KSI - Houdini (feat. Swarmz & Tion Wayne) [Pink Panda Remix]
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Oh na na
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze

Bring that ting in a place where you’re needed
Big ting, make me wanna buss when I beat it
Me no even care if you’re fake or the real, I just wanna getta feel of the booty that your treating ohhhh
Why you wanna play the hard to get
My fourth letter getting bigger in the alphabet
My dumb figure moving silly when you come correct
But She on fleek Check
Booty check
Breath check
Money check
Later in the night, she a freak, check
Winning everyting that I’m throwing
Got a Cuban for the neck gold glowing
Really only want a bad ting
Make me wanna do mad ting
See me when I’m on my don king
And I kill it with the Millies so I get another ring...

Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la
Run up on man and
Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…
Tweet tweet
And a likkle snap snap
Preeing up her insta
All I do is tap tap
I ain’t into talking
But she make me chat chat
Ima do anything
Just so they can have that
See me I do it better
She flexin in my sweater
People I can’t trust em like the weather
Face Riri got a body like she mena
Money on her b day
I don’t do no letter
Love to spend grands
Got one young G
All he know is bang
Uptown function but I’m with gang
How these broke youtes gassing up gram
Made no paper actin on cam
Love a real deal not a lie
I said let’s have a dinner date in Dubai
Girl buss it down
look hot like July
Got girls at the table me KSI

Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la
Run up on man and
Oh na na
Run up on man and squeeze
Oh la la

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la

Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…

Oh na na
You don’t wanna ramp with me
Oh la la
Run up on man and squeeze
Easy peasy squeezy
Talkin bad until you see me [Tion Wayne: Come on, Come On]
Make man, just like Houdini

Tion Wayne
Yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh, yuh…

Oh na na
Oh la la

Oh na na
Oh la la

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen ...

Commenti: 9 502
  • TJZX7

    Sounds like those songs late at like 10pm on the radio whilst driving home

    • marina:3


    • Fighter Lm
      Fighter Lm

      Zetz p

    • Irish Unit
      Irish Unit

      @Bailey Rix that's gay, make no further progression

    • pr3cky

      Frost K

    • Alexis Cabrera
      Alexis Cabrera


  • Max R
    Max R

    It’s mad how this doesn’t have that much love, get this on night drive or a club instant bop

    • Manueltjuhh

      @Oscar Earls Most clubs in the UK atleast always have house and electro blasting, which ones have you gone to?

    • Oscar Earls
      Oscar Earls

      @Manueltjuhh clearly you’ve been to shitty nightclubs, this remix is definitely not a night club tune, the original fits in better with current music trends.

    • Manueltjuhh

      @Oscar Earls All you hear in a club is house, what are you on?

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts

      @Oscar Earls agreed

    • Oscar Earls
      Oscar Earls

      You ever been clubbing lad, this remix is shit ahahah

  • Mad Monkey
    Mad Monkey

    this song is good but you should do a reddit challenge where you choose one of your songs and let people remix it and the best gets posted on ur youtube and they win something

    • CURTIS

      NumberOneFootballGeezer it’s a club song remix

    • Brandon Ojeda
      Brandon Ojeda

      This is a good idea for his upcoming song with S1mba

    • prestonsafc545 -
      prestonsafc545 -

      @NumberOneFootballGeezer ... i have no words for that

    • Big BLOCK life
      Big BLOCK life

      @Joel Jibi no i meant democracy and voting is bs A peasant's vote = A guy with a PhD How tf is this fair? No way! Ppl with similar tastes due to the mumbo jumbo rap are in majority and will fuck over minor genres each and every time they get a chance. Imo

    • Joel Jibi
      Joel Jibi

      @Big BLOCK life nah U got people like Johan Tjornhagen who made like the maddest remix of Red Alert which I thought was better than the original so nahh bro its gonna be sick

  • grandKopite

    the first 10 words made me realize that this is one of my favorite songs i hear on the radio, i actually didn't realize KSI was apart of this untill now, Well Done KSI

  • TRS-Goofyy

    You already know this is going on my playlist on spotify

  • A - F
    A - F

    If one of JJ's fans made this he would laugh at them...

    • Desilva

      his laugh make us laugh

    • iliketerraria

      Nah im pretty sure he would be like "oh shit,that pretty good"give platinum award and shoutout the reddit name lol

    • PalmScape

      to be fair this is very good, most people when do remixes mess up the beat this saved the melody and gave it a summer feeling, its a banger

    • Jitse Moerenhout
      Jitse Moerenhout

      No he wouldnt

    • Kevin Okoyeze
      Kevin Okoyeze

      A - F TRUE FACTS

  • Gavin O'Donnell
    Gavin O'Donnell

    Nice job to KSI he makes great music and has made my quarantine better

  • Haydenyo Smith
    Haydenyo Smith

    Its INSANE SICK BEAT!!!!!!! well done ksi!!!!

  • Kazmix2

    This would go so hard in concerts

  • Bearus

    Just sounds like Houdini on steroids

    • Braindead Person
      Braindead Person


    • Business humor
      Business humor


  • Rhys Ivey
    Rhys Ivey

    JJ just wants to hear his song in the club, give the man a rest

    • Owen Wakefield
      Owen Wakefield

      @Nicholasechase 2 do you know how club DJs are 😂 they just have virtual dj on their laptops. They don't mix in the slightest. Even bass hunter just plays a USB with premade mixes in clubs.

    • Nicholasechase 2
      Nicholasechase 2

      The DJ in the club would remix it

    • Farhaj

      I’m the one who got ur comment to 1k ☺️

    • Damon

      Matthiu Coughlan not true

    • Mxitz

      Your the first comment with nothing to do without ricegum in it and theres alot

  • ItsChaos

    Totally love your music ksi

  • kruptureUTD

    There are so many people hating on this but it's actually quite good. It's not up to the standard of the original ofcourse, but it is really good

  • Midnight Morada
    Midnight Morada

    This is so cool Love your songs man

  • Zack Syndicate
    Zack Syndicate

    This “remix” is just the original Houdini but playback speed is 2x

    • DexterousAdept

      Not 2x that’s way to fast

    • aven ً
      aven ً

      Zack Syndicate no its not bro its like a different song

    • Mxitz

      69th like

    • T VN
      T VN

      @AdamsMusic still not a good remix at all 😬😬

    • BeaTz Boy
      BeaTz Boy

      Where the hell did u pull that from


    Driving down the highway at night blasting this full up 😂😁

  • narasu

    I love the atmosphere and the bit of a flip he did on the beat, that club flip, but these vocals are mixed so weirdly


    This would go hard at parties 🎉

  • GCPD Open Up
    GCPD Open Up

    who makes better music like: a mountain bike comment: ricegum

    • Vyan

      @FE4R LYNX your not big stfu

    • DexterousAdept


    • Hinter Hinter
      Hinter Hinter

      Well That Random Kid Nobody Knows Is Better

    • Huss 110
      Huss 110

      Rhakjellg bruh mountain bikes don't have engines 😂

    • Christopher Anderson
      Christopher Anderson

      @10ksubswithnovidschallenge even Jake can't write his own songs 💯

  • TDC

    This would go hard in a club, don’t get why everyone’s hating

    • Gabriel P
      Gabriel P

      Mikiso If you don't like house music then ok

    • but_nug

      @kalani marseu how dose that make sense????

    • absolutelyMath

      @Steve Steve bro "deep house synth was actually popular". It still is man u just clearly dont like it as much..YOU dont like house music. yes this house music organ is widely used but not dead just not mainstream


      @kalani marseu ikr

    • damn straight
      damn straight

      @kalani marseu true

  • absolutelyMath

    WHAT. A. REMIX. Those who hate obviously don't know house music and house music artists and labels like spinnin, and channels like future house music.

  • Lily and her animals .
    Lily and her animals .

    This music is good keep it up ksi

  • dunos

    better than normal houdini imo listening to it on spotify jeez its fucking good

  • Balake #JoyconBoyz
    Balake #JoyconBoyz

    The beat is sick, the way the lyrics are incorporated ruins the whole song though.

    • KTA

      Oh yeah yeah

    • Connor McM
      Connor McM

      TripleS your name is a banger

    • Kelly Ellis
      Kelly Ellis

      The beat is sick but they could have made it like wake up call remix with tobi that would be good

    • TripleS

      gaming flamethrower nah dude the beat bangs the lyrics kinda ruined it

    • Jawad Raid
      Jawad Raid

      Skin Succ I kinda disagree with u.... imagine if the beat was more sync with the lyrics... that would break planet earth with a bang bro

  • Huni Rapha
    Huni Rapha

    This low-key goes hard, at first I was skeptical then my head started bobbing

    • Huni Rapha
      Huni Rapha

      @Gucci Horsepiss and yet you watched it

    • Carine S
      Carine S

      @Gucci Horsepiss nana

    • Devyl

      SknyChkn layedbak is a fucking great reactor man, he’s not biased in the slightest he’s just honest. Just becuase everyone else likes a song doesn’t mean he should. Shut ya mouth

    • Ey SHhs
      Ey SHhs

      Mixed feeling about song

    • Jordylaird

      same i thouhht it was meh at first but then i was like ohh shit this is a banger

  • Charlie

    Original is good, but this is something I would actually put on a playlist

  • OBC HaRaLoGo
    OBC HaRaLoGo

    This turned out better than I expected

  • Velocci

    who doesn't love a house remix every now and then! Drum n bass remix when?

  • Astrylix

    Now this sounds like it be on the radio 24/7

  • ?ㄖ丂爪卂几

    They say the original is always better. In this case Yes.

    • Key Dev
      Key Dev

      @Bailey facts x2

    • Key Dev
      Key Dev


    • Joey Meyer
      Joey Meyer


    • Hirudei

      Rokkz He’s not saying it’s bad, he’s saying the original is better, and I don’t think anyone can deny that 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • YJ

      @Rokkz wank

  • Kirie

    “ Talking bad until you see me” Is still my favorite lyric

  • TooAcy

    this remix is AMAZING

  • CoCo BeatZ
    CoCo BeatZ

    This needs to be on the radio get it on it boiiiiiiiii

  • Storm Parrot
    Storm Parrot

    Big fan of this would hit hard in the club

  • Kelly Tellyvision
    Kelly Tellyvision

    DJs are gonna love this when quarantine is over..

    • Josh Roberts
      Josh Roberts

      You made my day

    • Josh Roberts
      Josh Roberts

      Blue jays game

    • Addison Marriott
      Addison Marriott

      It’s a shame that this song will be so much less popular when quarantine and covid are fully lver

    • Josh Roberts
      Josh Roberts

      Of course

    • Josh Roberts
      Josh Roberts

      Yes for sure

  • mathew taylor
    mathew taylor

    its alright i suppose, it wouldnt be a go to remix of KSI, but i would listen to it every now and then.

  • Saddlers Central
    Saddlers Central

    Me: wants to see peoples opinions on the remix Everyone: wHo mAkEs bEtTeR mUsIc a cHaIr oR rIcEguM

    • kyerobbo 13
      kyerobbo 13

      The chair gets top tens all the time

    • Diza Gaming
      Diza Gaming


    • Noobmaster69

      Rice gum

    • Shush u Shmuck
      Shush u Shmuck

      People r just curious domt be jealous

    • tymekthe cebula
      tymekthe cebula


  • The Winstonbro 1
    The Winstonbro 1

    This is lit 🔥

  • Bilé

    This would go hard in the club

  • Gavin Trotter
    Gavin Trotter

    This sounds like it would go on every soul cycle playlist ever

    • Sara Xo
      Sara Xo


  • Zuraiz Default Gamer
    Zuraiz Default Gamer

    I really like the way swarmzy s "run up on Man and scream" is suppressed and I fw that

    • CHRIS W10
      CHRIS W10

      Run up on man and squeeze like squeezing a trigger of a mash innit

    • Cooper Gaston
      Cooper Gaston

      Man said swarmzy 🤣🤣🤣 ur defo american

    • LBK 110
      LBK 110

      Swarmz not swarmzy

    • Itz_dxrk


  • absolutelyMath

    To all those hating because they have no clue, this is house music. A different genre accept it

  • Sarb sarkar
    Sarb sarkar

    This is sick.......hits harder than the OG💯❤️🥵

  • Shota Aizawa
    Shota Aizawa

    🔥 this would slap at a party

  • NuGGetZ

    This would be so perfect in a club or a festival


    This song sounds like those songs you hear on your way home at night on the radio or something 😂

    • absolutelyMath

      its called house music

  • aakkimbo

    This would hit hard at a party

  • Red Mini Crewmate
    Red Mini Crewmate

    1st listen: this is fine 2nd listen: This is catchy- 3rd listen: I'm starting to like this 4th listen: **jamming** I CAN LISTEN TO THIS ALL DAY Update: 5th listen: aight just kidding I listened to this more than a million times already lol

    • Oofy

      5th listen - 🔊🎵🎵🎵loud speakers

    • M3M3G0D420


  • ___Irish___

    I prefer the original still. But this is fire 🔥🔥

  • Ash

    Everyone hating on this clearly ain't been to a club or festival

    • absolutelyMath

      @Peace E exactly. Sad....i love house music

    • absolutelyMath

      @AwesomeShamz yeah true typical house music organ but still cool. I love house

    • absolutelyMath

      @Maks B yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh its sick mate

    • absolutelyMath

      @Thushan Fernando man finally!!!! Someone!!!!!

    • Thushan Fernando
      Thushan Fernando

      @greetedwarf. hell yeah i would this makes me feel likes i am in tommorowland

  • K6

    This slaps soo hard 🥶

  • Inish Bhawan
    Inish Bhawan

    tion Waynes part fits better here than in the original

  • Arish

    If that new track comes imagine ksi and travis That is another level Lets hope it happens

  • Shubham Prasad
    Shubham Prasad

    This is fire 🔥

  • Rumaisa Rasool
    Rumaisa Rasool

    love it

  • Hector Montes
    Hector Montes

    In my opinion I love lots of the Kai remix track . They are literally heat bruh

  • Codeman LoL
    Codeman LoL

    This sounds like songs people in Florida would listen to (faster versions of the original song

  • The Afghan Abdi
    The Afghan Abdi

    This remix hits different with 2x speed I would probably say it’s better than the original

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    JJ just wants to hear his song in the club, give the man a rest

    • Behind You
      Behind You

      Cro Pro horny 12 ur old on yt

    • Cro Pro
      Cro Pro

      How the hell did you get 1 k subs

    • SpongeToe

      Fabi the Famous it’s better than all the kids comments “Like for “?” Comment for ricegum” n all that shit, honestly, if I was like that as a kid I’d travel back in time and beat myself

    • Fabi the Famous
      Fabi the Famous

      18+ lmaooooo

    • Prabhjot Singh
      Prabhjot Singh

      Begone bot

  • Allen Batista
    Allen Batista

    This remix tho 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Lee

    Sounds like a song you’d hear at a rave

  • Classy Muffin
    Classy Muffin

    Sounds like the kind of music my uber driver would put on.

  • Ateeb juddi
    Ateeb juddi

    For some reason this sounds better than the original


    I think it’s safe to say that he needs to STOP dropping remixes and leave the songs how they are.

    • Sahil

      The wake up call remix is good tho

    • 『Pyxl Pilot』
      『Pyxl Pilot』

      Yoshi and pink panda remix are both shut

    • Anirudh Kumar
      Anirudh Kumar

      Or get better people to remix his songs

    • Anirudh Kumar
      Anirudh Kumar

      @Shawn Thomas Na M8. It shows wheather the music is auto generated by youtube or not in the description. This one is not.

    • whythelongface

      Guess I’m normal

  • Betr

    I guess that's why some people don't like how KSI loves remixes


    We all know that we are all waiting for the killa killa animation

    • Home Lo
      Home Lo


    • Sahil

      ItzYusufRB_YT it was sick but we all know the bearus one was better

    • Aaron Nolan
      Aaron Nolan

      @Leena Mulloo only 40 mins

    • Leena Mulloo
      Leena Mulloo

      Video now

    • Yuzzify

      Sya Sneky YEAHHHH


    To be honest it really isn't that good. But it's still better than any song by rice

    • CHAMP XD
      CHAMP XD

      CHEKAR it’s better than god church

  • L3TH4L WarfareZ
    L3TH4L WarfareZ

    Drop this on Spotify

  • Tattilicker9000

    What the DJ does to the songs at school parties:

    • ShilohTV

      Hey guys, Steve here to explain the joke. So basically, because stereotypically school DJs fuck up songs by over mixing them or trying to make them more bouncy than they should be, King_ Koop_Aid made the uncanny comparison between school dance music and this terrible remix of Houdini which sounds like, as the comparison said, a school party song

    • Neel Parmar
      Neel Parmar

      I think that’s the point, it’s meant to be a club remix but it doesn’t go hard enough unfortunately

    • DripMemz


    • Pyro 435
      Pyro 435


  • jamie macdonald
    jamie macdonald


  • k a b i r
    k a b i r

    actually sounds decent at 0.75 speed and im not saying that the normal speed is bad

  • Connor Beswiick
    Connor Beswiick

    oii i fully rate this. could see this in a club/summer playlist 100%

  • Hadzz

    Icl they should’ve given Swarmz his own verse at the end in the remix

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    “We don’t wanna hear another house track” that’s what jj said to joe , oh dear 😂

    • Matthew_Powell16

      Timestamp? I can't hear it lmao

    • Yousaf

      @Tk ur 8 years old

    • Arkham Plays
      Arkham Plays

      Man said ur top comment

    • Tk

      Nice profil picture

    • German Empire RDR2
      German Empire RDR2

      This aint a house track

  • Dominic C-T
    Dominic C-T

    Someone: speeds up song to 2X KSI: YO THIS IS HEAT MY G WHAT A GOOD REMIX

  • ThatYoungRid3r

    Why this go so hard💪

  • Meme Lordistt156
    Meme Lordistt156

    this remix is fire

  • Alfonso Fernández
    Alfonso Fernández

    This guy's music actually very good tho

  • Switch-_-out

    Me: wants to see opinions of this remix Comment section: who makes better music

    • asthmatic monkey
      asthmatic monkey

      It’s a shit song without the remix this remix is a turd that has been pissed on

    • MCFCity

      This is a great remix

    • Georges St Pierre
      Georges St Pierre

      I don't like the remix

    • sam hipkins
      sam hipkins

      fml fr

    • Oliver Hanson
      Oliver Hanson

      ksi and tions verses sounded a little lacklustre tbh, but the remixed hook is actually cold. that would slap in a club

  • Yaboy Ferg ツ
    Yaboy Ferg ツ

    The beat sounds like something I heard booming in a club Idk could just been me

  • Everything Bagel
    Everything Bagel


  • I am Babatunde
    I am Babatunde

    Ain’t as good as original but it’s still fire 🔥 that drop thooo

  • Matthew O'Malley
    Matthew O'Malley

    This is fire!!!

  • The Shiniest Golden Egg
    The Shiniest Golden Egg

    Plot Twist: *Put the video on 1.25 speed to get the actual remix*

    • Szymon Wrzala
      Szymon Wrzala

      TheOrangeSock23 yeah his voice sounds a little glitchy... Tion Wayne’s too, if their voices got sped up, that’d sound sick

    • Cihan Yildirim
      Cihan Yildirim

      Thank you Bro 🤣👌

    • Rainage

      Try 2x and mute, it sound the best that way

    • LBW

      This is lit on 1.25

    • Phiqqss

      It’s sick on 1.25 no cap wtf🤣🤣🤣

  • LxJxGxS

    What the hell this is sooo under rated

  • Sugevsbxi

    What a banger

  • Gezza Cubing
    Gezza Cubing

    *"Can We Play Houdini?"* Mum: "We already have Houdini at home." *This:*

    • NumberOneFootballGeezer

      @Rokkz it's shit

    • Rokkz

      KVI_Ohm how???? I love it?

    • KVI_Ohm

      @yroohj gouy so i wont lie, this is kinda trash ngl

  • Commander Cody
    Commander Cody


  • Mazharul 2004
    Mazharul 2004

    Honestly, jjs verse here was screwed hard, the chorus onwards was sick with the beat and all, but then the fast vocals just doesnt cut it.

    • Oliver Hanson
      Oliver Hanson

      the verses weren’t great but the hook slapped imo

    • Chals

      I think KSI's verse sounds better on the remix. So does Tion Wayne's verse. The chorus is ehh.

    • Nikko Päf
      Nikko Päf

      @Raafi Adinegoro But if it doesn't fit it doesn't fit...

    • An0n

      Nah I like it

    • Raafi Adinegoro
      Raafi Adinegoro

      Its house music so it needs to be 120+ bpm

  • New Path Studios
    New Path Studios

    why does this song and them posing in front of the car like that remind me of Need For Speed lol

  • ImWood

    the beat goes hard

  • loafFN

    Ay man, this was sick

  • Casey Roberts
    Casey Roberts

    this song will go hard in a club

  • Snillox

    I’m a fan of JJ, but this isn’t it.

    • Charlie

      It's better than the original.

    • baba diarra
      baba diarra


    • Lucas Vajdevski
      Lucas Vajdevski

      It’s house/club music. I personally love house and listen to a lot of it along with uk rap so this is perfect for me 😂

    • George Marshall
      George Marshall

      Couldn’t agree more


      @IAR647 yeah sounded real sweet on my svs subwoofer

  • Mark’s R and R
    Mark’s R and R

    This is sick!!!! Nice

  • Faith Kh
    Faith Kh

    Ok I didn't know this came out😳😍😍🔥

  • big jill
    big jill

    this beat goes hard

  • SkeppyJr

    You know when your dad is taking you to Tesco late at night and he turns on CapitalXtra or some shit, this is what this song sounds like 😂😂

  • Arsalan Kazi
    Arsalan Kazi

    Reddit is not gonna leave him easy for this sin 😂

    • tegrq bruh
      tegrq bruh


    • AGuyOnYoutube 947
      AGuyOnYoutube 947

      Honestly 😂

    • InfiniteFPS

      Someone copied your comment word for word lmao

    • Arsalan Kazi
      Arsalan Kazi

      @absent yeah mate excited 😂

    • absent

      Deffo, just waiting for a reddit vid😂😂 Maybe tomorrow or Thursday

  • Lol kian 99 Kian 99
    Lol kian 99 Kian 99

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥