KSI - Little Boy (Official Music Video)
You thought that was it lol?
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Mans still going www.uploadevent.com since i own a part of it...Just gonna be a bit awkward lol...I'll meet fans of me anyway.

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  • void

    this will always be one of KSI's best songs imo

    • Michgaming51


    • Gamer 2349
      Gamer 2349

      @NeedlessSquid39 he said one of the best songs..not the best fam

    • РУУ.


    • Kyle Cheng
      Kyle Cheng

      Remember when jj dropped little boy? Wait...

    • Mashruba Wazed
      Mashruba Wazed

      I don’t agree but man Void

  • Igno

    this was one of best songs KSI ever dropped, prove me wrong

    • Monte

      you are wrong

    • pahws

      Not even the best diss tracks hes came out with.

  • amyaxichigo kurosaki sings
    amyaxichigo kurosaki sings

    I don’t know why but I suddenly got the urge to listen to this 😳

    • Shellshock

      Me to

    • saisanjay k
      saisanjay k

      @amir altawil same

    • amir altawil
      amir altawil


  • sage manic
    sage manic

    it's traditional to return to this masterpiece once in a while

    • Lamp R6S
      Lamp R6S

      you need medical attention

  • Daniel Gordon
    Daniel Gordon

    This beat will always be elite

  • Oxidize

    KSI goes hard, but W2S’s diss track was just comedy

    • Dada 92
      Dada 92

      @Wayward Vector will jj started it and harry ended it, so was it really harry who created shit ?

    • Wayward Vector
      Wayward Vector

      @Dada 92 because he caused a rift in their group of friends. That’s never a win.

    • Reconnaissance

      That's why W2S has more views yeah

    • Dada 92
      Dada 92

      @Bilawal Ahmed harry 's second disstrack was so hard man had to delete it, its a diss track not a song to listen to but to expose someone and harry's second diss track just gave him the w, it was so hard that jj didn't want it online tell me how didn't harry win this?

    • mr popo
      mr popo

      @DAYM BOI why you harry stanses are everywhere

  • Jacob

    I woke up today and I decided to listen to this…. I love myself

    • getapeaceofme


  • RaviRafael

    This is the first KSI song that I ever listened to. Real nostalgia

  • number 1 capybara yo-yo 360
    number 1 capybara yo-yo 360

    This diss track is legendary but Harry's diss track is god sent.

  • Jorj

    I felt Harry's line more than KSI's line, especially the family part, and girlfriend.

  • Cristóbal Berrios
    Cristóbal Berrios

    KSI laughing at someone forehead it's like Hitler calling someone racist

    • boi

      Ksi is the one who has the biggest forehead

    • Sher 16
      Sher 16

      @Shady Allow it fam

    • Inky シ
      Inky シ


    • Repedtro

      im from ksi vid

    • Muntaha

      @Ganesh Chandra Das ayyyyyyy

  • Alhamdullilah

    This shit go hard 🔥

    • The Anime Lover
      The Anime Lover


    • 7Balls


  • Kenza


  • Zitronenbirne

    just legendary

  • James Babu Iritty
    James Babu Iritty

    I love the flow and beats on this diss so much

  • Viron

    This video brings back so many memories when life was fun...

    • DooM naTiC
      DooM naTiC

      Eh? Am I too young to understand wut u mean?

    • Dank

      Thats the most edgy and emo-like comment i have ever seen lol.

    • ADHeasy

      @riaz 123 yes but my point is they downgraded which is annoying

    • footet9 Gaming
      footet9 Gaming


    • Nadir Kytex
      Nadir Kytex

      Facts tbh

  • Speedy

    “I’m the giant that’s killing bugs” Well that hasn’t aged well

  • Adil Arshad
    Adil Arshad

    This song is in my workout playlist 😂

    • Meme Men Podcast
      Meme Men Podcast

      @Adil Arshad it’s because the message above u says the person below me is gay

    • Zippit Zippit
      Zippit Zippit

      it says below not above sorry

    • Adil Arshad
      Adil Arshad

      @Zippit Zippit no bro m straight the man in my dp is Mike Tyson

    • Zippit Zippit
      Zippit Zippit

      hey gay

    • Viratians Paradise
      Viratians Paradise


  • Will Milne
    Will Milne

    Like how these are best mates now

  • ShurikenzFrenzy

    this song still GOATED in 2022

    • Lamp R6S
      Lamp R6S

      Amen 🙏

  • HitchhikerMari

    This was youtube at it's prime no cap

    • JasonStarRising

      @dut dut 2.0 I guarantee I won’t, come back and reply in 2025 if you really think so lmao

    • dut dut 2.0
      dut dut 2.0

      @JasonStarRising cap. in 2025 you gon be gassing up 2021 youtube I guarantee it

    • JasonStarRising

      @dut dut 2.0 well everything went to shit after 2018 because cancel culture became a thing with the rise of lgbt, so I’m probably never going to say anything past 2018 was prime youtube unless some historical change happens

    • dut dut 2.0
      dut dut 2.0

      @JasonStarRising no cuz in 2025 ur gonna talk about how much you miss 2020-2022 youtube. and back when you say youtube was in its prime (2016-18) at that time you prob were talking about how you missed 2013-15 youtube. this shit never ends

    • JasonStarRising

      @dut dut 2.0 its true lmao

  • Dêê

    I'm still saying ksi didn't have to go this hard😭💯😂

  • oniOn

    KSI should start making some music. This sounds pretty good tbh.

  • Shellshock

    KSI: Im the giant just killing bugs Also KSI: Overreacting about a little bug like he’s gonna die

  • Love F
    Love F

    Me searching for this video in 2021: YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT ABOUT YOU LITTLE BOY

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    SpongeBob SquarePants

    Love how all this beef was 2 years ago yet people r still coming here😂

    • Only W
      Only W

      Try 4 years lol

    • Its just me
      Its just me

      4 years ago lmao

    • Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
      Vlogs with Sammy and Bob

      Almost 5 years lol 😂

    • williambot

      4 years

    • Elpepetoyota

      Bro I’m still listening to this song😂

  • originalvelocity

    The comments for this video will never die.

  • Scythe

    This song is so powerfull

    • The Anime Lover
      The Anime Lover


  • The Ava Stark
    The Ava Stark

    I remember this, I can't believe it's been 4 years

  • Saturn CODM
    Saturn CODM

    Glad to know, I am not the only one who felt to come back

  • Maddie101016

    Is everyone seriously all here at the same time? 😂 I just randomly wanted to listen to all of these again. The good days.

    • default jonsey
      default jonsey


    • Influctuate Yt
      Influctuate Yt


    • Ehx0N

      i'm taking a shit whole listening to this

    • Maddie101016

      Thunder Of Thor Oh okay!😂 Yeah they just had a fun time roasting each other

    • Thunder Of Thor
      Thunder Of Thor

      @Maddie101016 well you know many people just watch the main stream collabs of sidemen like popular short videos , Ksi or chrismd seperately but not everybody goes too deep about how their friendship works diff groups have different tastes & behaviour Even I thought sometimes that it was an all out war & that things were gonna get ugly , I found out that wasn't true from your comments 😂

  • seed A
    seed A

    I discovered Sidemen in 2021 .. What the hell I’m seeing I didn’t imagine reaching this

    • seed A
      seed A

      Ok ok 😂😂 It’s alright, honestly this dis stuck to me I was just listening to it, I liked the song

    • Ok ok
      Ok ok

      I feel so sorry for you bro

    • Ihaka Namana
      Ihaka Namana

      I was so honoured to be around when this all went down, it was fucking insane, It was confusing and sad that the group was splitting up and beef, so glad it was all fake

  • matthew hiebert
    matthew hiebert

    it's 🔥

  • Titanzey

    wait this song had 55m views 2 months ago now it has 64m , *its getting revived guys*

  • Vlogs with Sammy and Bob
    Vlogs with Sammy and Bob

    Almost 5 years and we are still here 😂

    • Lamp R6S
      Lamp R6S


  • mia xoxo
    mia xoxo

    I never realised how many people still come to listen to this!

    • Rohin Kaushal
      Rohin Kaushal

      It's good but harry destroyed him

    • Danial Shah
      Danial Shah

      Nice cuzz

    • Jakob Tanner
      Jakob Tanner

      It's fire

    • Mina Nikolic
      Mina Nikolic

      Cuz its a banger

    • Bobby Slick
      Bobby Slick

      Fs this is still heat

  • Dr. Dislike
    Dr. Dislike

    i cant take this lyrics serious lmao

  • jlz low
    jlz low

    so no just me who suddenly just wanted to listen to the diss tracks on christmas??

  • Xander Keen
    Xander Keen

    the ay,ay at the end just hits different man

  • ooree

    so we are all just gonna come back to this?

    • The Anime Lover
      The Anime Lover


    • Lorcan McSharp
      Lorcan McSharp

      guess we got algo'd

  • 50MeterBeamer

    why tf are we all back here right now after all the years?

    • Voltage

      I'm actually Not black (I Know No one cares) But I still love ksi and its so Frickin wrong how many people don't like ksi because he's black Its just wrong lol

    • Toast

      i think its because this wasnt real beef

    • Youssef Khaled
      Youssef Khaled

      Bro I miss diss track season

    • JJ woah
      JJ woah

      Tbh we were never gone

    • Ben Smart
      Ben Smart

      @anass bouiller o

  • Jack no that's not right Joseph John Jay
    Jack no that's not right Joseph John Jay

    Merry fucking Christmas to everybody

  • Tyson X
    Tyson X

    i prefer jj without the beard than have a *beard*

  • iamdefy

    every year i have to watch all the disstracks of the sidemen.

    • Caroline Mchugh
      Caroline Mchugh


  • Melt

    whos here in 2021

  • Aarnav V
    Aarnav V

    "Your girlfriend's forehead MAD" _JJ Olajide Olatunji 2017_ Also JJ: Gets roasted for his forehead on a daily basis

    • Muhammad Isakjee
      Muhammad Isakjee


    • All_A_Asian

      nah its babatunde

    • Titanus gojiusours
      Titanus gojiusours

      Lmao *fuck you*

    • Saketh123 Gaming
      Saketh123 Gaming


    • Professor Chaos
      Professor Chaos


  • Sadman Adib
    Sadman Adib

    First 40 second is the best part of the song.

  • Mystic CR
    Mystic CR

    Let's see how many people come here everyday

  • canopeaz

    I laughed a lot during this video.

  • Quikkster

    still so fire

  • Dennis T
    Dennis T

    Tbh this is probably one on JJ's best songs he's ever made. The disses are crazy as well and it just all falls in place amazing. Tho I still think Harry destroyed him

    • HeroinAbuser59

      @Oritsu yeah tbh the beat sounds nice and the flow is good but ppl act like it’s hard Bc he says disses about his family, they aren’t real none of them actually fuck sheep or crowbars, Harry’s had some real context to them

    • ishaan rai
      ishaan rai

      @Oritsu 😂😂😂

    • Oritsu

      I could really understand the lyrical genius in the lines "Your dad looks like a Pedo" / "Your sister fuckers a crowbar"

    • thugger1

      Ares is way better, it's one of JJ's most lyrical songs

  • Zero light _
    Zero light _

    So we just all came here Christmas 2021 on the same day?

    • K1rby

      Oh shit yeah

  • Destiny Osuala
    Destiny Osuala

    What’s with all these comments anyway this song is fire 🔥

  • YtDaily

    I'm sorry but in 2021 I still notice how ham ksi went in this

  • luna leviosa
    luna leviosa

    the best diss track out of them all

  • Marie Simkova
    Marie Simkova

    Be honest - this wasn’t recommended, you searched for it.

    • D. Mob
      D. Mob

      It was actually recommended

    • Francais Suca
      Francais Suca

      Nope, recommended

    • IEatCurry

      Nah, recommend

    • aRrAN


    • Yousif Aloraibi
      Yousif Aloraibi

      It was

  • Aarav Lal
    Aarav Lal

    best ever

  • FrankNBeans

    i love the tattoo part

  • Abul Khair
    Abul Khair

    Sorry guys, a new fan over here, but who was this diss aimed at? Harry??

    • La Yaung Phyo913
      La Yaung Phyo913

      Yes it is aimed at w2s

  • zaria

    it’s nye and idk how i ended up here but i’m not mad

  • Grant T
    Grant T

    Ahhhh... the days when JJ actually had some good looking hair.

    • Pr1nce Hunna3
      Pr1nce Hunna3

      He has lit hair tbh

    • Jonne Sainio
      Jonne Sainio

      *when he still had hair

    • B3N 1909
      B3N 1909

      And yet he still wears a hat to hide it

  • Reconnaissance

    No matter how many times you comment it's not going to make this better than Harry's.

  • Tropical baka
    Tropical baka

    POV you came back bc you remember how hard this was

  • m

    ayooo why this is so fireee bro

  • XxShadow21xX

    ngl ksi sounds better without autotune

  • suz -
    suz -

    3yrs and you’re still here, don’t be acting like i don’t see you..

    • lukes and Julia's gaming
      lukes and Julia's gaming

      @faran. k

    • faran.

      @lukes and Julia's gaming nah iss jokes homie

    • lukes and Julia's gaming
      lukes and Julia's gaming

      @faran. sorry big man

    • faran.

      @lukes and Julia's gaming shut up fn kid

    • lukes and Julia's gaming
      lukes and Julia's gaming

      Its actually 4yrs

  • I'm from uk server bsp
    I'm from uk server bsp

    best song ever

  • aamir m
    aamir m

    Happy new year 🎊

  • Taku Bektashi
    Taku Bektashi

    Happy new year everyone

  • Maarten Bekaert
    Maarten Bekaert

    Merry christmas!!!

  • Nuby

    you gotta admit it is actually good

    • Cheek Clapper
      Cheek Clapper

      DNLRDY nah this was one of the shittiest ones

    • Cheshire

      I dont even wanna discuss this, i could write so many things that make the beat boring but you would just say some other stuff that has nothing to do with it. The beat is fine, but its boring and that makes it NOT very catcy its just a 1/8 pattern with no bass in vocals.

    • Shivam Thakur
      Shivam Thakur

      Cheshire And listening to the beat separately gives it a different feel. The composer is obliviously an Indian or Pakistani. So you can hear bits and pieces of Indian classical instruments play through out and some frequently used cultural sounds(which are used in bollywood music vids) is used too. itmores.info/player/video/rIptq6ubfZ2Jjto

    • Shivam Thakur
      Shivam Thakur

      Cheshire Not much I'm going by experience here. Personally I loved the vocal beat. Very different from the recycled shit most youtube channel disstracks use.

    • Cheshire

      Shivam Thakur What experience do you have with beats? (Not ment in agrissive way but questionable tone) like what instruments and knowlegde do you have?

  • AHMED19$%

    the goat

  • Rebirth

    how many people are watching this now lol

    • Shawberto Carlos
      Shawberto Carlos

      still so many

  • Niaz S
    Niaz S

    No one gonna talk about his silly wonder woman hat? Lol

  • Abdullah Awan
    Abdullah Awan

    Is he dissing harry? Sorry, just started watching them!

    • Adil Arshad
      Adil Arshad

      its past yyeah he dissed just go and watch w2s diss him again 🤣🤣

    • Evie

      Fuck me bro go look it up-

    • Rhein

      @Ghost im aware but JJ did get hella mad over it

    • Ghost

      @Rhein they're fake

    • Rhein

      he's trying to diss w2s ya, failed and he ended up getting so fucking mad over w2s' seconds disstrack that he couldnt even record a reaction video

  • Naser Al Shuqaihi
    Naser Al Shuqaihi

    Can we all agree that ksi had the better songs but w2s had the better disses

    • Mystxic


    • Jonas Fiser
      Jonas Fiser

      @Naser Al Shuqaihi p0

    • Naser Al Shuqaihi
      Naser Al Shuqaihi

      @isaiah coppin your opinion fam

    • isaiah coppin
      isaiah coppin

      No it’s not true that’s why

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal

      @Promise Kamara Same

  • mimo jessouma
    mimo jessouma

    0:03 it's rewind time

  • Dada 92
    Dada 92

    Sorry but W2S won with flying colors especially the second disstrack it was so hard man had to delete it.

  • Kuda95 M
    Kuda95 M

    Back at it again

  • PandaPieBoy

    guys even this goes hard this beef was all fake

  • Zubeyr Farah
    Zubeyr Farah

    Let's be honest, we were not recommended this, we searched for this. We just miss the old days

    • moktatafat for you - مقتطفات لكم
      moktatafat for you - مقتطفات لكم


    • shxdws

      Let's be honest I seen this comment in every youtube vid and so did u

  • Gmulla

    this was hard

  • Dr Flesh
    Dr Flesh

    A stack of a million views

  • Demyan Rudenko
    Demyan Rudenko

    How did music playlist generated by ITmores came from sad Arcane orchestral music to this ?..

  • Alex

    Bro ksi cant talk about foreheads look at his without the bandanna

    • Harry Barton
      Harry Barton

      I know it jokes

  • sensei

    When youtube drama was actually interesting.

    • No Forwhat
      No Forwhat

      Lmao true

    • Arjan Singh
      Arjan Singh

      @faithdzn agreed

    • shush

      @Arjan Singh most interesting ITmores era

    • Jorge The Farmer
      Jorge The Farmer

      @faithdzn yes

    • •Abstractiox•

      @faithdzn tru

  • Vtrex05

    Bro why all the comments soo fresh 😂

    • Vtrex05

      @The Anime Lover from my side yeah everyone else was saying “so we all decided to watch it again?”

    • The Anime Lover
      The Anime Lover

      no their not

  • Abhinav Adhikari
    Abhinav Adhikari

    Bro the last time I heard this, it started getting in ppls reccomended I see it happened again

  • Sarin Joshi
    Sarin Joshi

    Allow-it fam

  • Tom_28 Tom
    Tom_28 Tom

    Merry Christmas everyone 🍺🎄

    • HMZN

      You too.

  • Chrless5

    I am generally sorry for the people who missed this period of youtube

  • Musie Afwerki
    Musie Afwerki

    1:17 IRONIC

  • Abhinav Adhikari
    Abhinav Adhikari

    Merry Christmas everyone

  • Rezy

    "Allow it man" *Allow me to be top comment man*

  • Bro Ski
    Bro Ski

    6foot people: “We never forgot about u little boy”

  • Priyansh Rawat
    Priyansh Rawat

    Tbh Harry's response to this was so brutal that he had to delete it🤣🤣

    • Atiksh Agarwal
      Atiksh Agarwal

      @Bibrocks1 bro it is meant to be diss track not flow track

    • rayan2

      its not deleted its unlisted

    • Lumi

      @DrawForge first is easily better but the second one was harsher by miles

    • DrawForge

      The first disstrack is and will be more brutal

    • dora pinisetti
      dora pinisetti

      @Rudy Loreni still was brutal .. it did have some lies but it had more disses tht were true than little boy

  • Kx1


    • The Anime Lover
      The Anime Lover


  • Arsh👑

    why people are still here listening to this!?

    • Satvik Pandey
      Satvik Pandey

      Coz some highlights

  • Traumatized man
    Traumatized man

    King of LAST ;)

  • Djpurple gamer
    Djpurple gamer

    got in recommended now for no reason