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KSI Reacting to Old Videos!!!

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  • Domis

    That moment when this video itself is an old video

    • Corey's Canvas
      Corey's Canvas

      That moment when the comment itself is an old comment.

    • Borhen Ridene
      Borhen Ridene

      that moment when this comment itself is an old comment

    • Gandalf Greyhame
      Gandalf Greyhame

      That moment when the comment calling the "reaction to old videos" old is itself old

    • Mr T7T7
      Mr T7T7

      When this comment is Old

    • An_38kit Kashyap
      An_38kit Kashyap

      That moment when your comment saying this video itself is old, is old

  • Giovany Valadez
    Giovany Valadez

    Can’t believe this guy right here has a better boxing record than Connor McGregor

    • safc joe
      safc joe

      @_Raz_ yeah looking back at this I'll delete my comment lmao my bad

    • _Raz_

      @Sam Russellit’s a joke dumbass

    • _Raz_

      @safc joe it’s a joke dumbass

    • Sam Russell
      Sam Russell

      yeah but that doesn't mean shit doe

    • Tyde

      I know you're joking, please tell me you're not serious.

  • Sam Izzo
    Sam Izzo

    “Almost at 7 million” *Has 20 million now*

    • 2Kay

      22 million

    • Super Janemba
      Super Janemba

      How about 24

    • Elijah Kumning
      Elijah Kumning

      sazzo 23 25 mil

    • georgie porgie
      georgie porgie

      AJ he ain’t 😂😂 hes at 21.6m

    • vilson j
      vilson j


  • VisionEmu

    OLD KSI in an OLD video reacting to the even OLDER KSI in even OLDER videos.

    • Idiguedu

      Old Ksi reacting to old Ksi reacting to old comments from 2 years ago

    • Fyuse 123
      Fyuse 123

      an old comment talking aboult old ksi reacting to old videos with even older ksi in even older videos

    • abdoulaye

      @Dbbbhjj Chbhu you know what he meant don't be like that

    • Hanter

      ffs man

    • Dbbbhjj Chbhu
      Dbbbhjj Chbhu

      *young ksi

  • 〖kuro orchid〗
    〖kuro orchid〗

    Who else has watched the Heskey video a hundred times and still dies?

    • Sean Chin
      Sean Chin

      Who dies a hundred times

    • Nauman Khan
      Nauman Khan

      Sadman Does no content when he missed the knife I was dying

    • EVO bots
      EVO bots


    • sam sh
      sam sh

      TheEnglishMuffin oo

    • James Nagle
      James Nagle

      TheEnglishMuffin same

  • JSN

    2:00 5 years later and almost 21 million. Keep it up bro you’ve changed so many people lives with your videos and it’s so great just to watch your old videos Love you KSI ‘Keep up’

  • Daehani

    Honestly, JJ was actually really funny. I feel like his humour was underrated sometimes

  • Ben UTD
    Ben UTD

    It’s still a nice feeling seeing him get hyped over the old videos especially race to division one that series was amazing and seeing him like that happy over his work just don’t realise how much you appreciate it man

  • Nick Bowen
    Nick Bowen

    I remember just getting into fifa and football back in 2014 and staying up on Christmas Eve binge watching the old school KSI and W2S 😂😂

  • AubaGT

    Who else comes always back and watch KSI's old videos atleast once a month 😂

    • Mason Ives
      Mason Ives


    • Selim Aksu
      Selim Aksu


    • Castello XOXO
      Castello XOXO

      Oh my God the old ksi

    • C.I.A •
      C.I.A •

      AubaGT this comment is old

    • ThePredzGamer

      AubaGT me

  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith

    Back when JJ's videos were good, not lazy reddit videos and music.

  • Idk

    Damn this guy has changed so much. I would have loved for ksi to still make videos like these in 2018, but everyone changes, for better or worse - nothing you can do.

  • pescalante2

    Even you know your older videos are hilarious, I was on the floor with the: “here’s another happy customer”

  • Joakim Andersson
    Joakim Andersson

    Watching this makes me so happy i still remember all the lyrics and everything! This is why I started my love for ksi

  • Ansixi

    I imagine what the neighbors think happens when they play horror games "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH" "Fuck me! Fuck me!" "Ha!Ha!Ha!" "Shit!Shit!Shit!"

    • Ilqn Petrov
      Ilqn Petrov

      +Dulguun Tsend Ayush lol

    • Dulguun Tsend Ayush
      Dulguun Tsend Ayush

      +PerpetualPurpose "recording" if u know what i mean

    • Ansixi

      @imsowizard d but they know he's recording

    • imsowizard d
      imsowizard d

      +PerpetualPurpose or the parents

    • Furkan Sek
      Furkan Sek

      He lives with miniminter (simon) zerkaa (josh) and vikkstar123(vik) in a house

  • Fish

    4 years and this is still gold 😂😂😂

  • ShiningGoDMS Beyblader
    ShiningGoDMS Beyblader

    Who thought he would destroy Logan years later?

    • 「Darkx」

      Ben Davies that’s why dark mode is better

    • ShiningGoDMS Beyblader
      ShiningGoDMS Beyblader

      Ben Davies 😂

    • Ben Davies
      Ben Davies

      Oi just thought ur picture was a hair

    • manuel garcia
      manuel garcia

      He was like in highschool

    • ShiningGoDMS Beyblader
      ShiningGoDMS Beyblader

      Brady McCabe at least he beat him

  • Davis Campbell
    Davis Campbell

    God this was my favorite video back when I used to watch JJ the memories 😭😀

  • Sam Russell
    Sam Russell

    i remember watching this the day it came out seeing so much of this guy grow as a person the youtube channel as a whole just wow

  • TedE10

    I know this won’t be my last time coming back here.

    • Mikaele Takau
      Mikaele Takau


    • TedE10

      Michigan Paytin FAX

    • Michigan Paytin
      Michigan Paytin

      Its DAX and that FACTS

  • Eliseo Corral
    Eliseo Corral

    Wow, he's really grown up before his audiences eyes. 8 years of ITmores, and still killing it

  • Goated Bandz
    Goated Bandz

    Had to watch the old ksi cause it’s actually entertaining Anyone here in 2020?

    • i_Plague

      Why this on recommend..

    • Commentary channel
      Commentary channel

      Yeah back when he cared about his subs

    • Abacus Quit this channel
      Abacus Quit this channel


    • Zevrog

      Goated Bandz im actually in uhm 2134


      no 3100

  • Lewie895

    theres now been more time -- from this video to now than there was from this video to the old videos he was reacting to, and it genuinely does not feel like it at all

  • w o l f
    w o l f

    it feels good to look back to the good old days

  • AllNewLyx 94
    AllNewLyx 94

    Este tipo es una leyenda en ITmores sus vídeos son unicos. lástima que la fama se le subió y perdió su esencia.

  • Bradley S
    Bradley S

    In the new decade now and will still never get over this Ksi’s classic vids.

  • Ali's Media
    Ali's Media


  • ali mestere
    ali mestere

    *Ksi in 2014* "whatching old videos" *ksi in 2017* "deleting old videos"

    • Jay w
      Jay w

      2020 can’t be bothered to post

    • kefetoks


    • xokryo


    • L_J_C _
      L_J_C _

      ali mestere Keane how to spell

    • Kay Rodrigues
      Kay Rodrigues

      Oh yeah yeah

  • Cesar Nunez
    Cesar Nunez

    watching this one last time before his rematch, best of luck JJ! 🙏🙏🥊

    • Yoseph Pambudhi
      Yoseph Pambudhi

      He won brutha

  • Sik_kunt 037
    Sik_kunt 037

    I come back to this video all the time to think how youtube was so good back in the days I miss these times😕

  • Your Average Review Guy
    Your Average Review Guy

    It's 2018 and I'am still literaly crying cause of your brother :D lmfao :D I am dying :D

  • Jack Jack
    Jack Jack

    Chilling in 2020 watching this and still loving it

  • M. Jensen
    M. Jensen

    This is the video I've watched the most from KSI, why? Because, the clips are so funny. The old KSI is way better than the new KSI. You agree?

    • ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

      Its called maturing bruh his still funny now but more mature

    • vader.

      Michael Jensen Yup

    • Colm Walsh
      Colm Walsh

      Yeah so true michael jensen

    • Ruben Nunez
      Ruben Nunez

      Michael Jensen y

    • mijn naam is ** mijn naam is **
      mijn naam is ** mijn naam is **

      Michael Jensen just stfu let him be who he wants to be dumbass

  • Menacing

    7:45 this made me laugh so hard

  • Juan Sanz
    Juan Sanz

    He has matured so much, love you JJ

  • cripsvsblood1

    That moment when your watching this video and you realise it’s a nostalgic moment watching this video of ksi watching a nostalgic video of his nostalgic moments.

  • Zack Syndicate
    Zack Syndicate

    5:50 Killed me from laughing XXDD And then JJ told him to man up 😂

  • Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    Zlatan Ibrahimovic

    There was a time back in Fifa 12. When KSI had the most original content in gaming. His "Road to division 1", "Lets talk fifa", "Fifa funnies" and to an extent "Q and A" series were all absolutely brilliant. He often brought up things that others were too scared to mention. He critized EA for messing up simple things. He made fun of glitches. And he generally delivered great content. This is not the KSI of today. Today KSI is just like many other Fifa youtubers. Over the top yelling. Shameless promoting of coin sellers. And just overall recycled content. So the question is.......... What happened to KSI? It seems that at some point making money became more important then being himself. KSI got himself an agent, some business partners and a whole crew of people working on his skits. And for the most part they haven't really done him any favors. When he was working alone editing everything himself he was magnificient. Nowadays he carefully crafts everything to appeal to his 11-15 year old target audience. And the result is the product is mindless drivel. I know there is almost 0% chance that KSI will actually read this. But KSI you need you bring back the series that made your channel worth watching. What happend to "Let's talk Fifa". Where did "Road to Division 1" go? Do you really think we would rather watch a bunch of pointless wager matches that mean absolutely nothing to you? I challenge you to do better.

    • Allan White
      Allan White

      ............ Didnt realise your life sucked so hard that it depends on these videos for you to live and that it affects your life so much ....... Just watch them for the shits and giggles man and let him do what he fucking wants, we dont have to watch his videos, yet we still do, so stop being so but hurt you derp

    • stevenovak2007

      It's called a life... You should get one.

    • Leon Trotsky
      Leon Trotsky

      I'm 15 and I think he replaced jokes with screams like you


      Ksi got a life and became a millionaire. Thats what happened. He turned his hobby into a career I challenge you to make a million doing something you love welcome to the real world

    • Ferdia Hunt
      Ferdia Hunt

      you just fucking copied and pasted that you fucking knob

  • Panna Johns
    Panna Johns

    I can't remember the last time I laughed so much on JJ's video....

  • Vikhyat Jk
    Vikhyat Jk

    From here, we're now at Deji and KSI boxing. We've come a long way xD

    • xolv

      Vikhyat Jk now we’ve come to them nearly boxing each other

  • dhruv

    JUST imagine. Its 2014 , you're watching this video and laughing so hard. Life's good. Now its 2020 :/

  • River Wilde
    River Wilde


  • MohamedAhmed Siddig
    MohamedAhmed Siddig

    You know something's wrong when he was finding himself THAT funny.

  • Mamoun Zahid
    Mamoun Zahid

    I feel so old and sad watching this I wish JJ never grew up he is truly my fav

  • Krrish Nichanii
    Krrish Nichanii

    U know the video is gonna be great when it is age restricted

  • Tima loves Bangtan
    Tima loves Bangtan

    its always fun to watch his old videos he doesn't upload anymore i miss ksi

  • R9Rai

    I still have your 96 Iniesta that you lent me bruv! haha

  • oof

    KSI your laugh is heaven.

  • Yonathan Asefaw
    Yonathan Asefaw

    I wish Ksi would make more of these.

  • Ryan Clarke
    Ryan Clarke

    I’m glad you still get enjoyment from them mate, cause nobody else does.

  • Alfie Ivor Jones fan
    Alfie Ivor Jones fan

    I’m going on a nostalgia trip, while watching my favourite ITmoresr going on his own nostalgia trip.


    KSI, i actually prefer when you are calm and just talking, it shows what a nice lad you actually are, instead of all the screaming and Dancing, you should make more videos like this, truly does show what a nice chap you are, behind all the immature stuff and screaming, you actually are a nice chap. Anyone else agree?

    • WhatTheHell


    • Jane Kundu
      Jane Kundu

      bro its just feed back its ok to think something else. He made feedback that a not of lot of people think they can do bc of people like you so y don't u stfu.

    • Nicholas Warrens
      Nicholas Warrens

      ZEPH // EDITOR this is the dilemma, his personality made him

    • Saltyy Savage
      Saltyy Savage

      ZEPH // EDITOR 1700th like

    • Simple Rick
      Simple Rick

      I prefer a mix of both but more talking than screaming and dancing

  • Tima loves Bangtan
    Tima loves Bangtan

    i was dead the whole damn video lmao 😂😂😂

  • Bear X Bear
    Bear X Bear

    Good to see his musical talent hasn't improved over 10 years

  • Big Bubba
    Big Bubba

    “He has the skeelz to pay the beelz” what a classic

  • Masonight

    5:00 This makes me laugh every single fucking time!

  • Stan

    I actually really enjoyed this video. It's nice to hear you not screaming. I also have a request, I know you probably won't see it. But instead of reviewing your old videos... Make them again! Do a race to division one and funny fifa skits like the Heskey one. Those were the days I subbed to you. Because you were hilarious!! I miss that Ksi and I miss them videos man.

    • Huzaifah Umar
      Huzaifah Umar

      Damn I miss the old KSI his videos were so amazing. After success he has forgotten us 😢

    • K4rthik 5789
      K4rthik 5789

      Bet your loving the new ksi....

    • HiXs

      Stan iii

    • MattyMatt

      Stan welp, he’s boxing now. So I don’t think he will do his old videos

    • Lil Chris
      Lil Chris


  • FunnyDylan

    7:46 I fucking died laughing 😂

  • Davy

    Not gonna lie this is my favourite video on youtube for many reasons.

  • Stinky Cheese 902
    Stinky Cheese 902

    A wise man once said “the old KSI will never be topped.”

    • super ninja
      super ninja

      @Stinky Cheese 902 but the same wise man did

    • Stinky Cheese 902
      Stinky Cheese 902

      @super ninja i didn’t say he did.

    • super ninja
      super ninja

      But ksi did not get dropped

  • HoodieFam

    Oh the good old days 😂

  • M. Moosa
    M. Moosa

    Funny how this is an old video itself for me

    • Zuhair Abbas Varda
      Zuhair Abbas Varda

      U know what's more funny even your comment is now old for me 😂

    • MrFootball8

      This comment itself is old now. 3 years damn.

    • Joel Levine
      Joel Levine


    • Kyoshi

      Funny how this comment is an old comment for itself for me

    • The Crunk
      The Crunk

      Funny how this is an old comment now lol

  • William King
    William King

    When old Ksi was funnier than all the side men put together

    • William King
      William King

      calamorta touché

    • calamorta

      side men were never funny tho

  • Quazy

    7:50 i laughed so hard

  • Maria Stan
    Maria Stan

    Old ksi watching older ksi, what else could you possibly need?

  • Edward Harris
    Edward Harris

    The nostalgia trip has itself become a part of a nostalgia trip

  • Pookie

    This reminds me how funny KSI was back in the dayz

    • Michael Marafioti
      Michael Marafioti

      Pookie I

    • Ethan

      Pookie is

    • Californian Bean
      Californian Bean

      PYRO PLAYS GAMES he’s just such a douchebag now so I stopped watching him because of it

    • HarveyDentVlogs

      Pooki hi

    • Wolf Senju
      Wolf Senju

      hello but he is funny what wtf r u talking about

  • Wyatt Smith
    Wyatt Smith

    I've seen this video like 5 times. Yet I keep watching it.

  • King Dan
    King Dan

    Ksi trolls me every time I watch this vid 😒 still got me wiping my screen


    Your funny 😂😂😂 can't stop laughing

  • Big boy Beilly
    Big boy Beilly

    Nostalgia and every time he made these videos I honestly pee’d my pants

  • Riley Walter
    Riley Walter

    He's got the skills.... to pay the bills

    • Comic Note
      Comic Note

      Magical Intros is that from turbo

    • Luis Drumond
      Luis Drumond


    • Speedyyy

      H&R the Dream Duo I've heard that somewhere but don't know where

  • Jay w
    Jay w

    Again....a wise man once said the old ksi will never be topped

  • Calen Jackson
    Calen Jackson

    I miss the old ksi so much he was so funny :( #bringbackthe oldksi

  • Abdi Adan
    Abdi Adan

    He thought that’s old but this reaction is old 😂

  • DenGladePoelse

    Imagine if he should do this video now, then he would react to thiss ahaha

  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    I miss this KSI so much, and clearly so do you JJ, you seemed so damn happy and nostalgic watching these videos, YOU NEED TO BRING THIS TYPE OF BRILLIANT CONTENT BACK PLEASE

    • c 1
      c 1

      but jj is still a legend

    • iKaRVids

      Nah I like the wagers more.... LOL

    • c 1
      c 1

      your so right man

    • /\

      Took the words right out of my mouth. Especially horror with deji, that was the best

    • Leo Edekere
      Leo Edekere

      What is his real name

  • Laramarie 13 9
    Laramarie 13 9

    KSI 2014:Reacting to old videos KSI 2019:ONE QUESTION GO!

  • Ian BMW
    Ian BMW

    This KSI was the best, kept it 100% real the one now is all Cap and lame 💯

  • ethbeast

    5 years later he beat Logan Paul 👏 well done my man well done

  • Ethan Crandall
    Ethan Crandall

    I watch all these videos each year. Definitely a great investment.

  • Reuben Walker
    Reuben Walker

    I don't understand why he's constantly getting criticised nowadays. I've watched his videos since the start and he's never ceased to entertain. He works hard and now that he's successful, it's like he can't do anything right in the eyes of many..

    • Edible Door
      Edible Door

      fukin sheldon

    • Kozen

      because he produces great content its just he is so fake in it

    • codecrt321

      It's like a complex that people have where they think only they can like someone since they were the ones who discovered him, and when he gathers a larger following they seem to think he sold out. Then you get the sheep who would hate their way off a cliff.

    • UnderratedPepper

      finally someone inteligent

  • SGY

    His laugh hasn’t even changed a bit after so many years 🤦🏾

  • Cameron Close
    Cameron Close

    I’m back to watch your old vids for a nostalgia trip

  • T rash
    T rash

    My chest hurts from laughing omg i think i am gonna piss myself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Josh Ball
    Josh Ball

    Imagine how boring this would be if he did it today.....

  • David Baran
    David Baran

    I hope ksi finally realizes how funny he used to be compared to now and will actually change

    • OOBLI


    • ville

      That is really fucking true. @KSI

  • Maui Bread
    Maui Bread

    5:01 glad this became a meme, Golden meme material.

    • Azoz Mustafa
      Azoz Mustafa


  • Blueberri Art
    Blueberri Art

    Who would think this dude will be a boxer, rapper and a good youtuber

  • AoKee

    back when he actually made content

  • James Smith
    James Smith

    You can see the exact moment that KSI peaked from 0:00 to 14:10, good times that

  • Tandye

    Ksi should react to Ksi reacting to old videos.

    • _________


    • S _rlow
      S _rlow

      Oskar Ringtown he making fun dumbo

    • Oskar Ringtown
      Oskar Ringtown


    • Freedom


    • Jonah Jeitani
      Jonah Jeitani

      Tandye I

  • Monarch

    4:26 goes hand in hand with the current beef😂😂

  • JordanPlays01

    Now he needs to make a reacting to reacting to old videos

  • Joe Austin
    Joe Austin

    There's nothing better than old ksi watching even older ksi

  • Filipe Messias
    Filipe Messias

    Who is watching this masterpiece while stuck in quarentine?

    • Michigan Paytin
      Michigan Paytin


  • Ben Hunt
    Ben Hunt

    Does anyone not agree that ksi's old videos were better?

    • _armyhawk_


    • robnaldom9

      lisa you are an immature child then

    • Hamola Nvm nvm nvm
      Hamola Nvm nvm nvm


    • obadets3

      @minterrob uhhh the person I'm replying to

    • robnaldom9

      @obadets3 who said they werent?

  • Jiminy Crickets
    Jiminy Crickets

    Glad too say his laugh hasn’t changed

  • lil nervous
    lil nervous

    The good old days remember watching these videos with my cousin

  • Ali Hasannia
    Ali Hasannia

    Laughed so much I cried