KSI - You [Official Lyric Video]
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Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one

I guess you could say that I’m falling
Didn’t expect to be wanting to tell you I’m all in
Now I can’t leave you alone
All of my feelings you own
And now I’m floating
Tonight in the air can you feel it like this is a calling
Triple A living I’ll get you whenever I’m touring
Cos you know I’m addicted to you
It’s you

Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one

Girl you got to me,
my heart beats differently
It’s like a symphony
And You’re the only one
who does it (who does it, yeah)
Saint-tropez got a few vibes
A pretty face or two out in Dubai
Low key though mojitos while we poolside
But none of them movin like you, I
Can’t wait to get back the PJs, booked
I ain’t messin with Skiplagged,
nightlife’s cool I got nothin against that but I prefer you over all of the riff raff, yeah

Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one
Everything I do, I do
I do it all for you, for you
You’re the only one
You’re the only one

Music Management: Mams Taylor - mams@properloud.com

RBC Records - rbcrecords.com/

BMG - www.bmg.com/us/

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  • Oliur / UltraLinx
    Oliur / UltraLinx

    This might as well be the music video. The art style is awesome.

    • Thelittleowl1

      These visuals remind me of amo by bmth ngl.

    • Rdabrowski

      @username he looks like he’s seen a ghost lmao

    • Himanshu Mulik
      Himanshu Mulik

      Y r u jealous

    • 9 M Josh
      9 M Josh


    • Ali


  • MeelayyB

    If some of AOTP songs aren't on FIFA 22 then they've missed out big time...

    • Ross Fowler
      Ross Fowler

      They have

    • Silent Lord
      Silent Lord

      @The Great Podcast no stfu 🙃


      @AGR i-

    • Miguel Trejo
      Miguel Trejo

      @Nobody mad

    • o_o

      its a childhood dream come true

  • TheMaskedKi

    I feel like JJ should make more music like this, its very chill, and with his voice its actually a banger

    • Diego but brando π
      Diego but brando π

      @King3r dame chill

    • King3r

      Don’t care, didn’t ask, shush.

    • Diego but brando π
      Diego but brando π

      This song is a banger 🔥🔥

    • David Lloyd
      David Lloyd


    • Its_henryvyse YT
      Its_henryvyse YT

      @H. Bell fr but yk like its just goated

  • Yes

    Damn. This hits way different now.

    • blac.

      Yeah bruv...

  • CR-Vrax

    For you.

    • Haadi Jafri
      Haadi Jafri


    • Unknown User 6969
      Unknown User 6969

      Yeah we need a new meme now it's borings now

    • VORTEX • D • AֆCE
      VORTEX • D • AֆCE

      @Kingovegeta pppp

    • yacine zd
      yacine zd


    • Mohanad Shaheen
      Mohanad Shaheen


  • Dabo Life
    Dabo Life

    Thanks KSI for doing everything for me. I will always be here for you too.

    • OoMz_X

      he's not gonna shag you m8

    • Carl Johnson, C.J.
      Carl Johnson, C.J.

      @Q Huncho You are just salty because you have no subs

    • Toxizome

      @Q Huncho buddy, u missed the joke ._.

    • ElyanYT

      @Q Huncho that’s the point of the joke

    • Abdirisak Awes
      Abdirisak Awes

      @Q Huncho yo he's just joking, chill out 😂

  • Abdirisak Awes
    Abdirisak Awes

    This is SO catchy man, already in my head.

    • Diego but brando π
      Diego but brando π

      FACTS I love it so much

    • Olivier Houdijk
      Olivier Houdijk

      what u been smoking lol

    • Zaki Chan
      Zaki Chan

      Yeah, I can't get it out 😅

    • Youni

      Same I really like it

  • SwanC

    This is one of Jj’s most underrated song.

    • Xtro l
      Xtro l

      @JudeTheDude Games bro you can't say it's ass, cause it's not, even if you don't like it just say it's not for you

    • Amir Dost Ali
      Amir Dost Ali

      for me, all of them

    • naturally selected
      naturally selected

      @sup why are you mad kid?

    • HT+-+TH

      Sounds a lot like passionfruit by Drake

    • Muresaki


  • N43U N4Z
    N43U N4Z

    He really did it all for her

    • OGR Acid
      OGR Acid

      @Yessy Vascielo he broke up with his girl

    • Yessy Vascielo
      Yessy Vascielo

      What do you mean?

  • XxAmmaarXx

    Hits differently now... 💔

    • Xpert D
      Xpert D

      Having same timeline as jj and it does hit very differently.

    • basil bdrip
      basil bdrip


  • lew1s harr1son
    lew1s harr1son

    Bru how has this not got more hype, it deserves it, these sound like songs you want to vibe to in the summer winter spring and autumn, if your reading this congrats ksi ❤️


      Cos you could just listen to passionfruit instead

    • Deluxe CSGO
      Deluxe CSGO

      fr fr 😩

  • Cractrak Official
    Cractrak Official

    This is my fav out off all the songs, just a simple filter and jj's voice goes super smooth 😯

    • ɪsᴍᴀᴇʟ

      I agree

  • Anthony Davis
    Anthony Davis

    “Everything I do, I do” inspirational stuff😫

    • Shawarma

      @JTC i didnt know 😂

    • JTC

      @Shawarma yeeee but still funny ass Easter island comment😂

    • Shawarma

      @JTC ohhh i see it nowww

    • JTC

      @Shawarma yeah fam at least for me it’s Anthony Davis with his finger up to his forehead

    • Shawarma

      @JTC Anthony Davis?? the pfp looks nothing like him or im just blind

  • Drakonz

    It's just unbelievable to see how KSI's transformation in Music increased to this level. Never expected this perfect vibe melody. This might be my best KSI song of all time.

  • risk

    Only hits, KSI Snappin 🔥💯

    • dapperboi

      @Gaminglegends12 boi

    • Captain

      @Bubbles Fr ITmores turning into Instagram

    • siammar ghano
      siammar ghano

      @Its Azee u mad bro? go listen to jake paul this is not ur place clown, jj album is poppin rn so cry more about it

    • siammar ghano
      siammar ghano

      @CraziiSinister06 thats ur opinion but still, its a good song and its poppin

    • Bubbles

      @MisterPunch - I commented on one comment section how am I in every comment section?

  • Ammar Mohammed
    Ammar Mohammed

    This entire album is fucking amazing, I had never enjoyed ksi's music that much honestly, but this, this is fucking different and I can't wait too see what's next. Love you jj ❤

  • NaTsBuRg

    This sounds like it's heavily inspired from Drake's Passionfruit.

    • Rosie McDonagh
      Rosie McDonagh

      @jamie khan skkkwudis nl8ty. B bb J0

    • Glizzy

      @astro i respect drake but i honestly just prefer ksi

    • astro

      @Glizzy I mean it’s ur opinion and there’s nothing I could do to change it neither do I care to change it but drake is a really good artist and should be respected. And a ksi and drake comparison shouldn’t even be a thing

    • Glizzy

      @astro i like to think i know a lot about music and drake makes really good music and everything but i just don’t like him.

    • Glizzy

      @astro drake is a great artist but i don’t like how he sounds and that’s it, no other reason

  • ChickFila

    I really like this one, I love when KSI sings it sounds so nice.

  • Makkapakka_yeet

    When i go out for runs at night, i have this song on loop to remind myself that im doing this for myself

    • Old KSI Videos
      Old KSI Videos

      Sleep mate , go runs early morning. Running at night would make ur body too excited and heated up for sleeping and your sleep may be affected. Wake up early instead

    • Josh Peter
      Josh Peter


    • JJ the slump god
      JJ the slump god


  • Rex❤One Direction
    Rex❤One Direction

    killing the game like always, proud of you jj

  • Kieran Macca
    Kieran Macca

    What a fucking voice 🔥🐐 this guy is an inspiration to anyone and everyone

  • Caitlin Connor
    Caitlin Connor

    Ksi’s music career really taking off tho proud of how far he’s come and what he continues to do keep it up jj!


    I like it man keep up the singing jj I like all the music styles u make and give to us thank u

  •  ShortHax

    I think the constantly changing animation style makes the music pop

    • Ryan Deen
      Ryan Deen

      @Capelock Chambers wb it being my opinion it’s mine u cant just say it’s wrong

    • Capelock Chambers
      Capelock Chambers

      @Ryan Deen well that's your opinion and your opinion is wrong

    • Capelock Chambers
      Capelock Chambers

      @Honest Pionel Pepsi Fan! wot

    • Capelock Chambers
      Capelock Chambers

      @Riskyy not really mate

    • Katheria cora
      Katheria cora


  • Equalcrazy

    Finally an EP I can get behind, after all these years, you've finally earned my sub

  • Michi5463

    Hands down my favorite song on the album ✨

  • Mikey Peacock
    Mikey Peacock

    I like the fact that he's made an absolute fortune through hard work and sheer determination but he stays grounded and doesn't forget his roots like making golf videos with his mates to help them.

  • TheRomanceGuru

    This is one of my favorite songs on this album, love it if he could continue singing

  • oSAUDns

    Why is no one pointing out the fact that the visuals are made by the same fan as the one who did killa killa. JJ really loves his fans and gives them a chance to shine👐🙌

    • Al Mansour
      Al Mansour

      you are just gay bro no worries

    • Psyduck

      JustAGhost is the animator.

    • Guilherme Vieira
      Guilherme Vieira

      Because YOU are the one pointing that out for us. =)

    • kago Mohapanele
      kago Mohapanele

      @KSI=FATNEEK I care mate

    • basedmuslim

      if i dmd on twitter would u reply or are u too famous for me

  • Anish Mistry
    Anish Mistry

    Album is fkn fire especially how he comes through with the different styles. THIS IS TOOO MADD

  • harco graven
    harco graven

    This is dope ksi i didnt know you could do this genre of music love it man hooe youre album is awasome like this video greatings from the dutch

  • Max 101
    Max 101

    One of the best songs of the album, congrats jj we proud of you keep pushing those boundaries

  • Conner Childes
    Conner Childes

    I think we all can agree that this is a tune🔥

  • Fierce Peter Gaming
    Fierce Peter Gaming

    I feel like he’s singing directly to me. This song is that awesome.

    • Dumio

      @Guy M I’ve never met a cringier person, my guy thinks he’s a yter or smt I swear

    • Guy M
      Guy M

      @Justin Yizhi Zheng not a twitter just tryed to annoy people

    • WsNathan

      @Guy M What ratio

    • travissoot 69
      travissoot 69

      @SebastianLmao mad that you will never get this amount of likes

    • Sebastian


  • Eesa Khan
    Eesa Khan

    Love this song. Ksi is an amazing artist

  • AbsolutelyBored

    yoo... why is this song so good, I have it on loop and can't get it out of my head. Literally, the best song on the album. Absolutely amazing.


    Just got back from Spotify man this album is mad it’s amazing thanks jj

  • Lil Lockie YT
    Lil Lockie YT

    The music is just everything

  • PeePew

    this seems like one of those songs you'd have on like late night car rides

    • Nabeel Syed
      Nabeel Syed

      I felt that exact same ting

    • Kris K.
      Kris K.

      That 5 AM ting

    • Levi

      @KING JERMARCUS who are you

    • AKxStrixers -Phantom
      AKxStrixers -Phantom

      @KING JERMARCUS stfu bro



  • NightmareGames

    Underrated song, one of my favs from the latest album.

  • ChickFila

    I love the beat, and the animation, this whole thing is a vibe good job JJ 🔥🔥🔥

  • MassabPlays

    I made my friend listen this, he missed his ex and started crying. I realised this song is really heart-touching, I love KSI.

  • Helena Heger
    Helena Heger

    I really love that JJ is so happy in his relationship :)

    • Aazizul Zaim
      Aazizul Zaim


    • xsolitaryx


    • NW160


    • Dumio

      Oh, well this is awkward...

    • ZenBookReview


  • Love Trolling
    Love Trolling

    I love that Ksi is coming in to his own and I’m loving the solo singing no features

    • Amin Playz
      Amin Playz

      @KING JERMARCUS u prob do terrible music

    • Haddam Sussein
      Haddam Sussein

      @Domented Cow yep

    • Domented Cow
      Domented Cow

      @Haddam Sussein lol we have real different opinions

    • Haddam Sussein
      Haddam Sussein

      Purely my opinion but the only solo song that was good was holiday

    • nemo27

      @KING JERMARCUS he just said he solo are amazing bruh also I'm sorry but he big enough not to Collab with anyone no one's heard of

  • Colt

    One of my favorites from the album purely because of the beat and the chorus even though yeah I know, it sounds like Drake, but who cares? The guy's absolutely popping off lately and it's well deserved at this point with how hard he's worked over the years.

  • Eric Sarmiento
    Eric Sarmiento

    Plot twist: this wasn’t meant for his ex girlfriend, this song was meant for his fans

    • ImTheBoredKid

      it was from the start

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith

    @KSI I just want you to know I’m incredibly grateful to you! You will never truly understand what this song has done for me! I was literally on the edge and that’s when I heard it. Believe me when I say that this saved my life 🙏🏼😌❤️ god bless you and I wish you nothing but health and wealth!!

  • nostalgic astronomy
    nostalgic astronomy

    Love it!!!!!

  • Kaan Inc.
    Kaan Inc.

    Fun fact : he let the same fan animate this who animated the killa killa lyric video with bearus

    • Shivansh Anand
      Shivansh Anand

      @Deathmare justaghost02

    • Deathmare

      Who was the fan that animated it

  • abbas saleem
    abbas saleem

    Every time i listen to this i wanna listen it more

  • Honey

    This is giving me weekend vibes .it's super lit keep up hardwork you are my role model

  • Josepheno

    in my opinion this is one of the best pieces of music you EVER made!!! Its so catchy :)

  • Ronaldo Lopes
    Ronaldo Lopes

    This beat is breathtaking

  • Matej Ivan
    Matej Ivan

    This song should get more listeners than it has. It's something you can't here everyday.

  • Zhan Beats
    Zhan Beats

    One of my favorite tracks 🔥

  • IO Gaming
    IO Gaming

    Let's appreciate all JJ hardwork in his daily basis . He through all level which some ITmoresr not achieve it

  • Viperiguana -BS
    Viperiguana -BS

    just imagine your in your car driving, 1am circling the city while listening to this

    • Hidden Gem
      Hidden Gem

      it would be fantastic (i'm not bot ._.)

    • KDBurn

      Ohhh yes night drives to this

    • N O V A
      N O V A



      Also while beaming after a massive crack smoking session

    • IsThatASloth

      Quadeca literally just did this lmao

  • umair desai
    umair desai

    What a banger 🔥🔥🔥

  • Robin 420
    Robin 420

    Man ksi u r really poppin off man keep doing ur sht

  • Lory Ca
    Lory Ca

    This is so meaningful and beautiful 😍 🥰🥰🔥🔥

  • Tom Bombadil
    Tom Bombadil

    best song on the album, well done lad

  • Debo Gaming
    Debo Gaming


    • Propgn

      What's up checkmark

    • gael mercado
      gael mercado

      @Sebastian stfu

    • DresticPlays

      @1SYK0 yes

    • 1SYK0

      @DresticPlays for subs he a dead youtuber

    • Sebastian


  • Balraj

    After listening 1st time ,it gives vibes ,every thing I do🤙

  • TGC-FrostYT

    KSI with a gf is so romantic, being all over the place to find a girl that loves you for everything u do, it's rare

    • Unkown


  • sudha jain
    sudha jain

    This Makes me me wanna go out at 2am and have fun

  • HLME.

    still one of my favourite songs from the album

  • Hashir Khan
    Hashir Khan

    Damn, I didn't know he felt that passionately about Simon

    • Alexzlol

      @バカ みたい lmaooo

    • バカ みたい
      バカ みたい

      what eye sore was this comment section lmao

    • Alexzlol

      @Hashir Khan lol

    • Hashir Khan
      Hashir Khan

      Damn these kids hella salty. Go cry somewhere else bloody hell

    • Alexzlol

      @Juiccy we*

  • Sharandeep Bose
    Sharandeep Bose

    Love this❤

  • paskila nisham
    paskila nisham

    man this is so good

  • Aya AG.
    Aya AG.

    Love this❤️

  • Rich_ Sevenuppp
    Rich_ Sevenuppp


  • Joel Given
    Joel Given

    It’s genuinely crazy how far JJ has gone

    • username

      @Boi a sus version makes any song good

    • Jesus is KING
      Jesus is KING

      @RAYMAN Guys please check this guys channel lol😂🤣

    • Boi

      @username you cant lie the sus version is gonna better 10x better

    • username

      @Haroon Khan bro I like this type of music I just think this song is ass and ksi could put out the shittiest song ever and people would still praise it don't lie

    • k


  • Kacee Agarhodgson
    Kacee Agarhodgson

    Love this 🔥

  • Mills DollyChar
    Mills DollyChar

    I love this ❤️

  • sammy

    I feel strong this song will one day burst on reels and then grow like hell

  • Big 5555
    Big 5555

    I love this song man

  • Allow-it Man
    Allow-it Man

    Massively underrated tune, if only the "everything I do, it do it all for you" was shorter.. Be serious its the only reason people hate on this beat.. Facts.. Yo allow it man

  • Kyah Johnston
    Kyah Johnston

    Dude I’m listening to the album rn. I LOVE IT AHHHHHH. So far I like the moment a lot. But also Holiday Ok so I just finished it and man. MADNESS IS MY FAVORITE ALSO SILLY AHHHHH. I CANT FORGET SLEEPING WITH THE ENRMY. I LOVE THEM ALL

  • Anoja Malalage
    Anoja Malalage

    This is definitely one of ksi’s underated songs

  • eddieroom1

    Wow 😀😀😀👏👏👏 big up to KSI well wasn't expecting this KSI you sound amazing on wave as holiday giving me so good vibes KSI holiday and the new song KSI you so bloody good

  • Brani


    • WsNathan

      @RAYMAN you don't even upload df

    • Sebastian


    • Mystery_ Current
      Mystery_ Current

      @A-B it’s our in Spotify tho

    • MHAckerman

      You put that same stupid emoji in every comment section

    • Shiny Mewtwo
      Shiny Mewtwo

      @Riskyy nope..

  • Steven Ong
    Steven Ong

    That drop at the end of the verse and then the return of it really sealed the deal for me

  • Dipendra Subba
    Dipendra Subba

    This gonna be on the radio like crazy, bruh I can listen to this 24/7

  • Solr

    This gets better and better the more you listen 🔥🔥

  • Tan Coyer
    Tan Coyer

    this is great! hes got a good singing voice, better than the rap imo, needs to sing more

  • Yogurt

    KSI casually wakes up and makes hit songs

    • Seth Rhys
      Seth Rhys

      @super hessu well now days you don’t need to know how to sing to be an artist just a really good producer and engineer

    • Seth Rhys
      Seth Rhys

      @super hessu you could say the same about most musical artists nowadays though look at travis Scott hes just pure auto tune and most his songs a shit but everyone seems to love him

    • Seth Rhys
      Seth Rhys

      @Alan Jimenez its probably just not your type of music what songs from the album do you like if any? This imo is my favourite from ATOP

    • Mohammed Khan Zaffar
      Mohammed Khan Zaffar

      Suffering from success

    • LV FAN
      LV FAN

      @Sebastian that's rude little boy

  • Shaun

    I listen to this and holiday all day, I want ksi to make more songs like these

  • Inspector Gofret
    Inspector Gofret

    honestly this is lit we need this in fifa or some game

  • Drew ,
    Drew ,

    This song makes my soul cry of pure happiness, the vibes are right

  • AndroiD Lyrics
    AndroiD Lyrics

    Que bueno es este hombre.🇲🇽❣

  • Mikkel Johansen
    Mikkel Johansen

    The way JJ has progressed is one of the most inspiring things i've ever seen.

    • Jordan


    • Cryptic

      @Honest Pionel Pepsi Fan! Nah cause I actually agree with the 2nd half

    • Dhsh Dhshsj
      Dhsh Dhshsj

      It’s dogshit

    • DemonicJazz

      It really is

    • Honest Pionel Pepsi Fan!
      Honest Pionel Pepsi Fan!

      @Riskyy shut up bot im the better bot

  • Andres Tomas
    Andres Tomas

    Bro this is so good 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Anthony De Abreu
    Anthony De Abreu

    this is soooooo passionfruit, it gives those vibes we all want, ksi you are the man

  • Dynamite Explosive
    Dynamite Explosive

    AMAZING ❣️

  • Julius Liljeblad
    Julius Liljeblad

    I love the fact that the same fan who made the killa killa lyrics video also made this!

  • Paul Copeland
    Paul Copeland

    This is a chillout song this good for driving at night with the sunsetting 👍

  • Tino Shupsen
    Tino Shupsen

    damn im in love with this song kis i love you keep up the great work my g LOVE

  • Darkgaming45

    Just thinking back to when he was making random little gaming vids to this and everything else is just speechless and very inspiring. Then yh is song I love, the flow is jsut got that chill vibe to it, love it JJ. KSI has to go down as a ITmores legend

  • Dino Clarke
    Dino Clarke

    Dont listen to em haters... This song slaps💯👏💪🏅

  • YA1RS

    Watch him start singing in different languages on his next album

    • Random Name
      Random Name

      He can barely pronounce Mural how’s he gonna speak spanish

    • ReplayitZ

      @Mrcoolguy I’m sure he’s spoke a foreign language in a verse

    • Mrcoolguy

      @ReplayitZ he hasn't

    • ReplayitZ

      Already done I think

    • Godpromandude GPMD
      Godpromandude GPMD

      yea in nigerian