • SShadowLL

      @Kuya Kāru 和琉 Damn. Missed those days.

    • None User
      None User

      @xOr i completely agree with your statement

    • Jackson mayhem
      Jackson mayhem

      He came from "Africa" *babatunde's voice*

    • Koffee Kae
      Koffee Kae

      @xOr because there's no deji at the back

    • Kuya Kāru 和琉
      Kuya Kāru 和琉

      @xOr scary games with Deji it’s not the same without deji

  • BlackH3ll2000

    KSI: “What if i get famous and forget where i came from?” Reddit: “Am i a joke to you?”

    • Deathmare

      @karlos singh meh a bit dead

    • karlos singh
      karlos singh

      @Kryptix88 _ it’s a joke from when he was bulking also he was fat like 3 months ago because he had big titties

    • Kryptix88 _
      Kryptix88 _

      why does his reddit call him a fat neek - he aint even fat

  • Average Game Enjoyer
    Average Game Enjoyer

    Ksi's worst nightmare is Vik chasing him on a Flying Carpet.

    • GuyLovesMarsBars

      Why bring this up 😂

    • Amal Joe Sojan
      Amal Joe Sojan


    • Diamond Ritvik
      Diamond Ritvik

      you have some good imagination

    • MD Ibrahim Zilla
      MD Ibrahim Zilla

      Wtf now that haunts me

    • Sam


  • Abz Farooq
    Abz Farooq

    JJ: "How do I juggle the fame and women" JJ's Girlfriend: 👀

    • Cqptainbear

      i don't think simon would mind

    • Andrew Scott
      Andrew Scott

      TgiSlayer yeah JJ is dating Simon and KSI’s girlfriend is Talia

    • Abz Farooq
      Abz Farooq

      @TgiSlayer 😂 facts

    • TgiSlayer

      Nah KSI and JJ and two different people

    • xomerxkhanx x
      xomerxkhanx x

      U mean simon

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak

    How does digital farm animals eat?

    • Kryptix88 _
      Kryptix88 _

      farm animals?

    • LORD KSI
      LORD KSI


    • MrInsertName


    • Beluwuga



      He heats the food to the point it emits light . Then he absorbs the light through his mini solar panels and uses that electricity to charge his cyborg like body

  • Silver Lemonade
    Silver Lemonade

    JJ:"I am Afraid of going to the zoo because what if I fall in love" No one: Me: Its a CHEETAH

    • Deathmare

      No one: Babatunde: DA CHEETAH IS FASTER DAN DE LION

    • Ace 10
      Ace 10

      Nah he’s just lion bro

    • Sugonde

      Then his girlfriend would call him a cheetah

    • DaSourOrange

      Babatunde will mate with da cheetah

  • Theresa Hall
    Theresa Hall

    JJ you are AWESOME just the way you are…. Don’t let it change you!!! You keep this Momma dancin and laughin ALL the time!!!! Keep being YOU and let the others sit there and stew…..💜💜

  • BlackAntoITA

    KSI's humor is always the best 😂❤️

  • Ebony

    JJ: im scared of flying carpets Vik: well.. how the turns tables

    • Ebony

      @Carnegie Schaffer just

    • Carnegie Schaffer
      Carnegie Schaffer

      now this is top tier humour looool

  • steve fernandes
    steve fernandes

    Never seen KSI so serious without laughing 😂😂

  • Manel Abecasis
    Manel Abecasis

    4:34 that "yeahhh" was on point

  • Phantom Blood
    Phantom Blood

    Craig was nice enough to give babatunde and even his farm animal the food they needed, god bless🙏🤲

  • Zeffairan

    I have to admit, this is oddly satisfying to watch, JJ is so mellow in this video compared to how he is normally

  • PixelStacker

    Ksi's worst nightmare is Vik chasing him on a Flying Carpet. right

    • Teequa OCE
      Teequa OCE

      @Mickey Spot ikr lmao

    • Mickey Spot
      Mickey Spot

      How do you manage to steal a comment and end up just 3 comments under the original?

    • Teequa OCE
      Teequa OCE

      Stolen comment lmao right above the actual one

  • sulithegamer

    The highly produced skit we’ve been waiting for ever sense tola was on a tv show🤣🤣👏🏾

  • Vaniter

    Cmon jj is making himself an amazing life he has got all of his dreams come true

  • Brani

    Who wants to have dinner with KSI? 😂🔥

    • Keyte Fire Refining
      Keyte Fire Refining

      @XDgamer420 no one cares

    • ishyyy ahmed
      ishyyy ahmed

      Ur mum

    • BreezyDizzy ×͜×
      BreezyDizzy ×͜×

      @roco2k stop copying yikes

    • 𝔇𝔛𝔅 ☕️
      𝔇𝔛𝔅 ☕️

      I don’t want because he will eat my food also fatneek guy 😂😂

    • 𝔇𝔛𝔅 ☕️
      𝔇𝔛𝔅 ☕️


  • michelle waltham
    michelle waltham

    Gotta good vibe going here lads. Excited to see where it goes next

  • Rayan Thapamagar
    Rayan Thapamagar

    Ksi: **afraid of being called a plump chicken** Reddit: **WRITE THAT DOWN, WRITE THAT DOWN**

  • Miguel Navida
    Miguel Navida

    This motivated me Thank you JJ and Criag David

  • Conor

    The lad sipping tea through his mask in the background was absolutely jokes🤣🤣🤣

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    JJ : let’s have it positive Reddit : Nah that ain’t gonna work

    • Naman

      *KSI is my inspiration!!* my mom said that if I got 500 likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! I'm literally begging you guys please help me with one like please

  • The Shape
    The Shape

    jj: i'm afraid of going to the zoo because i'm gonna fall in love with an animal pig: aight imma head out **Digital farms has left the chat**

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    Lmfaoooo this was actually super funny towards the ending! 😂🤣😂🤣

  • spacebumps

    Need to form a super group, this combo is sick.

  • Red was not the impostor
    Red was not the impostor

    They gonna be friends for ever Or at least until he features someone else on a new song

  • kareem albahkiry
    kareem albahkiry

    I'm laughing and smiling throughout the whole thing, I can tell a lot of thought went into this, *Great job !*

    • kareem albahkiry
      kareem albahkiry

      @V And I can hear your neighbor's thoughts about your mom

  • Sam Jordan
    Sam Jordan

    That 'I'm afraid of becoming a real ghost in a fake haunted house' line fookin bangs youknow

  • Julian9990001

    I love that Craig David is third wheeling with Jj and Simon

  • Gelo Ramirez
    Gelo Ramirez

    Waitress: So how would you like the public's reaction? KSI: Uhh let's have it positive Waitress: Okay, what about the media? KSI: Also positive Waitress: How about the other peoples corona viral tests? Also KSI: *LET'S HAVE IT POSITIVE*

  • LewisIsCool

    If JJ ordered the whole menu it would be much more realistic

  • Sub Savage
    Sub Savage

    Life lessons with Craig David and ksi ft digital farm animals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jurģis kažociņš
    Jurģis kažociņš

    I love how everytime JJ releases a new song with well known artists he milks the shit out of it😂

  • BlackPhoenix 640
    BlackPhoenix 640

    After the balls in the zipper line, even tho it’s been so long, I knew right then and there that JJ has not lost his ability to write and do skits 😂😂😂

  • Ryan Hogg
    Ryan Hogg

    JJ needs Craig David to help him with math 😂

  • UMR

    JJ acting like he don’t order the whole menu

    • PB B
      PB B

      @Shivam Srivastava 💀💀💀

    • Dhruv Patel
      Dhruv Patel

      That’s my plump chicken

    • Shivam Srivastava
      Shivam Srivastava

      That's my fat neek

    • Alex Harris
      Alex Harris


  • TKM

    Just watched JJ's first video and now I watching this is crazy and amazing 🥺

  • Leon Phillips
    Leon Phillips

    Ksi and Craig David is a weird but needed combo

  • TheThistle Gunner
    TheThistle Gunner

    Let’s get this to 1M troops, we managed it with poppin behind the scenes

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos


    • sSamm

      yess, its going to be hard

  • Samay Chakraborty
    Samay Chakraborty

    JJ: I am afraid I'll fall in love with animal. Simon a giraffe: That's why I am here babe ;)

  • YICReacts

    Dinner sure did look good lol keep up the work on the music man

    • inad PUMAMI
      inad PUMAMI

      @GSR What's the fun in that

    • GSR

      Can we just be positive and not hate each other and stop trying to piss other people off for no reason. Like damn

    • Kayode Oyelayo
      Kayode Oyelayo

      666th like

    • inad PUMAMI
      inad PUMAMI

      i don't get it

    • Muhammad Dhooma
      Muhammad Dhooma

      @Naman lmao sucks to be you. Surely

  • Aarav

    damn after so long time KSI has uploaded a video.KSI is back into youtube 🔥🔥

    • da foose who says bwap and drinks juice boxes
      da foose who says bwap and drinks juice boxes

      He uploads almost everyday on his second channel JJ Olatunji

  • Brady McKay
    Brady McKay

    And how about that reddit? JJ: “Lets make that bully me”

    • Justice Fenteng
      Justice Fenteng

      Stolen comment

  • XYN Mandloi
    XYN Mandloi

    “Let’s have it positive” JJ: this is my only chance!

  • Kaitlin

    2:57 trust me JJ, as long as reddit is a thing, someone will ALWAYS disagree with you😊

  • Martin Kroszkiewicz
    Martin Kroszkiewicz

    This is so actually so funny 😂

  • Vorex Toesfu
    Vorex Toesfu

    "What if I get my testicles stuck in a zipper?": KSI 2020

  • NCS YouTube [ 33 Minutes ]
    NCS YouTube [ 33 Minutes ]

    Who wants to have dinner with KSI? 😂

  • K3W Gaming
    K3W Gaming

    Imagine if the waiter asked if JJ wanted a side of the coronavirus and then he asked for it to be positive

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    Ksi is such a beast he literally cam from his parents's basement to working with craig david

    • Fayyad Abou Daher
      Fayyad Abou Daher

      Jeez 23 likes? Y'all are simps smh.

    • JTB

      You literally copied and pasted dhami aghas comment🤦🏿‍♂️

  • Monika Heller
    Monika Heller

    The guy in the back drinking his coffe/tea with his mask on LMFAO

  • Adil Hassan
    Adil Hassan

    0:48 guy behind KSI drinks while wearing a mask lmaooo

  • X Gamer
    X Gamer

    0:50 the guy at the back is a genius

  • Aaron Nelson
    Aaron Nelson

    Love JJ’s sketches

  • Nikola Knezevic
    Nikola Knezevic

    "I'm scared of going to the zoo because what if I fall in love with one of the animals, and we could never be together"- KSI (3rd November, 2020). Damn man, so inspirational

    • Glass'oPint

      "I am on a horse" is a whole new song now

    • ezocalloz

      Look at jj man so inspirational

    • Hayo Payne Klein
      Hayo Payne Klein

      @Brandon M LMFAO 😂 imagine if all the reddit calls him that now!! Lmaooooo

    • Tom Hutchcraft
      Tom Hutchcraft


    • Brandon M
      Brandon M

      Great quote from the wise Kissing Stacey Ings

  • Shivv Dhar
    Shivv Dhar

    This video should be a part of JJ's reacting to wierd videos collection 😂

  • LewisIsCool

    I'm surprised JJ doesn't know everything about food

  • Screm

    KSI: "I'll eat sweets, become a plump chicken and everyone just calls me a plump chicken" Reddit: *Write that down write that down*

  • Sfiso Maloka
    Sfiso Maloka

    KSI actually stands for kissing Simon intensively

  • TeamART

    Craig David is a UK legend, protect him at all cost.

    • tomato

      I got u

    • English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)
      English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)

      @Sohamsta must be young kids who dont know about him

    • Sohamsta

      i can’t believe some people didn’t know him before the ksi feature

  • Tommy Nunez
    Tommy Nunez

    JJ: "That waitress is looking very sus". Craig: "What makes you thinking that?" JJ: "She walking MAD fam."

  • Jacob Buttimore
    Jacob Buttimore

    "I'm not that flexible Craig David" i don't know why but that had me in fits 😂

    • Cecilia Julieta
      Cecilia Julieta

      2:25 1625936859

  • Abhi Deb
    Abhi Deb

    Like the new style of KSI content! Want more.

  • Z 0
    Z 0

    Well this wasn’t what I was expecting when I clicked on the video but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it 🤣

  • Daniel Cutting
    Daniel Cutting

    Brilliant 😂🤣😂 love the new tune btw 🙌🏻

    • Sam

      Who are u lmao

    • Varinderpal Singh Sheri
      Varinderpal Singh Sheri

      @Hameka betec Tyson Fury

    • nxahsvidz


    • Finnerz fish Dinerrz
      Finnerz fish Dinerrz

      @MrBeast ✓⃝ hello

    • Hameka

      Why did I think this was Tyson fury

  • Akatityboi

    Definitely got to watch it again when i'm sober

  • Thowon Black
    Thowon Black

    Lmaoo jj having a nervous breakdown 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • naufal aiman
    naufal aiman

    JJ’s acting is so funny i can’t 😂💀 it’s like unnatural

  • Christoffer K
    Christoffer K

    Ooo i think this means that KSI, Craig David and Digital is coming out with another song together, lets gooo i think its gonna be a banger yo

  • Bearded Viiking
    Bearded Viiking

    These guys I swear look like long time best mates

    • Sam

      @Zoro D.monkey I mean business is also a major way people meet and become friends personally too.. KSI met Randolph and S-X through music collaborations and they are very close now. Like real G friends. His literal Sidemen group was created as a business move for their ITmores careers. They weren't all friends together before that. Now they are like brothers. Of course they are all similar ages so the vibe will work out more. But say guys like JME, Sway or P-Money who are older than KSI.. they are good friends with him. What happens off camera isn't known to us :)

    • Zoro D.monkey
      Zoro D.monkey

      @Sam they will talk to each other but i guess you don’t know that there are 3 type of friends 1-for fun 2- someone who work with you or part of business 3-someone who helped you or solve a huge problem that you delt with ( a real G )

    • Sam

      @Zoro D.monkey just because the song is over, doesn't mean they won't talk to each other after.. these videos are just promotional content.. it would be weird making random videos with artists if they weren't promoting their content.. off the cameras who knows how they interact with each other

    • Zoro D.monkey
      Zoro D.monkey

      They don’t i mean they are getting the job done. That’s it 2 months after they will not see each other

  • bruh zone
    bruh zone

    2:48 digitals reaction 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • GingerBreadGuy

    This was weirdly inspirational

  • Mo -
    Mo -

    Jj trying to act intellectual is actually stupidly hilarious

  • Aung San Doon Khaing
    Aung San Doon Khaing

    I don’t know why but this is very wholesome... 😄

  • Will Porton103
    Will Porton103

    Public: Positive Media: Positive Reddit: Fat Neek

    • PatrickTheGod Archives
      PatrickTheGod Archives


    • B T R
      B T R

      Hotel: Trivago

    • PatrickTheGod Archives
      PatrickTheGod Archives

      @Naman - Topic stfu

    • carv


    • Priya Kainth
      Priya Kainth

      Reddit now: plump chicken

  • Daz

    Thank you for Really Love KSI. Craig David is my favourite artist

  • Zubaida Banu
    Zubaida Banu

    PigMan is an absolute Legend 😂.

  • Antonia Conway
    Antonia Conway

    Surprised Jj didn’t order the whole menu 😃

  • Intro Creator
    Intro Creator

    I swear i went to the dentist to have a filling in my back tooth and it was painful untill "Really Love by Ksi and david craig" came on the radio and omg it was pretty relaxing ngl

  • Valentino K2
    Valentino K2

    JJ : let’s have it positive Reddit : Nah that ain’t gonna work

    • Bill

      @MrBeast Highlights your a fan of a girl shaking her head to a song

    • Nathan Dakota
      Nathan Dakota

      on point fam

    • Naman - Topic
      Naman - Topic

      *KSI is my inspiration!!* my mom said that if I got 500 likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! I'm literally begging you guys please help me with one like please

    • Sohamsta

      @MrBeast Highlights well you’re not Bella for sure

    • Sohamsta

      @MrBeast Highlights now you’re a bot commenting for likes

  • jjmelon nursery rhymes
    jjmelon nursery rhymes

    Now this is the type of stuff I want

  • Vikram Dutta M
    Vikram Dutta M

    5:58 I'm dead 😂😂😂(behind ksi)

  • J Blen
    J Blen

    Ksi: I'm not full of myself, I don't brag a lot Also ksi: makes a skit about him being too successful

  • C A
    C A

    I swear ksi is actually starting to release bangers. Tunes I don’t actually hate like his last ones

  • KG Productions
    KG Productions

    KSI: “how am I gonna juggle fame and women out there” KSI’s Girlfriend and Simon: You wottt m8??

    • Rygauk

      @Ikworbvagt UJIJdbdj even the sidemen still run with it so nah bruh it aint dead

    • Lazarus

      @Ikworbvagt UJIJdbdj the people don't think so brudda

    • Nat 13
      Nat 13

      That’s like saying Harry and a crackhead

    • Ikworbvagt UJIJdbdj
      Ikworbvagt UJIJdbdj

      @Lazarus it's dead

    • hi there here's a youtube
      hi there here's a youtube

      Ksi's girlfriend and simon same person

  • David Jonez
    David Jonez

    My man in the background was drinking with his mouth covered😂😂😂

  • Trillionz7

    He’s so funny when he’s sad

  • Big Cunt
    Big Cunt

    Crazy that on his second channel this would’ve been on a million views already

  • Cole Bergman
    Cole Bergman

    This man is too jokes 😂

  • Reinder Prince
    Reinder Prince

    When Digital Farm Animals said: *I felt that*

    • GingerBreadGuy

      @HDgamer420 Bro stop spamming nobody cares

    • GingerBreadGuy

      @Huss 110 Agreed

    • Huss 110
      Huss 110

      I'm 14 and this is deep

    • LD09 Animations
      LD09 Animations

      Obviously you because you are responding to him

    • Shower Head
      Shower Head

      @HDgamer420 and who do you think cares?

  • Youssw

    You're already a plump chicken KSI

  • liam piddington
    liam piddington

    Notice how calm he is when the farm animal isnt a horse

  • JustThatGuy

    I was busy watching the maths question thing again with logan So logan asks jj maths questions but man comes and buys 200k worth of cards like tf😂😂

  • Norven Aux
    Norven Aux

    Realistic JJ: *I’ll have everything*

  • Dante

    Nobody: 0:25: man just drinking out of a cup with a bandana covering his mouth😂😂

    • Bomber Khan
      Bomber Khan

      Is it kon ???

    • Aish Jalo
      Aish Jalo

      Wait that isn’t normal 😂

    • Neta Schur
      Neta Schur

      What do you mean how eals do you drink your drinks?!

    • snsndcn


    • Raees Somohardjo
      Raees Somohardjo

      @Squ1d lol same

  • EYEPlaster eyeLad
    EYEPlaster eyeLad


  • MJ

    3:04 "plump chicken", he was definitely thinking of "fatneek"😂😂😂 you dont have to worry JJ people already call you that 😂💀