Nathan Dawe x KSI x Ella Henderson - Lighter (Acoustic) [Official Video]

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When you said it was over
I knew I’d fallen too deep
You made my world feel perfect
Then pulled it from under my feet

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

Yeah, I’m feeling way better in the space that I’m in
Lost many times so i’m happy when I win
I’m human so the words that you said affect me
Playing on my mind, and in private upsets me
I don’t care anymore
On your photos I don’t stare anymore, I’m Using the grief to build the belief that imma winner everyday so I don’t fear anymore
Imma show you I’m the greatest till you’re sick of it
Overcome so much when in the thick of it
This ain’t no Holy Ghost, cos I’ve been on it everyday and everyway Ive written it
Believe me, imma party when it’s over
No car cos I’m moving with a chauffeur
Time really is the best at healing, with my own success and what I’m next revealing

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

I cried for a minute
For a while I was trying to figure out what went wrong
Now I finally get it
And I see I don’t need you to be here, I’m moving on

I used to think I couldn’t be without you, be without you
Now that you’re gone I feel happy as hell
Weight off of me I can breathe without you, breathe without you
Now that you’re gone I feel lighter

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  • A Rose's Throne
    A Rose's Throne

    I gotta say I'm so happy Ella is actually in the title this time, she needed more recognition from the original one!

    • Hoani De Cleene
      Hoani De Cleene

      @shussainic_tm he made the beat

    • ToxicR3in

      fr tho


      @shussainic_tm produce the whole song

    • Michgaming51

      @shussainic_tm produce the song, created the instrumentals for all of the songs, and more. so what do u do lol

    • Danny lao
      Danny lao

      @shussainic_tmthe production, producers carry almost every song

  • Samology

    Yeah, ella’s singing is so much better without the pitch up Edit: Fuckin hell lads! Thanks for the 1.6k likes 😂😂

    • Rex❤One Direction
      Rex❤One Direction

      i mean the original is meant to be hyper and bouncy

    • xLarryx

      wouldnt work with that background trust me I make electronic music maybe with a different type of vibe

    • Qwerty123

      That’s the same with Anne Marie

    • ZxT ghost
      ZxT ghost


    • Ryy

      @keaton how?

  • STAN

    KSI should rap more to this type of music.

    • Cornford

      No, his verse on this is horrible, his best songs imo are What You Been On and Undefeated

    • Krixh.5

      Happy that he is making 'Really Love' this Friday release and it has got this song kinda vibe

    • keaton


    • PSK FIFA
      PSK FIFA

      @Beast Killer like I am on ahors3

    • Beast Killer
      Beast Killer


  • Louis Walker
    Louis Walker

    Disappointed that JJ didn’t blurt our ‘fat man with a peng ting, feeling so high like a black yao Ming ‘ in this calm environment

    • ItsGraze

      @kittykinks Netflix character development

    • Jadon Ayodeji
      Jadon Ayodeji

      @TIV67 Playz thank you

    • Stay Hydrated
      Stay Hydrated

      @TIV67 Playz go away. what you going to do next, go on Houdini and try and ask JJ if he believes in our lord and savior Jesus christ

    • The Seed
      The Seed

      @TIV67 Playz bruh this is a fucking ksi video

    • The Seed
      The Seed

      @kittykinks it's not that important

  • Zantilo

    Ella: carries the whole song KSI: does some rap madness Nathan dawe: clap clap

    • Zantilo

      @Vedant Panse Ohhh i didn't know, thanks for that

    • OK4MII I
      OK4MII I

      What tf are these replies

    • Vedant Panse
      Vedant Panse

      @Zantilo Nathan did the most he made the beat

    • Tall Baboon
      Tall Baboon

      @Echidna Ummmmm delete that

    • Echidna

      @Adonis Myers your black lol

  • S A I N I
    S A I N I

    I'm so proud of JJ. His writing on this is really good. He is getting so much better.

    • Nixa

      @Joe Macdonald yeah he was shit, not even too long ago. Even a lot of his songs on his album are bad, but he is improving.

    • Joe Macdonald
      Joe Macdonald

      S A I N I I agree

    • S A I N I
      S A I N I

      @Joe Macdonald I actually did. I dont think JJ was good a while ago. Didn't like his flow, his writing was terrible, I don't think he understood how to ride certain beats. But now he is a LOT better then where he was a couple years ago. Im proud of his improvement and will to get better.

    • Jawad Ahmed
      Jawad Ahmed

      fattipotato 79 nah

    • Jawad Ahmed
      Jawad Ahmed

      Denis bruh I was being sarcastic as in jake said jj has ghost writers which he does not, lol y u so pressed g😂😂

  • Navdeep Chahal
    Navdeep Chahal

    JJ: Wears Durag Jake: His Ghost Writer is Under the Durag

    • J

      @ez what’s your Instagram I need to show you a picture of his massive forehead without bandana

    • Navdeep Chahal
      Navdeep Chahal

      @TIV67 Playz this is youtube not a church

    • XURX

      exactly how that TWAT thinks

    • ez

      @Kazi Shamshad funny thing is his forehead aint even that big lol

    • Alfie O'Neill
      Alfie O'Neill

      @Kazi Shamshad 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Try to get 20 subs Challenge plZ
    Try to get 20 subs Challenge plZ

    Am I the only one who's addicted to the way she says "happy as hell" 🙌💯

    • Fabrizio

      Raz3rcut yes exactly its like that dogshit diarrhea cumin out

    • Fabrizio


    • Raz3rcut

      For me is "be without you", "breath without you".

    • Amira

      No lol

    • Marcus Rashford
      Marcus Rashford

      Yes he's the only one who's addicted to that or yes you think it is.

  • supertaco03

    This is way better than driver’s license just saying

    • Stanley Kosasih
      Stanley Kosasih


    • Poplops1

      @ShadrachThaProject TV Turn the volume up

    • ShadrachThaProject TV
      ShadrachThaProject TV

      This sounds like shit and drivers license isn't bad

    • melaninweirdo


    • Lemeot

      @Adam Mo Rious I know they are different, but that doesn't mean they are a reason you can use to compare an artist, and I know this is better than drivers license

  • dalie1990

    Ella Henderson is a true British treasure there’s not many out there with a better voice for me in my opinion.

  • StepKickKing

    This is honestly one of JJ’s best track’s. His music is always better when it’s more personal and real, like Millions.

    • Stills 108
      Stills 108

      Ksi new song in full Ksi new song in full

    • Strange

      millions is one of his worst songs 😂

    • Goku Black
      Goku Black

      100% facts

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks


    • Lombxrdo

      @Johnp72107 🧢

  • STAN

    Who else think acoustic sounds better than original? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    • Matt Kong
      Matt Kong

      Can’t agree but it’s a tune y’know

    • Nerwilo

      I think the acoustic is really good, but I personally prefer the original. I’d love to see JJ’s verse on this version implemented into the original beat.

    • Mukhtar Khadar
      Mukhtar Khadar

      I live this one its better for me but others have other opinions as well

    • cytex

      Only Ella's acoustics sounds better and jj is better in the rap

    • Mexican Boy
      Mexican Boy

      So this has less views what do you think

  • Mr Hyde TV
    Mr Hyde TV

    I prefer KSI's rap in this version and so happy that Ella Henderson has got her name in the song this time.

    • J

      @muhammad ali that’s not why lol

    • muhammad ali
      muhammad ali

      the main reason shes not credit most of the times is because she doesn't have a spotify

  • Zexuu

    In the Acoustic version you can ACTUALLY HEAR what they're saying. You dont have the beat overlapping the song which makes it harder to hear. The Acoustic version is better than the original in so many ways. ✌

    • Rajat Waghmare
      Rajat Waghmare

      KSI's verse is changed too which fits the acoustic vibe more and make it even better

  • CheesecakeLasagna

    I love that by making this version, they're giving the singer the exposure she deserves. I hope more people will check out her stuff from this.

  • buddyy

    I wasn't expecting JJ's rap to hit the way it did - not only were the words different from the original song but it just felt so much more raw and real than anything he's done before. He's progressed so much from the disstrack days and you can really see it in this

    • harvv

      Ngl,seemed much like a 4 O Clock Club style rap,idk if there are any OG fans who know that about Josh and Zoe

    • Qwerty123

      Still want him to do diss tracks . Would bang a lot more NOW.

    • Blanco

      It sounded shit, he belongs on energetic flows with electro beats.

    • Annie

      Leonel M then why are u listening to his music may u ask

    • veryrare XO
      veryrare XO

      Yosh Da Monkey oh dear 🤦‍♂️

  • Diarko

    This is the first song that I legitimately liked that fit into my taste in music. Went into my liked songs on spotify where I listen to everyday. KSI really just keeps improving and improving it blows my mind.

  • Ernesto Rodriguez
    Ernesto Rodriguez

    Gotta admit, he keeps improving his voice, in the beginning his voice didn't sound professional at all, but he's getting there.

    • chding zuure
      chding zuure

      This is Wholesome.

  • E Mm
    E Mm

    Ksi's verse is outstanding....this one hits so deep 😢 🥺🥺😭😭🙏I want to feel lighter because I can't stop drowning in my sorrow because he has a piece of my soul.

    • E Mm
      E Mm

      @Russell Manuel Thank you for your words of encouragement. Time is deff the best when it comes to healing. I still am in pain but I can accept the outcome & find some solace. Hope your well in all aspecte🙏 😊

    • Russell Manuel
      Russell Manuel

      Life is more beautiful when you know you're worth and time. If some one left you let them go! They were never ment to be yours. I know it's easier said than done. You will make it through. I have been there so, know what it feel like when they take a part of you with them. Be strong. just one sub! well just for that you got more :-)

  • Devastators Army
    Devastators Army

    You can feel the energy that Ella is putting out great singing performance

  • Oracle

    Can we just appreciate how genuine ella hendersons singing is

    • Kim Ö
      Kim Ö

      Imagine being a simp

    • Oracle

      @Jamie are u good

    • Movin

      @Starry Night I was never hating on ella Henderson, I was making fun of the dude who actually thought they were genuinely singing. Auto tune is something everyone uses these days, I dont mind it.

    • Leo palmisciano
      Leo palmisciano

      Still auto tune behind it

    • Amaan Shah
      Amaan Shah

      @Movin Jealous, but yes many singers use auto tune

  • William Segalla
    William Segalla

    Everything is so much better than the original. So much raw talent

  • Caroline Hafner
    Caroline Hafner

    Adore this Ella - so happy no effects on your voice, its just pure joy. The melody flies up and down like a beautiful butterfly 💞

  • No Bueno
    No Bueno

    Wow Ella's voice melts my soul. I listen to this 2-4x a day! KSI's verse is also super good. This version is 2000x better then the first!!!!

  • Adrianne Moore
    Adrianne Moore

    saw Ella Henderson live one time, she’s an incredible singer

  • krystof B
    krystof B

    this is cool that he actually changed up his verse, was not expecting that

    • Clen Gaming
      Clen Gaming

      @Saahil Kakaria wanna see u do that stuff huh

    • Madara Is cool
      Madara Is cool

      @ez and yea juice is better than ksi

    • Madara Is cool
      Madara Is cool

      @ez what does that have anything to do with this vid

    • born

      @CEWIIH Calling KSI talentless is one of the most ridiculous things i have ever heard.

    • ez

      @Madara Is cool you prob listen to juice wrld only lol

  • Scarlett McDonagh
    Scarlett McDonagh

    this version is dope! love it. my go to song now! Empowering right there. Super proud of you lot x

  • 伝説Marshall

    Best acoustic song so far, hands down 🎵 ❤

  • Charlotte

    Her voice gives me chills, she’s amazing

  • Reuben Homann
    Reuben Homann

    Can we just Acknowledge how crazy Ella's vocal range is... Damn, well done JJ, Nathan, Ella and all the people who worked on the song, what a accomplishment!

  • ッKINGRZ07

    I’m so proud of JJ. He is getting so much better he most likely won’t see this but if you do just wanted to let you know keep up the great work with everything you do!!! You are my idol!❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • ッKINGRZ07

      JKoz I just got broken up with my only happiness is my family and KSI 😔

    • Infinity Youtuber
      Infinity Youtuber

      @APeachOnAHill bro I was just curious, can't a guy be curious for once huh. Is that a problem? Huh!

    • Me Me
      Me Me

      ッKINGRZ07 alr it was a joke m8 ovbs I’m proud of JJ it was just a joke

    • APeachOnAHill

      CBA Nathaniel Why does it matter when they started watching? It’s literally irrelevant

    • Fiendish

      @Infinity ITmoresr that makes no sense

  • Macie T
    Macie T

    I love Ella Henderson’s BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!! I also love JJ’s verse and how it was a lot different from what you hear today...I give this song an 100%%%%%

  • BoogeyManJr

    Ella Henderson is so underated man talented!!! Well done JJ Nathan and Ella Amazing product you made

  • Rolly B. Salvador
    Rolly B. Salvador

    I swear that I listen to this everyday! This version is so good!

  • Pastechi

    This was smooth. Never expected to see u on an acoustic track And thank you for letting me know about ella cuz that voice is killer

  • Karim Adnan
    Karim Adnan

    I actually don't have anything to say since everything about this is perfect, And KSI u came a long way ,Respect my G 🔥✨

    • Udai

      simp4 coco this guy best his brother Logan who in muscle and skill has double jakes

    • Udai

      simp4 coco bro STFU you prolly play fricking play fortunate on you Xbox 360 with your gay friends

    • Karim Adnan
      Karim Adnan

      @Iwin Jose True

    • Karim Adnan
      Karim Adnan

      @K G I HIGHLY doubt 😂😂

    • Future Beyond
      Future Beyond

      @K G 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Ethan Price
    Ethan Price

    I’m so glad this came out! Thanks for making my days better @KSI, true inspiration

  • Venkatesh R
    Venkatesh R

    This needs to be longer!!! Such a FIRE song, KSI is the GOAT

  • Bulg Beats
    Bulg Beats

    This track is beautiful man, keep it up 🙌🏼

  • Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise
    Toad Doesn’t Like Mayonnaise

    Ella is like Tones and I, people think she uses auto tune and when they hear her live, they’re surprised.

    • mhrnsh

      Yeah she sounds so good live, amazing really

  • Chris McKee
    Chris McKee

    Tbh I feel like Ella isn't getting enough recognition. Ofc JJ killed his part but her voice absolutely soared on this and it turn into a great song.

    • El Serfio
      El Serfio

      cg 05 shut up Logan fan

    • Poet Knight
      Poet Knight

      yes you right!!!i just heard her now and damn she is something else..

    • Jan-Willem

      She's getting more than enough... /yikes

    • Sjoerd SSDD
      Sjoerd SSDD

      @zeu xlaught how can i have something against someone who i dont know LOL. Shes not even credited in the song. idk her. nobody does. And if i want to hate on a girl singing by the help of a computer i can hate on any girl these days

    • Frankie@Hunter

      cg 05 can you do better then?


    Have you noticed that the headphones changed every now and then but apart from that this really shows they have talent and good job, great song

  • David Peters
    David Peters

    Acoustic always hits different ❤️🔥

  • somerandomguy

    Didn’t know that jj can rap that calm and real like in this song...more of that please king...

  • Mazzy Hammoud
    Mazzy Hammoud

    Love this song, was wandering who the beautiful voice singing on the track was. Ella you have a beautiful voice !!!. Thankyou everyone involved was a nice acoustic cover.

  • majd merhebi
    majd merhebi

    On a real note tho , jj's verses are getting better in every damn song he's doing... the guy is putting work in fr. All love and keep doing your thing💙

    • S B
      S B

      @Yo Jones ok you cant lie jj's verse was kinda shit here

    • RealLoxus

      Who's jj this is ksi.


      Feeling so good like a fat man with a Peng ting 💯

    • Føla Oladokun
      Føla Oladokun

      Overall toxic I disagree

    • Vagxue

      Hope you see my name...,

  • Whiskey and wind downs
    Whiskey and wind downs

    Well done man you have done so well progressing your music! Keep it up 👍

  • Kaan Inc.
    Kaan Inc.

    Ella's voice is so freakin beautiful!

  • 미션Minxxano

    Not going to lie. I really attached to ksi's verse. Literal tears. Such a natural rapper and writer Matching so well with Ella's singing.

  • STAN

    When you get a taste of real classic music. 🔥

  • Aaron D
    Aaron D

    So proud of JJ. This shows how versatile he is. Most people can’t write a good rap on an acoustic song.

    • Shade

      @Speedz He wrote his own verse, there's no way he wrote the entire song lmao, it's not his. His definitely thinks KSI didn't write his own verse, but that's just outlandish

    • Speedz

      Shade Unimpressed Anubis I think he means he didn’t write the Lyrics for an acoustic song they might have been extra lyrics from the song

    • Aaron D
      Aaron D

      Flingy Tobbskin not well

    • The_real_idoit

      Kriis what are you on “This ain't a holy ghost cause I've been on everyday and every way I've written it”

    • Sulekh

      You idiot it's KSI here

  • Claire C
    Claire C

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Both of them, vocals on point 💞

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      ella henderson doing her ting, then i hear jj come in and i’m like i wonder how this will sound. AND BOOM DIFFERENT VERSE DIFFERENT VIBES AND ITS STRAIGHT FIRE

  • Austin Van Buren
    Austin Van Buren

    Official banger for both acoustic and normal production. Keep up the good shit JJ!


    Logan: "I like jj's song and he wrote it himself" Jake: "nah he said 'ghost' he has a ghost writer" Logan: " ye its trash"

    • Aman Saad
      Aman Saad

      When you hear this song , put your volume in MAX

    • rigbysattic

      @Tiann they contract

    • Ayush Guruswamy
      Ayush Guruswamy

      Tiann josh probably uses AXE

    • ASMR weather Music
      ASMR weather Music

      @Jeff Longoria freals

    • Tiann

      ball sacks

  • Joshua Worrall
    Joshua Worrall

    this is actually better than the original, good work man

  • DarshUK

    Ella Henderson’s vocals are something else, no auto tune or anything. it blows my mind

    • Modad V.S
      Modad V.S

      Anyone remember her from X Factor.

    • Two Directions
      Two Directions

      I mean she is using autotune it's just not a lot that's why u can't hear it that much

    • cian O'donoghue
      cian O'donoghue

      Shes talented af but i can guarantee she uses autotune like every artist. It just isnt obvious at all

    • Nephalem

      Shes pretty basic tbh. She sounds like a million over people

    • SF Productions
      SF Productions

      JWC72 you be calling people simps when karma hits you and they get a girlfriend and you don’t smh 😂😂😂

  • BLGaming

    jj is one of the biggest examples of success he goes from a youtuber doing videos with his brother at his parents house to making the biggest fight happen to making songs that actual real celebrity songs cant reach he always goes above and beyond further than anyone imagined and i believe he will keep growing

  • Aez Gaming
    Aez Gaming

    2: KSI] Yeah, I'm feeling way better in the space that I'm in Lost many times so I'm happy when I win I'm human so the words that you said affect me Playin' on my mind and in private it upsets me I don't care anymore On your photos, I don't stare anymore I'm using the grief to build a belief that I'm a winner everyday so I don't fear anymore I'ma show you I'm the greatest till you're sick of it Overcome so much when in the thick of it This ain't a holy ghost cause I've been on everyday and every way I've written it Believe me, I'ma party when it's over No car cause I'm moving with a chauffeur Time really is the best To healing with my own success And when I'm next revealing

  • Vezinho

    IMO this is possibly JJ’s best verse🙌 in love with this vibe!

  • Sonny abw
    Sonny abw

    Very well thought through well put together video well done ✅

  • Mustafa Amina
    Mustafa Amina

    I wasn't expecting JJ's rap to hit the way it did - not only were the words different from the original song but it just felt so much more raw and real than anything he's done before. He's progressed so much from the disstrack days and you can really see it in this

    • Xenyncks

      i wish he had a second verse tbh

    • syrialak101


    • eadspace

      @Noah Thomas Parker 😂I called someone a simp 😂

    • Ray

      and everyone should be worried if jj wants to do a disstrack on them haha

    • tatayana loves bts
      tatayana loves bts

      Noah Thomas Parker its called giving credit when its due/showing respect

  • Daniyal Chaudhry
    Daniyal Chaudhry

    Love her voice

  • Sensei

    This girls voice is beautiful! It gives me goosebumps

  • Zack Alhusein
    Zack Alhusein

    this is so underrated, I wish he made more emotional/chill music like this

  • CramTime

    I keep coming back because the line “Imma show you I’m the greatest till you’re sick of it” line gives me chills like no other line ever.

  • Mitch Cummins
    Mitch Cummins

    This is the same man that wrote, ‘I’m on a horse’ MADNESS

    • gdawg 3429
      gdawg 3429

      And Heskey Time

    • HermitYT

      I'm on a horse was better, that was KSI knowing he couldn't rap and just having a laugh.

    • Acharich Speaks
      Acharich Speaks


    • Miro Hero
      Miro Hero

      What a downgrade

    • Leon Memphis
      Leon Memphis

      Yeah.... What a downgrade

  • Lex

    I keep on going back to the rap verse of KSI, love it, really resonates with me, awesome job dude

  • Liz Rose Taylor
    Liz Rose Taylor

    Love this version of the song so much!

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty

    Ella Henderson has such a beautiful voice, and is SO underrated.

  • CheesecakeLasagna

    I'm in love with her voice!

  • Fxeal

    JJ: Walks up to the microphone Jake: That's his ghostwriter right there

    • Mina Yacob
      Mina Yacob

      Sam carter stfu

    • Granny4thewiiin • 69 years ago
      Granny4thewiiin • 69 years ago

      F lmao

    • Help me reach 2000 subscribers without any videos
      Help me reach 2000 subscribers without any videos

      Hope you see my name 😃😉

    • Chika Agu-ibe
      Chika Agu-ibe

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Why is this so funny

    • zach long
      zach long

      Its thats KSI NOT JJ

  • legendsnowSK

    This is an actual masterpiece. 🙌

  • Jack Hunter
    Jack Hunter

    Your lyrics in this version hit 10x better. Love your stuff jj keep it up

  • _________________________woosh

    Ella has such a beautiful voice❤️

  • Alex Savastru
    Alex Savastru

    I love the lil swing JJ put on his verse where be slowly went off the grid and then snapped right back onto it. This is good. This is really good.

  • TheLegoBuildings

    It’s unusual for me to say this, but honestsly the acoustic is better than the original

    • TheLegoBuildings

      Yoshi_Flower exactly. In my opinion a persons natural sound is way better than auto-tune

    • Yoshi_Flower

      Daniel Lambe-Fatola she didn’t even need it

    • Daniel Lambe-Fatola
      Daniel Lambe-Fatola

      Yeah,the auto tune in the other one was way to high

    • Yoshi_Flower

      Yeah I agree

    • The Real Ones
      The Real Ones

      Wasn't just me😂

  • Jack Stanley
    Jack Stanley

    Ella Henderson has an absolutely incredible voice

  • Dave MUFC Whitehead
    Dave MUFC Whitehead

    This song is an absolute banger man. Fire ksi fire elle 🔥

  • Dark Yaiba
    Dark Yaiba

    Ella's voice is just spectacular 😌🥰🥰

  • DylanAGod B
    DylanAGod B

    You know. I used to not like you. But I've come to enjoy your music and videos. Thanks for putting a smile on my face and 21m others. Thankful for you. Keep on living your best life man

  • Magic Milk
    Magic Milk

    Now we know who’s ksi ghostwriter is : jj olatunji

    • Mukhtar Khadar
      Mukhtar Khadar


    • Bimal Gurung
      Bimal Gurung

      Ima u r 7.5k like lol

    • nicole Barnett
      nicole Barnett

      @Martin Melchior k

    • gimme10M

      Babatunde is the actor

    • gimme10M

      Its Folabi. He is the smartest guy wut are ya talking about

  • Billy Leigh-Gale
    Billy Leigh-Gale

    KSI actually needs to make more songs like this. It suits him 🔥🔥!

  • Dom Joseph
    Dom Joseph

    I’m a musician I play pretty much every instrument but guitar is my main JJ’s verse was better than anything Jake and Logan ever made in general not even trying to hate.😂 oh yeah and Ellas voice is beautiful.

  • neon star
    neon star

    ah man imo this is the best song he's done so far i love this

  • Pektea 0100
    Pektea 0100

    OMG you both killed it, but Ella came from outer space, that vocal is awesome

  • parsly2121

    this man has improved so much and were all proud of him

    • CEWIIH

      @Kzyoi You're thinking of Grime, that's different to rap/hip hop. Rappers generally are more talented in my opinion, but I'm not a huge grime fan lol Devlin and Jeust are examples of UK rappers, they do it with flow like it should be (similar to Eminem), not mindless talking like KSI.

    • AGR


    • NION

      Durv Fan47 people would argue the same with Tyler the Creator but he is an amazing artist so

    • Reformed Troublemaker
      Reformed Troublemaker

      @A Dawg UK rap is actually lyrical Americans just mumble

    • Kzyoi

      Durv Fan47 that’s how UK rappers rap. They rap like they are talking.

  • Emily

    this is honestly beautiful, i was not expecting this

  • Aidan Taylor
    Aidan Taylor

    Wow I feel like jj is rapping so much more natural than other songs in the past the glow up in his voice is mad. Well done jj.

  • Toadsy

    ella's voice is phenomnal.

  • Jad Ghanem
    Jad Ghanem

    Her voice is unreal ! 🔥

  • James Brown
    James Brown

    this was a big improvement on his sentimental tone of rapping, he spits a clean flow, wordplay was impressive, and it felt as he was connecting with the elements of music and with his audience. Overall big improvement in his most recent personal song Millions, good work.

    • ReallyUnexplainable

      It's a massive improvement, I agree, even tho I think he is still 60% on the way there, which is pretty cool to see. You can see he is putting in the work.

    • Ajanthan Sivakumar
      Ajanthan Sivakumar

      Complicated that song is too good

    • abcde fghij
      abcde fghij

      Listen to KSI - Complicated. It was added in the deluxe version of his album and its an another personal song thats better than million imo

  • yes pls
    yes pls

    Am i the only one that thinks the original Lighter and the acoustic version gives out different vibes? like for me the acoustic version sounds somewhat of a motivational song

  • Lee Van Go Jr
    Lee Van Go Jr

    its not about how the music sounds.... its about how the lyrics felt and the understanding behind the song

  • Caileen Foley
    Caileen Foley

    the flutters in her voice are amazing

  • PatrickWAN

    how can both songs bang just as good as each other this is actually fucking sick version to that girl is very good props dude

  • 5,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge
    5,000 Subscribers With No Videos Challenge

    This is honestly one of JJ’s best track’s. His music is always better when it’s more personal and real, like Millions.

    • JM1


    • B-Raid

      It’s not his song

    • Matthew McCormack
      Matthew McCormack

      It isn’t ksi’s song

    • Extraterrestrial Horse
      Extraterrestrial Horse

      It's better than 75% of mainstream music (nowadays) no 🧢

    • Blitzx -
      Blitzx -

      SIWEL 437 why you so vexed Paha calm down chile

  • the warrior
    the warrior

    You killed it man:)

  • KR45Y76

    damn Ella is amazing, such a pure soul

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres

    Damn, the live version is A HIT

  • Kddobbo

    I know most people won’t see this but hope you all are achieving your goals for 2020 and remember we are all legends and we should always work towards our dreams, also KSI your an absolute legend and inspiration bro