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Choreography: Jay Revell instagram.com/jayrevellcr...
DOP: Nat Hill
Camera: Curtis Dunne
Produced by Kate Sinden & Rob Lane

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Commenti: 6 701
  • Thumin

    I loved the energy of this performance!!🔥🔥

    • Querex

      @Its Azee man really replied to a bot

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE cause your 12

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      I loved the trash music !!

    • Oliver’s History Facts
      Oliver’s History Facts

      @RAYMAN nah only thing garbage is your content

    • way2wavy

      @RAYMAN says the guy that literally does not upload

  • TheRealMitat

    I used to be a fan, but after hearing this masterpiece, I'm a whole air conditioner

    • AwesomeShamz

      @codecomic (Old Channel) It’s just cringe tbh they can’t come up with something on their own

    • codecomic (Old Channel)
      codecomic (Old Channel)

      @AwesomeShamz Even if a comment is copied, u can’t do anything so there’s no point in saying it’s copied

    • Carter blu Sylvester
      Carter blu Sylvester

      @CallMeAlexNotAlexander and every rewind accept from the last like 20 billion

    • Julie Shah
      Julie Shah

      True 👍

    • CST

      @Luke Powell Because it’s all over. It’s like asking whether someone just invented the knock knock joke format.

  • Sahara YT
    Sahara YT

    Legit this is the masterpiece

    • ImJay

    • ManuelBaut104

      @Juicy Polar Bear cringe

    • Juicy Polar Bear
      Juicy Polar Bear

      @ManuelBaut104 You don't know your dad

    • ManuelBaut104

      You don’t know music

    • SP33D


  • Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed

    Although ppl said the show was not really a show, wasn't worth it, and was a disappointment, JJ should know that there are alot of fans that are greatful for the fact that he put alot of money time and effort into thanking us as viewers. The feedback on the show will just help him get better and will show him what the fans actually want to see. He may not be reading this but I just wanted to say thanks to him on behalf of everyone else and myself. Its been a tough couple of years and jjs story has always taught me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. As well as that, his vids are very entertaining and always can make someone's shitty day turn into a great one. I hope this gets to him and I hope everyone stops sending him hate. If u are going to tell him something then just tell him to fix up on certain parts, not send death threats or any shit like that. Have a great day.

    • Princess Lilian's Gardens
      Princess Lilian's Gardens

      Man I pray for you for this lovely words. KSI has tried.

    • Thiccboi64


    • Hamza Ahmed
      Hamza Ahmed

      @GalaxyMiner legit 2 mins y?

    • GalaxyMiner

      How much time did that take you to write

    • Aiden Gomes 1805540208
      Aiden Gomes 1805540208

      No one would do this for fans

  • Azari

    I can’t be the only one who actually liked the show

    • Corpsekrisp

      No I did too it was a banger

    • Corpsekrisp

      Nah it was so good like eveyone be exaggerating how bad it was like bro

    • Roblox Is the best game
      Roblox Is the best game

      @Its Azee and you’re a hopeless unemployed lazy and unproductive adult ☺️

    • Roblox Is the best game
      Roblox Is the best game

      @Its Azee only words in your vocabulary

    • Roblox Is the best game
      Roblox Is the best game

      @Noah Gurnick 💀

  • Josato

    bruh yall trippin i saw the whole show AND IT WAS FIRE, and im not even talking shit or capping, the show was amazing, 2mil didnt go for nothing ksi, you really put a lotta effort into this and it shows

    • 360 gaming wizard
      360 gaming wizard

      I think he marketed it the wrong way, he could have called it the KSI experience or smthng liddat, just not the show. It was a concert. I wouldn't really call those skits anyway, they were trash. But I have to say, when he looked at the camera and said " You thought I would change ?!", I was so gassed

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      I still ain’t a fan of the show but I def fw this performance

    • Fart Butt
      Fart Butt

      Yeah, i think there could've been a little more skits and of course those skits could be a lot less cringe and have better acting but otherwise i enjoyed it, i think its a little overhated if u ask me

    • Fart Butt
      Fart Butt

      @Isa Hajat name a concert that has skits in it😐

    • Isa Hajat
      Isa Hajat

      @Diego Pires So he should said it was the KSI concert instead

  • Ashutosh Sharma
    Ashutosh Sharma

    He really cares for us fans. The production says it all.

  • Doctor Capacitor
    Doctor Capacitor

    This slaps harder than the wooden spoon ksi slapped on vikk's back

    • SoloDiamonds


    • WoGi

      @Dae Rill thats his character

    • 116_Tanzeel

      That was Folabi

    • T4N4Y

      That was folabi not our fatneek

    • Harrysiuuu


  • RelaxedKnight9

    Out of all his songs I think this one is my favorite. The instrument vibe hits so hard.


    People really thinking this was the whole show 😅

    • ManuelBaut104

      The full show is bad

    • Jj celestin
      Jj celestin

      @Lightning Squad Hi

    • Uzair Nadeem
      Uzair Nadeem

      @Holl ywood just shush stop acting bro it's cringe

    • Chimpanzee-chonker83

      Who’s thinking that

    • Faze Playz
      Faze Playz

      ikr LOL

  • Fawaz

    Just imagine....KSI walking into the ring for KSI vs Jake Paul with this Music.....LITTT

    • YoungBoy JC
      YoungBoy JC

      Naaaa MADNESS

    • alboimatri

      KSI vs Austin McBroom Walkout Music

    • Luqman Ahsan
      Luqman Ahsan

      @jason r a ik a lot of people were saying this but I disagree, I believe he's coming back to fight jake. not hating on you, just my opinion. I truly believe he's coming back

    • horse. bro
      horse. bro

      Yeah KSI would be hyped to see KSI

    • Titan

      Will most likely be with Austin and another album will be made before he fights Jake

  • nsalx 45
    nsalx 45

    This song is actually good af. The beat and sounds are amazing.

  • Fariborz Irani
    Fariborz Irani

    I haven't watched the whole show, but I saw KSI's reddit criticizing it, and for the most part it was all weak sauce objectively speaking. Based on these performances it would've definitely been worth my money if I had money to pay 😂😂😂 Don't get disheartened JJ. You've done and achieved more than most people ever could and you've done it all legit. Big up🍺👍🏻👑

    • Fariborz Irani
      Fariborz Irani

      @Quack quack you wanted 60 minutes?

    • Quack quack
      Quack quack

      I watched legit skits and music videos, I was expecting an actual show

    • Papa Bless
      Papa Bless

      The only thing bad about it was the skits and that's mainly why I watched it.

    • cqvio doli
      cqvio doli

      This shit was lit, people are tripping

  • Ashwin Valluvan
    Ashwin Valluvan

    Don't care what anyone says this is his best song ever

    • Sandro Costa
      Sandro Costa

      @Ruzh Why listen to Lose when you have No Time? No pun intended.

    • Ruzh

      Lose? I understand this was made before Lose tho..

    • Beni K
      Beni K

      no time i think is a bit better

    • Ashish Kumar Dash
      Ashish Kumar Dash

      His every song is a banger..picking best out of them is like picking between models

    • AwesomeShamz


  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    Even haters must appreciate what he's doing He's doing bits

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      @Rory Ayleen no

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Rexter another roblox ITmores 12 year old kid 😂😂😂

    • Rexter

      @Its Azee ur music probably gets frowned by ur parents lol

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Ok but did I ask? 🤔 ok 12 year old

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @Ok but did I ask? 🤔 I’m sorry you didn’t ask man

  • Olah pappy
    Olah pappy

    Yoo this is sick i don't understand why people hate it

    • Deyan Darmanin
      Deyan Darmanin

      @SkyeCloud 9 i do watch al if them im 23 so i know my music dont worry about that hopsin is my all time favorite i listen to al the ogs as well but there is somthing about hopsin

    • SkyeCloud 9
      SkyeCloud 9

      @Deyan Darmanin is he better then NF? Or hopsin? I think not those people can really rap and spit out words that rhythm. They're more deeper. Just watch their music and decide. Having said that I still find ksi funny to watch. He is not bad at entertaining us.

    • Roberto Orrego
      Roberto Orrego

      @Deyan Darmanin not the song the show

    • Roberto Orrego
      Roberto Orrego

      Because its not what they paid for

    • Deyan Darmanin
      Deyan Darmanin

      Its about 80 percent better than most modern rappers

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    I haven’t watched the show, but from this it seems like he put so much effort into it and this was a banging performance 🔥

  • younger madz
    younger madz

    All I’m saying is this guy is a living legend big up JJ since 2010 I’ve been with you 👍🏽

  • ՏᏆᎡᎬᏀᎪᎡ 91
    ՏᏆᎡᎬᏀᎪᎡ 91

    I know he's already famous now but he deserves more recognition

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦

      @no u Ong lmao

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦

      @no u if old ksi come back he would probably be banned and canceled lol there are too many soy kids now

    • Instagram stuff offical
      Instagram stuff offical

      @Commander1SUV my boi u are correct glad someone said it

    • Instagram stuff offical
      Instagram stuff offical

      @Miljan he only reached number 2 by pushing his Stans into the song tell me the Ksi show was good look at polo g rapstar he not as big as Kai or Roddy rich the box juss cuz u slap ft on the alumb its not good like I said faith from pop smoke shows us that look at Eminem for example he never primers his music as much as ITmoresrs like Ksi do or over hype his concert or look at dax we call him on of ksi rape rival's and he only got like three mill sub's wake up ksi can't rap he needs to improve juss cuz Stans like me and u push him to the top as far as the rappers in the UK drill scene can see his skills and mid level

    • Homelander [HL2]
      Homelander [HL2]

      Mainstream Attention is what he needs, If Joji as a former ITmoresr can do it then JJ can too.

  • Ainmalyz 333
    Ainmalyz 333

    Bravo KSI,you are an inspiration,you deserve everything you accomplished

  • Ellie McManus
    Ellie McManus

    this concert is lit 🔥🙌🏼 and amazing and I'm loving the vibes too your new music you are so talented JJ nice work JJ on your new music 👏🏼 I'm truly proud of you at how far you have come through your music and ITmores channel hope you have a wonderful day and stay safe fam 🙂

  • Toby Ashbrook
    Toby Ashbrook

    I dont generally like KSI's music, but, this goes hard. The beat does serious WORK 💪

  • ChuckzzTV

    It is amazing to see how this man got started and where he is today. KSI you really are an inspiration brother. Amazing to see how successful you’ve become and excited to see what you come out with in the future. Keep doing you bro 🤙🏼💪🏼

  • TheUltimateHeskeys

    How did people hate this? JJ is something else man… 12 year olds thinking he was gonna fight Logan again are the problem

    • Red-Sky YT
      Red-Sky YT

      Im 12 and I thought he was gonna fight but then I realized it was pre recorded but still the show was fire ngl

    • CoatedDolphin

      @Will Smith people paid for those 2 reasons

    • Will Smith
      Will Smith

      @CoatedDolphin 2 reasons don't dictate why is was bad, it dosnt work like that.

    • Sh_24 2
      Sh_24 2

      It wasn’t something else though. It was just a bunch of songs and bad skits.

    • CoatedDolphin

      Because it was overhyped and promoted incorrectly ppl expected a 90min show but they got a virtual concert with some unfunny skits. it wasnt so bad tho, its a first for jj

  • HSpring _24
    HSpring _24

    Loved this.... it’s definitely yr year! Congrats I hope you do big things with this one. Props to yr amazing background dancers.

    • K Toner
      K Toner

      Although ppl said the show was not really a show, wasn't worth it, and was a disappointment, JJ should know that there are alot of fans that are greatful for the fact that he put alot of money time and effort into thanking us as viewers. The feedback on the show will just help him get better and will show him what the fans actually want to see. He may not be reading this but I just wanted to say thanks to him on behalf of everyone else and myself. Its been a tough couple of years and jjs story has always taught me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. As well as that, his vids are very entertaining and always can make someone's shitty day turn into a great one. I hope this gets to him and I hope everyone stops sending him hate. If u are going to tell him something then just tell him to fix up on certain parts, not send death threats or any shit like that. Have a great day.

  • Kayla Braz teixeira
    Kayla Braz teixeira

    I wonder if he know how inspiring he is love this man !!!!

    • Kayla Braz teixeira
      Kayla Braz teixeira

      Ksi is king !!!

  • M

    amazing, you can tell he’s worked so hard on all this 🔥🔥


    W KSI 🔥🔥

    • kcegan nylo
      kcegan nylo


    • Everything Weird 687
      Everything Weird 687


    • Aaron Nerella
      Aaron Nerella


    • Mike


    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      Trash music is a w?

  • Jaytay

    I love this song! Probably one of my favorites he made love the chorus

  • ManLike Recess
    ManLike Recess

    So fucking proud of this guy man 🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲 if you been apart of his journey you understand

  • Rondoo

    Oh my god man he’s elevated! Been streaming the album for over 14 hours! KSI I don’t know about everyone else but this album has everything I like. So good job!

  • Jara


  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming

    *Freakin’ sweet!*

    • Aries

      Yeah yeah... here's your likes verified person

    • Jahaziel Moreno
      Jahaziel Moreno


    • bababoey

      @Are you Confused  I was talking to peter griffin gaming

    • Are you Confused 
      Are you Confused 

      @bababoey we are all everywhere

    • jimin

      he came here from jevs channel

  • Danny

    If you didn’t like the show then it wasn’t meant for you if you’ve watched him since he was original neek living in his parents watching the show will have gassed you up as it shows how far he’s come musically, how far he’s come maturity wise (even if it is below a few layers of childish which is funny as fuck), how far he’s come acting without looking full cringe and how far he’s come financially, if you know of him just because of his recent music ventures and/ or boxing then unfortunately I’m not surprised you didn’t like it because it wasn’t made just for you 🤷‍♂️ the hype for this was just like the hype around some video games that have come out don’t blame jj blame yourself for expecting perfection when he’s a human. Right nuf said peace ✌🏻

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      His music is trash

  • Charlie_xnz

    Honestly so much effort time money and thought went into this show appreciate what you got.

  • Abasiama Jimmy
    Abasiama Jimmy

    Got this fire on serious repeat. Who ever did this beat .. damn!!! And KSI, baba, you do well!

  • Javeria Khan
    Javeria Khan


  • Jrcooldawg H.
    Jrcooldawg H.

    This song is iconic for his legacy.

    • Jrcooldawg H.
      Jrcooldawg H.

      @Luis InShadowz i know right, by far greater than jake paul.

    • R

      I dont care about autotune as long as the song slaps

    • Katherine Pablo
      Katherine Pablo

      @killerskincanoe True, its too much autotune💀

    • Thawhid

      @W indeeed. There's levels to this game

    • W

      The cheering and the more aggressive delivery at 1:38 make the song so much better imo


    love the album and it is very inspiring to see you come from fifa and then go to rap and now you create your own show. keep upping the levels man

  • Kezzy Banton
    Kezzy Banton

    from ur first album turned into this? this is what hardwork looks like and feels like this gives me tears of joy to see jj come so far from being at the bottom this is REAL MUSIC jj

  • ScotchGaming.

    KSI is the most I’ve ever been proud of someone I don’t personally know. I’ve literally watched him near enough the beginning and the progress he’s made is mind blowing the hard works all there been incredible to witness

  • Boy Phantom
    Boy Phantom

    This song is my motivation. I recently started trying to take this ITmores thing seriously and it's super hard in a country like mine where you get judged for doing such. The moment I listen to The Moment no matter how sad I am at the fact that I get 4 views I get the motivation to do more and more videos. All thanks to KSI. The Sidemen are a real motivation to me.

  • Dubzz

    The show and the album a huge W in my opinion, he smashed it

  • Savan Rajput
    Savan Rajput

    Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh, yeah) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Ooh) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear Oh my God, I feel amazing (Oh) Running up the numbers with my feed (With my feed) My disease is going viral (Oh) Yeah, trust me, I'm a sicko when we meet (When I see you) Beefin' like it's thirteen thirty-seven Now they know that if I enter, I'm elite (I'm on top, man) And I like it when it's cold (So cold) Rocky diamonds at it ASAP Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh, yeah) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Ooh) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear Yeah, situated in my own lane I'm not in it for the one time Snowpiercer, my train Always on the go My shit so cold, I'm Eskimo I need an igloo for my shindu and then add a double oh Show me the money 'cause I'm not a liar (No) I'm on my Jerry Maguire (What?) I'm on the up like a wheelie Shakin' when comin' to see me My team all over the map Livin' and givin' and doin' it freely (On the map) You man are full of the cap I'm so ahead like I'm wearin' a beanie (Ayy, ayy) Love it, karma, private charter Movin' easy, losin', nah-nah She hate all the money I waste Still wrappin' a brick in a lace She likin' the way that I'm potent Ridin' the ting like it's olden Won't you ride again? Just hopped out the bank, I'm rollin' Pockets swollen, it's my year (Oh) And I am the one who's chosen Neck, wrist, frozen, I don't care (Yeah) I enter the room, I'm glowing No strings holding, mans gone clear (Gone clear) I'm comin' to own like Romans This my moment, zero fear

  • Aya AG.
    Aya AG.

    This slaps! My favourite from the album✌🏻❤️


    Wow this was really impressive. Why are people saying that the show was bad? Also he put a lotta effort,time and money into this.

  • Aman Lal
    Aman Lal


    • Aman Lal
      Aman Lal

      Tagged the wrong person

    • Aman Lal
      Aman Lal

      @NASH 繋 no one , I don't have to ask a low lifer like you to share my thoughts

    • by3bloos15

      @Andrew ur channel is cringe

    • Sad Sack
      Sad Sack

      @Andrew 5subscriber special?

    • IHateNTR

      @Andrew shuttuuupp

  • Joel Dan
    Joel Dan

    if I could, I'd have bought a ticket for the show, this sh8 fire!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Just gotta say that this music is what I wanted to listen to because of the flow of the music is so well done!!!

  • Jacob Meza
    Jacob Meza

    Even though it’s probably touched up a bit, his performance and live singing is actually hella impressive.

  • wagwan

    When I got my company started i listened to this song on my way back home and it made me cry, am i soft nah, this song spoke to my soul

  • Black

    Can we give a applause to the people who had to carry our fat neek 👏 0:14

    • cat2trappy

      @virus nah h chatting shit u just wanna piss of people


      @virus who are you? RiceGum?

    • Mackenzie Hunter
      Mackenzie Hunter


    • Pain Rangers
      Pain Rangers

      @virus don’t spread a virus like your name

    • Pain Rangers
      Pain Rangers

      @CHEEZ it’s a joke that’s why we call him fatneek i appreciate you for saying that but it’s just a joke everyone loves ksi my heart goes out to him for spending 2mil on us just for ppl to be ungrateful. Shame on them

  • Absalon White Jr.
    Absalon White Jr.

    Please release the live version on Spotify! I like it more than the studio version!

  • Rohak Yadav
    Rohak Yadav

    gives me chills!!!!

  • cezaryt1

    idc if ppl say the show was bad this shit slaps hard

  • Minas Dim
    Minas Dim

    I FCKING LOST THE SHOW FOR THE ARMY. I WISH I COULD SEE SOME HOW. Keep going ksi you are a legend!!!

  • Rahul Mukhopadhyay
    Rahul Mukhopadhyay

    Big ups to those guys who lifted Fatneek . I hope those guys didn't break their backs .My mans moving heavy you know .

    • Jahaziel Moreno
      Jahaziel Moreno

      Awesome comment!

    • samesu766 white
      samesu766 white


    • Kai R
      Kai R

      Violation 😭😭



    • quackithree


  • Kadu Nogueira
    Kadu Nogueira

    My favourite song of the album. This song is just fire 🔥👌🏾

  • InfiniteWarrior75

    God damn, vibing to this at 1:17 am makes me realize how legendary this man is

  • AR

    KSI has come a long way to In his music career now he's on the top of his game is this album amazing moment my favourite track on album 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    People are MAD i would pay 20 dollars just to watch this perfomance

    • Sh_24 2
      Sh_24 2

      If you would actually spend $20 for this I don’t know what to tell you.

    • Quack quack
      Quack quack

      If you actually buy it and go there it wasn’t good

    • Awsomecube 007
      Awsomecube 007

      @Thomas Mcdermott for him to perform his shit music , 20 bucks ain’t worth it

    • Thomas Mcdermott
      Thomas Mcdermott

      Look the show was worth the 20 dollars but if you would pay 20 dollars for just this then I think you're the one that's mad

  • DOrkish Duo
    DOrkish Duo

    Idk what people r on about this show was sick

    • PurplePete

      It was underwhelming but still somewhat enjoyable. The performances were all sick tho

    • paradoxgamerHD

      It wasn't a show it was a concert and people complained because they didn't get what they promised

    • Scott Towers
      Scott Towers

      @Captain observable universe they where expecting what JJ hyped it up to me which was more then simply a glorified concert.

    • Saathwik Sukrithi
      Saathwik Sukrithi

      This was because it was called ksi show and ppl were disappointed on how it was like a concert after all this hype

    • LilAfrican445

      @B l e a c h e d who knows who cares idk wtf a bts even is and the ones who were overly harsh weren’t even Ksi fans they were his haters pretending

  • Gontse Rammala
    Gontse Rammala

    This is a jam no cap 🔥🔥🔥thanks KSI 🐐

  • Yash Vakil
    Yash Vakil

    I honestly can’t tell which is your best song. Each one is so good in its own way. Many people will hate but I haven’t enjoyed UK music in such a long time. UK music these days is just the same drill and rap beats with different lyrics. You’ve really changed it JJ. You got so many different genres and beats. People will say it’s overhyped just cuz they think your just some random youtuber that thinks he can do music. But if we really look at you as a real music artist, your actually much better than people think. We are so fucking proud of you JJ. You’ve improved to another level. I wish you the best of luck.

    • Scott Towers
      Scott Towers

      @Yash Vakil completely depends what you're looking for tbh.

    • Yash Vakil
      Yash Vakil

      @Scott Towers you got any good suggestions then? Cuz I’m really interested into it.

    • Scott Towers
      Scott Towers

      @Yash Vakil also I'd like to clarify that grime is the most prominent genre in the UK rap industry, not drill so to assume all music is drill is wrong, it's not even true for rap.

    • Scott Towers
      Scott Towers

      @Yash Vakil so I'll repeat, you haven't listened to uk music then. You've literally listened to one genre. That's like listening to a soundcloud rapper and claiming that all american music is mumble rapping. It's dumb af.

    • Yash Vakil
      Yash Vakil

      @Scott Towers yes I have. It’s always the same ass rap and drill beat. I mean if that’s what you like then sure. But different people like different types of music. This man has kept them all

  • agent panda
    agent panda

    Man I'm so proud of jj 😭😭he's came so far

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W

    1:06 listen to how hype the background dancers are. so sick

    • kye nufc
      kye nufc

      @Its Azee -.-

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @NIKBAMA ok buddy


      @Its Azee bro that shit was from ages ago lmao...

    • Its Azee
      Its Azee

      @NIKBAMA cause you all are 12 look at your playlist it’s all fortnite videos 😂


      @Its Azee Lmao I’m just looking at all your replies and you’re just calling everyone 12 year olds… who hurt u

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