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Baddie run the trap when I’m in these streets
You don’t wanna play no no
Got a target on your back standing next to me

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re (Ah!)

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Music punching or the internet, I kill all of that
20 million when I see the net, I made all of that
Even when I’m ill I see the vet, I’m an animal
They know I’m eating up the threat, Like I’m Hannibal
I got no reason to panic when all the money paid
Tailor made wearing Armani now that I’m feeling suede
Money May now I can choose the weather on any day
Anyway, King of the drama killing it everyday
Know you hurting Cos you always throwback
Rolling through the pieces on a Kodak
I’m the catch, saving like a goalie
Wishing but I know you fucking hate me

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no you don’t know who ya, Na
You don’t know who you’re fucking with
I know many come and go when I go to this (I know many)
Turn up in a killer mode, legacy fiddling
End another man and then I’m leaving them piddling
I’m a beast when I’m onnit
Hotter than your bonnet
I really want it like buffalo needing women
Shredding it
And then I’m deading it
Repeating me winning the figure like I’m Benedict
Got the money flowing proper like an ATM
Gotta see me glowing proper with that Alien
Taller than the Makkah when I gotta stack it up
Now she Sounding like Chewbacca when she back it up

Bad gal with that look in her eye
That’ll make the devil smile
Papi tell me can you handle my type
Ballin on my level now

Cause mami’s a killa killa
Shoot like gorilla rilla
So papi tell me can you handle my type?

Hell no
You don’t know who you’re FUCKING with

Directed By Troy Roscoe: instagram.com/troyroscoe_...
Co-directed by: Nayip Ramos

Music Management: Mams Taylor -

RBC Records

Commenti: 37 515
  • _suzannx

    I actually rate that JJ cares about his fandom so much. Imagine he incorporated Bearus into his OFFICIAL music video. Props to the guy 🙌

    • DANIELLE Macedo
      DANIELLE Macedo


    • Chuck Can 101
      Chuck Can 101

      @GelNox 1:12

    • SM_ Chanel
      SM_ Chanel

      @WooshIfUrGay ! 123 >

    • SM_ Chanel
      SM_ Chanel

      @senqui 00

    • SM_ Chanel
      SM_ Chanel

      @WooshIfUrGay ! 123 000p

  • Adam scully
    Adam scully

    My epileptic brother was watching this with me and at 40 secs he loved this song so much he started shaking on the floor

    • Diamond

      @HCD lmao I forgot I left this comment

    • HCD

      @Diamond agree man, chill out

    • Dark Platinum
      Dark Platinum


    • HCD

      i kinda agree the fact that this video doesn't have epileptic warning

    • Winmaker 22
      Winmaker 22

      @Furre GT welcome to the internet

  • rolyando2393

    YO JJ! You might not see this but they started playing your 'Killa Killa' song out here in the Vegas radio stations. Glad to hear your song on the local airways. Keep doing what you're doing pimp! From Rolando, the guy who let you on the roller coaster at NY-NY your first time in Vegas 🤘

    • Venom444

      Bro someone must put this on Reddit

    • Neoclassical Mason
      Neoclassical Mason

      @KennyDev pog bigger than Lamborghini

    • KennyDev

      @Ayman Kaddouri pog bigger than heskey time

    • Ayman Kaddouri
      Ayman Kaddouri

      @Synoptics Pog bigger than ksi

    • Moonisike - main channel 🅥
      Moonisike - main channel 🅥

      He’s not invited apparently says the weirdo Paul’s including mr greg

  • Martial

    Plot twist: He’s trying to delete his google search history

    • ً

      @Iconic_ Glory missionary

    • Jack Ryan
      Jack Ryan

      *how to reduce your forehead size*


      @Iconic_ Glory how to convince people im 6ft talk

    • Iconic_ Glory
      Iconic_ Glory

      KSI'S Google search history How to grow a beard How to be tall

    • duospectre

      @Arnav PVPKumar lmaooooo

  • ßürkœ

    should’ve had an “activate windows” sign in the bottom right

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan


    • Harrisey101

      Stole this from my Houdini comment feels bad

    • SnGam3s

      1000th like :p

    • Iconic_ Glory
      Iconic_ Glory


    • Lenz


  • Mockz

    I’m proud of JJ, To see what He Has Become In The Last 8 Years Is Astonishing, I’m proud of you mate.

    • Owen is my name.
      Owen is my name.

      @Annie yes he did, what man hits his mom on Christmas

    • OneJediBoi

      12 years*

    • 111

      I'm not

    • Invictus

      haha big forehead!1!1!

    • D Mac
      D Mac


  • DinoField

    1:19 Yo Calfreezy made it in!

    • HCD

      ayo violation

    • Kirk Aryee
      Kirk Aryee

      Underrated comment

    • BlessedRonin


    • Brandarno


    • Gigachad

      Now this was a violation i personally wouldn't have that

  • kay kay
    kay kay

    Damn this goes hard. Beat is fire. Lyrics is dope. You smashed it bro like damnnnnn🥳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • LVSwift

    Keep the bangers coming ksi!

  • S-X-N

    JJ's music videos are on another level, he legit makes it look like a movie more than a music video

    • Jonathan Sierra
      Jonathan Sierra

      fax thats what i was thinking

  • shing shong
    shing shong

    jj: *knows how to teleport and use advanced technology* also jj: *doesnt know how to activate windows*

    • Vandam

      Stolen joke

    • ASH Sh
      ASH Sh


    • Diegovane -
      Diegovane -

      ksi can teleport and use advanced technology, JJ Olatunji can't

    • Victor Maldonado
      Victor Maldonado

      He also doesn't know how to say MURAL

    • Silverus

      ur getting confused with ksi and jj olatunji

  • Romeo Bajwa
    Romeo Bajwa

    This man never disappoints

  • OllyCFC

    This weirdly brings back nostalgia from summer last year in lockdown, this just me


      Yeah lol

    • GooseMan6969

      Definitely not just you man Gives me nostalgia from hanging out with mates

    • Carow

      @Scrazy cmon

    • Scrazy

      Yeah same man, it’s such a good song imo. I used to listen to this all the time whilst playing games n stuff

  • Dani

    Im so proud of this guy from fifa video's to this its just awesome to see him grow like this

  • Provez

    This song is fireeee 🔥🔥🔥 .. both did great job on this 💯

  • Death

    JJ knows how to use all this technology but doesn't know how to activate windows

    • HCD

      it's iconic just leave it there for him innit

    • Konj

      ksi and jj are different people ksi is 6ft has knowledge , strength and integrity jj is 5'11 and is a fatneek

    • NOT ZEEZ
      NOT ZEEZ

      Ayo loool

    • Immoldo TK
      Immoldo TK

      coz hes a fucking boxer, youtuber and musician not gamer m8

    • Hisxki

      @Imam Annoyer yea thats what he said he said jj not ksi

  • LGZ_VioritezZz


  • Amaan Sinha
    Amaan Sinha

    He needs to make more songs like this 🔥

  • Srihan Mukherjee
    Srihan Mukherjee

    This Song is Actually a Beast, love it KSI. Keep it on.

  • Declan Coles
    Declan Coles

    Love how he a good artist that don't use auto tune.. I cannot stand auto tune. But JJ is by far the best artist

  • Ali Elarbi
    Ali Elarbi

    I can’t believe JJ has been standing like that for 20 hours.

    • Ali Elarbi
      Ali Elarbi

      @Five yea I made this comment before the video came out, and it was just a picture of jj standing looking weird

    • Five

      Try 2 months

    • R ippl
      R ippl

      @Dave Kellett r/woooooooshhhhhhh

    • Aranow Fedrick
      Aranow Fedrick

      @Pleast and if your comment was a joke, wow gj, you can't make a joke..90% sure you brought up r/woooosh to escape the stupidity you wrote or just dumb in general.

    • Aranow Fedrick
      Aranow Fedrick

      @Pleast after this much time, you make an r/woooosh, lmao you failed you fake redditor, get out of here.

  • Samii Xo
    Samii Xo

    Love this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jason Sanon
    Jason Sanon

    KSI the way you rap in this song is perfect. Do not change your flow at all 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Zero

    100% KSI Was GASSED with these effects SHIT GOES IN HARDDDD!!!!

  • Dis Wouter
    Dis Wouter

    this song still goes HARD. Deserves way more than 6 mil.

  • Shahana Begum
    Shahana Begum

    Bearus has come a long way from living in winter wonderland to getting into a millionaire boxer and rappers music video😂

    • Shihab shams
      Shihab shams


    • Crazy Babuska Man
      Crazy Babuska Man

      Lmfao. 🤣😂

    • Hurain Zia
      Hurain Zia


    • Ana C
      Ana C

      That’s facts! 😂😂😂

    • Daffz

      Tyde Gaming but he’s a certified professional boxer? 🤭

  • Razorsz

    This is so underrated and the video editing...this should have at least 15 mil views..

  • Wallace Pinheiro
    Wallace Pinheiro


  • Wilton

    So domain was the sequel to this. This man is so op that during the escape he dyed his hair black😂😂

    • Patrick Star
      Patrick Star

      No Life Shaq?

    • This is not very pogchamp
      This is not very pogchamp

      Reverse super saiyan, he be goin back to his base form


    Love the music🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Kevin Mao
    Kevin Mao

    JJ: does all of that cool tech shit Also JJ: doesn't know how to activate windows

    • David Pachkoria
      David Pachkoria

      2:05 JJ has BLue hair WTF

    • Brownin

      @XADEN I know it's possible but it's not hindering me in any meaningful way

    • XADEN

      @Brownin I mean you could just crack windows, I activated it that way '-'

    • Brownin

      You realise there's 0 point in buying a key to activate. He's literally creating the ITmores video's using an unlicensed machine, what does this tell you? IT WORKS WITHOUT THE KEY! So far the only thing I'm unable to do with an unlicensed copy is change the desktop background, so why would I bother spending money on that...

    • ItsRoutzy


  • Simon J
    Simon J

    This song very underrated. Ksi needs to release a single where he's rapping again. The singing is cool but it just ain't him he's better at rapping imo

  • shapes

    The beat in this video is awesome

  • MDD MFAB ltd Metal fabrication!!
    MDD MFAB ltd Metal fabrication!!

    Top tune, rate 10:10 !! love it !! another one smashed broo

  • KashYUP Gaming
    KashYUP Gaming

    this deserves so much more

  • The Memeest Film Buff
    The Memeest Film Buff

    *Wait a minute,* is this the first time when KSI controlled his laughter once he started laughing?

    • I suck at games
      I suck at games

      No this is ksi not jj

    • Muhammad Rabeh
      Muhammad Rabeh

      Wonder how many takes did it take for him to ace it tho?

    • Vorteis


    • Querex

      @Karen [Neighborhood Watch Member] nice

    • Shameful

      @ART FLASH no

  • WainWanWané hth
    WainWanWané hth

    Aiyana-Lee is incredible!!

  • Samoan Elijah
    Samoan Elijah

    Man I know it's fire when ksi is in it

  • Jash Kumar
    Jash Kumar

    I thought i got bored of this song ...so i came to listen to this again after a long time and im hooked again

  • Bob shmyder
    Bob shmyder

    Legend says he still hasn’t activated windows

    • Black Cat13
      Black Cat13

      I wish it was true he activated it a few weeks ago🥺😂

    • ほしTohru

      He still hasnt

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts


    • just a dead guy
      just a dead guy

      That profile pic though😆

    • BADKARMA1990

      Still correct

  • Buckhead Blue
    Buckhead Blue

    I'm sorry I couldn't imagine JJ being an agent when he says he could kill a horse with one hook

    • Narrator

      @Camden Naidoo he didn't b4 tho

    • Camden Naidoo
      Camden Naidoo

      @Narrator he knows how too he just doesn't want to 🤡

    • Buckhead Blue
      Buckhead Blue

      @Slothy Joe I wont tell if you wont tell

    • Slothy Joe
      Slothy Joe

      Wait this is KSI and not JJ, JJ explained this.

    • L easy
      L easy

      @bruh and remember the reddit r the ones who defend ksi when he has beef with some1

  • Talha Mehboob
    Talha Mehboob

    This is really good. Tbh KSI is the first youtube rapper that I actually enjoy his music.

  • Susan Healey
    Susan Healey

    I'm addicted to this song i love it I cant stop playing it evey day 😅

    • Susan Healey
      Susan Healey

      Can ya tell me if ya can handle ma time like a killa killa

  • Latoya Muthoni
    Latoya Muthoni

    This is lit 🔥🔥🔥

  • carbane

    i dont think people realize this song is actually full of references to villains from the flash from dc

    • Querex

      @mihajlo milosevic yea where I'm deaf

    • cosmic

      @mihajlo milosevic where im blind.

    • mihajlo milosevic
      mihajlo milosevic

      He's got a Mayweather reference on there as well

  • fuzel moosa
    fuzel moosa

    Music video: JJ has experience with next gen technology Reality: JJ can’t activate Windows 10

    • Hechem Est
      Hechem Est


    • Not Misery
      Not Misery

      @nst_CHIPZ he didnt tho he thought he did

    • Muhaha Hahaha
      Muhaha Hahaha

      Watching minnmaxshow on ITmores and this pops up I was like ok

    • Lai the pringle
      Lai the pringle

      Ew beg BBC

    • Hope Bagels
      Hope Bagels


  • Sergey Sas
    Sergey Sas

    One of the best songs he's made no cap

  • Rudolfs Ancupans
    Rudolfs Ancupans

    Bruh i'v listened to this so many time , love it❤

  • silloweet

    I forgot about this song, genuinely fire

  • Beastツ

    On Fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • 100 subscribers with 1 video challenge
    100 subscribers with 1 video challenge

    JJ: does all the cool tech stuff Also JJ: Can’t actívate windows

    • 3xtremeVenom

      Dunkl3 Sans2037 he didn't steal the comment it's not fucking illegal to write a comment someone else did

    • Jxkze

      Low key so true tho 😂 he looks kinda swag tho as well


      Yoooo bearus wooooo 😂

    • that’s my typa shorts
      that’s my typa shorts

      Joshua Beaman ok kid the “who asked” joke ain’t funny no more

    • Rausal Ziharul
      Rausal Ziharul

      U meant KSI?

  • SSP

    This deserves atleast 20 mil views. Banger of a vid.

  • King Habib
    King Habib

    Finally the music 🎼 I needing thanks ksi😏🥶🎼

  • shiron radiation
    shiron radiation

    We dont know him as ksi we know him as the pride of uk the king of internet 👑 u deserve more than waht u got cuz u represent uk to the whole world u proof uk youtubers r thr best

  • District

    welldone jj absolute fire

  • Chris Alexsander
    Chris Alexsander

    All this technology and jj still hasn’t activated windows.

    • SA

      Guys I made a new video reacting to your hate comments

    • Ubaid Khan
      Ubaid Khan

      He can't do it

    • Arush Chaudhary
      Arush Chaudhary

      And is not also good in Maths

    • SA

      @LoLMaybe Lil Gezza, Lil Gezza, Lil Gezza, Lil Gezza. I just named 4 dawg 😎😎

    • Voidian


  • Light Empire
    Light Empire

    This guy is underrated

    • Hurri Kane
      Hurri Kane

      People love him ffs

  • Damion_ 09
    Damion_ 09

    That just made my day that stuff was 🔥 🔥

  • Whisper Peace
    Whisper Peace

    The “to be continued” is his teaser of his music video DOMAIN. Releasing on Friday. Just watch. Much Love KSI.

    • Emperor Singh
      Emperor Singh

      Released today

    • Prem Khanvilkar
      Prem Khanvilkar

      And this has postponed to 25th December 😤😤😤😭😭😭

    • Mupu Pupu
      Mupu Pupu


    • arjun prasanth
      arjun prasanth

      @kutozu yah he will probably change those scenes to thugs or something else and release in a few months

    • kutozu

      @fatima embarki bro, it wont release for months because hes beating up police and ambulance men, and its not good to put out due to cororna

  • Iced-Pepsi

    damn her voice killed this ! who is she! aiyana-lee is fkn sexy! so many positives!

  • 忐忑-T0ry

    Props to the TV in JJ's room for hiding Aiyana all this time.

    • Anthony Ernst
      Anthony Ernst

      @Divineprodthis I'm pretty sure that's over the age of consent for every country

    • Kwak

      @Mo still wouldn’t be a problem

    • Mo

      @Kwak yes, and so is an 80 year old, not everything is about legality

    • Kwak

      @Mo they are both adults

    • Mo

      @Kwak did you even read my comment? Not everything is about legality. Just because the law says it’s okay doesn’t mean that it’s not weird

  • Mitchell Brown
    Mitchell Brown

    I got to say your music just keeps getting better

  • Hasey

    1:21 JJ venting in to electrical

    • Mikey 39
      Mikey 39

      @Tafsi Bhuiyan to raise awareness

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @Mikey 39 then why r u replying

    • Bat Nigga
      Bat Nigga


    • aneje

      su amogn us impsoter

    • Mikey 39
      Mikey 39

      Please, you are not funny

  • Ebrahim Hoosen
    Ebrahim Hoosen

    No1 can stop this man my childhood hero❤️😜🤘

  • king xenorf
    king xenorf

    this was fire🔥

  • mntllysck

    Plot twist: This was actually JJs bank safe

    • PrimeSsj

      @Mon0tri it can't be its not in the USA of course because of the dollars

    • Mon0tri

      Exactly what i was thinking

    • that's cap lol lol lol
      that's cap lol lol lol

      @Grimful lol

    • Grimful

      And that was JJ Olatunji robbing it

    • PrimeSsj

      It's dollars

  • Aditya Anand
    Aditya Anand

    Her voice is amazing and ksi ❤️

  • Emperor Napoleon
    Emperor Napoleon

    Man I just wish this was longer but still happy with what we got! Thanks Fatneek for fire songs

  • AmirZ

    Love this song

  • RachiKarTV

    This needs 100 million views🔥

  • L3gendshmary

    Funny how there so much to technology but he still can’t activate windows

    • Bob The Basher
      Bob The Basher

      I mean he literally did activate it

    • Nickolas Boswell
      Nickolas Boswell


    • RedRacc

      @Ehi Ij gassed means excited. does it look like James was excited? no

    • ChAoTiX

      @J stfu

    • Don't sub it hurts !!!
      Don't sub it hurts !!!

      Copy :/

  • Kazu Yuu
    Kazu Yuu

    All of his music are on 🔥

  • Yousef Rawas
    Yousef Rawas

    I wish he made a music video for Millions, its one if the best songs in his album

  • not_goku but is 2022
    not_goku but is 2022

    This is cool and fire🔥

  • gemirgo

    I never thought I would hear this on my radio

  • Jack Gish
    Jack Gish

    The amount that JJ has accomplished is honestly crazy. Shoot for the stars kids.

    • Farhan Shah
      Farhan Shah

      Aim for the moon

    • Jack Gish
      Jack Gish

      Emilee Criss I’m shooting for the stars as well lmao

    • Emilee Criss
      Emilee Criss

      Your channel is underrated. Keep grinding dude

  • Nathan Timmis
    Nathan Timmis

    One of the best songs jj has ever made

  • Ashvin Suthakaran
    Ashvin Suthakaran

    How does this only have 6mill views, deserves way moreee.

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan


    • Zubair Mayat
      Zubair Mayat


  • Anony_ Mouse
    Anony_ Mouse

    Memes aside, this song is lit🔥🔥

  • tasosmon 47
    tasosmon 47

    keep going lad , good job

  • Flixx

    KSI: Uses high advanced tech JJ Olatunji: Can’t even active windows

    • Mavily Marquetti
      Mavily Marquetti

      Mandou bem

    • Mavily Marquetti
      Mavily Marquetti


    • DANIELLE Macedo
      DANIELLE Macedo


    • Flixx

      It was a Joke everyone so chill

    • Flixx

      B3ari bruh 😂

  • Bryce Killsontop
    Bryce Killsontop

    complete flames 🔥

  • Aaron Moorhouse
    Aaron Moorhouse

    You just know ksi was loving the making of this video cause daym she is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • joe malwerd
    joe malwerd

    wow, this is amazing

  • Stardust Chimp
    Stardust Chimp

    KSI music videos remind me of the early 2000s It's actually its strength.

  • Ambrish Aggarwal
    Ambrish Aggarwal

    can we all just appreciate the fact that KSI included BEARUS in the OFFICIAL music video!

    • Jack Hamelin
      Jack Hamelin


    • Emily Vargas
      Emily Vargas

      I was gonna say this 💀

    • MadMax

      Whitnessing this comment go to 1k

    • Green Fire
      Green Fire


    • Ash

      What timestamp

  • shapes

    U wouldn't believe it just when I clicked on this video it reached 7m views !❤️🔥

  • Adam Otorepec
    Adam Otorepec

    Holy fuck this is insane

  • Dwayneaclan

    This is fire🔥

  • 13artz _
    13artz _

    okay but why does not one care that this actually slaps❗️❗️

  • Mohanad Abusara
    Mohanad Abusara

    I’m just imagining JJ bringing Bearus to the shoot and being like don’t worry about it, my fans understand

    • Average Zrk_h
      Average Zrk_h

      @Majid Alamoudi ليش (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Mohanad Abusara
      Mohanad Abusara

      GameGuy9100 fax bro

    • GameGuy9100

      @Chinmuanding Guite Can you even understand English? He didn't say Bearus isn't in the video, he's saying he's imagining how Ksi bringing Bearus to the video shoot could of went down

    • Majid Alamoudi
      Majid Alamoudi

      ريكاردو اسكت

    • Behram Khan
      Behram Khan


  • ikonix_ wavyy 99
    ikonix_ wavyy 99

    2:09 jj can still hit the high notes

  • Vampire Motion
    Vampire Motion

    Ksi: I’m rich! Also Ksi: *Steals money in killa killa music video*


      How do you think he got rich in the first place?

    • JoicSeth

      Act broke to stay rich

    • Fabricio Benitez
      Fabricio Benitez

      Naw bro you don t do it I

    • Zack

      Well After you become rich you must find a way to maintain that wealth

    • Vikram

      did he mention how???? lol

  • Zaiky

    My respect KSI very good song bro

  • Karma Namgyal
    Karma Namgyal

    Iam a logang pauler but gotta admit this song is just straight up fire🔥

  • HiDayBro

    Forgot how good this song is.

  • Tata Gamer
    Tata Gamer

    Great song 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Moonisike - main channel 🅥
    Moonisike - main channel 🅥

    JJ : can teleport Also JJ : can’t do among us maze task LOL

  • Jam 'n' Bread
    Jam 'n' Bread

    1:15 I felt that

  • Graham Murdoch
    Graham Murdoch

    Imagine walking on set and just seeing JJ swipe the air.