Reacting To Even More Old Videos
Forgot to paint the corners of my lips lol

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  • HartDynasty

    oh the memories hahaha, you've been a legend for so many years now

    • kymani brawl stars
      kymani brawl stars


    • LuciusGeronimo


    • Cris Formage
      Cris Formage

      Missie Mark Missie Mark Missie Mark

    • Ruairí

      HartDynasty Bro Sub to my channel

    • amgfinn

      HartDynasty maaaaaaaaaark

  • wolfy boy
    wolfy boy

    The old days, where ksi wasn't bullied by his reddit

    • Ajay Sidhu
      Ajay Sidhu

      @Melos Kabashi no they weren't mate

    • Jerry

      no hes violate himslef

    • GD vitone
      GD vitone

      Lol yeah it isn’t even funny anymore....

    • Pete Kowalski
      Pete Kowalski

      @astrotokyo his Reddit was created in 2013

    • comz

      @Melos Kabashi racist black then

  • lvR vlt
    lvR vlt

    KSI has blown up. But still today I miss his old videos of him being way too funny

    • OmmyXIW

      @ilikesoda Bafyg

    • Boaz Prill
      Boaz Prill

      @ilikesoda bruh

    • Bal

      ​@Tamir Rahman yea people change its their lives anyways, ill always love ksi and simon theyre a big part of me growing up!!!

    • Tamir Rahman
      Tamir Rahman

      @Bal I agree but I dont blame him or dislike him for that as youtube isnt the only the he is/was focussing on like before. He has music, boxung and youtube to balance all at once.

    • Bal

      @Tamir Rahman preach, all his old stuff makes me laugh but feel nostalgic, he still cool tho just not the same

  • Bruno Bslr
    Bruno Bslr

    I remember when I was like ten and didn’t got al his jokes but now I laugh my ass off

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @Jeyo Ethic then what is ur point?

    • Tafsi Bhuiyan
      Tafsi Bhuiyan

      @GbK Gaming that’s not the point. He just gets the jokes and is smarter and wiser lol

    • Zakee Nasir
      Zakee Nasir

      same lmao

    • GbK Gaming
      GbK Gaming

      @Jeyo Ethic exactly 14 year olds think that they are old 😂😂😂

    • George

      @Jeyo Ethic the problem is that he still watches ksi

  • Khraiven Sarroca
    Khraiven Sarroca

    The Reaction the hype the laugh its like the same ksi is a true legend 🙌

  • Sirius

    One of the best vids ive watched in a while ahahah

    • Aki

      yo real sirius , Agario fans

    • Dragunov

      Are you freakin ‘Sirius’ right now

    • Ban *
      Ban *

      agar much

    • Dor man
      Dor man

      Omg ive watched all your agario vids why'd you stop?

    • Mistik

      NBK 4 Life

  • Dane Andersen
    Dane Andersen

    This is one of the best intros to any KSI video, gets me everytime

  • Varnay

    I'm here 5 years later looking at someone react to something from 5 years ago. That's a whole decade damn.

  • andre

    a lot of us grew up with jj , still watch him till this day

  • Verecu __
    Verecu __

    I’m in 2021 and watching this he looks so different

    • BigBlockOfCheese

      Sounds different too

    • faaizer


    • Isaac Satala
      Isaac Satala


    • syed talat
      syed talat

      Not to me

    • Pace Sucks
      Pace Sucks

      It's this out of world phenomenon where people change over time ...ik it's literally unheard of

  • Niks Leo
    Niks Leo

    You know it's old when *Reacting to Even More Old Videos* is 4 years old.

  • Tpt Flacobois
    Tpt Flacobois

    I’m just waiting to see if someone actually found her

    • Surifct


    • Aurel Hoxha
      Aurel Hoxha

      I thought it was bambinobecky at first

    • abdirahman abokor
      abdirahman abokor

      same lol

    •  Ployz The Kidd
      Ployz The Kidd

      @user four2069 yep

    • user four2069
      user four2069

      @ Ployz The Kidd did u see

  • yvng mmoney
    yvng mmoney

    I’m glad that KSI grew from this to the legend he is now

  • Ushiromiya Battler
    Ushiromiya Battler

    JJs laugh is so wholesome even though he isn’t wholesome

  • Luca Zaat
    Luca Zaat

    “The old KSI will never be topped”

    • L

      @Syr agreed

    • TC_TEGYlol

      But when he fought Joe Weller, he never got dropped

    • Smart David TV
      Smart David TV

      Always saying that in all videos bot

    • wait what
      wait what

      But when he fight jake pual he aint going drop

    • ForcedTerror488

      I miss the old ksi

  • C M
    C M

    I cant thank enough KSI for making my childhood better and better

  • Tanuj Singh
    Tanuj Singh

    KSI could laugh hard on himself, that's gold right there😂

  • Reece Hadley Hollow
    Reece Hadley Hollow

    JJ I'm loving these videos please do more please.

  • Glowy

    I couldn’t stop laughing at these😂😭

  • SIRalex

    I’m in 2020 and watching this he looks so different

    • NAMIT sharma
      NAMIT sharma

      I'm watching this in 2022 and my goodness he's literally so very fckin different...

    • B. S
      B. S

      Nigaggagagavafsfsfsysh cookn

    • Goku_supreme9000


    • Oliver Verse
      Oliver Verse

      Bruh im in 2022

    • wissp kun
      wissp kun

      Mr 2021

  • Tman Basics
    Tman Basics

    Damn 😂 Not even 5 mins im laying in the ground already Damn cant control the laughter 😂

  • Loreole

    KSI reaction made me laugh instead of the old videos 😂

  • Entertainment Press
    Entertainment Press

    I love the way he laughs😂💕

  • Polo Rexx
    Polo Rexx

    7:50 had me dying😂😂😂

  • VK Modding
    VK Modding

    Don't just react to more old videos like these, MAKE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THESE

    • Yuga Tharkude
      Yuga Tharkude

      so that the internet would FINALLY cancel him!!!

    • Toby Bellhouse
      Toby Bellhouse

      bbcmotd f

    • Jololo Jololo
      Jololo Jololo

      Gr1m r3aP3r I was bored

    • Dank Waifu
      Dank Waifu

      kk why tho?

    • Jololo Jololo
      Jololo Jololo

      Gr1m r3aP3r I'm joking man :)

  • Crown Gaming
    Crown Gaming

    I just love how his laughs


    This is the man who boxes and makes incredible music nowadays

  • 慎吾Shingo

    this video always gets me crying

  • Red Dragon Gaming
    Red Dragon Gaming

    2016: Nope 2017: Nope 2018: Nope 2019: Nope 2020: Nope 2021: Ah Yes, lets recommend this 5 yrs later

    • Regnal

      I will give u your 1000'th like

    • DJDimsa

      True WTF ITmores

    • Ashtro ash
      Ashtro ash

      True 😂


      Don't promote this dumb shit

    • L123


  • Khalifa lol
    Khalifa lol

    Old Ksi reacts to old ksi

    • guud

      @Mr Spud old ksi react to ksiolajidebtHD

    • soroosh lotfi
      soroosh lotfi

      old you , commenting it 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • TimucinK

      Im 2021

    • Skitz Official
      Skitz Official

      I came here to like your comment.

    • Thanos


  • Jay Patel
    Jay Patel

    I wish i could go back in time where everything was easier

  • anime clips
    anime clips

    Reacting to even more more older videos in 2020 is needed

  • Taba Toko
    Taba Toko

    we are seeing him reacting to his old videos and it's 2021 now ,that implies this video is vintage 🤣

  • FullyLion

    Me in 2021 watching old KSI videos cause they’re way funnier than now :((

  • Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
    Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

    When KSI was funny and was actually trying, you know...before the money...

    • Daniel Melek
      Daniel Melek

      Your mum isnt funny

    • e?

      yeah sure money...

    • Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!
      Rare Videos by Javier Vargas TV!

      @Nicolas p....HOLY SHIT I KNOW RIGHT??!! lol

    • Nicolas p
      Nicolas p

      Wait there was a time like that? WOW!!

  • Sayak Sen
    Sayak Sen

    His hair changed...he got a bandana but his laugh it never changed

  • KuboMedia

    Yoo legit, the old ksi will never be topped.

  • Max Max
    Max Max

    This all makes me feel proud to be british

  • Saul Silver
    Saul Silver

    This video is hilarious old ksi was so funny

  • Sander Olsen
    Sander Olsen

    Even Ksi thinks old ksi is funny

    • Nexus Blitzz
      Nexus Blitzz

      Bruh momento

    • BLP Joelow
      BLP Joelow

      Damn I really found an og comment I mean I comment from 2016 and not just a random guy saying hAhAhA tHiS iS oLd KsI rEaCtInG tO oLd KsI nOw

    • Micky Radley
      Micky Radley

      Sander Olsen this is old ksi now lol

    • hi it’s tj
      hi it’s tj

      Sander Olsen you know what else is funny? You have 6.9k likes

    • Dank Nation
      Dank Nation


  • ITs Ur BOi iDUcKu69
    ITs Ur BOi iDUcKu69

    Good old days man *"Old ksi will never be topped"*

  • Enrico Pucci
    Enrico Pucci

    Imagine reacting to old videos but later realizing the reaction video is old too

  • Lambros Gavalakis
    Lambros Gavalakis

    Once a very wise man said: The old KSI will never be topped

  • Damp Astrylix
    Damp Astrylix

    In 2021, this ksi is still class

  • -_-

    That moment when you realize reacting to an old video is an old video.

  • Skybox Vossi
    Skybox Vossi

    good old days when ksi and filthy frank where still funny

  • XD.Harley 33
    XD.Harley 33

    3:08 love how he looked down to check if his wife’s stomach looked any different to normal. 😂😂😂

  • Ben Ar
    Ben Ar

    Ironically this is now an old video so he should react to this old video reacting to even older videos

  • Dariooo

    The girl in the 1st video now might be like " damn, i kissed the legendary Babatunde " !

    • Yoogway

      @Gabriel Cingel ohhh aha 😂 clearly regretful 😂😂

    • Gabriel Cingel
      Gabriel Cingel

      @Yoogway She was my English Tutor for a few months in GSCEs. I brought it up in one of my lessons after I watched the original videos. she was like " DOnT u tElL AnyONe" cuz she was embarrassed about it.. was quite funny

    • Yoogway

      @Gabriel Cingel I’m kinda curious, did you know what she said looking back on the situation?

    • Stinky Monkey
      Stinky Monkey

      @Gabriel Cingel i guess someone is pissed

    • Gabriel Cingel
      Gabriel Cingel

      @KART AVIARY why on earth would I give personal information of a family friend? Are u dumb?

  • Domarn 1897
    Domarn 1897

    Some people say they miss the old Ksi but I miss this ksi

  • A.Hassan Hale
    A.Hassan Hale

    He's actually funnier than now.

  • mepinxotolporro

    He is the only one that laughs at his own jokes x)

  • PickleRickkkk

    I love how he looks different but still sounds the same in 2021😂

  • raptorgod77

    i remember when i first saw this i laughed so fucking long i wish i could erass my mind so i can rewatch this and laugh hard again

    • Joel

      On god

    • Kim No
      Kim No

      raptorgod77 same

    • Christian

      raptorgod77 same

    • PMCJPD

      raptorgod77 same

    • zak jama
      zak jama

      raptorgod77 same

  • Onlywe Rise
    Onlywe Rise

    This is the JJ we miss

  • Fluczz

    Old ksi reacting to even older ksi, you love to see it 😅

  • Abhinu Srivastava
    Abhinu Srivastava

    plz make more of u reacting to old videos and raging at games 😂

  • Saif •
    Saif •

    its 2020 and im waiting for ksi to reacts to old ksi reacting to older ksi

  • Mohammed Ahmed
    Mohammed Ahmed

    Ksi would go well with arsenal. Amazing history, but fuck all rn

    • HybridGamingHD

      Thats why he supports them

    • Henry Esparza
      Henry Esparza

      Lmao I bet Aston villa fans wish they were "fuck all"

    • Mystic Magic
      Mystic Magic

      Don't watch then

  • Levi North
    Levi North

    I’m in 2020 and old KSI looks soo different, but sounds the SAME!!

  • Hlumelo Mooi
    Hlumelo Mooi

    7:44 Had me crying

  • Damir Dzhangulanov
    Damir Dzhangulanov

    Can’t wait for him to react to this video in 2021 reacting to old videos

  • Eamonn Higgins
    Eamonn Higgins

    2021 and this is his funniest reaction video

  • PatTheKnight

    Don't just react to more old videos like these MAKE MORE VIDEOS OF THESE😉👍🏻

    • Mezeril

      +Binary Options seen that before, it doesn't work, it just takes all your money 😂😂👍

    • Mezeril

      UPLOAD MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please 😂👍

    • GaryStudios

      @Morgan Freeman true mate haha but he did then

    • Laura Alongi
      Laura Alongi

      At least he's enjoying his self

    • GaryStudios

      +Patrick the Dog yes!!!

  • Dj Flamez
    Dj Flamez

    hope he comes back and reacts to his old videos in 2020

  • Jegogs2000

    Now we need ksi to react to this old video

  • benny shin
    benny shin

    this is my first ever saved video and i always come back to it when i’m having a bad day and fuck this is just as funny as i remember

  • Chuck Can 101
    Chuck Can 101

    I love how he has to lean and even forward his lips

  • Thanos

    Who's here after the KSI v Logan fight. Man he's changed a LOT

    • Xeno

      I don't understand why people say he's doing it for money, can someone explain?

    • Sameeh

      Yes... But still he's kinda the same.... Same energy still..

    • CHID4RI

      yep here

    • Juice wrld🎭
      Juice wrld🎭

      Thanos nah

    • Da real Quad
      Da real Quad

      Lol I read that in thanos' voice

  • ohnowillow

    JJ was hella funny when he was younger 😂😂

  • EnmaFN

    when i watch older videos i watch in 720p just to give it that og feeling where u used to sit there for 30 mins to watch a 5 min video 😂

  • Dave savile
    Dave savile

    The old days where JJ was actually hype

  • Mr. Brett
    Mr. Brett

    The first 25 seconds had me dying.

  • Fakari

    shud call this series "When KSI was funny"

    • T 8
      T 8

      Well he still is But not as funny as before tho

    • Mako Moss
      Mako Moss

      dhruv pathak Again,* learn grammar.

    • Tommybum8011

      should dude OK

    • Saghir Ahmed
      Saghir Ahmed

      Kyrie Irving uukjhjhhhhhhpiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooop

    • Yonatan Solomon
      Yonatan Solomon

      Koolzzy Savage

  • Mo

    This shit is actually hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Ridwan Ayomide
    Ridwan Ayomide

    LMAO ksi please we need more reactions to your old videos

  • Shaiza

    ksi a lil busy now so I watch his old videos hahahaha. Used to hate this guy but that was when I was still a lil kid and doesn't get sht. Now I realized this guy is one of the funniest and most entertaining person in youtube.

  • L.M

    The old KSI will never be topped

  • Pedro Lopes
    Pedro Lopes

    Man, I don´t care if you just upload every two weeks, as long as you upload this type of videos, they´re soo funny xD

    • the boss
      the boss

      +Pedro Lopes yes you right

    • Pepsi Max will heal my wounds
      Pepsi Max will heal my wounds

      What do you mean he uploads every day!

    • Landon Owens
      Landon Owens

      +Rare AGP fat

  • cornholder69

    When you realise a video of JJ reacting to his old videos become an old video.

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future

    It's shocking how Ksi changed from this person to someone completely different in 2018 a year latter 😐

  • Tofu Tofyd
    Tofu Tofyd

    5 years later and he still has the same laugh and persona. What a guy

    • Tofu Tofyd
      Tofu Tofyd

      @Jeremie Meta lol

    • Jeremie Meta
      Jeremie Meta

      funny how i found ur comment

  • It's Robby Breeze
    It's Robby Breeze

    One thing that never changes is his LAUGHTER

    • It's Robby Breeze
      It's Robby Breeze

      @eyooo its ya boi thx 4 the reply🤣

    • eyooo its ya boi
      eyooo its ya boi

      And also your spelling

  • Cringe

    Even this Version of KSI knew Old KSI can never be topped

  • Blaze Hydra
    Blaze Hydra

    Isn't it ironic that this video of him reacting to old videos is now an old video?

  • Prathamesh Mishra
    Prathamesh Mishra

    I'm in 2021 and watching this he looks so different 😂😂😂😂

  • Dinushka Mahawedage
    Dinushka Mahawedage

    Watching in 2021 OH MAANNN You got some serious balls man those moments were outrageous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🙏

  • Ainesosa

    Who Else got nothing to do in quarantine so just watching back old KSI vids?

    • aileen rodriguez
      aileen rodriguez

      Tbh idk if were in quarantine I just like to stay home with or without corona.

    • Neo3x


    • Brown Uzumaki
      Brown Uzumaki


    • Chance Five
      Chance Five


    • Raww Gruff
      Raww Gruff


  • Joshua Ayyıldız
    Joshua Ayyıldız

    1:20 Her then: so disappointed I just kissed this guy for nothin Her now: bruv I kissed ksi what did u do!

  • Ac1dRe1n

    Back when he actually got a haircut, instead of growing it out and shaping it differently 😂

  • There was guy with a name that went across the Youtube page. His stupidly long name was Jordan84792.
    There was guy with a name that went across the Youtube page. His stupidly long name was Jordan84792.

    He should react to him reacting to old videos 😂

  • fortnite pros
    fortnite pros

    6:22 legend says theyre still trying

  • A B
    A B

    Mate JJ, you've gotta be doing more of these videos man they rock

  • KiriTUBE

    JJ should react to himself reacting to his old vids

  • Krishna Malviya
    Krishna Malviya

    Old ksi will never be topped!!


    This was a golden experience

  • FishAreNeat

    as a young wroetoshaw once said "the old ksi will never be topped"

  • Vivianaaa

    His laugh is so funny 🤣🤣😂😆😉😅😆

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦

      Yes I know

    • proud Homophobic and fatphobic
      proud Homophobic and fatphobic

      @Ruairí stfu

    • Yuko

      @Austinz Tell him again 😂

    • Austin CXV
      Austin CXV

      Ruairi_Doyler shut the fuck up

    • Aige


  • Kyle Striker
    Kyle Striker

    This is the first Ksi video I ever watched when I found him, thought his laugh was annoying, and he was annoying, now I watch him every day. Crazy how the world works right. Can’t believe how far this man has come.

  • the_ holyhonda
    the_ holyhonda

    i like how his old vids were the humour of an 8 yr old but still funny