Fam...This weekend...A storm is coming...


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  • Vishnu G
    Vishnu G

    You have no idea how much I sided for Harry when this happened.

    • vv The Talentless Duo
      vv The Talentless Duo


    • BoredToBitz

      Me too

    • Carl Wheezer
      Carl Wheezer

      You were a clown

    • Jou t7
      Jou t7

      I didnt know back then much about the sidemen, but harry disstracks were so good, so maybe I sided bit in Harry side, while I was enjoying the disstrack beef that was going on with Harry and JJ. Others had also bready good disstracks, but still straight off Harry and JJ disstrack beef was the best disstrack beef there was.

    • Carl Newbit
      Carl Newbit

      What happend?


    Harry's rap skills aren't good but his lyrics are ultimate🔥🔥

    • GABZ

      True mate

    • XNorthEast


    • Knathan Knathan
      Knathan Knathan

      He literally sounds like LostNUnbound and he sucks

    • Ayo😳


    • Jou t7
      Jou t7

      Yes he has not much rapping experience, but he made sure his lyrics are great and his lyrics are made to diss other person deep into like what about his life to it become actual great disstrack, when its disstrack, so the lyrics for dissing must be great.

  • adamxero

    Harry is the only one who can get under KSI's skin with bars.

    • Raven’s Claw
      Raven’s Claw

      @Joshua Van niekerk what..... no

    • Aavishkar Singh
      Aavishkar Singh

      Quadeca slayed him tho

    • Ryan olsen
      Ryan olsen

      @Joshua Van niekerk true

    • Ross Fowler
      Ross Fowler

      @Joshua Van niekerk naw

    • 9 M Josh
      9 M Josh

      Fr fr fr fr fr

  • Adriana Benitez
    Adriana Benitez

    KSI: I’ll destroy anyone in a diss track but harry, he scares me

    • HARI

      ITmores industry's eminem - harry da 🐐

    • Mason Mount
      Mason Mount

      @The Truth yes

    • T S Arun Sankar
      T S Arun Sankar

      Simon is also a good competition, he destroyed Deji 😂😂😂

    • Zood Lood
      Zood Lood

      @Luka Batkovic lol

    • Sunny 123
      Sunny 123

      Trust me he is not that guy pal trust me

  • Christopher Aoun
    Christopher Aoun

    I know its a bit late, but Harry absolutely destroyed you...

    • Richard Coterie
      Richard Coterie


    • Leatile Motsheja
      Leatile Motsheja

      @Garima Are u challenging me?

    • Garima

      @Mees You Challenge Me?

    • Mees

      @Shinravfx are u challenging me?

    • Jupke 1
      Jupke 1

      @Ishaan Tyagi this is like a graveyard

  • SquareBraceX2

    lowkey, JJ is scared of Harry - Harry established himself as the Alpha of the group through these tracks lol.

    • SquareBraceX2

      @Harsh Khatriyou deny the concept of alphas while using "bruh" in a sentence. Big oof.

    • Yan Laroche
      Yan Laroche

      @Harsh Khatri and to bring it back to the point, Harry is the omega because he levitates above all of that

    • Yan Laroche
      Yan Laroche

      @Harsh Khatri so you think that alphas and betas is a thing of power only? Its a whole lot more than that my guy, it goes as far as, if your group starts fighting who takes the lead and stops it before it all goes wrong? It runs deeper than "im the alpha", maybe alpha/beta is too negative for my little snowflake, would you prefer we used leader? Or is the concept of a leader too oppressive?

    • Harsh Khatri
      Harsh Khatri

      @Yan Laroche if you don't realise that everything isn't some power game and you can just be a group of peeps chillin without fuckin agendas you are already way too 5 year old

    • Yan Laroche
      Yan Laroche

      @Harsh Khatri if you dont realise that there are betas and alphas outside of dog packs youre loosing already, sorry mate

  • Oliver Glen
    Oliver Glen

    This was the only time THE KSI was defeated

    • AntiSocialAS

      icl ur definitely forgetting about little boy. harry got bodied

    • Immoldo TK
      Immoldo TK

      @R50 Maybe Quadeca but Netnobody? Lol fuck no

    • Hasan Makhani
      Hasan Makhani

      @R50 bruh ksi litreally got netnobodys baby mama ksi killed net nobody

    • KreeTheGreat

      @R50 net nobody didn't do shit bro lmao

    • GG

      Don't forget about Ethan


    No matter what Harry does, you can’t hate him

    • Yoshi

      and his accent ties it all together

    • Flamin Mongrel
      Flamin Mongrel

      @Magician's Bread i mean what does it matter if he plays other games gotta play ehat you gotta play

    • Max Matthews
      Max Matthews

      Ehhhhhhhh It’s debatable

    • 𝕔𝕙𝕒𝕟𝕠𝕖𝕪ꨄ︎

      @It's Nyaku nop

    • It's Nyaku
      It's Nyaku

      @Magician's Bread man stopped playing fifa

  • pro

    jj was dying on the inside

    • Ross Fowler
      Ross Fowler

      @longassusernamelmao shhhhhh

    • William Shakespeare
      William Shakespeare

      @RAIDERS 4liFe what's the meaning of sideman

    • Flamin Mongrel
      Flamin Mongrel

      @James S. hahahahah good job

    • Rest in Peace Kobe
      Rest in Peace Kobe

      @James S. cringebag

    • James S.
      James S.

      @pink famm faam faaam

  • Mateusz Szymczak
    Mateusz Szymczak

    Let's be honest we all hated jj when he left the sidemen. Thankfully he's back

    • Ry Kar
      Ry Kar

      He never left

    • KreeTheGreat

      @ツ mrmeiliⓂ️ no he didn't smh

    • BunnyAssassin007

      @Mateusz Szymczak Im like 99% sure the only hate being thrown around was between deji and the sidemen, JJ grew up with simon and all the sidemen are very good friends, It was smart and very entertaining to see the "beef" unfold. This was the golden era of youtube diss tracks lmao

    • William Shakespeare
      William Shakespeare

      @PopoSaucy what is the sideman

    • William Shakespeare
      William Shakespeare

      Who are the sidemans?

  • CD piNNNky
    CD piNNNky

    "I'm going to finish you" - After 3 years Harry's diss is still the best =]]]]

    • Boinking ya mum so hard it hurts her teeth
      Boinking ya mum so hard it hurts her teeth

      Little boy was the best

    • KreeTheGreat

      nah quadeca was more brutal

    • TheCockneyTerritory

      @Bladen League jj obviously rapped better but the disses weren’t even on harrys level

    • ComfyJam69

      @Rabeya Akter wasn’t relevant to the topic of the conversation, but yeah i guess

    • Rabeya Akter
      Rabeya Akter

      Viks is 🔥


    The fact that JJ was never able to react to Harry's 2nd diss track still makes me laugh and just reminds me that Harry literally smashed the diss track competition.

    • Moses

      @a. 1 year ago

    • a.

      @Moses no he didn’t he only reacted to it recently but around this time he said he recorded a vid of him watching it but he got so angry he couldn’t post it

    • Moses

      He did tho..

  • goose

    "you made the other guys, but you didn't make me" Vik: *laughs in Minecraft*


      vik made himself and he got brain that’s he became richer than others at a young age

    • Inly Oswitch
      Inly Oswitch

      I legit realised this today right before I saw this comment

    • Superior FT
      Superior FT

      @goose and fifa made jj

    • Young Baby
      Young Baby


    • Roman Mortimer
      Roman Mortimer

      JJ been sayin his got pecks since 2017🤣

  • XD Ikon69
    XD Ikon69

    His face went from 😀to 😯real quick at 4:25 😂

    • The Money Master
      The Money Master

      Oh yeah

    • Jin

      I felt peak for him

    • Zig Zoinks
      Zig Zoinks

      4:07 as well. 💀💀

  • kLashXD

    Looking back at this, the fact that jj and harry became such good mates again is actually amazing.

    • TMONEY official
      TMONEY official

      It was all fake. They admitted the beefs were fake

    • 99 9
      99 9

      Harry didn’t even try it was all banter to him😂

    • Kait

      Can someone tell me what happened between them

  • Cam Rawlings
    Cam Rawlings

    you don’t fuck with harry, he’s the smartest of the sidemen

    • Ace

      No he’s the most childish one

    • JakovicDedek

      Vik: Am I joke to you?

    • Maheer Ahanaf
      Maheer Ahanaf

      The truth is Smart:-Zerkaa(Josh) Smart(From games):-Vikkstar123(Vikram) Smart(From jokes and other stuff):-W2S(Harry lewis)

    • Ciarah

      @Isaac Eugene it is tho, his brain works different

    • Will Russell
      Will Russell

      What you think being quick witted isn’t linked to intelligence?

  • Ryanhasmanners

    Ksi: this has declared war Harry: this isn’t even a diss track, just wait

  • Pranerlichidrink

    I love how the smile from ksi's face disappears more and more as Harry's bars keep dropping

  • Rextek

    I love how he is just sitting there, "AHH HARRY, you little drug addict you are absolutely destroying me stop it"

  • Hassan Mutaib
    Hassan Mutaib

    Rumour has it Harry's diss tracks made Ksi return to sidemen. 😂😂

  • Nimzo

    Why Harry won this: Harry’s track perfectly balances comedy with devastating personal attacks. This kept it entertaining, whilst baiting JJ into making little boy. You can see how much it gets under JJ’s skin, and while little boy is obviously the better track, “KSI sucks” will always be more popular because it wasn’t taken seriously by anyone but JJ, and is entertaining which is ultimately what ITmores is all about.

  • Kayla Wearne
    Kayla Wearne

    KSIs face when he said "let's talk about your mother " has my dead😂😂

  • Prophet #3 aka genius
    Prophet #3 aka genius

    Years later I’m amazed at how the sidemen actually became what they are now. And how jjs career has actually blown through the roof.

  • DeductiveFan01

    You cannot beat Harrys diss track its just too good. Even when JJ tries super hard, Harry's one is still better

  • Sam wardlow
    Sam wardlow

    You can’t watch this video without smiling and laughing the whole time lol

  • Tapiwa Moyo
    Tapiwa Moyo

    JJ: your bringing family into this? Also JJ: always talking about his mum and sister every time he’s around him

  • Rando

    I love how ksi is just laughing the whole time 😂

  • Louis

    “The fact is you’ve killed more babies than tracks” - the actual most underrated lyric in this song

  • ardian10

    I came back here after years and it's just fucking beautiful how you can clearly see JJ it's boiling inside from anger watching this 🤣. Harry is the only one that actually hurt JJ in whole this beef shit, good they on the same side now.

  • George Davies
    George Davies

    It never fails to make me laugh how pressed jj gets at this🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • I Karzer
    I Karzer

    4:23 made me laugh 😂 so hard (again)

  • Rishabh

    W2S: "Ricegum got more views on one of his songs than your whole EP" JJ in 2020: "Alright lets check his monthly listeners"

  • MrH

    I love how ksi fans are real I respect that.Harry destroyed ksi twice

  • Subhash Bhandari
    Subhash Bhandari

    This is complete destruction. Just look at JJ's face😂

  • Jefferson Jefferson
    Jefferson Jefferson

    Harry’s delivery was so good and funny(in a good way)

  • Nihal R
    Nihal R

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the few instances where our fatneek lost, to an immensely powerful opponent nonetheless

  • Ibrahim Murad
    Ibrahim Murad

    rewatchin this reminds me why i love when the sidemen are friends

  • Nero

    Says he's gonna destroy Harry... Proceeds to get destroyed by Harry again

    • dora pinisetti
      dora pinisetti

      @JP DeGraves nah they all said harry's first diss nd ksi's little boy is often called the best 2

    • Yusuf daniswara
      Yusuf daniswara

      @777 dont mind them, just bunch of loser with no father figure

    • 777

      Peple arguing about a fight that happened years ago lol

    • tom roberts
      tom roberts

      @Spidey stfu no one cares

    • Almighty 5
      Almighty 5

      Harry destroyed him

  • Kunal Bisht
    Kunal Bisht

    I can see JJ's pain in his smile 😂😂😂

  • Lauren Daly
    Lauren Daly

    JJ’s so defensive he’s just like no lies while Harry’s just like yeah that’s fair 😂😂

    • シ 𝙷𝚊𝚡𝚂𝚘 シ
      シ 𝙷𝚊𝚡𝚂𝚘 シ

      Sister you mean brother?

  • _O.W.S_

    Watching this 4 years on, and jesus I could not stop laughing xD

  • Hxllyspxrkles_

    JJ's laugh ugh I just LOVE IT MAN 🔥🔥😂💯

  • darkraid._ ;
    darkraid._ ;

    I'm not lying but that diss track was FIRE

    • John V
      John V

      For real

    • Rl Parody’s
      Rl Parody’s

      Fake Supreme I agree

    • Akash ӝ
      Akash ӝ

      It was

    • Jafeber 2
      Jafeber 2

      DarkRaider _ He blasted KSI!

    • MiroXD


  • ErikGodinez

    Harry is the only one who actually did a good job against jj

  • GhostGaming81

    KSI is good with the rap, but Harry, damn he is a straight up God with the lyrics

  • Jasim Khan
    Jasim Khan

    Never gets old.

  • Lucy Lothian
    Lucy Lothian

    You know what I think my absolute favorite part of this reaction is? It's that you can see a notable difference between KSI's reactions when Harry targets his FAMILY & MUSIC (the line about creature, and tommy gun, and his EP, and his mom/brother) vs. when he targets KSI's BOXING. He keeps pauses and getting mad and even giving Harry props and having to defend himself when he brings those up. But when Harry says "When you fight Joe Weller, you're gonna get dropped." KSI barely blinks. It's legit just like. He just says "Nope" and skips over it. No emotion. No pause. No need to defend himself. No excuses. Not even an ounce of respect to that line. And it's so hilarious to think about how much that line just bounced off KSI especially considering he DID beat Joe and he DID beat Logan.

  • hella-flush

    I want to hear more about this Lamborghini crash

    • Lorcán 2889
      Lorcán 2889

      @Straight Dagger it was a joke

    • fortnite_ god
      fortnite_ god

      @Sabina Kolber Logan f him up in the fight

    • fortnite_ god
      fortnite_ god


    • Jimlard Johnson
      Jimlard Johnson

      It was a little toy car

    • Calvin EU
      Calvin EU

      He destroyed a toy car

  • Saksham Sikarwar
    Saksham Sikarwar

    4:24 The change in his face as soon as he starts talking about his mum. This "beef" was so fun to watch 😂😂😂

  • Super Crystal
    Super Crystal

    4:44 that laugh will never get old

  • Ellis Kennett
    Ellis Kennett

    I just remembered these were a thing and needed to re watch these, I like how jj actually reacted to it and didn’t just pause every two verses and be like “ only two disses”

  • matija leva
    matija leva

    4:25 I love how JJ looked at harry when he said about his mother.

  • Fatazo 1997
    Fatazo 1997

    Before Harry’s disstrack KSI was dead for me. That whole beef between them got me back. And the fact that they are so close friends now makes me like them more.

  • pratham kotarya
    pratham kotarya

    You can see the pain behind jjs smile and laughs

  • CaydzPlayz _21
    CaydzPlayz _21

    Harry's too good bro he destroyed ksi by far the fact that he and Simon are my favorite sidemen makes it even better

  • Donna kebab
    Donna kebab

    Ksi: I'm going to finish you harry Harry: finished ksi's music dreams

  • King of the Dorks
    King of the Dorks

    When everything else fails Harry always dropping something completely unexpected lmao

  • Kiyotaka Ayanokōji
    Kiyotaka Ayanokōji

    JJ won't ever admit it but this was the best disstrack by far. Complete destruction.

  • Lana Shali
    Lana Shali

    I love how KSI kinda just admitted that harrys diss track was good too, he didn’t try to crap on it 10/10


    bro the way he broke that thing shows how mad he was damn he fired back hard and he hs never got so mad on someone calling his pecks tits bro you could see the anger

  • PJ McGuire
    PJ McGuire

    Ksi and w2s laughing all the way to the bank. Respect

    • DizzyFizzy420

      Yeah it was fake but it was so entertaining especially when nothing was happening at the time, this beef made everyone some to talk about

    • Michael Anthony
      Michael Anthony

      Most entertainments you enjoy are fake but somehow p still laugh. Massive marketing ploy

    • Yez Zir
      Yez Zir

      Cause it’s fake

    • Anadora Terrorblade
      Anadora Terrorblade

      Damn right 👌🏼✌🏼

  • EVA, Andrew M.
    EVA, Andrew M.

    3 years already?! This wave basically gave JJ a headstart in his Music career look where he's at now.

  • Anthony Dolce
    Anthony Dolce

    Just came back to this and you can really tell this hurt JJ 😂😂

  • Jackson Lowe
    Jackson Lowe

    The look when dread when he heard "now lets take a minute, to talk about your mother" priceless

  • Ronan Strong
    Ronan Strong

    This is still funny in 2020😂🤣

  • David Bromberg
    David Bromberg

    "I'm going to finish you" W2S destroys KSI with 2 diss tracks

    • dead inside
      dead inside

      @Albert Gjura pse mer lal mos I thuj njeriu qe je shqiptar

    • Spark

      @Albert Gjura fuck off

    • Cronos

      The thing is that most of the disses in the second diss track from W2S weren't even true.

    • Sammy T
      Sammy T

      I’m going to finish you he says Then he gets finished 😂

    • The Immortal
      The Immortal

      @GenatoX ik se po tqi vesht

  • vishxl bxthejx
    vishxl bxthejx

    Never gets old 😂

  • Nasim Mohsen
    Nasim Mohsen

    4:25 *Harry brings up jj’s mother*. Look at how jj’s face changed lol

    • B. Antony Jefic Thomas
      B. Antony Jefic Thomas

      Yo hopefully messi wins this Saturday

  • Pietro Sgado
    Pietro Sgado

    * Harry drops disstrack* KSI:I fear no man, but that THING, it scares me

  • Atomix

    Even a blind person could see the pain in JJs eyes

  • Gary Mrozinski Jr.
    Gary Mrozinski Jr.

    “Now let’s take a minute to talk about your mother” And just like that the diss track king was born😂

    • Comrade

      More like Xbox game chat

    • PeeWee315 Studios
      PeeWee315 Studios

      Nah at “Creature was shit”

  • Cruciate Ligament X
    Cruciate Ligament X

    This reaction is absolute gold


    05:53 Me when I have to share my fkin kit kat with my sister

  • Joel Jacob
    Joel Jacob

    4:24 JJ’s face DROPPED as Harry mentioned his mother lmao

  • Rahab Jericho
    Rahab Jericho

    Reaction starts at 2:25 for anyone wondering

  • Kalash Patel
    Kalash Patel

    "You made the other guys but you didn't make me" Vikk: **Laughs in 2 million from minecraft**

    • Zood Lood
      Zood Lood

      *W2S laughs in 10 Million*

    • Anime Guy
      Anime Guy

      laughs cause he is richer then ksi

    • LuCy NataS
      LuCy NataS

      Bro u guys have to realise that he made wayyyyyy more then that like really way more vikk is packing more then anybody in the sidemen with his sponsership and daily streaming he's packing much more bro

    • DHV

      I hate people who steal from others

    • mr curry
      mr curry


  • Ybn. משפחה
    Ybn. משפחה

    Still one of my favorite videos 🤣🤣

  • Voxity

    I'm still here after 3 years trying to figure out what the fuck JJ snapped in half.... PLS HELP

  • Gabriel Pule
    Gabriel Pule

    As soon as KSI heard Harry's first line his expression changed so quick lmao


    The one thing we know is absolutely true is: The old KSI will never be topped.

  • Tspas

    He literally said he loves to be proven wrong, even though in every reaction video, he won't accept the fact that he can be proven wrong is diss tracks. I love JJ but he really doesn't know what he's talking about.

  • Gaku

    4:07 the expression change on jj's face 😂

  • Reaper lb
    Reaper lb

    Coming back after 4 years , this is fun!

  • Abe De Vas •
    Abe De Vas •

    From Lord Habib to Lord KSI..... damn we’ve come a long way..

  • Bordum Beats
    Bordum Beats

    KSI got fucking bodied 😂

    • Nikolas Gonzalez
      Nikolas Gonzalez

      u guys r aids lol

    • that nigga bakugo
      that nigga bakugo

      Bordum Beats yeah stupid bitch

    • Speedy Speed
      Speedy Speed


    • ‘ inxtint
      ‘ inxtint

      Jaza Nami oh just shut up

    • James

      Jaza Nami he can do what he wants you fucking pussy

  • baba tunde
    baba tunde

    Legends still come here to watch ksi breaking whatever that was at the end...

  • RGR Gaming
    RGR Gaming

    Still the most legendary diss track out here 💯

  • Edvin Sundström
    Edvin Sundström

    JJs face when Harry said the word “mother”😂😂 4:25

  • Rafaa XD
    Rafaa XD

    Let's be honest, Harry won this

  • Sss Eeee
    Sss Eeee

    KSI lowkey still has lots of respect for W2S

    • rdty

      @ULTR4_KILL3R lmao

    • Sss Eeee
      Sss Eeee

      these diss tracks are just fun. that's all. I don't think that people are intentionally trying to be mean (maybe except for Ricegum). people just like rap and this is one big rap contest

    • crabato001

      Kristian Hollist Shame really, but why would they stop I mean every time I look* at these comments sections it's both fan 10 year old fan bases going at it, you can tell it's obviously working with the views. Real shame the way this site has gone

    • ULTR4_KILL3R


    • Dashygam HD
      Dashygam HD

      Sss Eeee maybe

  • Cartman_ Clips
    Cartman_ Clips

    4:24 look at the way his face dropped in anger 😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  • James Creations
    James Creations

    Harry's a genuine legend

  • Arjun Nair
    Arjun Nair

    5:25 You can see his grin cause he knows he’s driving KSI to the breaking point

  • The Lamb Sauce
    The Lamb Sauce

    Watching this 3 years later and I still think Harry's diss was sick

  • Miklos Argyelan
    Miklos Argyelan

    2:43 it was at this moment that JJ realized he had angered Harry to the point of no return and just done himself in

  • Ryder Holland
    Ryder Holland

    4:24 the way jj's expression changes when he realizes what was just said

  • David

    Harry and KSI’s diss war was so much more brutal than any other diss track ever because they actually knew eachother. Most diss tracks nowadays are pathetic. These were some actual diss tracks.

  • RocketMan

    I will say this Harry won, like there’s not even a question about it, in terms of actual disses Harry clearly came out on top.

  • Dr. Man
    Dr. Man

    I have to respect how calmly KSI takes this. It's like that old burning house meme with the dog *This is fine*

    • Dan Else
      Dan Else

      @TTVmorte3 no he didn't, such a overused comeback. *cries* yeah I know you cried a lot.

    • Sheggy 365
      Sheggy 365

      MylesXgaming 😭😂😂😭😭

    • TTVmorte3

      Fast Boi productions then he stops recording then cries in bed

  • Penguin

    if harry did everything perfectly, bro you would be GRILLED