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Directed by Konstantin & Meji Alabi

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Meji: instagram.com/mejialabi

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  • Sealdrop

    that's the most brutal drop i've ever heard 0:50

    • Abhirup Das
      Abhirup Das

      Kid listen to deathstep

    • Potato


    • Cypher

      should feel bad for the people in north korea that felt the earthquake our fatneek caused on the beat drop

    • thatdumbgoblin

      litteraly lmao

    • Raiyan

      He can make that landing impact from when he's in the air, now he only needs to jump 💀😂 Love you fatneek

  • PyroSenju

    It’s a tradition to watch this at least once a year

    • Jaden N.
      Jaden N.

      Once a week*

    • Skylar Kathryn
      Skylar Kathryn

      @rizwan Ahamed it went 2.4k XD

    • Yun


    • Zombot Playz
      Zombot Playz

      Everything's a fucking tradition now, im fucking tired of these comments.

    • Jevri

      Yes lol


    Imagine countries doing diss track instead of wars

    • skeglar

      @sufferryanyt The UK would beat USA in a rap battle? Hahahahaha I literally LOL at your comment

    • sufferryanyt

      Uk would probably win if they get evry good rapper or us

    • skeglar

      USA would end up owning the entire world. It wouldn't be fair.

    • James carriage
      James carriage

      Aye battle rap instead of battle fields

    • SeptemerThePig ツ
      SeptemerThePig ツ

      @uugana yea

  • Rohan Basur
    Rohan Basur

    Makes me proud to be a KSI fan

    • JFK

      @EHD lol

    • JFK


    • Kiki Warki
      Kiki Warki

      @Yond3r lol

    • Yond3r

      @VaLCoN Dz lol

    • VaLCoN Dz
      VaLCoN Dz

      @Anthony Yates lol

  • IHopegood

    Imagine Floyd uses this as his walk out song.. that would be amusing

    • skeglar

      That would require Floyd to respect KSI enough to use his song. Dont think that's gonna happen.

    • PieSquared


    • Lyam Gray
      Lyam Gray

      It would've been so good. 🔥

    • suyong lee
      suyong lee

      @CryxFN lmao

    • CryxFN

      @makdaoda awajdaidw I just said your name out loud and now my chair is floating

  • Vikram

    If this song was age restricted it wouldn’t have a single dislike

    • Michgaming51

      Tbh idk its really kids and stupid adults who for some reason hate youtubers

    • Muhd Danish
      Muhd Danish

      Congratulations you got what you want

    • cool guy
      cool guy

      No fuckin dislikes anymore

    • br yt
      br yt

      cant even fucking see the dislikes

    • Leandro Lica
      Leandro Lica

      I mean look at the dislike button now. Edited: I still think the new update is stupid.

  • UnrealEntGaming

    Who else is wondering what kind of music video KSI will shoot for his fight with Jake Paul one day? Its the fight that we've been waiting years for!

    • Mace Face
      Mace Face

      @Flakz honestly, I gotta agree, I don't think the Jake/KSI fight will ever happen. Like you said, KSI is focusing on everything else other than boxing and Jake is only doing boxing now so at this point Jake will have an unfair advantage by having a lot more fights under his belt and it's not really worth it for KSI tbh. Yeah, I wanna see Jake get slapped up too but it will happen as soon as he challenges an actual talented boxer

    • Flakz

      That will never happen ksi has quit boxing like 2 years ago after beating logan paul

  • Aila Pirzada
    Aila Pirzada

    I feel bad for the next generations they missed this legendary moment bro

    • JTmax

      Nobody is going to miss this 😂😂 this whole ITmoresr diss is just a cringey low point for ITmores

    • sepiu

      U missed yes u 🍔

    • Juaquin Chavez
      Juaquin Chavez

      @SEVGI wtf😂😂😂😂😂

    • Fancy Duck
      Fancy Duck

      @SEVGI 🥺 thank you

    • SEVGI

      @Fancy Duck hug* :)

  • Mr Eagle D.M
    Mr Eagle D.M

    This has got to be the coolest music video I've ever seen

    • Carl Wheezer
      Carl Wheezer

      @Stefan Trifunovic clown

    • Stefan Trifunovic
      Stefan Trifunovic

      Nah TDE’s recent videos are all way better. Humble, Lay Wit Ya, Hair Down etc

    • Fancy Duck
      Fancy Duck

      @Flamzy thank you 🥺

    • Flamzy

      @Fancy Duck head up king 👑

    • Fancy Duck
      Fancy Duck

      i have a hug please 😔

  • r8

    I'm here from Impaulsive, forgot how insane this is...

    • Caydon & Friends
      Caydon & Friends

      haha samee diss tracks were the best a few years ago😂

    • man of man
      man of man

      Nah nah I don't deal with that

    • Hamo785 • 15 years ago
      Hamo785 • 15 years ago

      Not same

    • mikk


    • Palma Pav
      Palma Pav


  • Egg

    Dear future generation, I’m sorry you missed this battle.

    • ShadowWolf

      I missed it too. I was never really into the sidemen and shit. And then I saw their tinder irl 2 video and… let’s just say I’ve now watched every single sidemen video plus loads of the guys separate videos and all of the diss tracks and everything… I’m a huge fan now. But even though I knew about these guys back then, I never followed them, I wish I actually watched them and experienced this battle at the time… I’ve had like 5 years worth of shit to catch up on lol.

    • Lekan

      They can always rewatch it

    • Ward Jabri
      Ward Jabri


    • sepiu


    • Cure your curiosity
      Cure your curiosity

      dont be..

  • Anushk Tiwari
    Anushk Tiwari

    I miss these times man! Back when youtube dramas were actually interesting and was fun to watch! Ksi and Lp will go down as the biggest entertainers in yt history❣

    • GetRekkt

      @Sunshine guy true these new events are like ksi vs logan if the wires drop all 4 bars down

    • Sunshine guy
      Sunshine guy

      and now tiktokers and ytbers are fighting

  • Simon J
    Simon J

    Bruh ksi needs to rap like this more he sounds sick. Like I didn't even know his flow was this good back then and there was a lot of bars ppl didn't catch. His singing is cool but nah he needs an element of 2018 ksi rapping and himself now to reach another level

    • DSN

      @Simon J based

    • Simon J
      Simon J

      @Mareks I don't think he's shit now. But I feel like he's trying to be mainstream too much. Like I like Lose, Don't play, Houdini

    • Mareks

      agree man his music now is so shit

  • Philip Roets
    Philip Roets

    This disstrack is so underrated. One of his best

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      Obviously no one is gonna talk about it now because its been 3 years but it has 40M views & it was talked about a lot when it dropped so it isn’t underrated

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      @Philip Roets But it is rated enough

    • Philip Roets
      Philip Roets

      @Stone Cold underrated means it isn't rated enough

    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold

      How is this underrated when people rate it…doesn’t even make sense. This banged when it dropped

    • Fancy Duck
      Fancy Duck

      @Mal Krasniqi i have a hug please 😔

  • Alfie Valentine
    Alfie Valentine

    Honestly the way this was made at the time of the beef is so bloody impressive! Hats off JJ well done my brother !

  • Levitation Productions
    Levitation Productions

    I hope he makes another one of this quality for Jake.

    • Geoapps

      Same bro

    • Rakin Choudhury
      Rakin Choudhury

      he ain't worth the efforts

    • Sznxn

      @Damien Breslin Get out

    • Tyler Flinn
      Tyler Flinn

      @Damien Breslin ya jake would definitely kill him now. I wish they fought before jake got all this experience because then it would have been a good fight

    • Voltex

      Jakes winning sadly

  • HB Josher.
    HB Josher.

    this gave me the chills... and 3 years later still.

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    ksi made songs, went on tour, did holiday videos for the sidemen,ate a lot and still won

    • just laugh
      just laugh

      He trained very very hard jj is a machine he pushes himself to the limits, such an inspiration, hard work gets result.

    • ravequeyt


  • Tobeman

    No offence to Logan but Ksi is just wayyyy better at music. I mean look at Ksi's songs and then at Logans songs, there is a huge difference!

    • radniik

      this song is legit hard af. dude sounds like skepta

    • William Mathis
      William Mathis

      Logans best song is going broke and basically all of jj's songs are good

    • Connor O'Riordan
      Connor O'Riordan

      This was a planned song, Logan's was done in a day a week or so before the fight and in the UK

    • Yusaf Animations
      Yusaf Animations

      Loads of offense

    • Civilain

      @bamie16 “Employees”. Mate go back to watching cocomelon you have no clue what you talking abt.😂

  • Impassable

    cant believe it, still enjoying the diss track . made it a tradition to listen to it 230 times a year. fun stuff

  • Mexican Cactus
    Mexican Cactus

    The song just sounds better now.

    • AdamW

      @R2_ Racks yo

    • Jeffery Nehale
      Jeffery Nehale

      @GDpolar Gaming u just came on this video to comment that logan paul fans are so desperate

    • No One
      No One

      @Jack is Chilling sftu

    • No One
      No One

      @Jack is Chilling stfu

    • No One
      No One


  • Devzy 793
    Devzy 793

    Seeing JJ and Logan talk about this on the podcast was so funny. This video is goated

  • Hung Jury SR4
    Hung Jury SR4

    Regardless of the actual song, this video’s production is incredible

  • kevin

    I like how even logan compliments how insane the production of this was

  • A.A. H.S.
    A.A. H.S.

    Dare I say, I think this might be JJ's best song out of all of them.

  • King J
    King J

    Can’t believe this was already two years ago. Good times

    • darnedbloom 1416
      darnedbloom 1416

      Can’t believe this was already three years ago. Good times

    • ananta pakhrin
      ananta pakhrin

      Umm it's Been 3 years

    • Shah Gaming pro
      Shah Gaming pro

      Now almost 3 years

    • rayan


    • Sikofn

      just read my name..

  • Ella

    I Think i've watched this like 100 times and its still the best thing i've ever seen, it Will never be boring

  • saul dab
    saul dab

    The fact that this track is 2 years old makes me almost cry for how fast time flies.

    • Jake Collen
      Jake Collen

      now it’s 10 days away from being 3 years old

  • Alejandro Hernandez
    Alejandro Hernandez

    Man 2018 was such a different and fun time to be in. The nostalgia

  • Saransh Joshi
    Saransh Joshi

    This diss track was absolutely ON POINT.

  • skateFMXstyle

    Good to see these guys are mates now 🙌 they finna run the internet !!

  • BillySuccubus

    Gotta come back to this video every once in a while.

    • Omar Ayman
      Omar Ayman

      @Diego Soto I was waiting for someone to say that 😂

    • Diego Soto
      Diego Soto

      @Omar Ayman t f?

    • Omar Ayman
      Omar Ayman

      Are you a girl

  • ProzzsonYT

    KSI... The Hero to All of us


    the eerie beat gives me chills that's how good it is

    • ElfyBoi


  • KerklanHD

    Bruv all what you are inspires me so much, your a real legend

  • Nikos

    This is still his best song hands down

  • Jenny C
    Jenny C

    omfg this is so good!! how did i miss this

    • Bryan

      @abcde fghij 🤓

    • abcde fghij
      abcde fghij

      You lived in a cave probably

  • Sawyer Robertson
    Sawyer Robertson

    Who knew that they would become business partners years later. It’s mad.

  • Soare Productions
    Soare Productions

    Not the biggest fan of either the Pauls or KSI, but the production value of this music video & song is insane, anyone that knows what goes into making these has got to respect what they've done, sick work!

    • Lucifer's Aries
      Lucifer's Aries

      911eVoX I don’t want to sound rude but Jake’s song is shit in comparison to this one in my opinion. I’m not even being biased cause I don’t care for either of them but special effects wise and lyric wise, this song is so much better. Jake’s feat was pretty good but the song and music video were weak in comparison to this one.

    • 911eVoX

      dude check out jake paul's diss track. it's amazing

    • nightlockerz

      You forgot about the other one

    • Lucifer's Aries
      Lucifer's Aries

      The sole reason why I’m liking this video lol

    • Aarthos

      Cip Dumitrascu exactly

  • BenDaDoge

    Watching this after they became friends, it's still amazing.

  • Pure Vessel
    Pure Vessel

    Still one of his best songs to this day

  • Dylan James
    Dylan James

    I’m a Logan fan and by the end of the song I was singing the chorus with a massive smile 😀

  • Oscar Buglass
    Oscar Buglass

    Possibly KSI’s greatest diss track music video yet. If I was Logan seeing this for the first time I’d be pretty upset to be honest about it, seeing this parody of all the things I’d ever done sketched similar to a dream.

  • SwaySway

    To those that don’t understand the video.... Starts off with a reference to the suicide forest. The kids are being brain washed by Logan’s videos. When Logan see’s KSI flying he leaves Evan behind (he doesn’t care about his friends). KSI drops from the sky symbolizing that he is an evil villain in this story. The mum answers the door. “Would you like a cookie?” is a Get Out reference. JJ in the room with the numbers is representing Logan’s song about numbers where he literally just counts. The paintings on the walls are of Alissa Violet, Jake, and the Martinis twins. The ones on the floor is of Chance and Nick Crompton. The painting with JJ’s eyes moving symbolizes that he’s always watching. KSI dragging the axe is another horror film reference. Instagram picture is of Jake Paul with Erika Costell tagged as the snake because online she is known as a snake b**ch. When JJ puts his head through the door and says, “Hello mother f*ckers!” is a reference from “Here’s Jonny!” The band in the background is Why Don’t We. (The band that Logan had in his song, Help me, Help you). The dog is Kong (Logan’s dog). His dad see’s the blindfolded girl that he kissed in the kissing challenge video and can’t resist to follow her into the room. Logan’s friends get pay back by tazing him because he tazed a rat. They also smash a plate on him because in Logan’s vlogs he always smashes plates and scares some of he friends that way. Every one is filming Logan, the tables have turned. The Thanos Gauntlet Glove and the cloud JJ came out from is from the movie, “Infinity War”. KSI disintegrates Logan, basically saying that he is gonna make him disappear after he beats him in the ring. The kids are no longer brainwashed because Logan is now gone...

    • Jajam Garrett Superman
      Jajam Garrett Superman

      @SwaySway thx for the explanation. 😊

    • Hamad Alkuwari
      Hamad Alkuwari


    • Sedrick Frey Iñigo
      Sedrick Frey Iñigo

      wow i understand it now

    • Angelina Toatu
      Angelina Toatu

      Not all heroes wear caps

    • rj diamondbridge
      rj diamondbridge

      Thx . 39k likes holy crap that's gud but u deserve it

  • Riley Kim
    Riley Kim

    If this was age restricted we would see no dislikes

    • Levan HoRo
      Levan HoRo

      Yea and if it was age restricted copied comments wouldn't been in a big numver

  • Ariu Ariu
    Ariu Ariu

    I love this song. Good job KSI. Everytime I watch this song everything is on point * I drink a glass of Red Bull. 😅🤣🤣🤣

  • The Heel Synergy
    The Heel Synergy

    JJ is a goddamn legend!

  • Archie Pickering
    Archie Pickering

    this is still one of the most brutal and iconic videos on youtube.

  • Sethunah

    I've watched this so many times but everything about this still blows my mind

  • alpha

    Watching this once in a while brings back memories

  • ThatGuyDave

    2021 and still goes HAAARDDD!!

  • DoggieMeme

    Yes, quite perfect. I wished someone made this sooner.

  • PotatoGaming

    Grandson: Grandpa,have you been alive during a war? Me: *Sit down boy*

    • Patrice Dale
      Patrice Dale

      Two of them actually pewdiepie and t series and KSI vs Logan Paul

    • Douglas Serrano
      Douglas Serrano

      Let me name all of then Tait vs James charles Ksi vs logan paul Pewdiepie vs t series Ksi vs deji Logan paul vs jake paul Pyrocynical vs leafyishere Mrbeast vs morgz Sideman vs ksi ricegum Idubbz vs ricegum Ksi vs ricegum Shane dawson vs logan paul

    • Anaay V
      Anaay V


    • Lewis Tillett
      Lewis Tillett


    • Leandro Lica
      Leandro Lica

      But that I been in a lot more war then that

  • hecker

    2 years later but still that same feeling 😂😆

  • Huracan360

    This music video deserved a Grammy

  • J A
    J A

    This song along with the video together is in my opinion one of his best songs ever.

  • Frost

    What a fucking diss track one of the best

    • TOKYO  TAMACHI  ♥︎

      Finally someone who has a brain

  • Gehab

    The way this event is hyped up makes it feel like the timeline is going to split depending on who wins on August 25th lmao. Logan Timeline, or KSI Timeline? 🤔

    • waffle

      @Yodel Kid The videos in your playlist has 80% dislike ratio. Pretty obvious some dumb ass Logan fan made it.

    • sleepybraincells

      lol it was a tie

    • Hamza B
      Hamza B

      Gehab ksi

    • Alfie Rich
      Alfie Rich

      It on 43 926 views it on while I'm watching

    • Ben Collins
      Ben Collins

      Yodel Kid if it was a prank why didn’t Logan say that to avoid controversy lol

  • Primal

    Why are jake Paul and Logan fans still in these comments hating. Jesus Christ JJ living rent free in MILLIONS of peoples heads


    4 years later: Let’s make a drink company 🧃

  • Cougar Mann
    Cougar Mann

    Still a banger after 3 years .

  • [RV] Weirdo
    [RV] Weirdo

    So glad i was with JJ’s side from the begining 🙏

  • Tyler Steezz
    Tyler Steezz

    damn i still remember all the hype about the ksi vs logan fight

    • Semify

      Josiah bledsoe yeah. Now there’s more hype than I heard during 2017-2018

    • Tyler Steezz
      Tyler Steezz

      YourLocalBackstabber no u kohenbarnes

    • kohen

      shutup tyler oriley

    • Ibrahim Bangura
      Ibrahim Bangura

      Well thank God the fight is announced now for November 9th

    • 120 subs challenge? xXjAcKpLaYzzXx
      120 subs challenge? xXjAcKpLaYzzXx


  • Yogesh Tomar
    Yogesh Tomar

    Dayumn how could i miss this masterpiece 🔥

  • Interesting existence
    Interesting existence

    I forgot how much of a normal song this was instead of just being a diss track

  • David

    2021 and this vid still slaps!

  • vlad

    Nothing will ever come close to this rivalry, what these two people did in the entertainment industry is truly unmatchable,I feel sorry for the people that didn't get to experience this masterpiece of a story.

    • Thindon

      @Judah Buechler hopefully we get it in november next year. so they have time to hype it up make disstracks and all that shit

    • Judah Buechler
      Judah Buechler

      @vlad there is a possibility that if Jake loses a fight then he will go back to ksi, but ksi needs to get active first so ya I think it’s a high maybe that it happens

    • vlad

      @Judah Buechler I mean it's a dream fight but I don't see it happening

    • Judah Buechler
      Judah Buechler

      Naw I disagree, they was real beef there Forsure between Logan and ksi, but there is a lot more between Jake and ksi

  • mihnlee

    Can we just forget about the fight between JJ and Logan for a moment and just admire the visuals and camera work in this music video?

    • Dragon Autobot
      Dragon Autobot

      minmin. Agreed

    • Jan Rufer
      Jan Rufer

      Big ups Kon and Meji

    • Afro Samurai
      Afro Samurai

      minmin. Facts

  • JavivisOrt

    I mean, watching both diss tracks, each one has its thing. Video Quality, KSI wins. I think KSI diss track sounds more like an actual rap song that u could listen to in a rap/trap playlist. For me, Logan´s sounds more like an actual diss track and is more centered in punchy lyrics that are easy to rap and remember.

    • Josue Cabrera
      Josue Cabrera

      So jj won in both ways?

  • Yousef Sofyan
    Yousef Sofyan

    This music video will always be KSI's best produced in terms of visuals.

  • teddy

    This remains one of jjs most underated songs

  • Diego Soto
    Diego Soto

    So fire till this day holy

  • CrayZee

    I feel so bad the future generation that didn’t get to see this battle

    • CrayZee

      @skeglar bro what? your doing to much. it’s just a thing to look back at and cringe and laugh. this stuff is a joke i mean cmon 2 youtubers trying to be boxers? how would you even compare this to the legends lol. take a chill pill and learn to take a joke bucko 💀

    • skeglar

      Yeah man, this was a monumental moment in history and will never be forgotten. It's up there with the Tupsc vs Biggie beef, Jay vs Nas, NWA vs Cube, Drake vs Meek Mill . . . Ok now, do you see how out of place this battle is with the greats? Now go slap yourself for making this ridiculous comment.

    • skeglar

      Yeah man, this was a monumental moment in history and will never be forgotten. It's up there with the Tupsc vs Biggie beef, Jay vs Nas, NWA vs Cube, Drake vs Meek Mill . . . Ok now, do you see how out of place this battle is with the greats? Now go slap yourself for making this ridiculous comment.

    • ZiyadTS


    • What


  • Samurai Rex
    Samurai Rex

    This is actually so good


    the beat feels powerful

    • ElfyBoi

      It is

  • The Electric Tiger
    The Electric Tiger

    Let's goo KSI you are the best your rap is good

  • 艾歡

    Crazy how the two of them have become business partners now

  • videogames

    Insane visuals!

    • connor alexa
      connor alexa

      Ksi's the best fighter of the fight I just can't believe that KSI killed that s*** freaking awesome

    • Miraak

      @smartskid wut

    • smartskid

      i got a call from the internet and said he was going to call you back to see if

    • Miraak

      Donald trump plays fortnight

    • kowsia khanom
      kowsia khanom


  • Hayfield

    How did he get from these simple rhyme schemes to where he is now

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    One of the best disses ive ever heard

  • dethmemed

    The music video was so good that even Jake liked it. Ksi makes the best music videos for his songs.

  • af chris
    af chris

    Fun fact: KSI was high on apple juice when recording this💯

    • Mustafa Ahmed
      Mustafa Ahmed

      Nice bro

  • Albanian dude414
    Albanian dude414

    Almost 3 years later and this is still my top 5 songs and top 5 Ksi songs

  • Oscar Buglass
    Oscar Buglass

    This film is like the definition of what a dream is like, sketched it very well

  • Nicholas Alexander
    Nicholas Alexander

    The new podcast brought me here. How did I forget how epic this was? Even Logan’s reply wasn’t too shabby! Miss these days


    Disstrack aside the production value in this actually slaps

  • RockAndRollism

    I don't give a fuck about either of these guys.. I'm literally just along for the ride to see what happens.. But I have to admit, this was really fucking well done.

    • C.J Bushby
      C.J Bushby

      RockAndRollism same here I agree

    • FilipCodes


    • PanPan Sax
      PanPan Sax

      RockAndRollism +1

  • Jake Cockerill
    Jake Cockerill

    Mate this is flipping unreal the way it links in this is the best rap song Ksi has made

  • Hunter Smith
    Hunter Smith

    That awkward pause when she asked would you like a cookie had me dying laughing

  • ZenoMLBB

    2021 and this song is still lit

  • haeziq hashla
    haeziq hashla

    I actually prefer JJ to keep making songs like this

  • Tyler Baker
    Tyler Baker

    When a disstrack is filmed better than Logan's movie

    • Tristan Paine
      Tristan Paine

      you sukeer

    • JC The Gamer
      JC The Gamer

      Even Bob the builder can't fix that damage

    • Joker Plays
      Joker Plays

      Dragon Sebastian Logan Paul fanboy

    • THE KING
      THE KING

      We are speaking abt this fucking video and the shooting and acting of this video was so damn good that it was better than Logan’s recent movie

    • Mileidy Cardoza
      Mileidy Cardoza

      Nah logan is much better then ksi i respect ksi skin and hes atitude

  • the keebo
    the keebo

    Thats a masterpiece and a half

  • Ow3N D4Vi3sX
    Ow3N D4Vi3sX

    I knew this was made before the first logan vs ksi fight, but it doesn't seem like it was made that long ago man

  • Resalable Jaguar
    Resalable Jaguar

    It's basically a tradition to come back to this vid once in a while

  • Anthony Toto
    Anthony Toto

    I don’t fw Ksi but this is actually pretty good

  • TN SN
    TN SN

    This video is so underrated. So many disses other than the actual song

    • iz

      You call 36 million views underrated?

    • Jeramiah Rogers
      Jeramiah Rogers

      Not underratee

    • ThePizzasHaveRisen

      Just Pete imagine it was Ninja

    • TN SN
      TN SN

      Zander Lyons his mother dropped him when he was younger🤣🤣🤣 Do you mind checking out my ITmores channel if you have some free time and drop a sub if you enjoy the content. I make beats for the top current and upcoming artists just like KSI. Appreciate the love❤️❤️❤️

    • TN SN
      TN SN

      Just Pete 100% my G. Do you mind checking out my ITmores channel if you have some free time and drop a sub if you enjoy the content. I make beats for the top current and upcoming artists just like KSI. Appreciate the love❤️❤️❤️

  • Full Send
    Full Send

    gotta come back to this every now and again

  • Time Variant
    Time Variant

    Maybe the fights weren't great or the beef was fake etc. But if you were there for the journey. From Ksi vs Weller to ksi vs Logan Paul 2. It was fucking biblical

  • Rakin Choudhury
    Rakin Choudhury

    Man the flow 🔥🔥