KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Official Music Video]
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  • shady

    KSI suits the UK ting, so much harder than the US beats he’s hopped on

    • Allow-it Man
      Allow-it Man

      So the lil Wayne, durk, 21 savage, future songs were bad?? Allow it man

    • Asmita Khanom
      Asmita Khanom

      @DF nah they need to come up with their own, not use ours but no hate tho.

    • Asmita Khanom
      Asmita Khanom

      @Scott Raulston no it ain't. 🤣

    • Asmita Khanom
      Asmita Khanom

      @Sphrk 愛 lol but that's ur opinion tho.

    • Asmita Khanom
      Asmita Khanom

      @P Jr ting = thing 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • ThePzycho

    JJ: 🇬🇧 KSI: 🇯🇲 Edit: For the people that don’t get it: JJ’s normal voice is in a British/English(🇬🇧)Accent, but in this video he sounded like he had a Caribbean/Jamaican(🇯🇲) accent. Yes, i know he is Nigerian but i was talking about his voice. And for the people that disagree on the fact that he sounds like he has a Jamaican Accent, this is just a comment, you lot are overreacting.


      It's KSi : UK Babatunde: Jamaica

    • Asmita Khanom
      Asmita Khanom

      @Mansoori Clan Jamaicans actually come from Africa bcuz of slave trade.

    • Kenji

      People are overreacting just because they disagree with you seems pretty Narcissistic

    • Wow-Just-Wow

      Its babatunde

    • ThePzycho

      @ahaan thakker there are some people that don’t get it

  • lol

    It's crazy how many people come back to this everyday.This song is legendary♪

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      @Allow-it Man yow i like your Profile pic and name Allow it mam -JJ 🤣

    • Eren Yeager
      Eren Yeager

      @Allow-it Man Yeah it annoys me to

    • Allow-it Man
      Allow-it Man

      @Eren Yeager even though its a bot they still on every vid saying the same shiiiit, it does get annoying ya know

    • Allow-it Man
      Allow-it Man

      I can't allow your attention seeking posts anymore.. Erase yourself

    • TrampoTrav

      @ChЯisWasLost it's even more crazy that it's the same damn account

  • produced by samuelbrauner
    produced by samuelbrauner

    This giving me 1st lockdown memories 😭😭

    • Joshola

      @Harrisey101 how did u make me tear up😂

    • produced by samuelbrauner
      produced by samuelbrauner

      @Deepa Parakkal 🐐 Album

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      Your PFP is great, It Was Written

    • Rayyan Kherchouche
      Rayyan Kherchouche


    • Patrick


  • Niko Bellic
    Niko Bellic

    best song he’s released yet

    • Basket Amika
      Basket Amika

      @HussLegends bro it's an opinion idgaf Abt your aubs

    • DankDiegoD

      Nah bro nothing beats "I'm on a horse"

    • Rupture

      Ey cousin, let’s go bowling

    • sotjamz

      Hey cousin want to go bowling?

    • nani?!

      Heskey time robbed

  • Yo Mum
    Yo Mum

    Love him or hate him his music is getting better and better.


      Ya man but I think this is better then down like that (IMO) down like that is also a good song but nah this is better I like both ngl

    • Acedataker

      Max Bran your probably listen to it’s everyday bro everyday

    • John Zizler
      John Zizler

      Lamborghini still goated

    • Ryan Plater
      Ryan Plater


    • Cameron

      Max Bran KSI likes his music, his fans like his music, that’s all that matters. Haters don’t matter!

  • arya

    Can we take a moment to appreciate how awesome JJ looks in this vid?

    • Bruh

      JJ olatunji is good too

    • F1AME CODM
      F1AME CODM

      He looked fire in the outfit with the glasses 🔥🔥🔥

    • arya

      @Ferdo 5ifty ikr!!! He looks SICK in them glasses always

    • Ferdo 5ifty
      Ferdo 5ifty

      we can 🔥🔥🔥 jj looks sick in glasses

    • arya

      @PARHAM bezaaty kk

  • da PRO 21
    da PRO 21

    This song will never get boring 🔥

  • KrabStiks

    Yo this song goes extremely hard. I'm convinced that JJ can't make a song that sounds bad even if he tried to.

    • LD50_ Sκ1llχχ5λ07
      LD50_ Sκ1llχχ5λ07

      Well the one with lil pump is hot garbage 😂 not ksi’s fault tho... anything with lil dump belongs in the toilet no lie

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      Number 2 and The Moment are out, soooo

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @JS7 Which one?

    • The Cumbender
      The Cumbender

      @Port Adelaide LeGend I mean it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad

    • Port Adelaide LeGend
      Port Adelaide LeGend

      @The Cumbender it’s not honestly

  • Yuh

    When you realise it's been basically 2 years since this banger released 👀 This is such a lockdown throwback lol

  • Tiny Tommy 10
    Tiny Tommy 10

    This is like the first time JJ’s made a song and it hasn’t had a swear word in it

    • mcw fan
      mcw fan

      @Luke Prescott trippie Redd swear word in it

    • Michael Patterson
      Michael Patterson

      LOL True

    • Adel abed
      Adel abed

      Too late

    • Mr Mc
      Mr Mc

      I feel cheated, I commented a similar content like 10 hours before Tiny Tommy and he has 1950 more likes

    • B A W I
      B A W I

      Tiny Tommy 10 swore.

  • Ankith Nair
    Ankith Nair

    I refuse to believe this was a WHOLE YEAR AGO . Bro, I still remember being in the middle of doing my hw when watching this a minute after it dropped

    • rndm got
      rndm got

      @homer thompson imagine actually seeing this comment 6 years later

    • InfernoX

      @homer thompson its been 84 years

    • homer thompson
      homer thompson

      its been 6 years

  • Sofia Lozier
    Sofia Lozier

    A batida dessa música è muito boa mds 😍😍

  • Ethanos

    there has never been a song where a youtuber can sound this good you almost never see this type of stuff, what arn't you gonna get with this guy, entertaining vids, banger songs, banger albums, I mean.....Come on

  • boggo

    Song: English KSI: African Accent: Jamaican Me: Confused Hotel: Trivago

    • Darkness Fox
      Darkness Fox

      @Mr Me he is actually Nigerian

    • Vîctør Junîør
      Vîctør Junîør

      It's been a while since I see one of these. *I've been Trivagoed* lmao

    • Skyplays789

      that is not even close to jamaican LMAO


      *Mr. Worldwide*

    • McShrek

      @Elijah Pathak ur joking right

  • Oskar Lange
    Oskar Lange

    I’ve heard a lot of KSI’s music and I’ve never really felt like his Lines were GOOD. But this one... idk I just feel like this style of rapping really fits his voice. Props to JJ, man.

    • Oh Yeah yeah
      Oh Yeah yeah

      Rangbruh “a white black man” idk what race you are, but if that means bc he had money when he was growing up, then that’s kinda racist, there are plenty of black people with money around.

    • steezeRNG

      He's not good 🤷🏻‍♂️ went from a white black man to someone who suddenly grew up on the streets lmao

    • OJayyy

      I agree with that. in poppin, it just didnt feel right. He had emotion in his voice but the words just weren't very audible so i couldn't feel his emotion. Here, he fits his voice and style much better. Also production is poppin

    • JRC Adventures
      JRC Adventures

      Don’t read my profile picture ok I won’t

    • Donotpressonmyprofilpic

      Ik right but don’t read my name

  • GT

    can’t believe this song was released a year ago…

    • SamTheMan

      Shut up me

    • Kaidyn Is beast
      Kaidyn Is beast


    • S_zRGill 1
      S_zRGill 1

      fr man first lockdown was elite

  • Clone306

    Decided to come and listen to this banger. Can’t believe it’s been a whole year since this song came out, remember playing this song while doing chores outside during covid

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @ZLRS 01 IT DID NOT

    • ZLRS 01
      ZLRS 01

      @Evolving Everyday what?

    • Evolving Everyday
      Evolving Everyday

      @ZLRS 01 pfft

    • ZLRS 01
      ZLRS 01

      Damn time flies doesn’t it. Btw IT’S COMING HOME BOIS!!!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

    • Waldo Estrella
      Waldo Estrella



    IMO this is one of if not his best song. Really really love it.

  • Deepa Parakkal
    Deepa Parakkal

    This is the song that got me into rap, the first rap song that I ever listened to. And now it's my favourite genre. ITmores rappers really are helping the art.

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @Chibi King leave the nigga alone bruh lol

    • Chibi King
      Chibi King

      This was your introduction into rap?! Damn you REALLY missed out

  • emily🦈

    Let’s take a moment to appreciate the serious glow up JJ has had. Not just visually, but musically.

    • YouGotRickRolled

      That boxing money improved his video production

    • rae

      R. R tf u mean how? he literally has one short verse in the entire song. this is basically swarmz song. ksi just isn’t very good. his flow is alright actually but his bars are pretty dead and he simply does not have a rap voice, he sounds awful. he has nothing unique about him, literally any average rapper could replace him on his tracks and you wouldn’t notice a difference. why do you think he’s putting on a ridiculous accent in this one, because his actual voice isn’t good. he just doesn’t have a rap voice it’s that simple. unlike some people who are just hating for the sake of it, i don’t think he’s ‘bad’, he’s alright, but that’s it, he’s never gonna fully make it in the rap game, he won’t last. the only reason legitimate artists are making music with him right now is for clout, simple as that.

    • RZPlayZ67

      Lets just take a moment to appreciate how my peepys glow up

    • Saikou 93
      Saikou 93

      @rae he trash af but i like him as a person

    • Julie Pesch
      Julie Pesch

      Naser Alruwaili t. F D. I’m tgoing

  • SuppleIsland5

    “Drive so quick you would think I’m Houdini” - KSI 2015 ‘Lamborghini’ 5 years later KSI releases a song named Houdini



  • Mantas Duda
    Mantas Duda

    I always go smiling when I listen to this song, It's amazing!

    • KorraByte


  • xd Edin
    xd Edin

    Who came here just to rewatch and relisten this banger

    • GalaxyMiner

      @Grim Doormouse exactly

    • Grim Doormouse
      Grim Doormouse

      why else would they be here

  • Mr. Facts
    Mr. Facts

    Best song KSI has done till now. this is his sound KSI bring this sound cause it's poppin

  • The Pertz
    The Pertz

    This guy is too far ahead. The smartest part was the “Check” Part. He knows that it’s TikTok material for women to use and they will. KSI is really smart.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Muted. Nope, they absolutely are not. Many just do it because they love the art, and not just fame, money and publicity.

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      They did

    • Adewonuola Debo-Adesina
      Adewonuola Debo-Adesina

      I’m amazed at how accurate this statement is

    • young kid
      young kid

      I don't think it was intended😂😂

    • Carol Campbell
      Carol Campbell

      Leonidas Peplis Yes you have the same problem as it would you want it I can get the stuff I have for the weekend so that you would have a

  • blaze🍁

    Honestly this beat is what sets this song apart from ksi's other songs. Its just....🔥

  • SE8

    Oh man, I love KSI's music!! 😁🥰

  • Quette Griffith Barola
    Quette Griffith Barola

    I love the song men its fire fam keep it up jj we love you

  • Pijin

    Still holding strong as my favourite KSI song to this day

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice

    This is his best song yet, he’s impressing me as time goes by. Can’t wait for the album!

    • fresh_ e42
      fresh_ e42

      Little boy??

    • AhmedTO

      @Matthew Squire he said mid-may

    • AJ

      martinez_1400 pull up is a banger

    • Alan Martinez
      Alan Martinez

      or red alert

    • Alan Martinez
      Alan Martinez

      nah wake up call or beerus

  • Fraser142

    music got me gassed you know fucking bangers i show people this telling them here this guy is a youtuber but you will love the vibes he makes honestly man keep it up!

  • FA

    even after a year this song remains my favorite

  • Faze Playz
    Faze Playz

    this is so good omg i cant this is too good I LOVE IT

  • PantherXX.

    0:26 : JJ trying to activate windows

    • Manan Jain
      Manan Jain

      @Amy Groff xD

    • Amy Groff
      Amy Groff

      @Manan Jain good one lol

    • Amy Groff
      Amy Groff


    • Manan Jain
      Manan Jain

      Activates it and instantly buys another Pc, next round begins

    • Dead Trooper
      Dead Trooper



    This song is actually a banger. Its catchy af.

    • Mario Rico
      Mario Rico

      Jonthan I’m American and this song is fire

    • Simrah Q.
      Simrah Q.

      @MHK_1990 😢 I am a American but that does not mean I'm an idiot like him

    • James Russel
      James Russel

      He sounds like Idris Elba rapping

    • Ismael Ali
      Ismael Ali

      Maddox Mack are you stupid,I can tell you hate uk music lmao

    • Lincoln Jacdonmi
      Lincoln Jacdonmi

      In about a week this Maddox Mack kid is gonna delete his reply and no ones gonna know what the hell everyone's talking about....

  • InNocent O.G
    InNocent O.G

    can't get enough of this banger

  • Rumple Stiltskin
    Rumple Stiltskin

    Tion Wayne's verse is underrated

    • ricky ronny
      ricky ronny

      @hong zhen I'm American but I listen to all three guys music

    • hong zhen
      hong zhen

      @Rumple Stiltskin what you expect when the majority of people only watch this cause of ksi. most of them are probably american as well so they dont understand the verse

    • Rumple Stiltskin
      Rumple Stiltskin

      @Reyan I thought every1 knew he was cold

    • Reyan

      No one gonna talk about Swarmz, like cmon people he did probably the best

    • F1AME CODM
      F1AME CODM

      Yes even tho I think so KSI's was the best in this song Tion Wayne was also really good

  • Toari Senpai.-
    Toari Senpai.-

    I feel like ksi should do more songs like this fits him a lot

  • Axyte

    JJ's accent is so different here compared to usual videos. Love it.

    • tanmay Karde
      tanmay Karde

      It is babtunde

  • D - S - M
    D - S - M

    Did Jj just rap a whole verse in a jamaican accent. This shit is literally fire. Jj doesn't look out of place at all. Cant wait for the whole album to come out Jj. P.S- Thx for the likes guys. 🙂

    • Mzino Ym
      Mzino Ym

      DarianGames HD fr and he isn’t even Jamaican so why

    • TGX_ Clips
      TGX_ Clips

      DarianGames HD 💯💯💯💯💯💯

    • Marko Veljanovski
      Marko Veljanovski

      @funny videos you need to get your ears checked xD how is that german .....

    • tyrese is my name
      tyrese is my name

      Ppl do understand that most slang in uk is Jamaican


      Dhruv Maskeri yeah but you hardly expect him to perfect an accent he is not native to

  • Ajama786

    This song is actually amazing wtf didn’t expect that it’s not forced it’s very catchy

  • gemirgo

    Can we just appreciate how good this song actually is

  • To Ad
    To Ad

    I’m so proud of how far JJ has come

  • Riley Freeman
    Riley Freeman

    Tion Wayne’s verse is too wavey 🌊🌊he’s on the come up 9 to the 🌍 and back

    • DF

      facts, Tion's energy and flow man. Catchy

  • Rayan

    this song never gets old damn

  • Abdul Muqsit
    Abdul Muqsit

    This was the first time I was like “Damn JJ is rapping so clean and naturally”

  • Giovanni C
    Giovanni C

    Keep it up KSI ur doing well


    I wish to make a banger like this when I'm older

  • Bryer C
    Bryer C

    This song sounds like it came straight out of a fast and furious movie.

    • Cardes YT
      Cardes YT


    • Parneet Singh
      Parneet Singh

      no it’s rush hour

    • Jadon Thomas
      Jadon Thomas

      @GonySUV stfu

    • Rhys Davies
      Rhys Davies

      Bryer Cyopeck litro

    • Rabz

      Bryer Cyopeck ur just tapped

  • U N K N O W N😳
    U N K N O W N😳

    11months later i still love this song

  • Calum Roberts
    Calum Roberts

    Exactly a year since my favourite one of jj’s songs came out. Certified banger🔥

    • Calum Roberts
      Calum Roberts

      @DARTHVEJDOR same! All he’s gotta do it best jake🔥


      @Calum Roberts yeah i agree. He has leveled up his music and im so pround as a ksi fan. Also you can hear some of his songs on the radio and I get emotional when I hear one of his songs 😀

    • Calum Roberts
      Calum Roberts

      @DARTHVEJDOR every song since this has been good, but I still think this has top spot. Don’t play and domain are close second and third

    • Calum Roberts
      Calum Roberts

      @DARTHVEJDOR it is a very good ringtone!


      Agree, i love this track. Actually i have it as a ringtone

  • Imagination HUB
    Imagination HUB

    this song gives me goosebumps ...fucking hell mate ....ksi the name really really really suites him fuck!!!!!

  • Steven Stanley-Smith
    Steven Stanley-Smith

    Love the grime vibe.!!

  • M4

    I’m surprised how babatunde managed to spit a whole verse without needing water 😂😂

    • Anders


    • Swagsnail

      kinda stolen

    • LazyFatSlime

      Stealing comments dude? Weakk

    • Trippa7171

      @KJ this is a good comment from somebody who has a good yt name

    • KJ

      you stole this comment from some1 else. create your own original work and stop stealing comments

  • V Hxxx
    V Hxxx

    I still love this song , one of my fave Ksi songs

  • Gean Kino
    Gean Kino

    Still the best KSI song in 2021 so far

  • EC3

    Best KSI verse in a song hands down👏👏👏

  • kishxre

    Crazy to think Its already been a year since this came out.

  • Niall Wagner
    Niall Wagner

    The accent he’s using makes his flow a lot smoother tbf, fair play KSI decent tune

    • Jj Jj
      Jj Jj

      Diaz the tune ass

    • KirYas

      @Balls did he say they arent lmao

    • Andrea Bachliyski
      Andrea Bachliyski

      Best music eveeeeeeeeeeeeerr

    • Eshan and Kayaan
      Eshan and Kayaan

      @Unworthy did nt come here toread the bible

    • Aksu Pro
      Aksu Pro

      Nice track

  • Ali

    This song slaps still after nearly a year

  • AlSicate

    this is still one of if not the best of jj's songs

  • Itz_ Syphix
    Itz_ Syphix

    I knew this song was big and it’s my favourite ksi song but I didn’t realize how big it actually was it’s one of his topped streamed songs

  • Becky Scullion
    Becky Scullion

    Love this song 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  • Massinissa Tebani
    Massinissa Tebani

    babatunde is actually pretty talented.

    • vrishank aryan
      vrishank aryan


    • Zeonite 1022
      Zeonite 1022

      I think that's Folabi


      Who called me

    • Liviu

      Babatunde has a lambo in the forest thats how he escaped the cheetah

    • Liviu


  • Euiie Dan Recha
    Euiie Dan Recha

    I love how JJ still hangs out with his friends even though he's already at the top

    • sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿
      sit up straight you banana shaped fvck 🗿

      You wouldn't leave people that you've been with for years wouldn't you?

    • gigachad

      money didn't change this man(mentally, I mean money changed this man physically too much)

  • Andy Keyrouz
    Andy Keyrouz

    A year since this Masterpiece was Uploaded🔥🔥🔥

  • Arsy

    every time he has the glasses on u know its a banger

  • Curtis Harlow
    Curtis Harlow

    KSI is changing ITmores with every move he makes! BIG UP JJ!!

    • Curtis Harlow
      Curtis Harlow

      @KorraByte lol

    • KorraByte

      it ain't JJ, it's babatunde

  • YxZR

    This is one of JJ’s *better* songs and he actually had a more significant role in this one. Glad to see him grow. :)

    • Narender Kaur
      Narender Kaur


    • Cookie crunch Gacha
      Cookie crunch Gacha

      Vlad The Lad I wanna see you rap better

    • Dew2Much

      Ha ha fishy go club blub

    • FE4R LYNX
      FE4R LYNX

      It isn't KSI its babatunde

    • ger ner
      ger ner


  • Sarah Donarte
    Sarah Donarte

    Love This 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • _xli79f

    Love it

  • Best Believe
    Best Believe


    • I’m just a guy Sama
      I’m just a guy Sama


    • Xtreme_Røddy


  • ruhani bhatti
    ruhani bhatti

    Yes this song plays on repeat for us ayyy! ISTG! this is one of the songs that you stop and restart from the beginning because its that good.

  • Nuutti

    Not many people know this but the song title was inspired by Ethans Dad

    • Thelittleowl1

      Ok this comment wins the comment award of 2021 even tho it was a year ago. Congrats.

    • CatchingTheShot 133
      CatchingTheShot 133

      @Sam Walsh how did you know

    • Jasper Dillen
      Jasper Dillen


    • Sudeepta Neogi
      Sudeepta Neogi

      @Doomed 3000 I was you 180th like

    • Max Verstappen
      Max Verstappen

      Oh my god Hahhalolol

  • Kyriakos Kyriakou
    Kyriakos Kyriakou

    Love it

  • Killa 69420
    Killa 69420

    This will always take me back to being sat in my room playing Pokemon during lockdown 🔥

  • Cookie Man
    Cookie Man

    one of jj's best songs

  • MJskillz_Official

    We need more UK Rappers

  • NotVanger

    When this makes it in the next FIFA and Fast and Furious then JJ could say he made it..

    • NotVanger

      @[Jackies Squirrel] lmao

    • Mhdev02

      Or gta

    • [Jackies Squirrel]
      [Jackies Squirrel]

      Vanger well of he makes it in to the next fifa then he hasn’t game it as the games are shit

    • NotVanger

      @ScottishMCA been doin that for a bit. This is actually sick

    • ScottishMCA

      Just gotta stream it on Spotify to help it grow

  • Alex Hofstadter
    Alex Hofstadter

    Mad respect for dis man right here

  • David Benjamin
    David Benjamin

    Not my fav genre but it's good 8 out of 10👏

  • jared

    ksi never stops spitting fire

  • Alessandro Quintana
    Alessandro Quintana

    He does really good songs but this song on a new level

  • Vicente Monteiro
    Vicente Monteiro

    JJ: i am bad at accents Also JJ: sings an entire verse with a Jamaican accent

    • incomplet

      @ruke olatobi it sounds jamaican alow it man

    • Arconic

      Vicente Monteiro wth r u talking about man said in his new vid is patois big man das Jamaican

    • HD Keemii
      HD Keemii

      ruke olatobi it sounds Jamaican with Nigerian accent

    • Caleb Brady
      Caleb Brady

      ruke olatobi nah, fam it’s clearly Jamaican, n trust me, I’m from Caribbean, this ain’t nigerian😂

    • lewis palmer
      lewis palmer

      No it is not native Nigerian at all have u even be to Nigeria because be for u start speaking 💩get your facts right my wife comes from there and that not how there talk . my family comes from Jamaica so i know when people are trying to sound Jamaican so if u think that's native Nigerian then u are really thick it all ways makes me laugh when white people think they know everything about different race's go watch any white person trying to put on a Jamaican accent then come back and still tell people that its native Nigerian 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the hole song has a reggae vibe to it

  • King death
    King death

    For a ITmoresr he’s a good rapper KSI your songs are lit man

  • mayaaa

    This is just a vibe honestly,it can literally hype you up without realising- who’s still listening to this in 2021

  • mikachuuu

    Okay this still hits hard

    • CIG_yt


  • Nathan's hyper
    Nathan's hyper


  • skraa

    JJ is actually starting to sound like a artist bruh.

    • Jacob Wojciechowski
      Jacob Wojciechowski

      Andrija Pantelić fr

    • Sonny

      Starting to

    • Symuras

      @Михајло ahaha

    • Streety Boy69
      Streety Boy69


    • Ryan Singh
      Ryan Singh

      @Bilal Hassan Dax

  • Michal Koky
    Michal Koky

    Ksi needs to make more bangers like this

  • Aamir Reyal
    Aamir Reyal

    Epic!, I love it

  • Genjeet

    The beat on this is INSANEEEE


    Damn, the beat goes hard

  • J Z
    J Z

    THIS is the music he should be making.

    • William Greene
      William Greene

      @Luis Roman poppin 🤣

    • odorous mussel20
      odorous mussel20

      @bigclock wallace agreed this gives me naija vibes

    • Harvey Whiteley
      Harvey Whiteley


    • Legend of Nibbaheem
      Legend of Nibbaheem

      Act like a roadman?


      Luis Roman you have no taste in music lol i feel bad for u

  • Callum Smyth
    Callum Smyth

    Best song he’s done, hands down

  • Mimi Kankolongo
    Mimi Kankolongo

    this song SLAPS BRO i love it

  • Irene Kome
    Irene Kome

    Dang this song is the definition of fire

  • CodingMadeClear

    My neighbours loved this song so much they invited the cops to come over and listen to it.

  • HollyAdams

    His voice actually sounds part of the song and not just planted there.

    • ImLeviElixir

      @YGP no

    • ImLeviElixir

      @yqxk yeah

    • Kundu Kulam
      Kundu Kulam

      Omggg broo chill

    • Sanjay Marathe
      Sanjay Marathe

      thats true

    • Nickkyy

      @Samuel Howard yea no shit