KSI - Holiday [Official Music Video]
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I wanna wake up every morning feeling better cos I know you’re sleeping by my side
And every moment we’re together I’ll remember just to keep it all for you and I
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know I know you know the vibe
I wanna stay with you every night
You and me underneath lights
I’m Always good when you’re by my side
I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Looking for sunrays
Needing them good days
Fly me a way away, you’re my holiday

Cool like the ocean
Lost in emotion
Find me a way away, you’re my holiday

Whenever you’re here it’s a good time
Strawberry shirts in the sunshine
Ice cold drinks till the moonlight
You’re my holiday

I wanna stay up till the morning with you talking, just listen to the things you say
And everytime I’m in the middle of the city I imagine us so Far away
I see that body in the sunlight
Feeling the heat and it feels right
I wanna do this for the rest of my life
Oh, I know You know you’re on my mind
You really make me come alive
I wanna be here for the rest of my life

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Directed By Troy Roscoe - : instagram.com/troyroscoe/

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

Commenti: 96 073
  • Mo Syed
    Mo Syed

    Proud of you JJ, always killing the game!

    • Lalo H.
      Lalo H.


    • Snowdrop


    • Matiss Silins
      Matiss Silins

      От Тюмень безжалостнаод


      @LightSploit bro what?

    • Reji Chirayath Abbasiya
      Reji Chirayath Abbasiya

      Mo u and ksi are the 🐐🐐

  • Zap

    I’m not really into this kind of music, but this rocks.

    • Alfredo Navejas
      Alfredo Navejas


    • fabian boi
      fabian boi

      @Shidora yo it's ok let the people enjoy music

    • Toni Sosa
      Toni Sosa


    • DemonFigs


    • Shawberto Carlos
      Shawberto Carlos


  • lkempyyy

    The chorus is catchy as fuck, the verses are marvellous and the melody is just perfect for this song. You’ve come a long way JJ bravo👏

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams

    Why has this not gotten more attention?!? It deserves hundreds of millions of views!!!! Btw JJ I’m not a huge fan of your rap music (it’s still good though) but this one is phenomenal!!!!

    • Minn Wai Yan
      Minn Wai Yan

      because KSI sucks at singing

    • JustKevon

      actually has 100m plays now so yeah props to that

    • Saurabh Ponkshe
      Saurabh Ponkshe


    • Purge_xD

      Phenomenal=AJ styles ._.

    • xBrandon 22
      xBrandon 22

      @DR V!le Yeah I was driving the other day and heard it come on down here in aus and I loved it. He deserves it

  • TheFranz43

    100% my favorite song by him. Such a relaxing vibe to it. Just hit different when I heard it.

    • INF Arkham Gaming
      INF Arkham Gaming

      This song is just that good

    • King Jordan
      King Jordan

      It relaxing and clam

  • Tom Stockdale
    Tom Stockdale

    Every time you put out a song its better than the last. The fact you've worked hard enough to have the confidence to sing to is unreal. Super inspiring how hard you work and how you smash everything you turn you hand too. Fucking sick JJ.

    • Lyam Gray
      Lyam Gray

      Tom the legend.

    • A hip to the hop
      A hip to the hop

      @Antonio Nuñez bag word?

    • Antonio Nuñez
      Antonio Nuñez

      Bro the comment is lit, but then he adds a bag word

    • JimmyMehJohn

      So your telling me his vids are bad that’s technically what your saying LOL

    • Roald Tufte
      Roald Tufte

      Yes i agree

  • Chunchunmaru

    I get that everybody was expecting some kind of rap music, but this shit is BEAUTIFUL

    • tbjzlizy

      Oy kazutrash

    • Ezequiel Martinez
      Ezequiel Martinez

      this shit sum u hear in church camp

  • madhav garg
    madhav garg

    This song touches my heart like no song has ever done before .

    • XANNIE

      @madhav garg listen to heavy metal shit will touch your heart 👍

    • madhav garg
      madhav garg

      i know that i sound stupid but this song is legendary .



  • Natasha Thomas
    Natasha Thomas

    Obviously the song is amazing. Definitely my favourite of jjs songs but why is no one talking about the music video? Absolutely love the whole vibe of it. It fits the song perfectly and its so playful and fun yet heartwarming. Just all round great.


      I love that he's included interacial and gay couples😊

    • Jay

      It is indeed good....but most of them peoples tend to just listen and not watch...this video was so well put together


    You are up to it it's something which inspire everyone who has been your fan from day one love you KSI

  • Zounaas

    Very good vibes and I salute JJ for making this type of song. It was very good.

    • Atte

      @Kirin Mahlo most of the bigger once are?

    • Tobias Barnes
      Tobias Barnes

      I remixed this song and put myself on it... it's kinda smoke

    • Atte

      @Kirin Mahlo well this guy is defneatly not a bot..

    • Atte

      @Kirin Mahlo u calling every youtuber stupid

    • Atte

      @Kirin Mahlo😂😂 what they are youtubers just like ksi

  • Liam Nguyen
    Liam Nguyen

    So happy for you JJ! Can't even explain how proud I am bro!

    • Sianto Pablo
      Sianto Pablo


  • Aaliyah Stewart
    Aaliyah Stewart

    This is my first time listening to this song and it brought so many emotions out of me. I have to say this is definitely a favorite now that I'll listen to on repeat

  • DMS-Clips

    DONT GIVE A FUCK this gonna be my wedding song

    • DMS-Clips

      @Sam thats so sweat but it kinda hits different now jj and the girl broke up

    • Sam

      This was my brothers wedding song

    • Dixify

      your telling the truth lmao

  • ForJordy

    Wow this is the first time hearing this song and this is seriously impressive, well done Jj

  • homelespenguin

    whatever he puts his time and effort into he succeeds, boxing music etc... undeniably the goat 🐐

    • BLISS

      @Jake Paul is 👑 💀

    • AxeYay

      @ruxx u?

    • DW 19
      DW 19

      Jj almost to a million likes. like the vid up guys 😎👍

    • joel jomon
      joel jomon

      @ZenkoYt nope second

    • Random Guy
      Random Guy

      @Holl ywood stfu

  • vro

    Heard this playing in my local shop and i thought theres no way my guy went from Heskey time to this , Well done my guy honestly all the best hopes for jj and his music carreer my mans smashing it

    • B B
      B B

      @Jake Paul is👑 fam how delusional must you be

    • Benjamin Jr
      Benjamin Jr

      he wrote this for his girlfriend but they just broke up sadly

  • Nick Williams
    Nick Williams

    I feel like a proud parent right now 🤣 Been watching KSI for years. To watch him grow has been amazing and honestly quite inspiring.

  • Luke Morris
    Luke Morris

    Unreal song. Such an great calm vibe. Have been listening to it on repeat in the car. Keep it up JJ.

  • officerfrosty55

    Normally I'm not into these kind of songs but this... I'm willing to make an exeption

  • Absorber

    this is so different and i love it, let’s freaking go jj


      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 30k LIKES on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE YOU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS...

    • Pratham Pankaj
      Pratham Pankaj

      @Sam whose channel is dead?

    • Naman - Topic
      Naman - Topic

      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k LIKES on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE YOU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS.!..

    • light sword
      light sword

      @Sam he is why are u starting a beef

    • Naman - Topic
      Naman - Topic

      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k LIKES on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE YOU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS.!..

  • Raymond Bermudez
    Raymond Bermudez

    This song really hits the feels man, keeps me motivated to work my ass off to someday be able to afford a flight to my beloved partner

  • Mustafa The king
    Mustafa The king

    It’s sad to hear this after he broke up with her 😔💔

    • Hugs For Drugs
      Hugs For Drugs


    • Silver Deviluke
      Silver Deviluke

      @Vanny Nessa in a video he talked about it

    • Mathurin Moundzika-Kibamba
      Mathurin Moundzika-Kibamba

      Brooo 😭

    • Homemade & Heartfelt
      Homemade & Heartfelt

      @Całeb It did, surprisingly you didn't, it's the message not the person's personal life, either like it or don't, that sneak dissing big fugazzi

    • Całeb

      This video didn’t age well

  • LunaDrumz

    What a song to start of the day! Keep it up KSI!😀

  • Maddy Cummings
    Maddy Cummings

    I have this song on repeat. Simply makes me SO HAPPY ❤️

  • Wisp

    Great way to get back into making solo songs man - sounds amazing :)

    • Tecla V
      Tecla V


    • Adrian_007

      @YaBoiNick how how am I a nerd . Let me hear go on

    • Adrian_007

      Ammm ish but wisp is still one of the bigger and more well known minecraft ITmoresrs rn

    • Mike Mustafi
      Mike Mustafi

      i wasn't expecting you here wisp

    • Fireツ

      Hi Wisp!

  • Grey Rose
    Grey Rose

    I loved this song!I did not know you do music jj,can't wait to listen more.

  • Neels Louwrens
    Neels Louwrens

    i havent stopped listening to this song since it came out i love it. Thank you JJ❤

  • TarunSkepticEye

    This one song is enough, to make any sad person happy af, killed it KSI, proud of you ma man.....

  • Ave Rad
    Ave Rad

    I always loved this song I'm so happy that this song got nominated in brits award yesterday I hope this song wins Love the sidemen ❤️💛

  • The7WorldsGaming

    This song is a vibe! Great job JJ

    • David Johnson
      David Johnson

      @Aarush Mahajan Pissy much?

    • Aarush Mahajan
      Aarush Mahajan

      Shut up

    • JM

      Yoo actually 1k liked kinda pog

    • Tortillaboi gaming
      Tortillaboi gaming


    • Shan

      @GhoulCODM imagine playing codm

  • Shaun Slays
    Shaun Slays

    Honestly I thought KSI going into music was such a bad call at the start, and honestly...it was. But this tune is a real banger and shows how much work hes put in to do what he wants as always. Amazing

  • Max Fire
    Max Fire

    This should have more than a million likes, this song is amazing.

    • Suheb Sudeys
      Suheb Sudeys

      Wish granted

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M

    I could listen to this song over and over and it would never be bad. Such a great song.

  • Gyuuki Kai
    Gyuuki Kai

    I just can't understand why this doesn't have over 100 million views, this is a masterpiece out of JJ.

  • ScopeShot

    This is actually really good. Good job JJ

    • Ashton Strating
      Ashton Strating

      Wassup my g

    • RetardedKidTV

      Heya!! Feel free to check out a remix of this song by searching "Ksi holiday Thnked remix" 💗

    • BalisticK

      I swear

    • Acai Andy
      Acai Andy

      Wdym actually i never doubted

    • Dr.Abdelrahman Samir
      Dr.Abdelrahman Samir

      Couldn't agree more


    I actually teared up with pride when my son showed me this song and told me its jj!! So proud of you!❤👏👏

  • CMPunk4life

    Just heard this song for first time ever, its absolutely beautiful well done , respect.

  • Ollie Lollie Sykes
    Ollie Lollie Sykes

    Absolutely love this Guy, he's been a massive inspiration to me, THANK YOU JJ!!! Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you in Person 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Clar Chua
    Clar Chua

    you should make more songs like this. THIS SONG IS LITTTTT

  • James Daniels
    James Daniels

    This songs a biggg vibe. Need to drop more tunes on ur own lad, banger 👏💯

    • Ay Veeka
      Ay Veeka

      Your parent should have named you Jack.

    • Tobias Barnes
      Tobias Barnes

      I remixed this song and put myself on it... it's kinda smoke

    • Ashley

      @Andrive verified*

    • ring0

      thought u were ardde

    • Smooth Ryder🃏
      Smooth Ryder🃏

      @Siim Kask Yes

  • Its Narayan
    Its Narayan

    JJ you are just wonderful....killed it🔥🔥❤️🥀❤️🥀 Can't get rid of this song😘

  • Jake Puds
    Jake Puds

    how far you have come much respect man keep it all coming can't wait 💙💚

  • joshua smith
    joshua smith

    JJ Proud of you everytime I here this you deserve all the success from where you have come from so happy for you

  • Sznxn

    I don't normally like modern music but damn this is unreal, well done JJ!

  • spicyycam_

    I've been looking up to you for a while now, it is amazing to see the place you have grown to.

    • SoloDiamonds


    • amogus

      Ayo its spice king

    • Jimmy McIntosh
      Jimmy McIntosh

      @William Lewis bet

    • Funny Dog
      Funny Dog

      I think he searched spicy music

    • Rayyan

      What up

  • J Albin
    J Albin

    First time hearing you sing ksi, it's amazing, u got a beautiful voice. Took me to my old memories 😃. Keep it up🙌🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • JustSomeGuy

    Since the recent vid by JJ, this song really hits hard…

    • OocSNKZ

      @UdonX3 bruh what the song not even bad

    • UdonX3

      @Jake Paul is👑 nah fr tho 😂 i honestly do not believe that there were any real human beings in this comment section until I read yours


      what vid

  • Leo’s World
    Leo’s World

    This song is a masterpiece jj love the song keep it going ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • itsabbie

    Such a good song 🤩 was even better hearing it live at your concert

    • itsabbie

      @Nexus_ I think so

    • Nexus_

      do you think he will still perform it?

  • Patterrz

    This song just feels good the whole time, had a big smile on my face by the end even tho i'm single af

    • Juniz 1982
      Juniz 1982

      Lol true😕😕😮😀

    • Mr Me
      Mr Me

      @Carlyo what?

    • Mr Me
      Mr Me

      Didnt expect u to be here lol

    • DW 19
      DW 19

      Jj almost to a million likes. like the vid up guys 😎👍

    • Yung Quij
      Yung Quij


  • Lumie Valorant
    Lumie Valorant

    truly inspiring! this made me feel better knowing that i am KSI's holiday. thankyou

  • NiceAudioDesign

    This senorio sucks right now you a strong man jj to handle all these tuff times like a champ. Hopefully this all gets sorted out RESPECT+

  • Kureru Leviathan
    Kureru Leviathan

    bro i cant believe its already been 6 months since this song was released, this year went by extremly fast and its kinda sad but i guess we need to keep on moving, keep it up jj, all of us r proud of u

  • Kye Hackett
    Kye Hackett

    The fact i live in rural Australia and this is on the local radio shows how far jj has come nothing but respect to this man

  • SeanDoesMagic

    This one is it bro, proud of you!

    • Ehmran Amin
      Ehmran Amin


    • lynden herstell
      lynden herstell

      Sean Sean Sean, teach me a magic trick

    • raihanXD



      *KSI* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 30k Likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS!.

    • thtmemeguy

      Hieeee shawn

  • Daylin Glasgow
    Daylin Glasgow

    Just want to say I heard this for the first time today, and thank you. I've been going through a rough breakup and been feeling really shitty but this song pulled me out of my funk for the day.

  • Isabella

    It's amazing how you go from rap to singing its just impressing also another banger

  • Melisa Tatenda Chigodora
    Melisa Tatenda Chigodora

    I just discovered this song and I can't stop listening to it. Beautiful ❤. I'm just a sucker for good music..

  • Gary Hess
    Gary Hess

    I turn this on when my days are down. Thank you ksi you’re the goat!

  • Kerwyn Promoter
    Kerwyn Promoter

    My boi ksi doing his thing am proud of you bro keep it up.

    • Kerwyn Promoter
      Kerwyn Promoter

      @Wallace Ruhani what's up bro lol

    • David Tepper
      David Tepper


    • Exodus

      How the hell are you verified

    • Wallace Ruhani
      Wallace Ruhani

      what the hell u doin here kerwyn lol

    • Flameify


  • Mr Avi
    Mr Avi

    I really really love this song ...my biggest fan KSI❣️

  • Ashley mufc
    Ashley mufc

    I swear I'm addicted to this song can't stop listening to it 🔥💯

  • Dalton Rucker
    Dalton Rucker

    This song is a whole vibe. I wish I had someone to be my “holiday” this holiday season.

  • Diogo

    i love this music as much as i do reading all positive comments in this video

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming

    I love the calmness, we never see this in a KSI song

    • Jewish Hitler
      Jewish Hitler

      @Lofi Love Good idea

    • Joe

      Hey Peter wanna watch some family guy?

    • DW 19
      DW 19

      Jj almost to a million likes. like the vid up guys 😎👍

    • weed nose
      weed nose

      how you verified as fierce peter gaming

    • Lymezy

      He is AOTP

  • Jarrod Ruiz
    Jarrod Ruiz

    I remember when this song dropped, now 6 months later still a banger!

  • Shaurya Sikka
    Shaurya Sikka

    honestly im listining to this right now and man is it good jj you did it keeping killing us with youre music

    • savagegoats22

      IMMA DO THE SAME, I'll give you sum credit

  • Taz

    Love it JJ keep it up

  • Blane

    I wonder if he will still preform this song I bet it would be hard for him cuzz this is made 4 her

    • ChazKing

      He gonna make a remix of this song with future now😈

    • Raddy

      It’s sad cause he thought she was the one


    This is actually one of the best songs he’s ever put out, instant banger for sure

    • easy23 white
      easy23 white

      @Ex0tic Night the song fire but video kinda sus

    • Simar Selim
      Simar Selim

      @Youssef ahmed Saad Salman I apologies

    • Youssef ahmed Saad Salman
      Youssef ahmed Saad Salman

      @Simar Selim just because he didn’t rap its bad?…..kid 😂

    • Ex0tic Night
      Ex0tic Night

      @Simar Selim screw off mate

    • Ex0tic Night
      Ex0tic Night

      @easy23 white he literally said he wants to see the video

  • SI Production's
    SI Production's

    Love the vibe of this song Love your KSI bro for making this song

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C

    Ksi we love you. Me and my wife vibe to this song all the time. Keep it up brother, your doing amazing things sir

  • ThatOneApexBot

    This hits so different after his breakup. This song was meant for her. I hope JJs ok ❤️

  • Kaow Japan
    Kaow Japan

    The song sounds amazing! Love it JJ!

  • Nudah

    this one’s going big

    • ChrisVarga


    • ChrisVarga

      Where tf you at man

    • LionnelSky FN
      LionnelSky FN


    • Thnked

      Hey guys! I produced a remix of this song and it's up on my youtube page. You could also search "Ksi holiday Thnked Remix". Thanks in advance 💗

    • balenci.

      Ksi is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 20k likes on my song She definitely buy me a professional mic!! Begging you GUYS!! Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS..

  • E man
    E man

    Your killing out there I love this song it will never get old I will play this song a 1,000 times a day and keep up the good work

  • SpuirmyKarma 919
    SpuirmyKarma 919

    The best guy i know..Love what you do man..Keep up the awesome work💪

  • IDH Aiden
    IDH Aiden

    Jaming out to this fire song in the shower congrats on this great SOLO song jj love ya keep it up

  • shawn PG
    shawn PG

    I actually expected rap, but this is still very good. I absolutely love the vibes

  • Absorber

    I’m so excited for this one, been waiting for a song with just JJ in it.. I’m ready! 😁

    • Ur  Dogwater
      Ur Dogwater

      This guys everywhere bro 😂

    • Rea Lme
      Rea Lme


    • Hapster

      @Aljaafari TV yeah *verifued*

    • Tobias Barnes
      Tobias Barnes

      I remixed this song and put myself on it... it's kinda smoke

    • Jakson Rojas
      Jakson Rojas

      Bruh its the guy who said I'm bored 9f fortnite

  • Ttv Nothing
    Ttv Nothing

    Keep it up JJ this songs are awesome

  • Jacq Joubert
    Jacq Joubert

    Man keep it up your music and videos change peoples lives 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chicken wingers
    Chicken wingers

    I love this song I have always looked up to jj by far this is his best one yet ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

  • UnSlim Shady
    UnSlim Shady

    We need more of these, loved it❤

  • Elz the Witch
    Elz the Witch

    love this!

    • Elaine e Sennatt
      Elaine e Sennatt

      Good great

    • Wolfgang

      I'm can't believe that KSI sing this amazing song I'm starting listening to it when he first started his ITmores channel and he always bring his joy and happiness when he joined the sidemen it was my biggest dream to become a youtuber and I started to watch his channel and I'm thinking that I will do the same as him he is my hero and my favourite youtuber

    • Sezab Idris
      Sezab Idris

      Its elz witch

    • Teg Rod
      Teg Rod

      @An Orange That would make more sense

    • An Orange
      An Orange

      @Teg Rod I think he means attention, not likes


    This song gives me so much peace I AV been through a really bad domestic relationship thank you xx Keep doing wat your doing your awesome xx

  • Jaded Blur
    Jaded Blur

    Wife and I just binged your content and I was like lets see how his music is, she said alright… Honestly man great song and video, so good brought tears. Keep it up!

  • Marwan Osman
    Marwan Osman


  • `SNR7`

    This song make me GOOSEBUMP🔥 Everyday return to this song,and make me peace❤️

  • Arwen Wilms
    Arwen Wilms

    Let’s be honest we are all so proud of JJ for real, he has come so far and accomplished so much in his life. And he always stayed real.

    • e x o
      e x o

      @Blue Firefly how dare u insult a king

    • e x o
      e x o

      @Blue Firefly how dare u

    • Matthew

      @Yvng Stax literally any other 15 yr old as they're not being a nuisance by self promoting their shitty channels :)

    • Nibba Man
      Nibba Man

      Lord fatneek

    • Cold Lasagne
      Cold Lasagne

      Couldn't agree more

  • Dru

    Beautiful lyrics ♥️

  • CheeseGuy64

    Man i love this song! Keep it up man 😁

  • Kelvin Khant
    Kelvin Khant

    Didn't know you were that good,J. Keep it coming!

  • Maggie Shirk
    Maggie Shirk

    This is such a good song I’ve been listening to it a lot.

  • Michael Jae
    Michael Jae

    What a wholesome banger :)

    • Sniper Boy
      Sniper Boy

      Dude this guy makes quality cont

    • Febreeze

      i thought u said what a wholesome burger

    • DanielGamez


    • Mīlu tevi Uldons TV
      Mīlu tevi Uldons TV

      This song made my days because my girlfriend cheated on me a couple of days ago and since then life has been sh*t but this changed it so thank you

    • Zsigmond Asare
      Zsigmond Asare

      Also hi

  • Casesolid123

    I actually love his voice in this music from him. It’s amazing

  • DJ Jonny
    DJ Jonny

    This is the best song I have heard all year ....love it JJ you rock bro

  • Udaya Gautam
    Udaya Gautam

    Goosebumps bro love you and your improvement.

  • Kris does nothing
    Kris does nothing

    This is a fuckin banger JJ, keep doing what ur doing as always.