What Is It Like To Be Black?

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  • 123Agidee _
    123Agidee _

    Back when everyone just laughed at this and didn’t get offended

    • bubbli

      @Gamingdude 1234 nah but the whole point of this video is that he's making fun of black stereotypes

    • Gamingdude 1234
      Gamingdude 1234

      @bubbli I wish that were true but some people are just over fragile about everything

    • bubbli

      no one's getting offended with this video

    • Alexander Figueroa
      Alexander Figueroa

      Man I miss those day’s, people get offended by anything now

    • Sebastian Castellanos
      Sebastian Castellanos

      Reminds me of Dave’s special on Netflix

  • DankScole

    Back when ITmores was a family and we could just laugh 😂

    • Nibba

      @Alec Gurney Back when there wasn't people like you

    • Ape_ Kop
      Ape_ Kop

      @Alec Gurney racism had gottan less in the last 10 years but not so much that you can make that argument

    • Ibrahim Faisal
      Ibrahim Faisal


    • Kamsi Machie
      Kamsi Machie


    • Lil JuiceBox05
      Lil JuiceBox05

      Did you say family ?

  • Fernando Castillo
    Fernando Castillo

    People thinking this is racist... when it's just making a joke about how racists see black people.

    • The Animation Master
      The Animation Master

      Dirty Dan majority of people like it, and there aren’t many severe issues that were created from these videos. Sometimes people like you don’t fully understand this type of humour. It’s so stereotypically stupid in a way for people to appreciate it. Think of this as sarcasm, and not racism.

    • CheeseCircle

      @Dirty Dan go back to your ice castle you snowflake

    • Joonas

      @Dirty Dan Didn't ask + ratio

    • Vedaant

      @Dirty Dan Snowflake !

    • David

      @Kyle Da G uhhmm are you daft? Racial stereotype is racism. You are stereotyping a person based on his/her presumed race .

  • snqwei

    So this is what happens when I search up “Random Black Guy” huh

    • Assyrian Empire
      Assyrian Empire

      I searched black dude just to have an example since google didn’t even work 🤣 I’m dutch we don’t have many black people and someone had never seen one😅

    • Vurrl

      Don’t worry, we’re on the same boat now

    • Junior

      Why are you searching this?

    • Fellow


    • Josuke

      @Fish_speckle SAMEEW

  • Taco 13
    Taco 13

    Who is here after ksi did not include this gold into his top 10 videos?

    • Kingpremsky Yo
      Kingpremsky Yo


    • TicklishMonster

      i came here after watching the meme review after ksi said just type in "random black guy" and this vid popped up so yeah

    • King Kai
      King Kai

      @Fhfifnfjf Mexican is not a race it's a citzen from a country

    • r6er

      @Knight2x true

    • ZealisrealFan

      Nah First thing to come up when you type random black dude lol

  • GhøstSkull

    i miss the good old days when people wasn't a sensitive snowflake, imagine someone did this in 2021 ppl on Twitter will lose their minds, Damn.. sometimes i feel like i want to go back to 2013 those were the days man.

    • Wrestling Anime 4life
      Wrestling Anime 4life

      Lmao you guys live in a fairy tail. People were always triggered by everything seriously did forgot how much heat South Park during its first release? Or Michael Jackson song They Don't care about Us because it used certain words deemed inappropriate? Or when Rock music was literally accused of bad behaviour

    • Mike nj
      Mike nj

      @ItzDivij23XX He's black tho, if he was white and he made this now then he would be crucified

    • GhøstSkull

      @Elijah Kendall True

    • Elijah Kendall
      Elijah Kendall

      I wish we could go back to 2013 as well everywhere you look people are just push overs and are offended by something that isn’t even closely related to them.

    • ItzDivij23XX

      Dude in 2021 people would get him frickin executed over this joke video

  • WolverFN

    1:39 Simons running gets me every time 😂

  • Diego Campos
    Diego Campos

    imagine if someone did this in 2020...

    • Ben is Blunt
      Ben is Blunt

      If a white dude did this, yeah, they'd be fucked. If a black guy did it, and it was funny... like this, it would be as successful as it was back then

    • Samaale-Orma🦁

      @ELMTHEBOT wow edgy kid

    • Samaale-Orma🦁

      @Jayanta Kumar Dwibedi ur indian not white, mind ur own business

    • Iconic_ Glory
      Iconic_ Glory

      Cancel Culture at its finest


      @Ikem Ikekpeazu if you are more aware of it it means that it has increased niggaa

  • Tasty Bocoo
    Tasty Bocoo

    Lets just pay respect for the legend at 1:35 for nailing that shot with the knee

  • LSwish

    He really went from this to fighting in the staples center


      Crypto Arena*

    • Fidel Dequeemani
      Fidel Dequeemani

      Real rap

    • Charlie freestone aves
      Charlie freestone aves

      What do u mean "from this"

    • Indrajit Das
      Indrajit Das

      Hello What does it feel to be Gaeeeeee

    • Kaiden Gallagher
      Kaiden Gallagher

      I know he really let him self go

  • jamie midge
    jamie midge

    1:58 is the best 10 seconds in youtube history, fight me.

    • HalloIAmweird


    • Ronnie Lobeki
      Ronnie Lobeki

      Those facial expressions 🤣

    • Socks Boii
      Socks Boii

      Are u sure fam? I'm on the same side as you.

  • PlasmaCODM

    Im glad I dint grow up to tiktok and grew up watching legendary videos like these

    • Elijah Kendall
      Elijah Kendall

      @DarkzRavenz same I look at my fellow Gen Z and most of the time I’m disgusted because of cringe Tik Tok users, and sensitive push overs

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      @DarkzRavenz agreed

    • Do Nathan
      Do Nathan

      same bruh and I'm part of Gen Z

    • DarkzRavenz

      @Carl emperor and they try to cancel others. I remember cancel was just a word just for computers.

    • DarkzRavenz

      @Carl emperor ikr

  • Tj mj
    Tj mj

    It's a tradition to watch this every once in a while

  • Comic Sans
    Comic Sans

    This was recommended to me just now, 7 years after it was uploaded. Love it, I think it's funny. Honestly I think humor is the key to stopping racism, we gotta learn how to laugh at each other and laugh at ourselves. Then I *think* in theory, we shall all be equal and even.

    • Alyx

      Good point

  • Laolu

    As a wise man once said: “The old KSI will never be topped”

    • Jacek

      Bruh stfu everyone comments that

    • Amin Hussain
      Amin Hussain

      A wise man once said, "That's mad uno, but did I ask?". He will never be topped - Joseph

    • Rodi

      You have brain disease

    • Allen Iverson
      Allen Iverson

      Looks like someone cant make a original comment

    • I Rant
      I Rant

      Just like wanting the old Frank back

  • Thelonelywanker84

    I love it when people just embrace the stereotyping and the racism. At the end of the day it means NOTHING.

  • mJordan

    This KSI was so funny man. Something I’d never experience again. The nostalgia... forever my favourite ITmoresr

  • Victor Udo
    Victor Udo

    1:39 best clip on the internet 😤

    • CottonDog

      Is this look like a clip channel to you

    • WilddShroom

      Is this look like a clip channel to you

    • shivinho

      Is this look like a clip channel to you

    • P.A.W Official
      P.A.W Official

      Is this look like a clip channel to you

    • TCOrphan

      Is this look like a clip channel to you

  • AdvBad

    From making quality immature skits to making proper music, he did come a long way

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    Took me almost 8 years to realize JJ wakes up at 9 PM.

    • Egg

      Mr president

    • Awaking Bare
      Awaking Bare

      That's early af for darkness

    • A Persona
      A Persona

      yo i was today years old when i understood the swimming part

    • RattyVlogger

      @Barack Obama the comment was a joke but its not illegal for someone to look at your about page lmao

    • RattyVlogger

      @Barack Obama he can look at your about page if he wants lmao

  • XI Diaries
    XI Diaries

    Never gets old. Pure brilliance

  • ARTAN Xhopi
    ARTAN Xhopi

    The ending made me laugh so hard!

  • thephilipshow

    This never gets old!

  • nah

    The fact that this has more views and likes then fresh outta london from Jake Paul The old KSI will never be Topped

    • chefbenito gameing
      chefbenito gameing

      And when he fights joe weller hes gunna get dropped

    • JpDaKing

      Why the fuck do you lot like to talk about garbage so much Trash Paul wasn't even a thing in this golden era why bring it up fam

    • TeeBee

      It's also 8 years old

  • Pintexx

    Gonna tell my kids this was Martin Luther king jr.

    • Dirty Dan
      Dirty Dan

      You're a loser.

    • ntr

      I’m gonna tell my children that edp 445 was obama

    • Zoxity ._.
      Zoxity ._.

      Eat your cereal

    • Leticia Diaz
      Leticia Diaz

      Plizry ofc the Fortnite kid would say this

    • Fc Barcaray
      Fc Barcaray


  • TheZeoKing

    I am convinced that this is the best skit ever put on the internet

  • George eady
    George eady

    i still find it crazy how this man is now on nearly every uk radio station

  • Joonas

    Petition for JJ to make a part 2 of this or remake this one

  • minhaaa

    This will always be one of my favorite videos

  • Pasta Consortium 1999
    Pasta Consortium 1999

    Jesus Christ, if this was even tried today

    • Ben is Blunt
      Ben is Blunt

      If a white dude did this, yeah, they'd be fucked. If a black guy did it, and it was funny... like this, it would be as successful as it was back then

    • sayak roy
      sayak roy

      @DSW22 And u forgot "internalized racism"

    • DSW22

      Doxxed, banned from banks and social media, alienated from family, accused of being a secret “White supremacist”, threatened, stalked and harassed.

    • Orange Boy
      Orange Boy

      @HarrisonStarr but he’s black and nobody cares abt the opinion of a few white girls , they have no power beyond Twitter

    • Koolkid

      Lol I assure you nothing would happen. Now stfu.

  • Sushánt Aryál
    Sushánt Aryál

    This was the hardest I ever laughed in like 3 months

  • Do Nathan
    Do Nathan

    god I miss the old days of ITmores when I was a youngin watching old KSI. This right here was always one of my favorite ITmores videos

  • Codami

    Ladies and Gentlemen, It has been 8 years since this Legendary video came out.

  • Unknown_Unfound

    I loved this time where ITmores was for everyone who just wanted to laugh

  • Hamza

    nobody: simon: being angry at simon for saying the n-word

    • rick0933

      Twitter aswell

    • skdhksndnks skjdjsjf
      skdhksndnks skjdjsjf

      @M.Muhtadi wdym

    • J Wash
      J Wash

      @Cosmic but u could still be the 125th?

    • Stanley GlueGun Kelly
      Stanley GlueGun Kelly

      RYSE Mel lol on the ground laughing at this fucktarded soldeie

    • radiant rookie
      radiant rookie

      rayray_WRLD ondrgs Agreed

  • TeknoVFX

    Ah yes the very question I ask myself before going to bed: "What does it feel like to be black."

  • Griffengamer 031
    Griffengamer 031

    This video will never get old


    Hilarious to this day 😂

  • Karthik Pratheep
    Karthik Pratheep

    1:06 that start is something that always makes me laugh

  • Mr. DerpyPanda
    Mr. DerpyPanda

    Imagine if he uploaded this now. Everyone would be freaking out calling it offensive and it would be on world news.

    • Al Gonzo
      Al Gonzo

      @ኣዝማሪኖ Habesha But people werent that easily offended back then, so you are wrong.

    • Benni

      no wtf noone cares cuz he makin this vid as a black person

    • Atomic, Conservative Skunk
      Atomic, Conservative Skunk

      ABSOLUTE FACTS! I hate liberals and lazy people

    • lamo o
      lamo o

      Bruh he’s offending his own race how would people be freaking out

    • Invader

      Not really since he's black

  • Sean Mackay
    Sean Mackay

    This was the first ksi vid I ever watched I was shown it by my black friend and he wasn’t mad I laughed at it times were simpler

  • Geoid Suave
    Geoid Suave

    2:03 was the funniest part.

  • Pink Surface
    Pink Surface

    Right from the start you killed it 😂😂

  • Sandid Shayan Shams
    Sandid Shayan Shams


  • 102

    This guy is hilarious, I think jj and ksi would get along

  • Ollie .456
    Ollie .456

    Too good of a video. If it was a movie it would get an Oscar

  • Gavin Marks
    Gavin Marks

    Not helping any stereotypes,he definitely covered all

  • IO Gaming
    IO Gaming

    Damn old things like this would be more interesting and hilarious man 😂

  • Patryk Lawrenow
    Patryk Lawrenow

    2013: KSI: What Is It Like To Be Black? 2019: ITmores: yes let's recommend this

    • Reaper Swords
      Reaper Swords

      Hell yeah

    • Waleed Kiyani
      Waleed Kiyani


    • vertex

      2020 aswell

    • F


    • Daniel Secondi
      Daniel Secondi


  • MemeLawd

    KSI is always unmatched🤣🤣😂

  • Applehead Fan
    Applehead Fan

    So you’re telling me this legend went from making random skits and playing video games to beating Logan Paul and making a song with Craig David

  • • TNG •
    • TNG •

    I laughed soo hard at the end 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jhon Yuzon
    Jhon Yuzon

    The amount of times I watched this is unreal

  • Critical Vids
    Critical Vids

    Lol this actually just ended racism

    • HHuo bbbHUIP
      HHuo bbbHUIP

      @JT jeez

    • Critical Vids
      Critical Vids

      @Mike petrella 😂

    • Mike petrella
      Mike petrella

      @Critical Vids ahahah

    • Critical Vids
      Critical Vids

      @Mike petrella you obviously 😂

    • Mike petrella
      Mike petrella

      Who cares

  • HappyMind

    Beginning killed me, the alarm scene killed me asf 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ro Bro
    Ro Bro

    Look how far this guy has gotten. Doing whatever this is... all the way to making a song with Craig David!

  • benndqo

    i searched "random black dude" and actually found him lmao

  • Lavanya V
    Lavanya V

    oh my god.this is truly HILARIOUS.

  • Mark

    How did it take me 7 years to realise Simon was the cop😂

  • CQNZR - Clips & Gameplay
    CQNZR - Clips & Gameplay

    Humour ahead of it's time.

  • oStxrmZo

    bro the end still has me crying🤣🤣

  • Meenah Alawaye
    Meenah Alawaye

    This is so hilarious😂😂😂

  • Eat your cereal
    Eat your cereal

    What a coincidence this is being recommended to me now

    • ZealisrealFan

      First thing to come up when you type random black dude lol

    • PizzaManJosh

      @Eat your cereal fuck off

    • Kamen Manev
      Kamen Manev

      OMG another talentless subscriber.

    • The dood
      The dood

      Because u are in quarantine bro

    • Rayan

      eat your cereal

  • Eliya Mok
    Eliya Mok

    So KSI told us on a pewdiepie video to type "random black dude" to find him and.... it worked !!!!

  • XSFL

    When i was very young . my brother showed me this video and i cant stop laughing LMFAO

  • Kilobite Panda
    Kilobite Panda

    Glad JJ took the chance before cancel culture swooped in.


    This is still the funniest video 😂🤣

  • Iroquois Pliskin
    Iroquois Pliskin

    I'm 60% white, 30% native indian, 8% black, 2% asian. Some day I'll find my identity. Welcome to Brasil.


      30% Indian oo that’s why neymar looks like an Indian

    • JnL

      Can u say the nword?

    • Thatkkid

      I found out I was 2% black. My grandpa was black but I'm white. I found that out on ancestors.com (woahhvickyy)

    • Tinu Sweetu
      Tinu Sweetu

      Leon Parker I'm 100% European.

    • Gamarleton

      if everybody counted like this we'd all be either 1% or 3% neanderthal jesus

  • sushi master
    sushi master

    this is the best video on the internet still to this day


    1:41 Can we appreciate the fact that Simon actually dressed like Little Mac?

  • Martin Johnson
    Martin Johnson

    This should get an Oscar

  • Human

    I love how this is family friendly

  • Domain Admin
    Domain Admin

    The old KSI will never be topped

    • Elijah Fox
      Elijah Fox

      Westbrook Ronaldo bruh

    • Brendan stone
      Brendan stone

      Ok w2s

    • Patrick Cach
      Patrick Cach

      And when he fights Logan Paul he will get drop -Harry 2019

    • Ligitness bro Leggitmeesd
      Ligitness bro Leggitmeesd

      Stop taking Harry’s line the old ksi will never be topped when u fight joe we’ller u gonna get droped

    • Ligitness bro Leggitmeesd
      Ligitness bro Leggitmeesd

      Domain Admin stop taking Harry’s like

  • Owen D
    Owen D

    This is still the best video to ever exist on ITmores

  • Mark Sun
    Mark Sun

    Back when ksi made entertaining videos

  • Paul Frank
    Paul Frank

    JJ just loves his daily nickin someone's purse and then his daily riding away from the cops very quickly

  • Trap Jack
    Trap Jack

    This video is a masterpiece and will be studied in the future

  • Ryan Casurella
    Ryan Casurella

    This shit holds up well 7 years later.

  • Bootgang girl2
    Bootgang girl2

    0:58 why is this lowkey accurate tho so relatable 🤣

  • Introvertedsociety

    When u watch at ur childhood and think ye good times... But then u watch this men, butiful ♥️

  • Nivetron J
    Nivetron J

    2021 and this still has me on the floor💀

  • Andre Fergie
    Andre Fergie

    Now this is comedy

    • Fadi 🇲🇦
      Fadi 🇲🇦


    • ClipPlug

      No its stfu bitch

    • Terrell

      Dante Champion yes it is stfu

    • Cragler

      It’s really not tho

    • Josh Bainbridge
      Josh Bainbridge

      Aaliyah Rehman oi leave him alone you racists twat

  • Supercat

    1:46 I WAS DYING XD

  • ಠ ͜ ಠ
    ಠ ͜ ಠ

    If KSI Didn't exist, I would literally be so depressed.. Thank God we have a Legend 😭

  • Baller Weeb
    Baller Weeb

    As a black person, I can say this is very stereotypically accurate

  • Catarama Treenage
    Catarama Treenage

    1:40 easily my favourite part XD

  • FSJ

    Is it just me or does he still do this everyday?

  • Shefki Berisha
    Shefki Berisha

    i fucking love these 😂

  • Damp Astrylix
    Damp Astrylix

    The way he got in to his car was full with the exaggerated swagger of a black teen

  • Daki

    I’m black and I found this really funny

  • r s
    r s

    You know whenever a racist gets called out for being racist, and they say "I'm not racist, I have a black friend"? KSI is that black friend...

    • ernest ibeanu
      ernest ibeanu


    • qavfeva

      I’m not racist my fingers are necrotic

    • H3NSON2K

      @KingK6 i'm not racist my tv is black

    • KingK6

      @Quest10nable I'm not racist I have a shirt which is black

    • Quest10nable

      I'm not racist, I'm subscribed to KSI

  • PAram Jain Gaming
    PAram Jain Gaming

    The non toxic community (where everything was just a joke)But now 😞

  • Sonni667

    Wow I can't believe how long it's been i remember when this first came out and me and my brother were just dying

  • Official Hood Classic Certifier
    Official Hood Classic Certifier

    As a Blasian, I approve of this video.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne

    As a black guy. I can confirm this is true and accurate.

    • Elbem Uzakiro
      Elbem Uzakiro

      @Local Monkey yo, i thoight i was black....... then i saw you

    • Local Monkey
      Local Monkey

      @Bubble Cob ha says bubble cob

    • Local Monkey
      Local Monkey

      bro share me some chicken

  • Daboon the Baboon
    Daboon the Baboon

    this is the ksi we missed

  • Wolfsong 27
    Wolfsong 27

    Dude I don’t care how bad you offend me, you give me free food! You’re now my adopted sibling!

  • gamergoatn 1
    gamergoatn 1

    that start gets me cracking me up. every time

  • Roses N Guns
    Roses N Guns

    Ahh… these good old days man… for real..

  • the running man
    the running man

    I can’t believe this is the same guy who fought Logan Paul