KSI - Patience (feat. YUNGBLUD & Polo G) [Official Audio]
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Little bit little bit
I Need a little bit of patience
Coz we be going through changes

Polo G
Ah, ah no patience i’ve had enough.
Spent too much time through these phases, it’s just not adding up
Felt all alone on those stages.
Wanna get my passion up,
It’s over, pack it up
Don’t walk away from me.
When the night falls, make the right call.
Or she’ll be gone forever.

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Need a little space to slow the brain
I don’t really wanna feel the pain.
Seen a lot of shit to make me hate
I don’t wanna hide until it’s too late
Feels like i’m gonna break

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Bridges burning, i won’t let you get to me
Tables turning i don’t need bad energy
Now i’m learning, lying bout our chemistry
No returnin,

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes
I need a little bit of patience
Get out of crazy situations
And my heart won’t change
If my head don’t break
I need a little bit of patience
Cos we’ve been going through changes

I need a little bit of patience\\
Cos we’ve been going through changes

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

Video created by:

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

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  • RuffledRowlit

    I was so surprised to see freaking Polo G, Yungblud and JJ on a song like dayum, big ups to JJ for constantly pushing the bar on his music :)

    • Ubumbitch

      @RedWing he definitely payed for polo trippie lil baby lil pump smokepurpp and now 21 and future

    • Noreen Ahmed
      Noreen Ahmed


    • HashimHasCome


    • Rat OP
      Rat OP

      Let’s see how many subs I can get from this comment..since I see a lot of ppl doing this I decided to try (: Current:40

    • RedWing

      @Damian Hernandez, he didn’t. He doesn’t pay for his features, Anne Marie, Rick Ross etc. The only one I think he payed for was Offset.

  • 🐐

    Popular opinion: everyone wishes Polo G’s verse was longer.

    • bully Maguire
      bully Maguire


    • SlavKing42

      @Finnan Strain so was his height

    • Jade Friend
      Jade Friend


    • little pickle
      little pickle


    • Adversary

      @BILLY COX 🧢

  • Deimension Official
    Deimension Official

    This songs feels like driving the car, during summer, at night. Anyone else ?

    • KamikaziKillah

      That’s what I thought

    • SlavKing42

      I can see it as driving a car down a coastal highway in a sunset or sunrise

    • ZEZAS ✔
      ZEZAS ✔

      Exactly what I was thinking in my head 🎶🎵🎶🎵🚘🌒🌒🌒


      why is it that synth make everything sound like cruising in the nighttime? 😂

    • Al_Alemania


  • pinky!

    YungBlud always comes through , Polo G is so Versatile , And Ksi remembered his lyrics = good song

    • Xavior Luckett
      Xavior Luckett

      @Ubumbitch They both had good verses

    • Olive Pickels
      Olive Pickels


    • Ubumbitch

      @thekidsheeshed low key had a better versus than jj

    • thekidsheeshed

      polo g doesn’t sound good on any beats other than drill, rap, or hip hop. his energy just don’t fit.

    • Ashiq Ali
      Ashiq Ali

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    Youngbluds part is literally so fire idk how y’all don’t like it.


      @DogFaceFanBoi Ummmmm fanpage not actually andy


      @DogFaceFanBoi look I am a fanpage ok

    • DogFaceFanBoi

      @HAUNTEDMOUND literally listening to some BVB right now

    • DogFaceFanBoi

      @HAUNTEDMOUND Andy biersack has entered the chat.

    • Aidenrocks7373

      I agree its sick

  • 🐐

    This sounds like a song at the end of a movie.

    • dra tuang• •
      dra tuang• •

      Lol yes

    • Lilcmsvert


    • silent

      It does do

    • Tutc MyGooch
      Tutc MyGooch

      Leaving the theatre be like

    • J 2003
      J 2003

      A shit movie

  • Trip-Beatz

    I kinda got a little emotional hearing this cause to see JJ evolve and continue to grow is such a great thing to see and i'm a 14 almost 15 year old boy that LOVES music and LOVES to make it and I love seeing people branch out into different things and completely obliterate the game is so beautiful. Honestly JJ keeps getting better and better every song that he makes. Everytime someone says you can't achieve something ignore them and continue doing what you love and this is a great example of that cause JJ keeps persevering even when people say he can't. What a legend.

    • Oubayda Emsallak
      Oubayda Emsallak


    • Trip-Beatz

      @LeaveySm1l Facts

    • LeaveySm1l

      @Ez Peasy yeah but you can still see his improvement through this and other songs

    • Ez Peasy
      Ez Peasy

      He said like 2 words 😂😂🙄

  • Rishi Kallepalli
    Rishi Kallepalli

    I think people expected JJ to give us a rap verse rather than this melodic singing verse he gave us and that’s why a lot of people hating. Honestly it’s fire y’all just gotta be more open to his different styles he’s being versatile with it

    • Jonna Mae Prado
      Jonna Mae Prado

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    • nicole Barnett
      nicole Barnett


    • Marlon Pendon
      Marlon Pendon

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    • Chris B. Heckons
      Chris B. Heckons

      it takes more than just one listen. i think a lot of the ppl who weren't vibing with it (including myself) now are, it just a matter of listening over and over again ;-)

  • Adam Shepley
    Adam Shepley

    I ain't even gonna lie, this is my favorite ksi song! The feature of polo g is amazing and even though alot of people are hating I think this could be one of ksi's biggest hits ever!

    • Pijin

      @Miha Leskovec just you

    • Miha Leskovec
      Miha Leskovec

      It's so emotional or is it just me

  • Gaming24/7

    best song he's done yet. Haven't stopped listening to it. More like this please. Seems to have a new retro wave feel to it and I love it

  • A living thing
    A living thing

    JJ... His music career: growing His ITmores career: growing His forehead: growing His beard:

    • kamran mazid
      kamran mazid

      @InfaYT good 4 u m8 u can see it more on reddit

    • Jaguar Eagle
      Jaguar Eagle

      it will get there, eventually XD

    • Kai Williamson
      Kai Williamson


    • Kyron Minnock
      Kyron Minnock


    • Chrenius

      trash like this song

  • Autism

    I love this all i want is jj do be extremely successful with his music because it makes me happy

    • Leighton Yg
      Leighton Yg

      @Maximilian Pears unlucky bro 😂

  • waqar riaz
    waqar riaz

    The song coming to FIFA would complete a circle. Everyone will like that.

    • Gabby Fitz
      Gabby Fitz

      It kinda sounds like a FIFA song ngl but it’s still good

    • Noah Shreve
      Noah Shreve

      @kumadoh maths for success fan Thanks.

    • kumadoh maths for success fan
      kumadoh maths for success fan

      @Noah Shreve red alert

    • Noah Shreve
      Noah Shreve

      @itsthezeke Witch song?

    • itsthezeke

      He's already featured in Watch Dogs: Legion, it's just matter of time until he's featured in FIFA tbh.

  • Myles Russell
    Myles Russell

    I genuinely like this song, as much as I enjoy rap this is great. I like the upbeatness of it and it really makes me feel like I'm going back in time. I'd definitely listen to this while I'm working out or vibing in the car

  • Its Anhell
    Its Anhell

    FUCK YES jj. Always pushing ur self more and more with becoming comfortable with your music. I don’t usually listen to your music at all but mad respect brother!

  • Anas Aas
    Anas Aas

    Let’s be honest everyone was expecting a hard rap song

    • Dion Mc Cauley
      Dion Mc Cauley

      @Guepardo Halcon this was a "hard" rap song

    • Risheet Govardhanam
      Risheet Govardhanam


    • Kyoto Spirit
      Kyoto Spirit

      Rap isn’t the only genre, just because it’s not to your liking doesn’t mean you have to be so toxic.

    • ollie b
      ollie b

      It’s still good though

    • Chuckster5677

      Tbh this sounds better than rap

  • Redtesla

    I love this!! The vibes hit hard with this

  • Sour Vidz
    Sour Vidz

    This sounds like a song I’d hear on the radio when I was a kid makes me feel nostalgic. I like it KSI

  • Joseph Morales
    Joseph Morales

    Really good song man Keep it up brother you’re killing it

  • Himeko Momokino
    Himeko Momokino

    i love this song its a mix of emotional and sadness bless ksi for making such a beautiful emotional masterpiece

    • Himeko Momokino
      Himeko Momokino

      @_dam1an.14x black lives matter

    • _dam1an.14x


  • I regret my comments
    I regret my comments

    JJ is really improving, he just needs more presence in his songs. Edit: 1. I really enjoyed the song, it just feels more like a ksi feature 2. Also want to give credit to JJ tho, his singing is getting really good to the point where the autotune isn't uselessly strong

    • I regret my comments
      I regret my comments

      @Zubair Mayat ❤️

    • I regret my comments
      I regret my comments

      @Jacob Dakin the problem with don't play is that you can literally can substitute his verse with one from lighter or really love and vice versa and they sound the same. They're incrementally better but fundamentaly the same. This is him experimenting but I feel (correct me if I'm wrong) he's afraid of being told "this ain't it chief" so he sorta backed off.

    • I regret my comments
      I regret my comments

      @Nxqzy it's dissimulation

    • Allow

      @just a nigga with a rocket launcher nah im pretty sure one of the main reasons he does so many major features is to prove youtube rappers are goats

    • Nxqzy

      Hes got like an album where it's mostly him, idk what the album is called but it's the album where he talks about deji and his gf and shit

  • girl _alastor_
    girl _alastor_

    This is the most fire song I've heard from you ksi in awhile

    • LeaveySm1l

      @StraightEdge 376 cool

    • StraightEdge 376
      StraightEdge 376

      @LeaveySm1l hell. I listen to his songs when im playing Destiny 2 and any zombie game i got. Dude is a bad ass and gives me great gaming vibes

    • StraightEdge 376
      StraightEdge 376

      Come on man. Most of the stuff ive heard like Lighter, Dont Play, Done Like That, Etc is FRICKIN FIRE. This is grest too though

    • I suck at gaming 246
      I suck at gaming 246

      @SA I agree but this one is like tied with don’t play

    • SA

      Don’t play was lit

  • DemonMorgue

    Very unexpected collaboration from polo g I like how he’s opening up more ways with his style of music this is one of the best collaborations so far 🔥

  • Jess Bess
    Jess Bess

    playing this on repeat to build patience to get out of quarantine

  • Bangtan_A.r.m.y_JkBiased

    *I'm telling you, this will be JJs biggest hit to date especially with YungBluds huge fanbase*

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    • Kronos Kronos
      Kronos Kronos

      ​@Keni Lord LMFAO

    • Keni Lord
      Keni Lord

      Well this aged horribly wrong. As it's coming from a guy named AllThingsBts_ ProudA.R.M.Y, I'm glad I didn't expect much.

    • Yxngnkツ

      And polo g

  • Wifi Plug
    Wifi Plug

    Babatunde went from Creature to discovering fire with yungblud in the thumbnail

    • good man
      good man

      Shut up

    • AbsoluteNas

      Shut up


      Shut up

    • Electro

      Shut up

    • Piss Off
      Piss Off

      Shut up

  • Angel FrostHeart
    Angel FrostHeart

    Never heard KSI sing like this o-o honestly one of his best with POLO and YUNGBLUD

  • Johnny Dip
    Johnny Dip

    Keep going JJ! This song is so catchy and good. 🤯

  • CrackerJack Racc
    CrackerJack Racc

    This song came out towards the end of a family vacation of mine. When I returned home, I found out shortly after that my fiancée is pregnant. This song has definitely helped me through the many changes I’m going through, thank you guys for making it. Big ups.

  • Leonz

    Me waiting for JJ's next song : I need a little bit of patience 😭😭

    • Rory Frickanick
      Rory Frickanick

      Holiday a banger

    • Vishal Neelan Pinto
      Vishal Neelan Pinto

      @Ain AMVS same here lol

    • Ain AMVS
      Ain AMVS

      I read this right when Yung blud said I need a little bit of patience lol

    • Chriss


  • John Stones
    John Stones

    I feel like JJ needs to sing more on his songs. That is how he will prove himself as an artist instead of features carrying the song.

    • John Stones
      John Stones

      @KingArturchik because JJ has clout. Not talent

    • John Stones
      John Stones

      @Merlin Parsons 💯💯

    • John Stones
      John Stones

      @Darth Vader lmaooooo same

    • zach was
      zach was

      @KingArturchik he got a polo g feature because he has money

    • George Legg
      George Legg

      agreed man, polo was the only 'decent' one on this

  • RockyHorror

    Never expected this mash up, and I completely love it. Two completely different styles together

  • superjetnext

    The more I hear it , the more I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Aleksandros Dar
    Aleksandros Dar

    The fact that polo is in this song is insane 🔥good job . Feels jj too actually seeing too achieve their dreams

  • Hoax Nineteen
    Hoax Nineteen

    Do more songs like this, this is definitely best song I've heard in a long time

  • Aaron Rodriguez
    Aaron Rodriguez

    If I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t recognise JJ’s voice

    • Sava Sirakov
      Sava Sirakov

      Then you are not a real fan... just kidding i didnt recognise it at the start too hahaha

    • Josh.

      they autotuned the fuck out of it.. kinda ruined it imo

    • Anti Social
      Anti Social

      @Jenna Gordan starts at @0:00

    • Anti Social
      Anti Social

      @jhitwrld you been living under a rock my guy.

    • Anti Social
      Anti Social

      @funky donuts no that's just hard ass autotune omegalul

  • marcus 010207
    marcus 010207

    Fire mate🔥 keep up the good work

  • Rain Rose
    Rain Rose

    love the song and the vibe it gives off. ♥️♥️♥️

  • Eryk

    They all smashed it! I really like how JJ changed it up

  • Prescott Baxter
    Prescott Baxter

    I swear when I play the song in my head I hear "Need a lot of space to store the brain" Mr. Knowledge found a way to subtly show off in his song. Props to you mate. This song is fire, a different kind, but still fire

  • Lykan

    I was expecting Capalot Polo G and Babatunde, am I the only one lol? 💜

    • OrganicFN

      How many subs can I get off this comment Currently: 117

    • Harry Potter
      Harry Potter



      @BILLIE SAYS DUH, you might want to get a better ITmores name.

    • Josh M
      Josh M

      Well we all were expecting somet good

    • Sparky

      I stand with u

  • Jason Riley 24🤟🏻
    Jason Riley 24🤟🏻

    I fucking love this song it 🔥🔥🔥🔥 as hell keep up the good work Ksi and keep moving forward my guy 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    • LeaveySm1l

      @Vepix mhm

    • Vepix

      @LeaveySm1l Masterpiece means something legendary not something which sucks

    • LeaveySm1l

      I actually can’t stop listening to this masterpiece 😄

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei

    He is really making some good, diverse musical content. Kudos!

  • Konner69

    i have had this song on repeat for the last hour lmao i fucking love it

  • Retro_Xx246

    Can see this playing on the radio on late night drives 💯

  • 🐐

    POV: you was expecting it was a hard rap song

    • Ben Weeks
      Ben Weeks

      @Shady I thought blud is a mumble rapper too cuz I've never heard any of his songs other than this

    • Miha Leskovec
      Miha Leskovec

      Not realy

    • M S
      M S

      @Blackmello I’m only one person

    • Galactic bomb
      Galactic bomb

      to right my dude

    • xyahsvr

      You copied this because when it came out i saw comment exactly the same but 10 likes

  • Puro Personaje
    Puro Personaje

    I Love this song so muchh💯 makes Me feel good no matter what✌🏽

  • DarcD11 Gaming
    DarcD11 Gaming

    Dude I love this song keep it up this is straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Craig Dodds
    Craig Dodds

    Awesome tune ❤

  • Strife. Yt
    Strife. Yt

    I don’t really like Ksi songs, I usually just watch him cause he’s funny but this shit slaps! N the way polo entered this is fire!

    • LeaveySm1l

      I do like some ksi songs but I gotta say this is my favorite

  • Zor Gulum
    Zor Gulum

    Admit it y'all were waiting for JJ to rap but shocked with his singing voice.

    • Juice WRLD IS A GOAT
      Juice WRLD IS A GOAT

      @InTheJunkiesHead notice how he doesent respond cause he doesent know what to say

    • Darth Vader
      Darth Vader

      It wasn’t really his pure voice he used auto tune and echos and reverbs on everybody’s voice to make it sound better than it actually is

    • BlazeVN619

      @eTamm Ksi got number one in UK what now, he’s done something right.

    • Arran Jabbari
      Arran Jabbari

      JJ’s come a long way from the karaoke videos

    • InTheJunkiesHead

      @Connor Axon how is it bad.

  • Valhalla

    The only criticism I can give for this song is JJ needs a longer verse in his own song bro. Nevertheless, this is still a good song🔥

  • ShadTheOw

    Man this song hits soooooooooo good you just automatically vibe to it

  • Mitchell Stevens
    Mitchell Stevens

    I love the diversity jj is showing in his vocals lately, Damn..

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    This is the first KSI song I've put on my main ITmores music playlist. JJ is improving with every song he drops.

  • PandaXpresz

    JJ been droppin bangers lately. The only problem that remains is that he gets carried away with his features to the point he feels like the feature in HIS song.

    • Dom White
      Dom White

      @Ee Ee all the catchy parts are not by himself

    • Lethal Weapons In Iraq
      Lethal Weapons In Iraq

      @Dexxx song is good and none of us is fit to judge music because it is subjective

    • ChipMunkTeethMan

      @lucky luc shit lemme change it

    • Dom White
      Dom White

      @Dav id not as much streams and sounded shit i know he is experimenting but he without features he couldn't do the same

    • Dom White
      Dom White


  • ItsJacky

    This has a really nice bop to it that gets you into that mood.

  • Jandry Chavez plua
    Jandry Chavez plua

    Que temaso🔥🔥🔥

  • JustAKHype11

    Hearing ksi singing is so amazing, he could actually work as that chorus singer in a song like The Weekend is or like Ty Dolla $ign is. So glad he hasn't rapped in this, it would ruin the vibe. Amazing track 😍😍

  • Gabriel

    KSI's voice sounds good on any beat!



    • Bangtan_A.r.m.y_JkBiased

      80s vibes

    • Anthony Marshall
      Anthony Marshall


    • R

      OMG YES

    • roll2ones

      my guy

    • doctor whooves
      doctor whooves

      @Another Man blitzversion1 do that

  • ObamaKun

    playing it at the night while driving on an empty road, definitely gonna try that

  • Jace Graal
    Jace Graal

    absolutely no doubt amazing. best song to date

  • Ted games
    Ted games

    DOPE keep up the good work😎

  • Wolf917

    Can’t wait for your next album to drop I like this one very much

  • Dion Kokalidis
    Dion Kokalidis

    Great work KSI, I’m not a pro by any means but just hearing it sounds great!

  • Erick

    Love the music when jj first jumps in with the base and the drums. Love it dawg

  • Manosha Cooray
    Manosha Cooray

    I can't get this song out of my head It so damn good after listening few times

  • King B
    King B

    Polo needs to do more songs like that🔥

  • 🐐

    Popular opinion: everyone wishes Polo G’s verse was longer.

    • Vampire Motion
      Vampire Motion

      From what I know Polo G was very busy (being a dad) and he couldn’t really go to the same studio as KSI and YungBlood since he is American.And If he’d sent it through online his verse’s audio could slightly get corrupted.

    • teh JOBBY YTP
      teh JOBBY YTP

      @Hdjenxjsbs Dheixbs hope so

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      Omar Moubasher

      Also jjs

    • TJ Matt Performs
      TJ Matt Performs


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      mads therkelsen


  • GameGhast

    This song is fire! Keep up JJ We all are with you.

  • MrSir

    Heard this on the radio couple nights ago and started bumping the volume to MAX

  • Julie M
    Julie M

    i love this song its FIRE!!!!!!!!

  • bocoy noiu
    bocoy noiu

    persevering even when people say he can't. What a legend.

  • Denniskuhh

    Its really cool seeing him experiment with different styles instead of doing the same thing over and over again

    • Rowan

      Hallo dennis

    • Sreyash Ramdin
      Sreyash Ramdin

      Nooit verwacht dat je hier een comment zou plaatsen lol

    • hey yo
      hey yo

      @snea 123 even though I don’t agree with you I still respect your opinion and I kinda do see where your coming from :)

    • Leon Meijer
      Leon Meijer

      Hey Dennis ik wist niet dat je naar KSI keek

    • Rayy Ali Ali
      Rayy Ali Ali

      @snea 123 If you think he will do the same style of music over and over again , your delusional.

  • AutismAlert

    Oh... My... Fucking... God... This is so freaking amazing oh my goodness what the hell?!

    • misuyy fong
      misuyy fong

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  • Ice 2x
    Ice 2x

    Kinda sounds like 'If Better Now by Post Malone was released in the 80's".

    • King Taylor
      King Taylor

      @HyperMatic Esai yeah just way less polished in my opinion

    • Leonardo Stankić
      Leonardo Stankić

      And we here for it

    • HyperMatic Esai
      HyperMatic Esai

      I think it's like circles from post malone

    • Collt091

      Very true

    • Bisclips Corp
      Bisclips Corp

      I was literally about to comment that lmao

  • SomeCasualGamer

    Respect to KSI branching out and trying different things. I like the song lol 😂 🤷‍♂️ Good for not staying hard rap all the time lol. And keep doing you, KSI.

  • Alec' theWatcher
    Alec' theWatcher

    Love it so much!!!!!

  • Jack Rogers
    Jack Rogers

    KSI wanted less lyrics so he wouldn’t get any criticism for forgetting them

    • o̴

      no no he's got a point

    • Madara Uchiha
      Madara Uchiha

      @Charlie McCue shut up if you didn’t just listen to his music you would get the joke

    • Z net
      Z net

      @FBI I promise I don't have any kids in my basement


      @Lightning Squad stfu

    • Lightning Squad
      Lightning Squad

      OMG someone subbed to me. I cant believe it. Is it a dream. Aaaaaaah

  • BurggyBurg

    Not what I was expecting at all, I love it

  • Azore

    Personally, if Polo G and JJ performed longer in the song, I would’ve found it perfect. Still a great song, probably one of my favorites aside from Really Love.

  • Anjellike1

    This song won’t leave my brain these past few days 🥰

    • JoKena


  • Dakota Donde
    Dakota Donde

    Heard this song on the radio and I've been on the hunt for it since

  • TREX

    Why do i feel like, i just finished a movie in the theatre and now the end credits music is playing. Is it just me?😅

    • Just Life Thingz
      Just Life Thingz

      it would be great as the end credits music

    • Chris on 4K
      Chris on 4K


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      goldapple yt

      It sound like it should be in the sonic movie end credits 😂😂😂

    • RealRev


    • RealRev

      Fax but it’s a good turn

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    Jose Rocha

    Ksi this was amazing good keep it up man 🐐🐐👌🏽👌🏽

  • Steven Cookson
    Steven Cookson

    Awesome song! Keep it up. Keep changing/switching it up. It's a banger!

  • SCI

    Gives u that summer and olden styled version of music vibe, I didn’t like it at first but the more I listen I like it more

    • Sterling Watson
      Sterling Watson

      yeah people its saying its trash but it is one of those songs were you have to listen to it multiple times to really like it

  • Franklin Watkins
    Franklin Watkins

    Been legit playing this on repeat.. too good

  • Wakuuu

    His next song should be just a feat of him and no other artist. His craft is just getting better over time and we can get to see it more with his vocals alone

    • Just Pizza
      Just Pizza

      @03 He's the only bad thing on this song....

    • Drelly

      @Josh_ DB you realize he still has to sing good right? If he couldn’t hit the notes the autotune would be wobbly like on don’t play.

    • Dukeyboyz

      @Josh_ DB so are a lot of artists nowadays, who cares?

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts

      The moment

    • If you live on Welfare YOUR A MISTAKE
      If you live on Welfare YOUR A MISTAKE

      @Josh_ DB Just like every artist out? I honestly don’t care if someone uses auto tune if I like the song. I like the song.


    This song is such a vibe I love it it’s fire 🔥

  • SuperChiko 2.3
    SuperChiko 2.3

    This is a beautiful song 🔥🔥❤️

  • Naxxy

    Honestly, one of KSI’s best songs so far.

    • monke

      U not human

    • Vepix


  • Hatr1 xX
    Hatr1 xX

    Song is 🔥 🔥 never heard you sing in this genres Love the song

  • Yajat M
    Yajat M

    I'm a fan of JJ and this song is good but JJ has to stop taking the backseat on songs which are his own. It feels like this is Yungblud's song and JJ and Polo G are features.

    • Jenson

      @Jasan_o no seriously when I listened to it without headphones I legit couldn’t hear him, so much auto tune.

    • Jasan_o

      @Nibba X yea but that whole song was pretty shit imo😂

    • Jasan_o

      @Bhg um no,if he did,he would definitely say sth about it in one of his videos cause he is really open to his fan so yea

    • Jasan_o

      @Jensonvery funny

    • Jasan_o

      @Savraj Singh i dont think so but watever

  • Pranab Saha
    Pranab Saha

    I Don't know why but this version sounds much much better than the music video.I love this one

  • Michael Sheahan
    Michael Sheahan

    Love this track!

  • gtoss chddy
    gtoss chddy

    This is the most fire song I've heard from you ksi in awhile

  • Frazier

    This song is the definition of the more you listen to it the more you like it

  • silent

    This sounds like a song at the end of a movie.

    • silent

      This sounds like a song at the end of movie.

    • Goku

      @deadbug it means no one cares

    • loudghost

      It does tho

    • AGMtagious

      watch, when cinemas open up. i guarantee u, a movie will have this song just like they did with Baywatch

    • Error R.E.D
      Error R.E.D

      @FLOWR yeah....because they already finished the movie. What are you tryna say?