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  • TheLargePPDF

    A wise man once said: “The old KSI will never be topped.”

    • BL4Z3_5570

      @MrFootball8 each brother is more retarded than the other*

    • Atomix

      This comment section is so cringe

    • Pʜɪʟ_

      This is ksi, the Olajide we know now is JJ

    • NutCrackerRaps


    • MbossBerd

      but current ksi is pretty good too

  • Shinigxmi

    just realised that jj and simon have known each other for almost 20 years

    • TornadoChaser72

      @Shinigxmi you’re really clutching at straws here. You’re talking about a matter on months difference between yr 7 and yr 12, as supposed to yr6 and yr12. And a fraction of percentages with the 33%. At the end of the day, *you’re wrong* You can’t say that 15 is almost 20. Your ignoring *5 years* , the *entire length of high school* . Not a short time at all

    • Shinigxmi

      @TornadoChaser72 and 40-50 is not 33% more. If 40=100%, then 10=25%

    • Shinigxmi

      @TornadoChaser72 and it’s not someone in primary school and someone in college. It’s someone in yr7 and someone in first year college.

    • Shinigxmi

      @TornadoChaser72 5 years is less then 10 years

    • TornadoChaser72

      @Shinigxmi and a 5 year difference is not “close”. 5 years is all of high school, the difference between someone in primary school and someone in collage. Massive difference

  • The litiest G of the century
    The litiest G of the century

    The ksimon memes are high on this vid

    • Patriot

      @Michael Fadiora yup

    • Moolah Stanka
      Moolah Stanka

      ts is so unfunny Lol

    • Blob

      The vibes

    • Lotarslz Jezdauckisws
      Lotarslz Jezdauckisws

      I have a few

    • wwefan _69
      wwefan _69

      Love your pfp i love johne cary

  • Mutant Max
    Mutant Max

    ksi and simon just laughing at their own videos is just so wholesome

  • D4CE 42
    D4CE 42

    Ksi then: I hate that dead pixel Ksi now: hasn’t activated windows in about 2 years

    • Khardoos

      @D4CE 42 iam saying can you tell me how to do it?

    • D4CE 42
      D4CE 42

      @Khardoos he has admitted he can but won’t

    • Khardoos

      well my window doest even get activated idk how to activate it

  • Joe Mamma
    Joe Mamma

    JJ: “What ever happened to Duncan? We dont even talk to him anymore.” Simon: remembering himself digging a hole in the forest

    • Villager Cactus
      Villager Cactus


    • Nawfal760_PRDx

      Simon reminds me of Neville Longbottom from harry potter when he was fighting😹😹

    • vicarious kiriona
      vicarious kiriona

      @R Nathaniel Ryaan more dead than ricegums channel

    • البسة مان Cat man
      البسة مان Cat man

      @Armin Sehic bro 😂😂😂😂

    • Tom

      @R Nathaniel Ryaan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Z AMV 平和
    Z AMV 平和

    That haircut is legendary, he should've kept it

    • Cash 9x
      Cash 9x

      @TheCockneyTerritory Reese’s pieces

    • TheCockneyTerritory

      It looks like that biscuit I can't remember what it's called but the chocolate part looks like his hair

    • T-Aspect

      @Ryan he gonna be bald at some point

    • Abner Aji
      Abner Aji

      @Ryan nah i disagree

    • Ryan

      Nah it would be clapped by now


    I know you’re nodding your head at your old videos but those are the videos me and my cousin grew up watching and loving, we would always laugh so damn much to the point of almost pissing myself in laughter 😂 those vids definitely helped to get you were you are today! Cheers mate

    • Brush Tooth
      Brush Tooth

      Agreed couldn't have said it better

  • •Pixel gacha•
    •Pixel gacha•

    Can we just appreciate simon for a moment?- JJ Gave simon the n-word pass and he still refused to say it. He even said it would haunt him forlife if he said it.

    • Justin Eden
      Justin Eden

      As a black guy I don’t give one or two shits about it, considering the first time I heard it was when I was 14 years old; it just doesn’t have a negative mental affect on me, and I don’t want it to. I’ll respond to someone the same if someone insults me using the n word or someone does using a word like fatass. I understand that the history of the word is taboo in this society, but if select people have no problem with it, and no one’s being hurt mentally or physically, then there is no problem. You don’t have to like me using it but don’t call me a despicable human for using it with my friends, regardless of the pigmentation of their skin. You wouldn’t say COD of jokes to a war veteran with PTSD, and the same logic applies here. I won’t say the n word to people who don’t like it, but if we’re friends and we’ve both established that none of us care, then yes, I will say it.

    • Justin Eden
      Justin Eden

      @Hayes E ikr

    • Roblox Is the best game
      Roblox Is the best game

      @Hayes E not really

    • Berri Cupcakke
      Berri Cupcakke

      @CR7 MU lmfao no

    • Berri Cupcakke
      Berri Cupcakke

      No such thing as the n word pass

  • Wyvern

    They raised me and it's so wholesome seeing them grown up :)

  • Louisvanheerden

    Simon: does amazing trick Kids: wow KSI: *breathes* Kids: OMG! WOW! AMAZING!

    • Sonny Fox
      Sonny Fox

      @Ally Kunn ooh, you’re hard

    • Walker Maverick
      Walker Maverick

      Ksi did it way before that freestyle rap of ohhhhhhh came

    • Speedy Speed
      Speedy Speed

      JJ doing art skills like that

    • Stan Robertson
      Stan Robertson

      The one shout shouted f*ck off sounded like Harry

    • Samuelo

      Those kids were chavs

  • RazerJet

    How good to see couple reviewing their family archive, really happy for them))

  • Andrew Grant
    Andrew Grant

    Simon: you used any excuse for me to pull my pants down Ksimon confirmed

  • Josh G
    Josh G

    In an alternate universe we would be watching Ksi and Duncan

  • Sabatiel

    I wish I had someone who loved me like JJ and Simon love each other.

  • lolnein

    Simon: "I think our styles changes a lot." Also Simon: *wears the same Real Madrid kit for every Zidane zone video*

  • Eren Yagami
    Eren Yagami

    I feel so proud to say that I have been watching their vids since back then 😎

  • r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉
    r҉e҉d҉h҉e҉a҉d҉e҉d҉ ҉ ҉p҉s҉y҉c҉h҉o҉

    12:42 and this is where Simon and JJs relationship really started

  • The whizz kid jr
    The whizz kid jr

    You know you’re funny when you’re laughing at your old recordings and not cringing

  • kaitlyn

    i'm laughing at the fact that jj *wanted* simon to say the 'n' word 😂

    • Migiggle

      @Samaale-Orma🦁 ratiooooo

    • Astronaut Guy
      Astronaut Guy

      Bruh this reply section 🗿

    • Samaale-Orma🦁

      @Crx Nathan ur name🤣🤣🤣

    • Samaale-Orma🦁

      @Migiggle stay in a child's place youre outta line

    • Migiggle

      @Samaale-Orma🦁 we do not care

  • Douxsy

    I love simon and jj’s friendship

  • Slapwho?

    You know time is flying when this is now considered an “old video”

  • God

    Dang this is genius jj just laughs a lot so everyone watching starts laughing and they think it’s entertaining

  • Usaid ahmed
    Usaid ahmed

    Simon in how to avoid a fight is just peter shufflebottom irl 😂

  • Aditya Sharma
    Aditya Sharma

    if the videos are like these, i'm definitely gonna watch them, they're funny

  • Jhon Yuzon
    Jhon Yuzon

    I'm watching this at 12 midnight and I'm trying myself so hard not to laugh cause I'm in my friends house lol🤣

  • Relatable

    When you come to the point that you are reacting to an old video of ksi and simon reacting to old videos. 😂

  • Jafair1

    Coming back here near the end of 2021 to appreciate them reacting to the golden years of content

  • XDtriple OG
    XDtriple OG

    In skill school, did anyone else realise how young Callux was compared to now.

    • Obito Uchiha
      Obito Uchiha

      From recessed jaw to recessed jaw. Wow

    • candy suxx
      candy suxx

      What video is 13:00

    • Jeppe Baggesen
      Jeppe Baggesen

      Every 60 seconds a minut passes

    • Louie Hyndman
      Louie Hyndman

      I was in the back of that group of kids

    • GhostKiller

      Yeah he's voice sounds so different then and now

  • Lord Shags
    Lord Shags

    Ksi is such a madlad that even his future self laughs at his past self's videos

  • A Great White Shorse
    A Great White Shorse

    JJ: you’re fit as in healthy, not sexually chill Reddit: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that

  • Architi Batra
    Architi Batra

    Watching 2017 KSI react to old videos in 2021 makes me feel so old.

  • Sweet kitty cat
    Sweet kitty cat

    I love jjs laugh it also makes me laugh🤣

  • John Holywell
    John Holywell

    Make more videos like the ones you were reacting to!!! #bringbackoldKSI

    • Ahmed Raed
      Ahmed Raed

      John H yes

    • LycanTheSicken SICK
      LycanTheSicken SICK

      Honey Monster fuck off

    • Kieran Carr
      Kieran Carr

      John H yes

    • T x
      T x


    • Carlo Gamer
      Carlo Gamer

      John H yay bring him back

  • Vetklo

    Nothing beats old KSI, love him still but since YT changed etc he really cant be like this aswell

  • _Ghosty_

    3 years later: Ksi and Simon: in today’s video we are going to be reacting to our old videos!!!

  • Zach Smdjdjd
    Zach Smdjdjd

    I like how Simon could hear jj was talking and really wanted to hear what he has to say. They really are a sweet couple 12:13 😂

  • Try being me
    Try being me

    KSI: I can’t hit a guy with glasses. Deji: am I a joke to you?

  • BO55_H4MZ4H —
    BO55_H4MZ4H —

    JJ:we don’t even talk to Duncan anymore😂😂 Simon:(doesn’t laugh). Me:another one

    • ïzmïr s.
      ïzmïr s.

      @Red_Back he was never a virgin after all.

    • Speedy Speed
      Speedy Speed

      I diden’t know Simon was the type of guy to do that 0_o

    • Luka Eric
      Luka Eric

      Does duncan have a yt channel

    • Aaron Masivi
      Aaron Masivi

      @Red_Back yea and they beefed on Twitter back in the day

    • Red_Back

      @That weird Guy bruh the vid was like 4-5 fucking years ago


    No matter what he always smiles 😊☺ it's a great star of the day 0:25

  • Dylan

    Harry: The old KSI will never be topped! r/ksi: nothing but the truth

  • Esther fagbemi
    Esther fagbemi

    They're friendship is goals ❤

  • GaUtAm Jain
    GaUtAm Jain

    This was funny. Good job!

  • Paige Cotton
    Paige Cotton

    This is one of those videos that I can watch over and over again and I still laugh like it's the first time. Jj and Simon together are forever my favorite combination. 💞

    • Avicii Tributes
      Avicii Tributes


    • Kanon Gibbons
      Kanon Gibbons


    • cAN a sad human being get subs?? Lmfao idek
      cAN a sad human being get subs?? Lmfao idek

      Paige Cotton cringe

    • Munjab Vlogs
      Munjab Vlogs


  • Lochlan White
    Lochlan White

    They should do a reaction to this vid now that it's so old 😂

  • Evan Harbisher
    Evan Harbisher

    Me in 2021: I actually feel bad for Duncan, he could be rich and part of the sidemen, he really missed out

  • ElmaxVoid

    almost 4 years later and still a banger

  • Danyal Ahmed
    Danyal Ahmed


  • Panah

    *Anyone else a fan of the old videos they made?!* 😂👌

    • DR1LL3R

      horvath ilona it7

    • ThatOneFruit ThatIsTasty
      ThatOneFruit ThatIsTasty

      Jamaica's Football Expert fuck off and stop advertising ur channel

    • Horvath Ilona
      Horvath Ilona

      Number thousand like

    • D

      Magic OG or actually put in the effort like every other person has to and stop being pathetic

    • Ssniper WolfXx
      Ssniper WolfXx


  • Milk

    I love this vid I can't stop laughing

  • HeyImDzrk

    I love how Simon pulls out a bucket of KFC and they just like "OK ok we gucci" 😂

  • guming it
    guming it

    iam happy to see jj and his girlfriend being back together

  • AS7

    Tbh after this video I started watching KSIs of vids and I couldn't breathe KSI is legit da funniest ITmoresr back in da day

  • Aditya Maanas
    Aditya Maanas

    8:30 I have a feeling that Simon knows exactly what happened to Duncan.

    • Goodbye

      @TuPaTy it's a joke g

    • TuPaTy

      @Avert Extra but he's virgin

    • Avert Extra
      Avert Extra

      Simon fucked Duncan’s girl

    • hogsndogsaustralia

      Probably killed him 🤭😧

    • Alfred Mang
      Alfred Mang

      They should do a video titled: Whatever happened to Duncan. Then vlog it as they are searching for him.

  • fets angatsac
    fets angatsac

    1:31 why is no one talking about how their heads going down at the exact same time😳🤯😅

    • Akash

      That too ,with a noise

    • SoloAlex2005

      It's the same with how Jj's parents both adjust their glasses during the interview after ksi v logan 2.

    • Luci

      They have a very special connection

    • NuggetCops


    • respect waman
      respect waman


  • E A
    E A

    Old jj: gets annoyed because of a dead pixel. Present jj:doesn’t activate windows.

  • Franz Reyes
    Franz Reyes

    the old ksi can never br topped!!!

  • Jan

    *We need a part 2 of this jj*

  • MINO

    JJ: your a fit cop Simon: in what way Also JJ: not sexually god Also: Simon: ohh😐😔 Edit: thanks for the likes 🙂

    • candy suxx
      candy suxx

      What video is 13:00

    • Maddie Jonas
      Maddie Jonas

      @Rayyan A he has a gf lol 😂 but there is a hide an among us video where Vik kills jj and Simon and he said “look, here is Simon and his boyfriend jj” and then Simon crawled on top of jj 😂😂😂

    • Upslang

      Hotel: trivago

    • MINO

      @Meme Heaven tell me who you go for coz starting to think Collingwood made it further than you

    • Meme Heaven
      Meme Heaven

      @MINO what does that have to do with Collingwood being crap

  • ohnowillow

    13 minutes of pure laughter 😂😂😂

  • Kieran LittleTA
    Kieran LittleTA

    They reacting to the best videos they’ve ever made like they are embarrassing lol

  • Will

    all those old videos are actually comedic gold tho

  • Saucyx

    They need to do another one of these

  • Fearless

    this is hilarious. i cant sstop laughing. i swear

  • Hiru

    As a wise man once said 'the old KSI will never be topped'

  • jordan southern
    jordan southern

    They’re so cute together, you can really see the intimacy between them

  • Spidah

    KSI’s laugh gives me *life*

    • Mellow

      PumaX u Should here dejis

    • Scopes

      How dare you say that Dick

    • luxi priz
      luxi priz

      Shut up

    • wyvern

      you can say that again

    • hyakkimaru u
      hyakkimaru u

      It's Whatever LMAO

  • Jacx

    The fighting vid made me laugh so hard 😂

  • Danyar Almahama
    Danyar Almahama

    Why does Simon feel like he’s so embarrassed 😳

  • Dizy XD
    Dizy XD

    i feel bad for simon for noone cheering him on

  • Bruv Bruv
    Bruv Bruv

    Your both are jokes together 😂😂😂

  • Ali Mezher
    Ali Mezher

    8:25 Simon looks like he’s hiding something about Duncan...

    • candy suxx
      candy suxx

      What video is 13:00

    • stephanie v
      stephanie v


    • MonkeGamer

      He plays minecraft now

    • Samuelo

      Fair play to Simon

    • Risheen Dab
      Risheen Dab

      Amazing Gamer325 fuck off your so jarring

  • Michael Alex
    Michael Alex

    These videos are classic you gotta come back after a while

  • Ziddy2

    old KSI is the epidemy of f'ing hilarious.

  • Blakes Fat
    Blakes Fat

    These two are the best duo best mates for life

  • Akin Aguda
    Akin Aguda

    Now this video is old and needs to be reacted to

  • najeebsg 78
    najeebsg 78

    jj:s hair is perfect in this video compared to now

    • weave snatched
      weave snatched

      Lmao the fact that it got worse

    • Mouad Granderson
      Mouad Granderson

      Javi Slice nah dreads look better long

    • franc -
      franc -

      Kevin Shadow yea they’re called Congo’s when multiple dreads form together and in this video his hair isn’t even locked

    • javislice _
      javislice _

      you know that's how dreads work right? they usually look better when they're smaller and tamed, rather than how his ended up.

    • Vivek Chinnee
      Vivek Chinnee


  • Liam

    8:24 Simon's being silent because Duncan's hid in his basement

  • Dougie

    you can watch the old ksi's videos and they are still funny

  • Gareth Rees
    Gareth Rees

    Respect to Ksi though for the grind. He went from a Citroen to a lambo

  • Zakai Hooper
    Zakai Hooper

    Simon should be penny wise he’d play the part well

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson

    I wise man once said “the old KSI will never be topped”

  • Adam Mcredmond
    Adam Mcredmond

    We need another one of these

  • Blue Blade
    Blue Blade

    Simon really dodged the bullet of cancel culture all those years ago.

  • Zita ks
    Zita ks

    Those videos wouldn’t last a day without hate nowadays 😂

  • matymgy

    You know your channel is old when a reacting to old videos video is old

  • chase lipman
    chase lipman

    Ksi:what r u doing Him:does random shit Ksi: *RAGE INTENSIFYS*

  • Arian A
    Arian A

    Omg i laughed my ass off😂😂😂

  • BradyBeast

    3:06 imagine someone seeing this and calling the police🤣

  • Ar Lu
    Ar Lu

    8:32 simon knows something we don't know 😂😂

    • Ryan Robinson
      Ryan Robinson

      He started using heroin

    • vanyza x1
      vanyza x1

      He knows what happened to Duncan

    • Aland Patpanathan
      Aland Patpanathan

      Ladicius ikr he looking suspicious

    • Bowen liu
      Bowen liu

      Ladicius I

    • Cedimetric

      Ladicius *OOF* *666* *LIKES*

  • resxrf

    Jj was still really funny back then

  • Lukey-HK

    Such a classic video even tho it’s just a reaction video lol

  • Craph Editz
    Craph Editz

    In this video they were trying to hide the ksimon relationship

  • mr mojooo
    mr mojooo

    the old sidemen can never ever be topped

  • Lilian D
    Lilian D

    You need to make more videos with Simon this is so funny 😂😂😂

  • SirSpectacular

    Jj needs to do a reaction to this reaction just for the lols.

  • loo l
    loo l

    is nobody gonna say how the old ksi had rock solid abs

  • Nathan C
    Nathan C

    Ksi and Simon fighting scene is hilarious

  • HarishHuMeh

    I want them to do , reacting to our old reaction videos

  • _ Sp7ros _
    _ Sp7ros _

    Don’t just react to videos like this, Do more videos like these