KSI - Killa Killa (feat. Aiyana-Lee) [Official Lyric Video]
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Baddie run the trap when I’m in these streets
You don’t wanna play no no
Got a target on your back standing next to me

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re (Ah!)

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Music punching or the internet, I kill all of that
20 million when I see the net, I made all of that
Even when I’m ill I see the vet, I’m an animal
They know I’m eating up the threat, Like I’m Hannibal
I got no reason to panic when all the money paid
Tailor made wearing Armani now that I’m feeling suede
Money May now I can choose the weather on any day
Anyway, King of the drama killing it everyday
Know you hurting Cos you always throwback
Rolling through the pieces on a Kodak
I’m the catch, saving like a goalie
Wishing but I know you fucking hate me

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no you don’t know who ya, Na
You don’t know who you’re fucking with
I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many)
Turn up in a killer mode, legacy fiddling
End another man and then I’m leaving them piddling
I’m a beast when I’m onnit
Hotter than your bonnet
I really want it like buffalo needing women
Shredding it
And then I’m deading it
Repeating me winning the figure like I’m Benedict
Got the money flowing proper like an ATM
Gotta see me glowing proper with that Alien
Taller than the Makkah when I gotta stack it up
Now she Sounding like Chewbacca when she back it up

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Created by: JUSTAGHOST
ITmores: m.youtube.com/thinkitmakeit?u...
Instagram: instagram.com/justaghost02/

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@premierleaguemusic.com www.premierleagueentertainmen ...

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  • Krish Kapur
    Krish Kapur

    This vid was made by a fan. Shows how much JJ really cares about his fans

    • Toheed Butter
      Toheed Butter


    • Speeed Freee
      Speeed Freee

      Ohh so thats why it looks so shit lol Srry

    • LAQU

      @- you don’t think... if a fan made it it shows how they care, you glorify a ITmoresr just for using it or for being glorifed... I think jj paid but what if he didn’t? Is that still care? How many of you actually went to the person who made it? You don’t even know where it’s from.

    • Vandam

      And that fan made it for fun

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts

      @Bigtaffster34 it was posted on ITmores b it someone put that YT video on Reddit

  • Shaheer Musakhel
    Shaheer Musakhel

    And it’s where jj cares about his fans that’s what’s good about the song

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @Shaheer Ammar ur telling him to change his name cuz it’s the same as urs. Like r u really that insecure 😂

    • YungxKye-YT

      Yh ikr

    • Shaheer Ammar
      Shaheer Ammar

      change your name..

    • Vaper Kirka
      Vaper Kirka

      Bearus is my favourite part in this


      Can u pls tell me which video did he react to this

  • ‌

    Imagine how happy is the dude who made this for fun

    • Panescu Dorin
      Panescu Dorin

      And im sure its 100 times more amazing than we can imagine. Imagine Ksi be like "My man, all the money for this vid are yours". Imagine

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @LitModz fr

    • LitModz

      @Tech N Earn who cares about getting paid when you got to edit a KSI music video

    • Tech N Earn
      Tech N Earn

      He definitely got paid

    • Snappy Avator
      Snappy Avator

      Yeah imagine.

  • Team Anchors
    Team Anchors

    This song is fire. Talk all the shit you want. It is fire.

    • hikari

      It would be more fire if jj didnt add his hair lmao

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan


    • Prod. Jordxn
      Prod. Jordxn

      The girl carries so hard

    • Padraig ryan
      Padraig ryan

      @Tobias gaming so funny with ur mam jokes 😱😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤡

    • Liimo-Drake3-6-9

      @Tobias gaming Neither is your English GCSE.

  • robert kasokeo
    robert kasokeo

    It’s makes me genuinely happy he posted this for the creator, he put so much effort into making this for free. I’m sure JJ shared the wealth from the success the video brought him on his main channel.

  • Chloe Lauren
    Chloe Lauren

    I can't imagine how the fan who created this must feel. Being recognised not only by someone you look up to but also for your craft. It's epic!!!

    • yes

      @Samuel Sianturi I think he split it

    • Kwame Manu
      Kwame Manu

      Check the description he linked justaghost's channel

    • Safwaan Fakir
      Safwaan Fakir

      @Samuel Sianturi Don't u think he spoke off camera to him to atleadt give him some of the profit

    • LaFranceBall

      @Samuel Sianturi that was in my head when he released it

    • Kamster Rook
      Kamster Rook

      @Chloe Lauren I tried posting it on reddit but it only got 60 upvotes last month and now it's archived sadly.

  • User not available
    User not available

    Dude am I the only one who's thinking that KSI songs are just getting better and better

    • User not available
      User not available

      @Anirudh Cherukuriwhen u do it the right way

    • Shinigami Official124
      Shinigami Official124

      No ofc he gets better and better

    • Anirudh Cherukuri
      Anirudh Cherukuri

      I guess thats what happens when you consistently do something

    • AmberLearner

      With him collabing with DJ and EDM artists it really does change the atmosphere and content for the better AND the better for a larger audience.

    • Jordan Molina
      Jordan Molina

      @immanuelvlogsHD same here

  • Karnage Clown
    Karnage Clown

    Jake really thinks hes better than this? Lol what a joke smh

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      Fr KSI even beat his bro in a boxing match not once but twice. So JJ would kill Jake 😂

    • Aidan Boylin
      Aidan Boylin

      @Robert Lenz Bro ur subbed to JJ

    • Aidan Boylin
      Aidan Boylin

      @Robert Lenz "disagree agree" wtf does that mean

    • Link the Chosen One
      Link the Chosen One

      Even with a ghostwriter he’s still not on JJ’s level lmao

    • Karnage Clown
      Karnage Clown

      @Robert Lenz jake paul pfp immediately ignored

  • alexis boyte
    alexis boyte

    Holy shit animations are so hard to make and this person must have used so much of his time to do this its impressive

  • Darknightgaming 0519
    Darknightgaming 0519

    I gotta respect the grind your music keeps on getting better and better, keep it up 😆😆😆

  • Synczz5767

    Jj is just a normal guy and I like that.Also alot of the time he always ignores how famous he is. This is just one reason why we love him

    • Nikolas Kock
      Nikolas Kock

      You said it joeee

    • Burak Akbulut
      Burak Akbulut

      @XxrumoXx rumo nah fam

    • Kelvin vako
      Kelvin vako

      Burak Akbulut I can tell you’re a jake Paul fan

    • Lamp Shade
      Lamp Shade

      @Ryen Pacino i don't even know

    • Ralle

      @Ryen Pacino don't think so😐😐😐

  • MiniMasterGG

    I love how this was made by a fan and how amazing this came out keep it up jj and JustAGhost

  • Ellie McManus
    Ellie McManus

    This song is lit 🔥 love your new music JJ keep it up it's 💯 amazing and lit ❤️

  • Alonzo Reed
    Alonzo Reed

    I bet the guy who made the lyric video is proud for himself because this video is mad dope and he helped Ksi get a couple million views I wonder if jj paid him

  • Aidan Duarte
    Aidan Duarte

    When you realize that the song goes hard 🙏🏻 I praise you KSI

  • TheBest 678
    TheBest 678

    Shows how much jj cares about his fans eventhough they roast him constantly.Unconditional love.

    • PineappleTheWorst

      @Jaimy0412 That’s what the commenter was saying dumbass, that he loves his fans so much that a fan made lyrics video was put on the official channel

    • Balls

      @Mohammed Al-Hujaili it is

    • Mohammed Al-Hujaili
      Mohammed Al-Hujaili

      @I Hope You Have A Great Day ???! that’s actually entirely based on opinion. Looks like you are the childish one here

    • Mohammed Al-Hujaili
      Mohammed Al-Hujaili

      @Balls it’s actually not but ok

    • Abzy

      No he just liked the damn lyrics video

  • lefii

    Still one of the best jj's song

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan



    I'm in love and addicted to all of ksi songs 🎵💕

  • sam barclay
    sam barclay

    You should do some more songs with Aiyana she’s got a great voice and this is a tune 🎤❤️

    • NK2

      I agree

  • irakli mebonia
    irakli mebonia

    i heard this in my country (georgia) on the radio and was so proud that this made even in charts of my country abnormal man keep smashin it

  • KS Ldn
    KS Ldn


    • Cris P
      Cris P

      No it is the whole album

    • _ Sebbo
      _ Sebbo

      @KSI Ldn if you mute KSI's Part than its the best song!!

    • Jorge Gonçalves
      Jorge Gonçalves


    • MikmaqDoingEverything

      Whyyyyyy you gotta goooo go and let me down like that

    • malcolm paul
      malcolm paul

      @Blurp u need to be slapped Houdini is sick just not the best track Bad Lil vibe is by far the best track

  • Rudra

    Just imagine the happiness of the guy who made this ,just imagine ,your amazing jj

  • Just some Guy pretends to be Girl
    Just some Guy pretends to be Girl

    This guy can fight a Leopard without getting killed.

    • worldseeker


    • Dead Skull
      Dead Skull

      Haku u died

    • 116_Tanzeel

      it's more like fighting a cheetah while holding a bowl of watah 🤣🤣

    • Komodo Productions
      Komodo Productions

      Nah that’s Babutunde, This is KSI

    • IEatCurry

      @Ciara Friel yh lmao

  • Temix

    This is a banger, keep it up.

    • Gav30i


  • Psycho Jezzaa
    Psycho Jezzaa

    What a tune 🔥🔥

  • Rob

    The fact one of JJ's fans went out of their way to make this, it's actually so good 😍

    • prod. joeysoss
      prod. joeysoss

      @z watch the whole vid my guy

    • Nxir

      You made it to his insta story

    • e

      @UCq9HGsQ2PMcrhVy5XgJZD2A JustAGhost,a fan of JJ, made this

    • Rob

      @z yes

    • General grevious wants to know Your location
      General grevious wants to know Your location

      Kumar Gaurav nor like jake Paul and rice gum

  • SIRE am
    SIRE am

    this song literally gives me the goosebumps

  • Default

    the beat is fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • evny

    The Fucking Beat made me dance.... Hella Good of a Song Overall

  • UglyAssSpookyBitch

    Best song I've ever fucking heard props to you man :)

    • Srak

      It's my favorite song

  • Synczz5767

    Big up The guy that made this he must be so hyped right now

    • Sleepistic

      Shouldn't ksi pay him to post this since the fan made this and ksi just posted it?

    • 1A28£

      I made it 1k subs sfe

    • Ilzugast


    • Lumehs

      @JustAGhost big up

    • AMA4

      He needs to link his channel

  • Dominep

    Such a fire song ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • ᴀᴅᴀᴍ 🖤🥀
    ᴀᴅᴀᴍ 🖤🥀

    For the people who said JJ got carried his raps were fire 💸🔥🔥

  • MrZurls2021 ✶SkillAwper
    MrZurls2021 ✶SkillAwper

    nice song keep it up love it ksi

  • Harshit Singh
    Harshit Singh

    I started listening to ksi in gym, and it is giving me all kinds of momentum

  • Limitless Unknown
    Limitless Unknown

    Only the real G’s know that KSI found this on his reddit.

    • CSK1

      @Nah Bro There's a difference between OG AND G

    • itsNobu

      Literally everyone know's this because he gets like 3-5 million views each video lol.

    • тιм

      Lies on reddit he was baldski

    • Luke Mac Mahon
      Luke Mac Mahon

      Limitless Unknown shut up

    • archie pears
      archie pears


  • Volts Olvera
    Volts Olvera

    This song go hard assf 💯🔥

  • Christian Rana
    Christian Rana

    Ive never seen another ITmoresr who interacts with his fanbase as much as jj he’s honestly such a nice guy

  • Control - Fire
    Control - Fire

    Dude, Ksi is fucking crazy with the lyrics, this is 🔥

  • Ayywolf

    This is a Banger!! 🔥🔥👏🏼👏🏼

  • Mohanad Abusara
    Mohanad Abusara

    The people who don’t watch his second channel are probably like why tf is there a polar bear

    • Y MEDUsA
      Y MEDUsA


    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi

      Master Yoda master yoda?

    • Jack Games 2
      Jack Games 2

      The Reason There Is A Bear Is JJ Used To Have Bearus Chilling In The Back Of His Setup After He Got Him But Ahen He Got Moved He Turned Savage And Went On A Killing Spree

    • Wyattman131

      Facts but us real fans know bearus

    • Ahmed Hussein
      Ahmed Hussein


  • Iceberg Backup
    Iceberg Backup

    Probably the best song out of JJs whole album


    I always listen to this song but I didn't know the radio station my family listen to in Las Vegas plays the song😆 they was so confused when I started getting hyped up 😄 but they started getting hyped up right after 😎 This song is straight Killa Killa 😁👍 Just wanna say I seen and listen to this song when it first dropped but didn't comment.. It's still playing as I'm sending this.. GG ksi

  • Rolvix

    This song is amazing

  • 1piecegoated

    Only JJ can make 5 videos on one song and still get millions of views

  • Mockz

    JJ: Appreciates Fans Fans: Bully him in return.

    • Mockz


    • Heck Yea
      Heck Yea

      It's the way to appreciate him

    • Cold Winterツ
      Cold Winterツ

      The bully is joking wise, Ksi understand the jokes and laughs at it himself he doesn't mind unless it's something deep.

    • ay yo mali
      ay yo mali

      We can and we will it’s just how it is and how we’ve always will be but if someone else whose not a fan does it it’s clip for them 🥴

    • Wocky slush commenter
      Wocky slush commenter

      420th like just sayin

  • Darkness Elaborates
    Darkness Elaborates

    Just saying this song is epic. Like straight have it one repeat!

  • Hamzah Akoodie
    Hamzah Akoodie

    Once again fire!!!!!!! 💯👌👌👌

  • Monke

    you know hes turning into a legit rapper when hes got the official artist check (i know its not an actual check) instead of the verified check

  • XhenVFX

    Ayyy this is hard you earned my like on Spotify

  • Kwame JS
    Kwame JS

    Ksi’s relationship with his fans is the most beautiful thing ever.

    • StodgyCaesar

      @The Weizhe Exactly. You could say 'he took the early opportunity' and it clearly worked.

    • The Weizhe
      The Weizhe

      @English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED) I know but still he worked hard and didnt just sat around waitin for miracle to happen



    • English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)
      English_Drifts69 (GTx-RED)

      @The Weizhe KSI never really struggled as much because he started out when ITmores wasn't as big as it is now but he appreciates talent whether you have no subs or more than 100k and is actually humble about it

    • StodgyCaesar

      A love/hate one for sure. 😇😈

  • Kadirinjo the best
    Kadirinjo the best

    This is one of the best songs he ever made

  • UltimateForceMMA

    I love this song

  • kevin de sousa
    kevin de sousa

    Idk why but this song is just so good

  • Rose Animates
    Rose Animates

    1:05 the beat just flows too good here

  • TyranitarTube


    • DoggieMeme

      Of course because this video was hiring different

    • yungfijilxrd

      @The Little Vlogger also im way older than u, get off youtube 9 year old

    • The Little Vlogger
      The Little Vlogger

      @yungfijilxrd wait i dont even know this youtuber just saying you are still a kid

    • The Little Vlogger
      The Little Vlogger

      @yungfijilxrd i am

    • yungfijilxrd

      @Johnny V u like Dax, i can tell u are 12, just because hes saying big boy words dont mean he is the good, sit down lil boi, also get out of ksi’s comments hater, u really love wasting ur time

  • SDLN

    One of the best ksi songs yet

  • Manjot Singh Gill
    Manjot Singh Gill

    The only problem with this video is that it ends

  • John lloyd Mateo
    John lloyd Mateo

    THIS IS 🔥🔥🔥

  • Tai Collier
    Tai Collier

    This song is one helluva banger. Who else has had it on repeat since the release of Dissimulation?

  • i wish i said that comment
    i wish i said that comment

    mad respect to jj for actually posting this on his main channel. man had singlehandedly made careers for people ❤️❤️

  • Hashem Alhussam
    Hashem Alhussam

    Shows how much JJ cares for his Fam 💞. KSI is a real Treasure.

  • Dren

    Absolute banger

  • Lost.

    one of the fucking best hooks i've seen in a damn while

  • Matin Majidi
    Matin Majidi

    Ricegum: I Make a better music than KSI Ksi: nice joke

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @Patrick Star fr

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      My god this aged like fine wine


      @lbolito barely

    • Keekie

      @lbolito nah his channels dead

    • lbolito

      Rice gum still alive ahhaha

  • Adriana Robledo ASMR
    Adriana Robledo ASMR

    JJ loves his fans ❤️

    • DARK IV
      DARK IV

      no all the time

    • Asmodeus

      Nah Thats not me JJ ain’t giving me money but I love that nigga no homo 😂

    • shush

      @UCh00-9-f6gjvYZ2x87wImaQ tf u on about

    • Mutatio

      S T O L E N

    • Klapzz O
      Klapzz O

      @Nah Thats not me ur tapped differently on some different shit

  • Jake The Snake
    Jake The Snake

    I’m glad to see that JJ actually did what he said and posted this on his main channel🔥❤️❤️❤️ this guy has a real career now animating!!! Fuck yeah


      He didn’t animate this

    • Rhino

      This was fan-made...

  • n1coZ

    i can understand these dislikes... when you are vibing so much and you can see well because of the amazingness that gets you high you might miss the button you know

    • SirCapaLot

      Like your pfp

  • Mrmagma734

    Coming back to this song cus I forgot how good it is

  • Jasper Dillen
    Jasper Dillen

    This clip is so well made

  • Viliyan artist
    Viliyan artist

    People not watching JJ's 2nd channel be like ...: "Why is ther a bear in the video?"

    • Slumberland.mp4

      @Jeperp dammn guys just saw this now 😂i know who bearus is i follow jj 2nd channel i was just adding to his point i even know jj killed bearus after he stole his playbutton

    • Jeperp

      @Slumberland.mp4 Because there is a anime character named beerus so bear and beerus. It ryhmes

    • Simrah Q.
      Simrah Q.

      Can someone explain I actually don't know and this comment made me more curios

    • Simon Riley
      Simon Riley

      Slumberland. Mp4 bc he likes dragon ball and there is a character called beerus so he named his bear bearus

    • Ibraheem Khan
      Ibraheem Khan


  • SugAr Daddy
    SugAr Daddy

    This is fire 🔥🔥

  • MMA

    Damn KSI is killing it

  • emma o’brien
    emma o’brien

    When I listen to this it automatically feels like May/June again

  • prince DD
    prince DD

    This song is super fire 🔥

  • Masib Ulla Khan
    Masib Ulla Khan

    People not watching JJ's 2nd channel be like ...: "Why is ther a bear in the video?"

    • Anass RIght
      Anass RIght

      Now bearus is in the official video lmao

    • Vec Prime
      Vec Prime

      ksi doesn't have a second channel nobody know who that bear is but I recommend JJ olatunji he's funny

    • Ali TheLoudMouth
      Ali TheLoudMouth

      SR7 Lab Plz Tell Me Your Joking

    • April Oxford
      April Oxford

      Yh i know

    • Nonhlanhla Kgatlhe
      Nonhlanhla Kgatlhe

      Faxx but the guy gave him hear now

  • MatKooMato

    Aiyana-Lee killed the song!

  • MSTKL Shotsss
    MSTKL Shotsss

    Just imagine how hyped dis man was when it got on his channel

  • Alishaan 2002
    Alishaan 2002

    Music video inbound, can't wait!

  • Daniel Arroyo
    Daniel Arroyo

    Fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  • Julia Red
    Julia Red

    Jj is just a normal guy and I like that.Also alot of the time he always ignores how famous he is. This is just one reason why we love him

    • Jordan Hooper
      Jordan Hooper

      Why did you copy the top comment ffs



  • rye


  • Łükë!¿

    Im so happy he used his fans work🥰

  • kate Holliday
    kate Holliday

    Good song listen every 2 min of the day

  • Alpha Jesus
    Alpha Jesus

    This song full volume got my whole room shaking

  • Tink Cool
    Tink Cool

    Don't forget to pay him, JJ

    • Jithu T
      Jithu T

      He is a random guy he never expect either this

    • كايـ Chaos ـوس
      كايـ Chaos ـوس

      I mean JJ uploaded his animated song on KSI's channel what else he would want?

    • JDC

      KN383 it’s not monetised.

    • YA GURL
      YA GURL

      @KN383 yes he did

    • KN383

      Oh wait, did you reference RiceGum ?

  • Dolly Rose
    Dolly Rose

    Love it only real KSI fan will know why the bear is in there


    Best song that hes made so far!!!

  • Youth All Stars
    Youth All Stars

    best ksi song ever in my opinion love his music huge fan

    • Kermitgaming101

      No the lol song is better

  • Ramcharan Srivatsan
    Ramcharan Srivatsan

    I love this song

  • BombaWafer

    I feel bad for the people who aren’t watching his second channel

    • J. Benjamin
      J. Benjamin

      I feel bad for people who haven't been here since the beginning

    • Yura Kachar
      Yura Kachar

      Thats fax

    • I am a dinosaur 1209
      I am a dinosaur 1209

      @Rafael Dolores you're watching it now

    • Jwhy x
      Jwhy x

      Rafael Dolores he has more views in his second channel...

    • Phantom

      @Collt091 he is probably joking

  • Alex Shabz
    Alex Shabz

    god this is amazing

  • lovelys

    I mean to be honest I love this song

  • Animeking Zuru
    Animeking Zuru

    Lol the people who disliked I bet they didn’t even watch this amazing video no cap 🧢

  • MiniMarsh Mallow
    MiniMarsh Mallow

    I like all of JJ songs but this one is pretty bad ass you're really moving up to the top homie

  • Bosco24

    JJ should create a Bearus account on Spotify, make one song and get more monthly listeners than Ricegum...

    • Aditya Rambhatla
      Aditya Rambhatla

      post this on jj's redit

    • Theo Hanley
      Theo Hanley

      This needs to happen !,

    • Exacts

      dam why would it get way more than rices wait because is washed welp i just made a shit reply

    • Danny TRF
      Danny TRF

      obviousspy the guy you just said ‘DoNT cHAT’ fo was hating on rice and therefore has the Babatunde tribe on his side. Is that a battle you want to fight

    • Swipey

      ricegum releases disstrack on bearus

  • Dujma

    This is fire🔥🔥


    not the biggest rap fan but this is pretty good!

  • Pozz

    Bruh I finna hear this on the radio


    Amzing 🤘