KSI - Two Birds One Stone (Official Music Video)
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  • Hyde 17
    Hyde 17

    Joe did well... but Babatunde did Weller

    • gamingmasters 123
      gamingmasters 123


    • MR. DOGE
      MR. DOGE

      I'm commenting so you have 80

    • GG

      @metafelle Joe mama

    • GG

      @Luca This is your only comment on this channel lmao

    • PL Plays
      PL Plays

      @fuck Jake Paul stolen*🥱🤦🤦

  • Its_Boogie

    if you didnt live through these times, i feel sorry for you

    • Clockyy 203 ツ
      Clockyy 203 ツ

      @C H wow get a life do you life under a rock?

    • C H
      C H

      @kobur no

    • kobur

      @C H u dont know joe weller?

    • C H
      C H


    • ThilanNana

      why you roasting 4 year olds fam

  • MonkeDankio

    "Rapping bout a kitty, are you brain dead" *slowly deletes beerus*

    • just some guy
      just some guy

      @Krut Gopani danm your mad because he's right

    • Krut Gopani
      Krut Gopani

      @marzooqi Gaming *fictional god which about kids care

    • thecatmeowgamerlikeandsubpeespeesiwouldhappyverryi

      @man of man that makes beerus sound cute

    • man of man
      man of man

      @Isaiah Conteh well he is, but not a normal kitty he's just a powerful purple talking cat

    • Mitchell m
      Mitchell m


  • 01 Abhishek Pawar Xth E
    01 Abhishek Pawar Xth E

    I can never get tired of this beat!

  • DiskoNixon 0999
    DiskoNixon 0999

    More than 4 years later, this still bangs

    • Blazeft

      no cap

  • Chill Nation
    Chill Nation

    don't make this your last, i'm enjoying this way too much 😂

    • A-10 Warthog
      A-10 Warthog

      Chill Nation just fuck off

    • s4lal

      Noo it's real chill nation

    • s4lal

      🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🔥

    • Refusion

      Steven F XD.what the freak?

    • Stefan Schadenberg
      Stefan Schadenberg

      hope you're laughing on how bad it is

  • TheWelshRamsay

    Tradition to come back to these every once in a while...

  • ajmain jaigirdar
    ajmain jaigirdar

    This tune is too fire, I remember the suspense I was feeling when it was coming out... Ahh good times

  • Dance Cat
    Dance Cat

    I will never get over the fact he got ezekiel in this to flex the gtr

    • IncrediBol

      That was a violation

    • Elmo •10 years ago
      Elmo •10 years ago

      Amazing part

    • MrWicked

      @Tremiro FN Harry and weller

    • Tremiro FN
      Tremiro FN

      Who is this dissing

    • Miko

      Swear down

  • AXB

    As much as i love KSI'S videos the old KSI will never be topped

  • Authentic Mental Health
    Authentic Mental Health

    About the 3,000,000 time I've listened to this song!

    • Z

      @LT qt lmao

    • LT qt
      LT qt

      @Marcus Flanagan well shit 2 years late to this but damn you shit on this guy

    • Marcus Flanagan
      Marcus Flanagan

      doesn’t sound great for your mental health

    • Seth Cupp
      Seth Cupp

      That’s a lotta brain cells

    • Xavier El Masrur
      Xavier El Masrur


  • Qais Ra
    Qais Ra

    His rap here sounds more badass than his recent music

    • Qais Ra
      Qais Ra

      @Rashid Ali nah the lyrics are not good

    • Rashid Ali
      Rashid Ali

      because he clearly didn't write his raps during diss track season

    • Sarvesh S
      Sarvesh S

      @Isaiah Mohamed madness is clear

    • Isaiah Mohamed
      Isaiah Mohamed

      Thats because when it's disstrack time he was going to always go in and especially when this was in 2017 where this is probably his best rap songs in 2017.

  • A҉g҉o҉n҉y҉

    This beat goes hard. 👌

  • Jain

    THIS IS LIT AF. 3 years and still relevant for me and I don’t even listen to rap that much

  • INB Chess
    INB Chess

    KSI brings me different and swag energy in this vid compared to all of his others

  • hughwizzy

    the beat is fucking MADDDDDD



    • joseph

      Yes sir

    • Dah wimp NJ
      Dah wimp NJ

      His beat sucks

    • ModelCone98

      @Rowey Gamez Self promote detected...

    • Adeola Adebayo
      Adeola Adebayo

      Soooooo true

  • AD Playz
    AD Playz

    this hit hard

  • Ya Lad Mitch Yt
    Ya Lad Mitch Yt

    This song is still a banger for sure 🔥

  • bradster 🥶
    bradster 🥶

    this beat is actually so good

  • A҉g҉o҉n҉y҉

    Beat goes hard 👌🔥

  • Shahid Miah
    Shahid Miah

    Imagine joe weller was a back up dancer in this

    • Aditya Agnihotri
      Aditya Agnihotri

      @Fabian Muchoki still would have been better than in Jake's song

    • An Oreo with a lance
      An Oreo with a lance


    • Y A U Gae?
      Y A U Gae?


    • Shahid Miah
      Shahid Miah

      @Sandro Costa lmao thanks for commenting that, I completely forgot about that comment so it helped me find it, can't beleive it blew up like that haha

    • Sandro Costa
      Sandro Costa

      Imagine if he was playing with a kitty in the back

  • H

    Can’t lie this a fucking tune

  • Jas Singh
    Jas Singh

    The beat of this song is so underrated.

  • Dead account
    Dead account

    I feel the beat


    this beat is sick😭😭

  • Mohannad Faris
    Mohannad Faris

    Can’t believe it’s been 3 years.. we are growing old

    • Harry Kane
      Harry Kane

      Everything is going to fast I don't like it

    • Disabled Mccree
      Disabled Mccree

      @Ba Sed close enough

    • JosephTheGod

      مصعب ٱ لدوسَريي he’s slow

    • ᗪᗯT

      It hasn’t been 3 years yet

    • Ba Sed
      Ba Sed

      2 years*

  • Carolyn

    Listening to this I be like wow not bad but compare to his music now he really improve a lot

  • Lawan

    This beats hits hard

  • Betr

    amazing as always

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    This tune is underrated

  • WaffleK.0

    Honestly this is the best song ksi has ever made. Though I do like his flow and the way he raps is sick.

    • Rain Revere
      Rain Revere

      Medusa was his best song.

    • Baby G.O.A.T music
      Baby G.O.A.T music

      he rhymes the same words ALOT so nah this is not his best song Little Boy is really good though

    • Atox Lord
      Atox Lord

      @Fadjan Your grammar is bad and i don't think it ties with "On point" because everything JJ said was already out there in the internet.

    • G

      WaffleK.0 its shit he ain’t got his own flow either I’m not a hater I’m just stating facts

    • Fadjan

      I'd say it ties with on Point, but the diss track itself is better, however, the style of On Point, is really good

  • Burga Makemorestacksson
    Burga Makemorestacksson

    ive always enjoyed this song the beat goes dummy

  • FuriousAir

    shit still goes hard

  • Aristotle Shadow
    Aristotle Shadow

    One of the more underated tracks IMO

  • Alperen Serin
    Alperen Serin

    Everyone needs to check this song every year it is a tradition 😂😂

  • Alex Farell DJ
    Alex Farell DJ

    I wonder what ITmores rewind will look like this year

    • SAD SUPER MAN999
      SAD SUPER MAN999

      It will look like shit brother

    • most best youtuber
      most best youtuber

      Well this year's was worse and logan and ksi was fighting and still nothing I bet

    • Hollywood 02
      Hollywood 02

      A.L.E.X it'll probably involve a ton of ITmoresrs hold beef

    • jollofori

      J W it was actually quite shit

    • I'm Sandwich
      I'm Sandwich

      A.L.E.X They won't include this drama... They never do

  • Syah Bissaka
    Syah Bissaka

    what a banger

  • DIM6

    Still fire till this day💥💥💥

  • Ieaun John
    Ieaun John

    ksi you absolute legend you won the rapping beef

  • Bravo Daga
    Bravo Daga

    this song is so underrated man

    • Moe

      @John Brad please do share your playlist of the music of the educated

    • Ehsaan and Faizan
      Ehsaan and Faizan

      @Lockey damn but you right

    • Lockey

      @John Brad How is this the music of the uneducated? lol keep ur shitty opinion to urself

    • John Brad
      John Brad

      This is the music of the uneducated. I just had to see who this dude was because of the fight between him and Paul. They’re both morons.

    • JohnnyFromDownTown

      you are idiot

  • Aatreya Choudhary
    Aatreya Choudhary

    No matter how successful he becomes in the future and how many more new hits he makes, this will forever be my favourite KSI song, its so iconic to me.

    • Niccolò Paganini
      Niccolò Paganini

      For real, this is such a banger of a song and a good diss

    • E sexta feira yeee
      E sexta feira yeee

      Good times

    • treasurefamting ・ω・
      treasurefamting ・ω・

      Shakira Mulcahy Little boy is NOT underrated. This is

    • Shakira Mulcahy
      Shakira Mulcahy

      Little boy was a banger too, he’s done a lot of underrated bangers. I wish he had more recognition.

    • Money Soles
      Money Soles


  • Nils The Swedish Yoda
    Nils The Swedish Yoda

    KSI has the best taste of beats in the sidemen

    • Krut Gopani
      Krut Gopani

      @Nils The Swedish Yoda fuck yeah

    • Nils The Swedish Yoda
      Nils The Swedish Yoda

      @Krut Gopani nah

    • Krut Gopani
      Krut Gopani

      *laughs in simon*

  • The Aussie Waffle
    The Aussie Waffle

    beat go hard asf

  • harrison macfadyen
    harrison macfadyen

    this diss tracks actually fire

    • Poogs

      @ToXic Lol Lol yea I have just 3 years ago or something

    • ToXic Lol Lol
      ToXic Lol Lol

      Never heard it before?

    • Poogs

      Bro I was high asf watching some reddit and got reminded and this shit busts

  • Aiden Gulliford
    Aiden Gulliford

    I genuinely will never get over the fact he got ezekiel to flex on a GTR

    • Jordan Walker
      Jordan Walker

      not sayin there's anything wrong with taking an old comment and using it and bringing it to light again, but when you can see both the original and the copy in the same screen without having to scroll at all it's a bit mad.

  • TJ Kiom
    TJ Kiom

    Now that I’m older, I realize how mad some of these lines were.😅

    • Jordan Walker
      Jordan Walker

      @ShelbyYT Well, maybe in these 6 months you've had the time to learn the grammar they didn't teach you.

    • David Rufus-Giwa
      David Rufus-Giwa

      @arjun prasanth fr

    • Its Llama
      Its Llama

      @GiftedNTwisted do you really tho?

    • GiftedNTwisted

      @ShelbyYT I didn’t ask tho

    • ShelbyYT

      @GiftedNTwisted I don't give no shits 😂I'm was 12 and understood everything man have some friends like mines you learn everything😂😂😂

  • mr popo
    mr popo

    This disstrack literally destroyed harry and if you don't agree with me look at harry's reaction

    • Ivan S
      Ivan S

      Umm, no. Harry’s diss track destroyed JJ. Just look at JJ’s reaction….oh wait. You can’t, because he was hurt so bad he literally didn’t upload a video reacting to it. KSI is a better rapper sure, but W2S was trying to hurt him worse and he succeeded. Shredded his ego to pieces. Plus, I think it’s mighty convenient that everyone in the sidemen only started denying the stuff Harry said in his video after JJ made up with them. It’s pretty clear that while some things were exaggerated, it was obvious to me and I think everyone with a brain that they were just backtracking to keep their relationship with their mate going well. Harry smoked him, most ultimately because it’s clear that KSI really cared, he tried hard with his songs and videos to look big. W2S took the piss and came out swinging harder, and he smoked him. Case closed.

    • Carla Nelson
      Carla Nelson


  • funky donuts
    funky donuts

    Haters saying his features carrying him clearly haven’t listened to this

  • BananaTassium

    underrated track cant lie, one of the best diss tracks if not the best. wasnt even on jj's side when shit went down but it slaps

  • Unspecified

    If you're to base it off the actual diss, this is the best disstrack. Most of it is confirmed to be true (if a little exaggerated) and a lot of it is stuff that is genuinely worth making room in the disstrack for.

    • Clone

      Exactly. People always jump on the bandwagon that w2s’s diss track was the best even though most of what he said was a lie

  • Karlo Starešinić
    Karlo Starešinić

    Two girls, one cup

    • An Oreo with a lance
      An Oreo with a lance

      Yes exactly

    • Anas Salam
      Anas Salam


    • Rajesh Bhalla
      Rajesh Bhalla

      @何 the hell?! Why did i watch that video

    • BarnieBoi69

      fuck you now i cant listen to this

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts


  • Yoyobear1608

    This diss track is just too sexy

  • Insane Wolf
    Insane Wolf

    I have this on my playlist

  • Ali Omar
    Ali Omar

    4 years ago this masterpiece ended the sidemen beef

    • tobietera

      "masterpiece" 🥴😂😂😂

  • alxiibr2trappy

    Love how people come back after years man

  • BrëdSlayer

    Almost 3 years later and I’m coming back to this because this ain’t just a diss, it’s a full on song and it bangs

    • expressean

      @Shaheer yes.

    • Shaheer

      It has not many disses but all the disses are heavy

    • Shaheer


    • TFB Records#1
      TFB Records#1

      @expressean yeah

    • expressean


  • Insane Wolf
    Insane Wolf

    Still listerning to this in 2021 and almost 2022

  • Archit Naik
    Archit Naik

    This lad has a song with Lil wayne now. Thats glow up on another level


    Here after listening to Holiday to see how much he has improved and wow.. just wow

    • Z


  • Zakariah C.
    Zakariah C.

    bro these were the good times

  • Totally Atopia
    Totally Atopia

    Hands down still one of the best

    • Hunter Mckay
      Hunter Mckay

      Totally Atopia how did you get verified

    • Lunar 9L
      Lunar 9L

      Totally Atopia Aye

  • SYKE

    This is JJ's best diss track flow, bars and beat wise!!!

  • Sol Baguma
    Sol Baguma

    I miss ITmores 2016 and 17, best years of ITmores

  • Karar Aldarraji
    Karar Aldarraji

    0:28 my man went from punching like that to being an undefeated boxer

    • David Rufus-Giwa
      David Rufus-Giwa

      Those were solid boxers yunno?

  • amr mohamed
    amr mohamed

    0:54 favorite part ♥️


    This is such an underrated song

    • Xavier


    • Zone

      @67Charger do you not know what a chorus is

    • Zone

      @WarriorOfTime05 views don't say opinion

    • Mohammed Ebrahim
      Mohammed Ebrahim

      @67Charger people will still find a way to hate.

    • 67Charger

      Yeah using the same lyrics for 20 seconds counts as good music

  • moon child
    moon child

    why we keep coming back to this track 😭

  • DAMNBros

    How did KSI and Logan ended up as mates but Joe and KSI can’t get along ?


    Most underrated disstrack 💥💢🔥🔥🔥

  • Houssam Benabida
    Houssam Benabida

    KSI's disstracks are the best and undefeated!

  • itsHollowBoy15

    I didn't get to see this KSI music before but now I did and he have omg music.

  • Bravo Daga
    Bravo Daga

    this is so underrated man

  • Ranil Fernando
    Ranil Fernando

    This was one of the best diss tracks KSI made

  • RoadmanDJ

    that is a fire my g keep making it good diss track

  • Dav id
    Dav id

    Petition for jj to make two birds one stone part 2 on ricegum and jake paul

    • Lazyman456 Talio
      Lazyman456 Talio


    • ❾❾❾ IQ
      ❾❾❾ IQ

      Its the oh yeah oh yeah oh yeaaaaaaaah

    • funky donuts
      funky donuts

      @Zeriosii oh, i get it now lol 😂

    • Zeriosii

      @funky donuts lmao

    • Zeriosii

      @funky donuts before i saw the video this was on I thought I was getting bullied in yt comments

  • Old KSI Videos
    Old KSI Videos

    2017 was KSI's most successful year in terms of youtube

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      @ItsYaBoiObi yeah true , sidemen are smashing it But 2017 was the year when the Uk youtube merged with the US and brought in more people. Ksi moved to LA with rice , did disstracks back and forth, had a boxing match and then called out paul bros which was a smart thing to do. Views skyrocketed from 4 M upload to 10M+ an upload. People started to know who the sidemen were also

  • funky donuts
    funky donuts

    “We don’t wanna hear another house track” That aged well

  • Angelo Young
    Angelo Young

    This is sick KSI 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • mayank bhaskar
      mayank bhaskar

      Its better than Harry's but no one talks bout it

  • Moosa Ch
    Moosa Ch

    Bro What The Fuck How The Fuck Is He So Good

    • Zezke Zalinder
      Zezke Zalinder

      because he is knowledge strength and integrity

    • Shadow_K1NG

      I Don't Know, But This Is Still Fire

    • Konnor Poitras
      Konnor Poitras

      I Don’t Know Man What The Heck He Is So Good

  • 123 456
    123 456

    This is by far the best diss track that was released out of everyone

  • Scottish Knuckles
    Scottish Knuckles

    Can we just acknowledge how this silenced everyone for a while

    • Scottish Knuckles
      Scottish Knuckles

      @Aro Drev yea hi is fire

    • Aro Drev
      Aro Drev

      @Scottish Knuckles Though Void is bringing it back with style

    • Scottish Knuckles
      Scottish Knuckles

      @Aro Drev yea fair point

    • Aro Drev
      Aro Drev

      @Scottish Knuckles That's because the trend died

    • Scottish Knuckles
      Scottish Knuckles

      @Aro Drev ig but this stopped disstracks for almost 2 years

  • W . Mifsud
    W . Mifsud

    The realest disstrack from KSI

  • yup

    Back to simpler times...


    I think that if they had a diss battle now ksi would smash everyone

  • l . gibbon
    l . gibbon

    I miss these days youtube BANGEDDDDD

    • Asad Zishan
      Asad Zishan

      @Antti Syrjälä Fax dude 👍

    • Asad Zishan
      Asad Zishan

      @Deathwish699 Same

    • Antti Syrjälä
      Antti Syrjälä

      Yeah, now it's just ITmores premium ads.

    • Deathwish699

      Unfortunately I wasn't a part of this era :(

    • Asad Zishan
      Asad Zishan


  • Dative

    JJ just bodied this let's be honest

  • S2T

    even i couldnt make a diss as great as this

    • RamiX Gaming
      RamiX Gaming

      Try to do one never give up

  • Lewis

    This still the best song outa all the disstracks

  • Callum Nelson
    Callum Nelson

    This was so savage!

  • TheGamingJaguar

    2 years anniversary, of us missing this legend ksi :(

  • fxhinti43

    "I didn't know death was allowed on youtube" - Deji

  • Zezke Zalinder
    Zezke Zalinder

    of course we can't forget the sidemen disstracks

  • Colby Beastall
    Colby Beastall

    Finally a good song

  • dustin_49

    Ezekiel pulling out with his Gtr has to be one of the most unexpected things.

  • Dominic Lake
    Dominic Lake

    dang this was actually really good edit: wow almost 200 hundred likes thanks guys

    • rodolfomemije

      Thedominator893 :-p i only liked to make this 300 likes

    • Dominic Lake
      Dominic Lake

      Alfredo2002 as in little boy?

    • Alfredo2002

      Thedominator893 :-p it wasn't as good as the last one

    • Nastos

      your gay!

    • Noé Martínez
      Noé Martínez

      orbit 807 shut ur bitch ass up lmao

  • Z

    the person below me thinks it hits hard, and hes right

  • Buck Michaels
    Buck Michaels

    Love how him and Logan hated each other now they chilling together and shit

    • Buck Michaels
      Buck Michaels

      @IncrediBol yea ik I’m just saying

    • IncrediBol

      This is at joe weller and Harry before he had beef with logan

    • IncrediBol


  • KoalaOnRockets


  • comic_book_mumu

    This was JJ’s prime.

  • Sam

    Idk why everyone says this is the shittest one it's one of the best imo